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It was now coming up to my 80th wedding anniversary. Alec and I were going to go away for a while. Mom and Dad had calmed down on the threats to Alec after nearly 20 years.

I understood why mom didn't want to trust him; after all, that had happened while I was human, but my husband and I had put that behind us.

Alec and I were about to leave when Uncle Aro called us to his office. He had discovered something that had set him off on a wild tangent, as mom would say. Grandpa just laughed when Uncle Aro went off like this, said it reminded him of his eccentric old Uncle, who happened to be a raging alcoholic. I loved hearing stories from grandpa, especially about what mom was like as a child; once or twice she heard him telling me a few stories and got quite mad at him for corrupting me.

If anyone was going to corrupt me, it was bound to be Oma. Dad always said that she was a bad influence on me, spent too much of his money.

"Olivia, Alec, we have a problem and frankly Marcus, and I have talked with your parents, and we have come to a conclusion that we need to have more of a presence in America." Uncle Aro said as mom and dad walked in.

"Have you told them yet?" mom asked. I looked at Alec in confusion.

"No, I was hoping that you would show up. I do think the news needs to come from you both." Uncle Aro said, smiling. Now I was perplexed.

"We have set it up already, but it is up to you both if it is something that you want to do. The Volturi need to have more of a substantial presence in America; we have thought it over and would like for you both to take on the positions of the Volturi there. You will be the official liaison for the family, and have the permission of us, three brothers, to punish any lawbreakers in the Americas." Dad said to Alec and me.

I was speechless. Looking over at Alec, it seemed he was also just as quiet.

"We have chosen a contingent of the guard that will be going with you. that is if you accept the position. They will help you recruit new guard members. The headquarters has already been located, and all we need is your answer. You would need to move in essentially." Uncle Marcus said to us. Mom was standing there and watching us. I didn't know what to say.

In a way, it felt like mom and dad were kicking us out of our home, but I knew that was not the case; they wanted us to be the law in another part of the world and be our people. I felt Alec take my hand and give it a light squeeze, looking over at him. I knew that he wanted to accept; he seemed so hopeful.

"We accept. when is it that you would like us to leave to start our work?" I asked them all. Before anyone could answer, I got knocked over by mom, who charged at me and hugged me.

"I'm going to miss you so much. Now you have to be careful. Grandpa will be with you so that if you need anything, he can help you; he was a cop, after all, so he knows the ins and outs of the law in America. I knew that you would accept, the both of you need to have your own space and space to carve your way in life, we all thought that this was the best option for the two of you. And we all know that you will do great. We will still be here if any major criminals need us. As you dad and uncles are the final decision-makers after all." mom said. She started rambling, so I knew that she was getting emotional. I looked over at dad and watched as he just nodded, picking mom up and taking her away so that we could finish with the final details.

A few hours later, Alec and I were saying our goodbyes and getting on the Volturi jet to start our new lives. After all these years, as much as I knew Alec loved being in our home, I knew that he wanted to start a new life for the both of us. one where we did not have to be under the rule of my parents and uncles.

The jet was full of the guard coming with us immediately; the rest of them would be coming later on. From what we knew, the word had already got sent out that the Volturi were setting up another headquarters in America so that they could be on hand to hand out justice in a more timely fashion. Four buildings had gotten chosen. Alec and I were to choose one of the properties on the trips, and we would get taken to that destination.

"Which one do you want to choose?" Alec asked me as we both looked over all the pictures on the table in front of us. Grandpa looked at us and just smiled.

"I think the one that would be the most practical would be the best. What do you think?" I asked Alec. Even though I was looking at my grandpa curiously, I wasn't sure why he was smiling.

Alec and I talked about what we liked about each of the properties and made a decision; as he went to tell Demetri where we were heading, I thought I would talk to grandpa.

"You remind me of your mom right now." I heard grandpa say quietly.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah, she was always responsible, making sure that others were happy before she took care of herself. I can see that it is what you are doing. I can see that you wanted to choose the Louisiana property, but since Alec liked the one in Washington State, it was the one that you ended up choosing. Make sure that you're pleased with the choice of home, Olivia. Alec may be your Mate, but you will be the one that is Queen of our species when we arrive in America. Think of it like this. Is it Sulpicia and your mom sitting in the thrones in Volterra? or is it your dad and Uncles?" grandpa said to me. I thought about it a while before getting up and letting Demetri know that we would be going to Louisiana instead. Alec wasn't happy with the choice, but it was not his choice; Alec did have some input but not the final decision.

Alec ended up pulling me into the bedroom in the back of the jet, asking me what I was thinking.

"I made a decision; I will be Queen once we arrive; I will be making the decisions as my father and uncles do; you will be taking the role of my mother and aunt," I told him. I never saw him so angry. Alec lifted me by the throat, his grip getting firmer as he growled.

"I will be King; I will be the one making sure the laws get followed; you will be sitting quietly in the background like a good wife and Mate should do; I did not put up with all of your pointless shit to be the sidekick, I will be King," Alec growled at me. Even though I did not need to breathe, it got hard to not gasp for breath.

I heard a commotion coming from behind me, but Alec had cut off all of my senses. I was blind, but for some reason, my hearing had reverted to that of a human.

I felt someone pick me up but wasn't sure who it was. It was strange, once again feeling somewhat human. Not long after I felt myself getting laid down, my senses started coming back to me. I looked around to see who was in the room with me to see my grandpa and Felix.

"What happened, Liv?" Grandpa asked me.

"Nothing happened; where is Alec?" I asked as I started to sit up.

"Olivia, I know that you're lying. You have the same tell as your mother does." Grandpa said to me; he waited for a matter of nanoseconds before coming to some conclusion.

"You don't have to say anything to us at all. Rest up. We will be at our destination in a few hours." Grandpa said to me before walking out of the room.

It was not the first time Alec had done this; it was just the first time Alec got caught. I already knew that Alec wasn't going to stand aside, regardless of me being the Princess and Alec a guard. I didn't care about any of that; I knew, though, that Alec wanted to sit on my father's throne. He knew, though; he had to play the long game.

I wasn't sure what to do the first time Alec hurt me this way; he was my Mate; I'm sure Alec didn't mean to hurt me at all. Yet he did so. after the second time, I started digging and found that Alec had Chelsea create a fake Mate's bond with me. I later found out Alec had plans to kill my parents. So I put up with everything; what else was I meant to do.

The man that meant to be my Mate had fooled me for two decades; I stayed because of the threats against my parents. Now that we ruled over America and the surrounding region, I knew that it would worsen. I would not be surprised if he killed me and made up some excuse for why I couldn't talk or see my parents.

I had to be good. I had to obey my husband. I had to be quiet and do what I got told.

When I confronted him about lying to me, it was the first threat to my family's lives he made. He also told me that he had discovered who my real Mate was and had them killed. Alec was also able to fool Marcus to convince my parents that he was my real Mate. I knew then that I was stuck, with no hope of anyone rescuing me. I could have opened up to Oma or even grandpa, but when I tried, he threatened them.

Making a decision right then, I knew what I had to do. If my family was safe, I had two choices: kill Alec, turn him to ash, or suck it up and deal with it all.

A few hours later, I received the information that we were about to land. I got ready and asked where Alec was; that was when I discovered that he was detained in the cargo hold and was in pieces. I asked for him to be put back together and bring it to me.

"Yes, princess," Felix said, bowing and going to retrieve Alec for me. Once he was all in one piece, the jet was making its final descent. So it wasn't going to be long now before we stepped out into our new form of hell.

Once the doors opened, I got the shock of my life; before I could make my first step off the jet, my father made he was on board looking furious. Picking me up and moving me into the arms of my mother, I watched as my father tore Alec into pieces, demanding that all my personal belongings get removed from the jet before being set on fire with Alec inside it.

Dad picked me up and ran with me into the only place that I had felt at home. Once I was safely inside my parent's room, safely seated between them, both I broke down.

ChPOV (Charlie)

I made the decision there, and then, I had seen Olivia's reaction far too many times while I was on the force. So, making my way to Demetri, I told him to turn the jet around and make our way back home before making the most challenging thing I had to do and call Caius. Felix had discovered that the little bastard was threatening my daughter and son-in-law and threatening Heidi, Aro, Sulpicia and Marcus. How he found out, I didn't want to know just yet.

"Charlie, what do I owe the pleasure of this call? Did the jet have to land for some reason?" Caius asked me.

"No, we are coming back. Are you alone?" I asked him.

"Yes, I'm in my office currently; what has happened? Is Livi alright?" Caius asked.

"Sorry, but no, she is not. Olivia has been hurt. We witnessed Alec hurt her, lift her off the ground by her throat; I received information also that the little upstart has threatened her entire family, all to be able to sit on your chair and be King." I informed Caius. I heard the growl coming from my son-in-law before the phone went dead. I knew that I had signed that boy's death certificate right then, but I didn't care at all.


I crushed the phone in my hand, feeling darkness come over me that I remember feeling only one other time in my existence. I ran to my quarters and changed; Alec had no idea what he was in for; we joked that it was Isa that he needed to watch out for, and that was true enough, but that was my daughter, the Princess of the Volturi, that the child had fucked over and hurt.

I heard Isa and my brothers call after me, but I found myself following a single directive; none would alter that path. I ran to the Volturi private airstrip and waited for the jet to land; they would not take long as the plane had not taken off not three hours ago. I didn't want to wait at all but knew that I must. The constant growl sounding from my chest was something that I was not able to quiet. I scanned the sky for any hint of the returning plane.

Isa and my brothers had caught up to me not long ago, and I was able to tell them that Livi got hurt. Now I listened as Isa growled and paced along with me. We waited for the plane to land.

Once we spied the plane, the pacing we did, got faster, our growling became louder. I waited until the aircraft came to a stop and the door opened, charging into the plane and ripping apart Alec, demanding that all my daughter's belongings got removed and the craft got set on fire. I was not even going to give Alec the pleasure of my dungeon; he hurt my daughter; I turned him to ash.

I picked Livi up and ran with her back to the castle and my quarters' sanctuary; Isa was there with me the entire time. Once she was seated between her mother and me, she broke down.

Isa just looked at me and mouthed, 'what happened?' I shook my head, indicating she needed to wait for Livi to tell her what happened, either that or she could talk to her father.

We didn't wait long until Livi calmed enough to tell us what happened, what she felt safe enough to say to us now.

Alec had got away with abusing our daughter for forty years, had told her that he had her real Mate found and killed; Alec had gotten Chelsea to bind Livi to Alec so that they could fool Marcus into thinking it was a real Mate bond. I knew he would be furious about that one. Aro would be angry that two of his trusted guards could be as conniving as this, knowing that we would need to re-evaluate the entire guard now more than ever.

Isa was taking multiple deep breaths only to calm down, but I could only guess it was not working as well as me. So Isa and I laid Livi down on our bed and told her to get some rest, that Isa and I needed to talk and that we would be having a guard posted outside at all times, not that she needed one, but would have one none the less.

"We need to find out what happened and how long it has been going on. You know that I never trusted Alec. I thought that there was something off with him; if I knew that he was hurting our little girl, I would have killed that short bastard years ago." Isa growled. I had to agree with her. I never liked Alec for my daughters Mate. But then I felt that there was something off with Alec from the moment Aro brought Alec and Jane back to the castle. Jane was the only normal one of the two.

"Stay with her; I'm going to talk to Aro and your father," I told Isa before kissing her gently and going on my way.

I heard Charlie and Aro talking before also hearing Felix in the room with them.

"What else did you discover?" I heard Aro ask.

"Alec had enlisted the help of Chelsea to bind princess Olivia to him and within that creating a false Mate bond to fool Master Marcus. Alec just saw Princess Olivia as a means to take over Master Caius' throne and become King." Felix said.

"I never liked the little shit. There was always something off about Alec. But to use my Granddaughter like that. I have seen victims of domestic abuse brush off the attack as she did, far too often, and yet her reaction told me that it has gone on for at least a few decades. It was like Alec had also conditioned Olivia's responses. She was scared but too used to his actions. I wish we knew about it sooner." Charlie growled.

"Aro, can you find out from Olivia how long it has been going on? I know you purposely did not make contact with her out of respect for Isa and me, but we need to know how long this had been happening, I am aware that in my haste, I killed the bastard with too much haste, but I had just discovered that he had been hurting my daughter." So I said as I made my way into my brother office. I was making my presence known.

Aro just nodded and left to talk to Livi immediately, something that I appreciated greatly.

Charlie and Felix stood when I entered, and I motioned for them to sit down. I honestly thought that Felix would have made a better match for my daughter.

I spent the next few hours being overwhelmed with information that made me want to resurrect the little bastard and kill him over again. Alec had been hurting my daughter physically and with the threat of killing her family and turning them to ash for the last 60 years.

Aro shocked us all and ordered Chelsea's death to manipulate the Volturi Princess and manipulate a True Mate bond.

The discovery led to a full overhaul and reading of the entire Volturi guard; those who got found to be less than trustworthy were killed instantly. Isa and Picia, along with Marcus, helped Livi heal after decades of abuse.

Marcus no longer felt his gift was trustworthy as he could be fooled because he felt that Alec had manipulated his very sight. He needed to be able to get his confidence back regarding his gift. He was the only one that could manage it.

There had been so many changes with the Volturi, and most for the better. It took years, for Livi, to get past what Alec had done to her; the most significant contributor was, funnily enough, Felix. Once Marcus once again became more confidant, it confirmed what Isa and I knew to be true. Felix was the one that our daughter should have been with all along. It took Livi a while to be able to trust anyone fully again, even Isa and me.

"Well, we did what I said we would do. Bring the full weight of the Volturi down on the person who hurt our daughter, and we did. We also help her to start to come back to who she used to be, even though she is a while away still, I feel guilty though; we should have known that something was wrong, yet we didn't and sent her off to America with the very person that was hurting her." Isa whispered to me while we lay in bed that night.

"We have been through so much; I really should not be surprised at what has happened. Yet, I am still amazed by the audacity of some and amazed by others. All these centuries, I am glad to know that I still am capable of being surprised." So I told her, bring her closer to me.

"Do you think that Livi will be alright?" Isa asked me. I just sighed; that was something that I was hoping for, yet I could not be sure of.

"I want to hope that she will be, yet it is something that I cannot be sure of," I told the beauty that was lying beside me.

Nearly 25 years later, Isa and I saw an excited Livi come up to us rather quickly.

"Mom, Dad. Felix asked me to marry him. I accepted." Livi told us. For the first time in 85 years, she honestly looked delighted.

Isa and I were happy that our little girl was finally happy after so much hurt.

The End

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