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It wasn't long after my fifteenth birthday. I had just given birth to the most beautiful baby girl I had ever seen. I went to a party. Someone had roofied my drink; I had come too, to the sound of ventilators.

I was raped and left for dead. There was a CCTV video of the rape happening. The culprit was my boyfriend at the time. His excuse to the police was that he was tired of waiting for me to put out.

Mom said that she would raise Olivia for me so that I could concentrate on High School.

It was fine for a couple of years. Then, my mom married again and suggested that I move to Forks to live with my dad. Charlie was the Chief of Police there. As much as I didn't want to go, Mom convinced me it was the best thing to do, that Olivia would be Okay without me there.

So as hard as it was for me to do. So, finally, I said my goodbyes to my daughter, mother, and step-father and left for Forks just after my seventeenth birthday.

Everything went well for a while; I met a boy, fell in love, discovered said boy and his family were Vampires; the boys family treated me as one of their own, invited me to play baseball with them, get hunted by a crazed nomad. Nomad gets killed. I end up in the hospital. Mom is crazed and pissed at me for being careless.

"Why, Bella? Haven't you learned from last time? if I'm to expect this of you when living with Charlie, then maybe you haven't learned anything." Renee said, getting louder as she spoke. I could see Carlisle just out the door looking in, concerned.

"I mean seriously. Livi doesn't mean much; if anything, I can't do this with you again. Phil and Livi need me more. Goodbye, Isabella." Renee said. I couldn't believe what I had just heard.

I was so confused about what had happened. Why would Renee think Olivia doesn't mean much? She knows I love my daughter. I broke down. I didn't know what to do. Edward tried to comfort me. I kept hearing him telling Carlisle that he couldn't. They brought Jasper in, and he ended up knocking me out. I went home to Forks and tried to live my life like normal, a few months went by, and it was my eighteenth birthday; it also happened to be Olivia's birthday. Charlie got me a camera and photo album, saying that he and mom coordinated; I knew he was lying. I had received Adoption papers in the mail, with a letter from my mother and Phil.

They wanted to adopt Olivia legally. They expected me to sign the papers, considering they had me down as an absentee mother who refused to provide for Olivia.

I signed the papers and sent them back to my mom's lawyers' office. I ended up staying home.

It was my birthday, and I spent it crying, contemplating taking my life.

Edward came over after school to pick me up for a birthday party that Alice was throwing for me. I had told them all I didn't want anything. Alice never listened. Reluctantly I got ready and left with Edward. I already celebrated with Charlie. He never questioned why I wanted to stay home.

Once Edward and I arrived at the Cullen house, I tried to be joyful, but I couldn't find it in me.

"Everyone, just stop for a minute, please," Jasper said, being all serious.

"Bella, are you alright?" Jasper asked me. Coming towards me with his hands raised.

"She's fine, Jazzy, don't be silly," Alice said before she could finish; she was on the floor.

"Does that feel fine to you?" Jasper sneered at his wife.

"Now, Bella, are you alright?" Jasper repeated.

"I'm fine Jasper, thanks for your concern, but truly. I'm fine." I told him.

He just raised one of his eyebrows before I felt a wave of concern; it was so strong, I just broke down. I felt myself getting pulled into a pair of arms before feeling a gentle calm was over me.

"Calm down, darlin', it's okay. Rose, Esme, follow me, please. Edward, just trust me." I barely heard before being lifted. Edward must have gone to stop him.

"Okay, I know, Darlin; now we are in my study. No one can hear any of us. now, why are you so heartbroken today?" Jasper asked me.

"I knew it. you've been cheating on Edward, haven't you?" Rose accused me.

"Rose. Stop." Esme said I looked up from where I realized was Jaspers lap on his Sofa. Seeing her gasp.

"Oh my. I know that look, please. It will never be that bad. We can help; let us in, sweetie." Esme said softly. I just cried; how did she know?

"How long, honey?" Esme asked me.

"She's three. Today." I whispered as Rosalie's pacing stopped.

"Wait; what?" Rosalie asked.

"What happened?" Esme asked.

"I was date raped at a party when I was fifteen — got pregnant. Had Olivia, Mom and Phil got married, she convinced me to move here, I did. The James thing happened. She and Phil sent me adoption papers yesterday, sent me a letter saying that they had no choice as I wasn't providing for Olivia and that I was an absentee mother. I can't provide anything, and I'm in high school, in Forks." I said as I broke down again.

Jasper's hold got a little tighter, but once again, I felt a gentle calm wash over me.

"I'm so sorry I accused you of cheating," Rosalie said to me.

"It's okay. Honestly, I didn't want to come tonight. But Edward and Alice don't like hearing the word No." I said, trying to smile.

"How did you know Esme?" I asked. She knew what I was asking.

"I've seen the look on your face before, on my own. I was nearly successful; if it weren't for Carlisle, I would have been. Take it from me, sweetie; it's not worth it." Esme said. Rosalie must have realized what I meant.

"I've been there also, Raped. Let us help you." Rosalie said. Both women came to sit on either side of Jasper and me. I couldn't help but laugh.

"What's so funny, darlin'?" Jasper asked.

"Two women on either side of you and one on your lap; this would be most guys fantasy," I said, laughing some more. They all joined in then.

"Your right, their darlin'," Jasper said, smiling.

"How are you feeling, Bella? "Jasper asked.

"You're the empath. You tell me." I smiled. Honestly, getting it out was cathartic.

"Just because I'm an Empath doesn't mean I'll just tap in; they are your emotions." He smiled.

"I'll be fine; I think I'm just overwhelmed today. Thank you, though, for letting me ruin your shirt. And sorry for ruining your shirt." I said to him. Jasper just laughed. The four of us talked for a while longer before we made our way down to the lounge. Edward was by my side in a second, growling. I honestly had no idea what happened in the next seconds. I had gone to tell Edward to calm down; instead, I ended up on the floor and cuts up my arms, glass plates surrounding me.

Carlisle ended up stitching my arm up as I had an extended six-inch cut going down my arm.

Edward came into Carlisle's office, demanding to know if 'it was real'.

"If what is real, Edward?" I asked.

"Is it true that you got violated, that you have a daughter?" He sneered. That pissed me off.

"Where did you hear it? or did you rake through other minds to find out?" I asked. I had a feeling I knew the answer.

"I read it in Esme's mind. Please answer me." Edward said.

"Yes, I have a daughter, yes I was raped. Why? does that change how you see me?" I asked, starting to get annoyed with him. He didn't answer me. He just walked out.

Rosalie drove me home after Carlisle had finished stitching me up. Three days later, and lack of attendance at school by the Cullen family, I saw Edward standing next to my house after school.

"Come for a walk with me. Please." He asked. I left my bag in the truck and followed him.

"We are leaving. Carlisle is getting questioned about his age; Carlisle's meant to be six years older than he is physically. We can no longer stay here." Edward said.

"Why? Can you at least tell me why?" I asked.

"I'm tired of playing human, and let's face it. I'm not exactly father material. So this is goodbye." Edward said before turning around, leaving.

I tried chasing after him before I got lost in the forest. They found me eight hours later, apparently, hypothermic and rambling. I found out days later the Cullen's had all left town. Time seemed to lack all meaning after that; food held no taste; Renee came and told Charlie that I must have asked for it. I was nothing but an attention-seeking drama queen, even dumping a daughter "She never wanted" on her and Phil to raise, so I asked for everything I got. That was the first time I heard Charlie yelling at Renee. After that, she never contacted either of us again. Months went by. Charlie tried to get me to hang out with the kids down at the local Rez, I just declined.

I did see some of the local boy's cliff diving, thinking it looked like fun; I stupidly went and gave it a go. Ended up being fished out of the ocean by one of the local boys from the Rez.

After making my way home, I had a shower to try and Warm-up.

When I came downstairs, there stood Alice Cullen.

"I thought you had died. How are you still alive?" Alice asked me.

"I was cliff diving. It looked fun." I said to her. She wanted to come and help Charlie. All I could do was scoff. Why did she see now of all times?

She and I talked for a while; Charlie came home with dinner, pizza, surprised to see Alice. She gave him some story about missing me and finally getting the funds to visit me and hopefully take me shopping. Charlie always had a soft spot for Alice. He asked how long we would shop for; she wondered if a week would be alright, as it was a school break and all.

Charlie encouraged me to go with her even though I had said that I wasn't interested. Nobody also mentioned HIM; that was fine with me. Alice left not long after dinner, saying that she would be back in the morning as she wanted to get an early start.

Not long after I had gone to bed that night, Alice appeared back, and she was distraught. Rosalie had contacted Edward and let him know about my stunt. He was going to the Volturi.

He wanted to die too. So here we were on a flight to Italy to save Edward. Alice spent the entire trip trying to see what they would say; If the Volturi would grant the request. Finally, when we landed a very long Eighteen hours later, she seemed to magically procure a yellow sports car to get us to vamp central. The car ride there had me thinking about how I would feel about seeing him again.

The only conclusion I could come to was that I wasn't sure how I would feel.

I guessed that when I looked back at this time, I would ask myself why I couldn't just relax. We got to Volterra, which had me running to the clock tower, just as the clock struck midday. I was able to convince Edward I wasn't dead and to get back undercover. Thankfully. It was then that the next tangent of bullshit started. One of the Kings, Aro, had sent his guards to collect the three of us. Like the good little ex-girlfriend I was, I just followed along, coming to help save Edwards ass.

After walking for a good ten minutes, we finally reached a set of ornate wood doors; the young blonde girl who was one of the guards opened the doors and got greeted by a boy of similar age.

"Alec, Jane's twin brother," Edward said to me. I just nodded.

Aro talked and talked. Marcus looked board; Caius looked, sexy as all hell, but pissed.

Aro asked if he could try and read me, I didn't care, so I gave him my hand. He took it greedily.

"Nothing, I see nothing. You confound us all." Aro said as he looked over at Jane.

I heard Edward growl, flashbacks to the night of my birthday pop up.

"Do what you must," I say to the Kings; it was then that I noticed Marcus look up from his throne.

Flinching back as I expected, well, I don't know what I expected.

"Master." I heard Jane say, even though it sounded more like a question. Aro just laughed. The sound of which seemed somewhat maniacal.

"Well, it seems she confounds us all. I do not suppose we could persuade either you, Edward or our lovely Alice, to join our guard. We would so love to have you both." Aro said to them.

"No, Sorry." Edward and Alice both said.

Aro looked at me then as if asking me the same question. Did I want this? What would happen to Olivia? I bit my lip as I thought about what my options realistically were. Before I could answer, though, it seemed Edward felt like he needed to answer for me.

"She will be coming with us; Bella doesn't wish to join you either," Edward said. The sound of his voice for the first time annoyed me.

"Let the young lady speak for her mind, child," Marcus said; the collective gasp that I heard coming from everyone here spoke volumes.

"Bella, what about Charlie?" Alice asked me.

"You told him we were going shopping for a week — fake my death. I have nothing left for me back there; yes, please, your Majesties, I would be honoured to accept your offer. My father, though, is the Chief of Police in my hometown of Forks, Washington, so I would please ask for a guarantee that these Cullen's would fake my death so that it would gain no attention by any law enforcement at all." I said, voicing my request.

"A fair request. One that I agree too. I will call Carlisle myself and inform him to get onto it, as well as let him know his children are on their way back to him, as well as letting Carlisle know what said children have been up to." Caius said. I watched as Edward and Alice were led out and asked to wait until nightfall before leaving the City.

I just stayed where I stood, waiting to discover when I would be making the transition and who would take me on as my sire.

"Your Majesties, please, when you talk to Carlisle if you could ask to pass on a message to Esme, Rosalie, and Jasper? Just saying thank you, that they showed me that people are not all the same, and their understanding meant the world to me." I said my request quietly.

"The message will get passed along. I will speak to the Major myself." Caius said as he stood. I thanked him for his kindness in granting my request.

"What are you waiting for, dearest one?" Aro asked me.

"I'm not sure as to what I'm to do. Who will be the one to change me. My Mate abandoned me, so I'm not sure what I'm to do." I said while looking down at my hands.

"Your Mate has not abandoned you; he does need to acknowledge the pull he is feeling, though. If you mean the child that left, you were merely his Singer, nothing more, the fact that he told you, you were his Mate, says that Carlisle has not informed his coven of how to tell the difference as he is supposed. But that is something that we will bring up with him once we speak to him." Marcus told me. That just confused me even more.

"You, child, are special. Once Caius returns, we will discuss who we think will be the best to sire you. But for now, please come, sit. You must be tired from your long journey." Aro said to me, guiding me toward the throne that Caius had left.

Marcus and Aro seemed very lovely; a couple of hours went by, and they sent the guard away after they introduced the one's present to me and let me know that the both of them would be escorting me to an office to wait while they feed. I just nodded. I had accepted my fate. Even though it was hard, I agreed that I would no longer see my parents or daughter.

I looked around the office they had brought me, too; the amount of paperwork on this person's desk was shocking. I just tried to ignore my OCD and find a book to read; Didn't quite work.

Before long, I found myself at the desk, pen in hand, and reading over all the reports, well, the ones that I could understand anyway. Of course, I can read the Italian, French, and German ones, as I have learned all three of those languages. When the young girl, Jane, came by with something to eat, I had just finished sorting and filing all the paperwork. Jane just looked from the desk to me several times before placing down the food tray for me.

"Thank you, Jane." I smiled at her. She bowed and left.

"That was strange," I mumbled to myself.

As I ate, I turned on the computer, hoping that there was no password so I could type up all the paperwork I had just sorted.

I smiled at myself when it started quickly, with no password. I easily ate my dinner as I typed up the reports. I had created piles, sorting them all by the month they had gotten received.

Before I knew it, I had finished typing everything up, even the reports that I couldn't read, so I just labelled them 'unsure'. Then, I looked out the window expecting to see the night sky, only to see it was late morning. And a voice was being cleared.

Standing swiftly, accidentally knocking over the chair I had been sitting in, seeing all three Kings seated around the room watching me.

"Your Majesties. I'm sorry I did not hear you enter." I said I could hear the panic in my voice.

"It's okay. Please sit. Jane came and informed us that you were working on organizing all of the paperwork that once graced this desk." Aro said to me. I picked up the chair and sat down.

"Yes, I am aware that I should have left it for who received it, but I thought I would make myself useful," I told them.

"I'm sure the owner of this office will appreciate your efforts," Marcus said with a chuckle.

"I am certain that he will." Aro laughed. Caius just rolled his eyes.

I was honestly confused.

"Now, dearest one, we discussed your change at length over the last hours, and none of us could come to a solid conclusion as to who would be the one to be your sire. We still have not. Marcus here suggested that young Edward be the one to turn you. We could invite him back to do so." Aro said

Once again, I was confused.

"Oh. Well, if that is what you think best." I said to them; then I heard the most feral growl I had ever heard in my life. Caius grabbed me; he ran with me. By the time we stopped, I had noticed that we were in a bathroom, and his teeth were in my neck; I could feel the venom pushing through my veins.

I thought I would have time to prepare for this. I know I had talked with Carlisle about this and Edward when he decided to talk about it.

I clamped my mouth and jaw shut so that I would not scream out for them just to kill me; I knew that if Carlisle could transition in silence, then so could I. I did wonder if I would be completing my change here in the bathroom; I hadn't felt anyone lift me or even move me anywhere. I had heard that growl a few times throughout my turn.

I didn't know how long I had before the end. I did start listening to my surroundings, though.

"Brother, please come out, or at least let Athenodora bring Isabella some clothes. So we can smell the blood that is still on her clothing." I heard a voice saying. I couldn't quite place it. Throughout the change, though, I had tried to make sure that I remembered the essential things from my memories — the people important to me.

I tried to remember the details of my pregnancy, the details of what it was like to give birth, watching my little girl grow; well, as much as I was able to anyway; spending the time with Charlie, knowing that when my mother failed me, he was the one to support me. I didn't want to remember Renee; I had felt betrayed by her. I kept going over all of my memories of everyone I thought was important enough to remember. By the time I had finished going through all of my memories for the eighth time, I felt the burn increase, and my heart sped up.

"It won't be long now. I am unsure why you have been so silent during your change, but that tells me that you are either very determined or very stubborn. I don't know how much you can hear, but I am sorry that I took your choice away from you. I am now aware that Carlisle's child told you he was your Mate; this is not the case. You and I have much to talk through once you have fed. There are things that I would like for you to know. I have wondered why it is that you are so silent during this time. We all know that the change can make you want to scream and yell and beg for death. I do not even know if you are aware of who I am to you or you are to me." I heard the voice saying to me. My heart speeds up. I was sure that it was going to explode out of my chest. Then it just stopped.

I took a few deep breaths in seeing if I could smell what was around me. The scent of my grandmother's homemade lavender soap. Leather, rich dark chocolate, and fresh-cut grass. It seemed like it was all of the smells that I loved.

I opened my eyes and saw the dust floating in the air; I could feel someone watching me and hear movement close.

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