A/N: Hello world. I've never done this kind of thing today, and I'm so excited there are others that also live in my strange nerdy world. I mean, I knew that, because I've been reading other Leverage fanfics since October, but there are people that want to read my brand of crazy. It's awesome. I love every minute of it. Also, this chapter is short, but that's just because I had to change scenes. More to come, I promise.

Inside the store, the crew stared. Most of the shelves were nearly empty.

"What happened?" Hardison asked, adjusting the bandana on his face.

"It ain't gonna work if you keep touching it," Eliot said. He spun the hacker around and tied the cloth firmly behind his head.

"Panic buying. People are worried they won't be able to get what they need, so they're hoarding stuff like freaking squirrels or something," Hardison said from behind his mask.

"Well, we're going to get what we can. Everything else, Eliot can improvise."

"Eliot can what?" Eliot repeated, but Nate had already gone ahead of him.

"Can we get this?" Parker asked, holding up a truly impressive bag of Froot Loops.

"No," Nate said. At the same time, Sophie said, "Of course." They glared at each other. Parker shrugged and tossed the bag into the cart.

They continued on through the store, gathering pasta, meat, bread, and vegetables. Eliot complained that nothing was fresh. Parker managed to get Nate and Sophie to buy her a box of poptarts, some super-spicy Asian dish, and a gallon of milk to go with her Froot Loops. Hardison put four twelve-packs of orange soda in the cart, before Eliot pointed silently to the sign above them.

"Wait, they put a limit on my orange sodas?" Hardison squeaked. "How can they even do that?"

"Yeah, because your lack of carbonated sugar is our biggest concern in the middle of a pandemic." Nate rolled his eyes while Hardison mourned the loss of two of the twelve-packs.

"Are we done?" Sophie asked. She was getting impatient, picking at the grocery list. She may have been notorious for her shoe collection, but the thrills of grocery shopping were entirely lost on her.

"Did we get any eggs?" Eliot asked, scanning the list.

"They didn't have any," Parker said. "Except the gross brown ones."

"Parker they're the exact same-" Eliot started, but then stopped. There was no point in arguing with her. He simply turned around and headed to the dairy section. Parker followed him, intent on explaining why she was right.

"We need to get the cleaning stuff still, and we need at least one more place to sleep. Maybe two, if Hardison and Eliot don't kill each other sharing." Nate turned Sophie and Hardison around towards the home area.

"Wouldn't count on it," Hardison muttered.

"So two places to sleep."

"I'll sleep in the closet," Parker said. She came skipping up to the cart, Eliot following close behind with two cartons of brown eggs in his hands. He placed them carefully in the cart.

"What are we doing in the bedding section?" he asked.

"We need two more places for people to sleep. Nate has his bed, and a guest room, but there's no room for you and Parker to sleep," Sophie explained.

"Wait, why does Hardison get the guest bedroom?"

"Because I happen to be the most important, understated, overlooked member of-"

"Shut up, Hardison."

"Guys, we should go. It's starting to get crazy in here," Parker said, just as an older lady shoved her out of the way to get to some $2 fuzzy blankets.

"Agreed." Sophie jumped out of the way of someone reaching for hand soap in the aisle behind them.

The team made their way to the checkouts, picking up a couple bottles of scotch, some wine, and a case of beer on the way. Nate ignored the disapproving glances he got from Eliot, even though, as Nate longed to point out, the beer wasn't even his. No way he was going to get through this without a little something. Especially with a cooped up Parker on his hands. No one could handle that sober.