Chapter 1 Welcome to the Dance Studio

Jake's POV

It has a been year since Izzy broke her leg, but this year is going to be different because, we're starting our own dance studio.

"I can't believe it has been a year since I broke my leg Jake." Izzy said to me.

"Yeah, I know Izzy!" I said to her.

Thanks when Peter came in.

"Hey, guys, ready to see the studio?" Peter asked us.

"Yeah!" We all said to him with excitement.

So we all flew to pirate rock.

As we arrived on pirate rock, there was a building on it, and a sign that read Dance Studio! We were all excited especially Izzy since she loves to dance.

So we all went inside and we were in awes and cool place Peter kind of thing.

"Yay hey no way look at this place it's awesome it's amazing it's beautiful it's pentastic it's I don't know how to describe it I love this." Izzy said to us.

" That's not all, I have another surprise for you guys!" Peter said to us.

When's Peter said he had another surprise for us, the curtains from the room opened and the stars from every TV show came out and we were like oh my God no way!

"Okay let's start the audition!" Peter said as we all went in the corner.

"Okay first up is Austin Moon!" Peter said as Austin got in the floor and started to dance.

As Austin was dancing, Izzy and Emma, started to squealed like crazy.

"Wow Austin is a good dancer!" Luke said to me.

"Yeah but I'm better!" Izzy said to me.

"We will see sweet cheeks!" Luke said to Izzy.

"Hey, only I can call her sweet cheeks!" I said to him.

"Boys, calm down!" Emma said to us.

After Austin was dancing, Izzy and Emma ran to him as they hugged him as we a came out.

"Emma and Izzy release!" Jessie and I said to them.

"But he's do yummy!" Emma and Izzy said to us as Jessie and I was pulling the girls away from him.

As Jessie and I were pulling Izzy and Emma Ross from Austin, the two girls went back to him.

"Ladies I know you don't like me but I have a girlfriend already another Ally Dawson so do me a favor let go of me." Austin said to the girls as they let go of him.

"Wow, that was easy enough." I said to myself.

"Yes I'm sure that was easy enough but can we get back to the audition people?" Peter asked us as we all ran back to our seats.

"Okay, the next person is Izzy, show me what you got girlfriend!" Peter said as Izzy went up next.

" Dude is she your girlfriend?" Luke asked me.

"Yep, that's my Izzy!" I said to him with a proud face.

" Well I got to say, she is really cute for a Pirate!" Luke said to me.

"Yeah I know!" I said to him..

"As Izzy was done dancing, everyone went to audition untill we all lined up.

" Okay, all of you did great, some it you not do much." Peter said to us.

" Now, get to your lockers and then come back here." Peter said to us as we all went to our lockers and putted our stuff inside and then came back to the dance studio.

"okay now I will now, call out the troupes group." Peter said to all of us.

"Troupe A"

Jake, Izzy, Austin, Alex L, Lisa, Luke R, Diego, Riley B James F, Eldon, West, and Amanda.

"Troupe B

"Cubby, Trish, Dez, Nicole, Emma F Rebecca, Adrien, Alya Chole B, Mickey, Minnie, Donald.

"Troupe C"

"Bart, Carly, Sam P, Maya, Lucas, Farkle, Jessie, Emma R, Cory, Tapanga, Sonny, and Tawni.

"Troupe D"

"Chad, Amy D, Holden, Jenny, Chloe D, Gabby, Alex R, Harper, Wendy, Tori V, Cat Jade W.

"Troupe E"

"Andre, Leela, Zack, Tamika, Booker, Nia, Tess, Sapphire, Skye, Niki, Gabbi.

"Troupe F"

'"Alisha, Tam, Daffy, Sylvester, Milhouse, Nelson, Jackson, Raven, Bender Christian, Nino, Hunter.

"Troupe G"

"Freddie, Stormy, Riley, Ravi, Zuri, Eric M, Teddy, Charlie, Spencer S, Diggie, Joey, Luke E.

"Troupe H"

"Matthews, John, Michael, Robbie, Fry, Summer H, Levi, Mikela, Bugs, Ralph, Dick, Max, Muttley, Jayka.

"Troupe J"

Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Sharky Bones, Ally, Linda, Samantha, Marinette, Goofy, Pete, Homer, and little Maggie."

" After Peter Pan called our Troupes, we were actually excited, except Cubby apparently.

"Cubby is everything okay?" I asked him.

"Peter, why am I not with my crew? I want to be with my crew!" Cubby asked him.

" I'm sorry cubby but you didn't make the cut." Peter said to him.

" I didn't make the cut?" Cubby asked him.

"Sorry, Cubby, but you didn't I'm sorry." Peter said to him as we saw that Cubby was about to cry and ran away.

"Cubby, come back!" I said as Izzy and followed him.

Izzy's POV

As Jake and I ran out of the studio, I heard Cubby crying in a bush.

"Hey, Cubby, it's okay, you'll get in next year." I said to him.

"How did you get so good at dancing Izzy?" Cubby asked me.

"Well, I took practice, and I know that you'll follow in my foot steps one day." I said to him.

" Hey, Jake, I found Cubby!" I called for him as he ran to me and Cubby.

"I can't believe that I didn't get in." Cubby said in a sad voice.

"Aww, Cubby, we know they your upset but you'll maybe get in next year.

"Guys Peter Pan really want you guys back in the studio." Cat said to us.

" and you really wanted a date to the prom but you didn't get one did you?" I asked her as Jake and I went back in side.

"It's true!" Cat said to Cubby.

"That I'll get in next year?" Cubby asked me.

"no, that nobody asking me out to the prom!" Cat said to him.

"Are you guys coming inside? Or what, I'm tired of holding the door." Jake asked cat and Cubby as they ran back inside.

As the four of us came back, everyone was gone.

"Where did everyone go?" I asked them.

"Jake, we all went to the cafeteria to hang out meet us there Peter Pan!" Jake said as he read the note to us.

"Come on!" I said to him, as we ran to the cafeteria to meet up with everyone.

"There you guys are, I was worried sick about you Cubby!" Peter said to him.

"I'm fine, sorry for acting out earlier." Cubby said as he was apologizing to Peter.

"We will talk later on Cubby, now go back to your troupe!" Peter said to him as we went back to his troupes.

"okay so who was going to be a dance Captain for our troupe?" Jake asked us.

"I think Izzy should be dance Captain!" Austin said to Jake.

"I agree Izzy You should be dancing I mean you are a great dancer!" Jake said to me as I blushed.

"Oh my gosh Izzy's brushing!" Luke said to all of us.

"Sorry sometimes when Jake says something sweet to me I brush." I said to them.

"That's the same thing I do with Ally!" Austin said to me.

"Izzy, what's wrong?" I asked her.

"I am just nervous about leading our team and bring Captain if it as well." Izzy said to me.

" Izzy, don't worry, you're going to be fine!" Luke said to me.

"But what if I don't get this team into shape?" I asked them.

"Hey, Izzy, your going to be a great Captain!"Lisa said to me as I gave her a hug.

" Thanks, Lisa, thanks guys I really needed the motivation speech." I said to them as I walked up to Jake and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"And thank you Jakey!" I said to him.

"Hey we're a team, and we stick together no matter what, come troupes on three team A, ready one, two, three." Jake said to us as we putted our hands together.

"Team A!" We all said at the same time.

"Hey other troupes, our team is going to beat all of you!" Austin said to the other teams.

"Austin!" We all said to him.

"Sorry, good luck everyone!" Austin said to them as they went back to talking.

"Yeah we're going to beat you suckers!" Dez said to the wrong team.

"Dez, you're team." I said to him.

"Oh, oops, sorry!" Dez said to us as he left.

"I'm sorry what team am I on again?" Dez asked us.

"You're in The troup B one, with Cubby and Trish!" Austin said to him.

" Oh that's right I'm with the girl who has a bad attitude." Dez said to me about Trish.

" Excuse me Cubby, may I borrow your map please so I can hit Dez with it?" Trish asked Cubby.

"Knock yourself off!" Cubby said to her as Dez started to run.

"Trish, I want that map back once I'm done with it!' Cubby remind her.

"Don't worry, I'll give it back." Trish said to him.

As we were all still talking, Peppa Pig came to the cafeteria with her little brother George and daddy pig.

"We are here for the audition!" Peppa Pig said to me.

"Well, the audition is over, but you can join the baby ballet." I said to her.

"Oh." Peppa said in disappointment.

" Peter Pan, can Peppa Pig audition?" Jake asked him.

"Sorry she can't." Peter said to her.

"George wants to know if he can audition to." Peppa said to Peter.

"No, we are already full, so leave!" James said to them as George started to cry.

As I was holding Cubby back from not hugging them, i waited till they left. After they left I letted go of Cubby's shirt.

"Okay, we are back and Dez as learn his lesson!" Trish said to us as her and Dez came back.

"Okay everyone, we won't have time to continue, but I will see all of you tomorrow morning!" Peter said to all of us.

So as well all gathered our stuff we all went home.