Chapter 71 Princess goes on a stroll

Jake's POV

As Princess was asleep, my crew and I were having a conversation about the past.

"Jake why couldn't I play outside with you when we were little?" Izzy asked me.

"Because you've been Carrying around your teddy bear, and to this day you still do." I said to her.

" Hey, I love my teddy bear Jake." Izzy said to me.

" Jake, where was I

In this?" Cubby asked me.

"You weren't with us yet Cubby." I said to him.

"Oh." Cubby said to me.

"Oh Jake, do you want to go on a date with me later on?" Izzy asked me.

"Oh sure." I said to her.

"Wait what am I supposed to do, if you two are going on a date later on?" Cubby asked us.

" You can babysit Princess." I said to him.

"Fair enough." Cubby said to me.

As Princess woke up, we walked over to her.

"Hi Princess, how was your nap?" I asked her as she gave me a thumbs up.

"Play play play play." Princess said to us.

"Princess, you can't play right now, because you just had surgery on your leg." Izzy said to her.

"Play play play play." Princess said to us.

"No, Princess." I said to her.

"Hey Princess how about we take you on a stroll around the hospital." I said to her as she clapped her little hands as Izzy placed her in the wheelchair.

Once we started our walk around the hospital with Princess, we saw a lot of doctors and nurses walking around.

"Hi, Princess!" The doctor said to her as Princess waved at them.

"Hi Princess!" The nurse said to her.

"Wow Princess you are popular." Cubby said to her as she giggled.

"Yeah she's really popular in the hospital Cubby." I said to him.

As we were still walking we saw Dr. Lynch coming this way.

"Hello Princess, how are you doing?" Dr. Lynch asked us.

"She's doing good, although she keeps saying play play play even though we keep reminding her that she had surgery on her leg today." I said to him.

" I see, princess you can't play right now okay because you had surgery on your leg it's going to take a while for it to heal all right?" Dr. Lynch asked her.

" Okay, Dr. Lynch!" Princess said to him.

"I'm glad we had this conversation." Dr. Lynch said to her as he went back to work.

Izzy's POV

After princess's stroll around the hospital, we went back to room 300 watch TV with Princess.

"What do you want to watch on TV Princess?" I asked her.

"Princess don't know what you watch on TV Mommy." Princess said to me.

"Peppa Pig Peppa Pig Peppa Pig!" Peincrss said to me as I changed the channel to Nick Jr as Peppa Pig was on.

"Hahaha Daddy Pig funny." Princess said ac she was laughing at the screen.

"Why are we watching this baby show?" Jake asked us.

"Jake, Peppa Pig isn't for babies, everybody watches it even me."

Cubby said to him.

" Yeah but what's the big deal about George, Peppa Pig, mommy pig, and daddy pig?" Jake asked him.

"They're funny." Cubby said to him.

"Hey, can we talk about something else?" I asked them.

"Like Cubby's haircut." Jake said to me.

" Don't be like Sam Puckett Jake." I said to him.

"Sorry." Jake said to me.

"Cubby you're wrong, not everyone watches Peppa Pig, what made you say that?" I asked him.

" I don't know, but I was just making a point." Cubby said to me.

"Well your point stinks." Jake said to him.

"Cubby everyone doesn't like Peppa Pig, one it's for babies and Little kids, two it's not going to be everyone's favorite show to watch, and three people will definitely make fun of you if you watch it over the age of seven." Jake said to him.

"Okay Jake I get it." Cubby said to him.

"Okay I won't repeat myself again." Jake said to him.

"Hey it happened to me." I said to them.

"This is about princess not you." Cubby said to me.

" Actually, it is about Izzy. remember she had to get surgery done twice on her leg last year?" Jake asked him.

"Oh yeah so what is about both of them anyway." Cubby said to him.

"Yes, yes it is." Jake said to him.

"mommy had two surgeries on her leg?" Princess asked me.

"Yes Princess your mommy had two surgeries on her leg. That's why we don't want that to happen to you okay." I said to her.

"Okay Mommy Daddy and Uncle Cubby." Princess said to us.

"Why did mommy, get two surgeries on her leg?" Princess asked us.

"Well sweetie, for her first surgery I accidentally pushed Izzy down the stairs, making her severely break her leg." Cubby said to her.

"And for the second surgery, your mother was walking her bad leg." Jake said to her.

"Oh, poor mommy." Princess said to them.

"Don't be worried about me Princess, I'm fine now." I said to her.

"Yay mommy all better!" Princess said to me.

"Yes and you'll be better to just don't walk on your broken leg." Jake said to her.

"Okay." Princess said to him.

So as the sun started to set down, it was getting late.

"Hey we should go to sleep." I said to them.

"Yeah, it's getting dark." Jake said to me.

"Okay, I'll sleep on the couch." Cubby said to us.

" Jake and I well sleep with our daughter." I said to him.

"Well, goodnight guys." I said to them.

" Goodnight Izzy." The boys said to me.

"Goodnight Mommy Daddy and Uncle Cubby." Princess said to us.

" Goodnight sweetheart we love you." I said to her as Jake and I gave her a kiss on her forehead and went to sleep.

Jake's POV

The next morning, the sun was rising from the blue sky, as Izzy, Cubby and Princess were still sleeping. So, I got out of bed to use the bathroom.

Cubby's POV

As I woke up, I needed to get the restroom, as I walked to the bathroom door.

"Jake, are you using the restroom?" I asked him.

"Yes I am Cubby, I'll be out soon." Jake said to me.

"Okay, take your time, know need to rush." I said to him.

As Jake got out, I went into the restroom and closed the door and locked it.

"Damn it Jake, did you take a dump?" I asked him.

"No." Jake said to me.

" Then what am I smelling?" I asked him.

"Oh,a you're smelling the dead flowers in there."

"Oh okay nevermind." I said to him.

Izzy's POV

As I woke up, I saw Jake reading his comics.

"Hey Jake!" I said to him.

"Oh, hey Izzy." Jake said to me.

"You doing ok?" I asked him.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Jake said to me.

As Princess woke up, she hugged us.

"Aww, we love you too sweetie." I said to her.