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When Ben Solo died on Exegol, he fell through a door to Prythian.

The idea for this came at 1am from an anti-depressant fueled bout of insomnia. The parallels between the characters and plotlines work, and for some reason, my lack of sleep made me decide that each chapter title MUST be a Skillet song title (don't ask, I don't know why.)

skyeryder01, as always, is my wonderful beta reader and enabler.

Prologue: Falling Inside the Black

Darkness and stars spun past him, not quite in streams like hyperspace travel, but like silent fireworks. Wondering at it all, Ben reached out a hand to touch the stars or to stop his fall, he didn't know. Nothing happened. No trace of stardust flickered over him, and he didn't stop falling. It was rather nice, he thought, falling through stars. He'd always loved starlight, though he'd forgotten that for so long.

Until Rey.

He'd forgotten many things until Rey came along, blasting her way into his life like the Jakku sandstorm that she was.


Pain shot through what was left of his heart at the thought of her. He loved her, and he'd chosen to sacrifice himself in order for her to live, but it still hurt knowing that she was alone.

A sharp pull in his chest and

Could the bond still be intact?

Ben frantically poured all of his love into the very thin thread that remained between them, hoping he could at least give her that before that final thread could be snapped.

And so he fell through the darkness and stars, clinging tightly to a thin red thread. Ben closed his eyes, mourning what he'd lost.