oneshot collection based on brotherhood, mostly set post-promised day; all chapters are standalone unless otherwise stated.

"Actually, Winry – can you do something for me?"

Winry continues towelling her hair dry as she glances up. "Of course, Al. What is it?"

"Brother… he gets these nightmares, sometimes. Bad ones." Al is stifling a yawn even as he speaks, leaning heavier on his cane than when he and Ed had first arrived earlier, but still his eyes are clear when he looks back. "Especially when we were on missions, so maybe he won't get them now we're back in Resembool, but will you keep an eye out anyway? I mean, I used to wake him up if it got too bad, but…"

But that was when Al had been clanking around in a suit of armour, instead of a still-recovering human body who desperately needed the rest, Winry fills in mentally.

She nods with an easy grin. "Sure thing! Though I think Dan might notice before either of us do, actually."

They both laugh at that just as Ed walks back in, and he squints suspiciously at them. "Notice what?"

"Nothing~" Winry singsongs, exchanging the towel for a hairbrush. "Now get out of my room, both of you!"