His name is spelled too many ways

But it becomes a pun!

His father dies but leaves a house

And land to his dear son.

He loses all the land he owns

But moves in with a friend.

He's poor, without a sou to spare,

But finds a girl who'll spend.

He's had a mistress, quite a few,

But all forsake his care,

He's bald at five-and-twenty years-

No need to wash his hair!

Crossed off the roll by Blondeau's sneer

But saved from dreary class,

He has the rights to host a friend,

But has no home, alas!

The first to laugh, the first to smile,

The first of the last to fall,

His luck is terrible, and yet

He's not depressed at all.

"His specialty was not to succeed in anything. As an offset, he laughed at everything."

- A Group Which Barely Missed Becoming Historic