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It was torture.

I thought that Isabella loved me. Did she not tell me as much?

I was wrong; she rejected me. But why did she?

I felt it as she rejected our bond. Well, that I will agree upon, for now, that pesky minor niggle telling me that this is all a falsehood.

She rejected me as her Mate. Not entirely convinced of that, again, that pesky minor niggle.

The only thing that went through my mind was to wonder what it was that I did wrong? You can't think of anything, can you? But no, I could not think of anything. I felt no obligation to her. Yeah, right? Keep telling yourself that, but I felt only unconditional, unrequited love. Not to mistake that with the Mating bond that you are also feeling.

I couldn't move, knowing that I had fallen where I stood after I watched her leave; you could go after her, you fool, I just wanted her to be happy. I knew that Isabella had felt betrayed by everyone she had come to care for; did that mean that she believed that I would also betray her? I would never do that to her. I thought that I had made that clear to her. I should have worked harder to make her believe me.

I got lost in the tortured pain of rejection, without any idea of when it would end, but hoping that it would not end — feeling that this was something that the gods must have thought that I deserved. But, no, you deserve this. You were a royal asshole, but you are not the only one to blame here.

I felt something uncomfortable in the farthest recesses of my mind. Something that had caused me to let out a grunt of discomfort; I accepted the discomfort gladly when it increased to pain, I again took it gladly, groaning in misery. With each groan, I tried to scream out that their pain was welcome. After everything I had gone through before I knew of Isabella's existence, I started to believe that I never would find my Mate. Then she walked into Volterra; regardless of her scars, I knew that I was now the luckiest Man alive. But, knowing still that I was, I was not the one for her, just the one to help her on her way.

"You are not done for this life yet, but you need to return." I heard a voice say before I got shown the life of my Mate, but it felt like it delivered from Isabella's point of view, like she was here and trying to show me her life.

"Come back, I was wrong; I am nothing without you." I heard the voice again; the pain that I felt was increasing; if this were my God's telling me that I was not worthy of having such beauty in my life, I would have to agree. I happily let it all come to bear down on me.

I heard, at that moment, what I was sure to be a Vampire torn asunder.

"My Queen, We..." I heard before a feral growl sounded around me.

"You do not talk unless spoken to. I am aware of who you both are; this will be the first and only reprieve; get the other and leave my sight." a heavenly voice answered.

There was silence for a moment.

"My Mate, I was wrong to leave you; I knew already what feeling, that gaping hole of rejection felt like, and yet I felt so much worse when I left you. I know that you are feeling it still; I would like you to come back to me, even if it is just for me to apologise to you; I need to know that you are alive. I need to know that you exist in this world." I heard the voice of my Mate but was not sure if I could trust it. Even though I didn't know if I could, I leapt and trusted that it was her.

Opening my eyes, not trusting the voice I heard, I looked down to see Isabella next to me; what did I say to her? At that moment, I wanted to say something that would hurt her equally as much, only knowing that I would never be able to do that to my Mate.

"I was so hurt and confused; it had nothing to do with you; I didn't want to get hurt and betrayed again, especially by you of all people," Isabella said as she laid upon my stomach. What was I meant to do? Maybe be honest with her. What was I meant to say? The truth couldn't hurt. She had rejected me; you didn't go after her; I felt the rejection in the bond we had shared. I searched out the bond, hoping to find it, listening to what Isabella was saying.

"Do you feel it still? I wish that you would tell me if you still feel it. I feel the bond that we had formed; I do feel it yet. But I hope you will say to me if you feel it still. I don't know what else to tell you, Caius. I have said all I can. I won't be far if you decide that you want to talk to me. I know that you are aware that I am here, after all." Isabella went to move and again left me. I could not let her go. I wanted to grab hold of her, holding her close to me. I wasn't sure if that was any longer the right thing to do.

"I feel it still; I know that you feel betrayed and hurt, but I am the one person that you should never have to worry about; I am the one that you should know would support you and have your back with each endeavour that you decide to explore. Yet I am the one you have hurt, only because you cannot trust what we have and trust in me. I did not betray you. I did not hurt you in such a way, yet you destroyed me when you rejected our bond when you refused me being your Mate. I do not know what you want from me." I told her. My voice was hardly audible.

"I will do what you want me to do, Caius. Tell me to leave and never return, and that is what I will do. If you're going to lock me up in your dungeons, I will accept that. I have apologised for anything you want; I don't know what else you want. I do trust you; I know it does not feel like it, but I do. You always hurt the one's that you are closest to. Yet I choose to hurt you." Isabella said as he walked into my office. I heard her lock the door in there so that she would not be disturbed, not that a locked door would mean anything.

I laid starring at the ceiling of my room; I had been able to feel the morning sun hit my body four times, not wanting to get up, glad that Isabella was giving me the space that I needed to try and think things through, glad that Marcus had not come to bother me. I felt Isabella's gaze on me several times over the four days I lay here and felt her anxiety through the bond we shared. I was unsure if she felt me, but I hoped that she could; simultaneously, I hoped she could not. I did not want her to feel the pain I was feeling.

At least once a day, she came in to use the shower, a habit I was sure she had kept from her human days before she went back into the office and resumed her place at my desk.

I watched from the corner of my eye as she proceeded to do some work that sat on my desk in an attempt to keep busy.

During the fifth day, I decided that I no longer wanted to lay on the floor. Isabella had just made her way into the shower, as was her routine. I had thought about everything that we had been through so far in our short amount of time together. I thought about all that had gotten said between us. Finally, I decided that we both needed a fresh start.

Making my way silently into the bathroom, I undressed and got into the shower with Isabella.

"After much thinking, I decided what we need to do. But it will not work if each of us holds onto the past. Will you let what happened to you go? will you trust me enough to care for you and love you like you deserve to be?" I asked Isabella as she washed her hair.

"Whatever you want me to do, Caius," Isabella said to me as she turned around to look at me. She was exquisite, closing my eyes not to be distracted; I told her what I needed to say.

"What I want is for you to be honest with yourself and be yourself. Yes, you hurt me badly, I have things that I have done in the past that I am ashamed of, but I would never hide anything from you. I would hope that you would never hide anything from me also." I told her. What I needed from her was honesty, trust, communication. I just hoped that she would see that these were also things she needed from me and that I would endeavour to give her the best I could.

"We need honesty, trust and communication. I know that it's not something that you need to tell me. But I also want a chance to show you; to show you that I can redeem myself and be what you need of me; I don't want to hurt you again, knowing that I had was unbearable." Isabella said. I had picked up that she thought I had told her about what we needed.

"We are Mates, what hurts one, hurts the other, that is why Mates are unable to hurt each other, if I were a younger Vampire, I might retaliate and hurt you, to retaliate for your actions, but I know that will not help either of us." Before thinking my next, 'So we need to move forward and try and get past the past.' Isabella carried on with her shower, conditioning her hair before moving behind me and leaning against the wall. I took this time to clean myself, washing the dust off that had accumulated. I could feel her eyes on me, smell her arousal even from under the streaming water.

"I'm so sorry that I hurt you like that; I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to retaliate. I know that we have to move forwards and try and, as you said, get past the past. But I have no idea how to do that. Or even the first thing about it. All I have known my entire life is how to take care of my parents, make sure that the bills get paid, make sure that there is food in the cupboard and on the table to eat, the first sign of honest affection, and I screw it up." Isabella said to me; I pulled her towards me and started to wash the conditioner out of her hair.

'I know that you are sorry, but can you talk me through why you felt you needed to hurt me that way?' I thought to her. I was testing a theory.

"I don't know why; I think I wanted to hurt you before you got the chance to hurt me, but it didn't work. I just hurt both of us instead. I didn't even get as far as the inside line of the forest before I collapsed, and I think it was Jasper that brought me back here." Isabella answered me.

'How are you answering me right now, my love?' I asked as I decided to draw her attention to the fact that she was answering my thought.

"I just answered you; what else was I meant to do? You asked me a question." Isabella asked as she turned to face me; I saw the confusion set upon her features.

"I thought that question, my love; it would seem that we have discovered a gift. but on another note, I believe that you and I need to talk about issues before they arise to become problems." I told Isabella. I finished rinsing her hair, turned off my shower and proceeded to exit, collecting our towels on the way, wrapping one around my waist before securing the other around Isabella. I placed my forehead upon her, just waiting for a moment, enjoying being close to my Mate right now.

As we both dressed, Isabella talked to me and told me everything she was going through, told me why she had done those things, I told her when she asked what her actions had done to me. It was another four days before we got talked out and were able to start healing. I was able to find out from the amount of paperwork on my desk. That there had not been anyone come to the Volturi for anything drastic otherwise.

Not long after Isabella, and I had reconciled laying in bed when a knock fell upon my door. Isabella was up out of bed before I could respond, and the door reduced to splinters and Demetri was being held by the throat by a very naked Isabella.

"Speak and quickly while I still have patients." a voice said. But it was not that of my Isabella. Dressing quickly and with the sheet in hand, I ran over to Isabella, covering her from prying eyes. I pulled her hand from my guard and asked him to wait in my office. After that, Demetri moved a little faster than I had seen in a while. The last time he accidentally slept with the receptionist that Felix saw; before he found out.

"Isabella?" I asked. Her eyes had turned pitch black, her voice husky; this was not my Isabella; this was her inner demon.

"No, Enyo, why did you stop me?" she asked me.

"Demetri did nothing wrong; he was more than likely bringing me some news or requesting my presence in the throne room, my sweet, he was no threat to you," I told her; she nodded, and I watched as My Isabella came back to me. I made sure that she was alright and with me before making my way into my office.

"Demetri, are you well?" I asked my guard. He didn't look at me as he answered, instead choosing to look behind me at Isabella. My usually confident tracker, looking instead, shaken.

"Yes, Master Caius, I was informed to request you, if possible, to the throne room; we have guests that have asked for your presence," Demetri said.

"Thank you very much, Demetri. Demetri, I will speak to my Mate about her actions towards you this day." I told him; the look of relief that crossed his features was palpable. I watched as he left before going to Isabella.

"My sweet, I would appreciate it if you did not harm our guards; they are here to protect us after all. If they do come to our quarters, then it is to inform us of something important. So please refrain from harming them, and if you are able, restrain your demon, or ask the Major to help you do so. I need to see to business in the throne room; I will be back when I can. But I beg, go and see the Major." I told Isabella before making my way out of the room.

As I entered the throne room, I was surprised that Marcus was in a heated debate with Stephan from the Romanian coven.

"Aro gave his word that once Caius was gone, I would have his seat. I come to claim what is mine only to find it taken. I demand that the Volturi keep their word!" Stephan shouted.

"Well, considering the Volturi are right here and Aro was never one of the brothers, he had no right to promise you anything, so we do not have to stand by anything that he said!" I heard Marcus shout.

"I was called brother," I said as I took my seat.

"What is the meaning of this!" Vladimir shouted.

"I would like to know the answer to this also," I replied.


After Caius left, I searched Jasper out but had no idea where he would be; I saw Jane as I was wandering around and asked her to point me in the right direction. I found him not long after arguing with Emmett and some other guy who looked like my grandpa; I didn't know why, but I felt rather angry. Then I felt myself slip away, feeling like I was going through some out-of-body experience.

EPOV (Enyo)

I took over; Isabella still had no idea about me yet, unaware that I came forward when she was in trouble. I knew of the ones that stood in front of me.

"Explain yourself, Captain. What are you doing here?" I asked. Watching as they all dropped to their knees, baring their necks to me submissively.

"My knower led me here, Enyo; I was unsure as to why until I saw you in the process of being changed. You're my Granddaughter; the Major here is my Uncle. The three of us are blood." The Captain said to me. I just nodded and thought for a moment.

"Major, my Mate, would like you to help Isabella, as he thinks that she needs to harness and restrain me, but since she does not know about me, she had no idea what he was talking about, I do feel that she does need to know about me if we are to work together. I have no idea what she thinks is going on, but she needs to be informed. We are both still too new to this life to know how to live in harmony. So are you able to help us with that? are you at peace with your demon, Ares?" I asked the Major. He just looked at me and smiled.

"We are in full control of every aspect of our demon, my Queen," Jasper asked me as I watched his whole demeanour change.

I followed him out and towards a room that I had never been in, seeing a few of my Mate's guard sparing. As soon as they all saw me with Jasper, they instantly became defensive. One of them looked like he wanted to run off and collect my Mate; the girl with him looked panicked. I guess that that had an idea of who Jasper was and that he was here petrified them all.

"Do they realize that they all look like they want to piss themselves?" I asked. Jasper just chuckled.

"I doubt it; they probably see you; they would sense that you are in danger, my Queen," Jasper said to me.

"You are more likely safer for me to be closer to than them. I do not know these vampires, yet I know you, well to an extent." I said as I looked around the room. I was showing my boredom.

"Mistress are we able to assist you?" the girl asked me.

"What is your name?" I asked her.

"Renata, Mistress," she told me.

"Well, Renata, does it look like I need your assistance?" I asked her.

"No, Mistress," she said but still did not look convinced as she looked directly at Jasper.

"Do you think he is going to hurt me, do you?" I asked her.

'He is the God of War, Ares himself, of course, he is going to hurt you, he's going to kill us all, how stupid can this woman be? Master Caius got himself a stupid one for a Mate.' I heard Renata think.

"No, Mistress, of course not." Renata smiled. I watched her closely.

"What is it that you do here, Renata?" I asked her.

"I am a Shield," she replied.

"Good to know. Jasper, when can we start?" I asked, turning and ignoring her.

Jasper spent the next few hours teaching me to connect with Isabella; I was lucky enough to connect rather quickly and get her to come forward so that he could teach her also. Roughly fifteen hours later, Isabella and I could combine our conscience minds and begin to work as one. She always was a fast learner. We spent the next fifteen or so hours learning to fight; Isabella and I would not stand by and let the enemies of the Volturi come for us and just let my Mate go off to fight without us by his side. When my Mate came in and watched me, I felt it, heard his thought about how he didn't want to like the fact that I was learning these skills.

I listened as the Guards had not left since Jasper and I came in; the Vampire Renata walked over to my Mate and asked him if he knew that I was sparing with the God of War and asked if there was another guard better suited to the task teaching me.

"I am well aware of who that Vampire is; I am also aware of the fact that he is more than capable of teaching my Mate what I cannot and doing so successfully. I would suggest that you are careful with your words and your thoughts around my Mate; I will end up finding out regardless." Caius told them. Jasper had called it a day, asking if we could get together in a couple of days and go over some more moves. Agreeing to this, I said goodbye and walked over to Caius.

"Hello, my Love," Caius said to me, smiling.

"Hi, hey, I have a question. Do you need this one on your guard?" I asked as I pointed to Renata. I also watched as Jasper was collecting his shirt that he had taken off during our fight training.

"No, but all our guards a valuable. Then again, only Aro wanted to have a Shield at all times; why is that." Caius asked me. I saw Renata stiffen when I questioned her usefulness.

"Curious, I hope you know that my Uncle would not hurt me and kill us all, don't you," I said; Caius just looked taken back.

"Of course I know this; why is it that you ask," Caius questioned. I watched as Jasper also walked over and stood next to me and looked just as curious.

"I heard someone thinking that he was going to hurt me and kill us all, as well as the fact that I was stupid. It sounded like they pitied you for having a stupid Mate. Anyway, I'm glad that you know this about Jasper. I am going to get someone to eat." I told him, leaving the guard with my Furious looking Mate while I went down to the dungeons.


I watched as Bella dropped that little bombshell before walking away; I felt the fury rolling of Caius in waves.

"Since we have not had a chance to train Isabella in her gift yet, I should let you know; she is a mind reader and Shield, I have been on the receiving end of both of her gifts. Now I will not punish whoever it was, who thought my Mate is stupid, but I will warn you, do it again, and your existence will be forfeit. Major, do you have anything to add?" Caius asked me.

"I was, but I don't think that I will; if your guard wants to believe that I am going to kill them at a moment's notice, I would rather let them think that," I told him. I couldn't help the smirk that befell my face at the look of dread that came over the guards. They know of my reputation, and they also knew that I would happily kill them and burn the pieces at a moment's notice. I didn't care about any of them whatsoever. And why should I, for that matter?

I was instead looking forward to having some fun with this.

"Major, I would like it if you can be given a demonstration to all of the guards as to remind them that they are all replaceable, considering that only a select few works to keep their place on guard. The rest I could care less if they were all killed and burned tomorrow." Caius asked me. I just smiled now and sent out waves upon waves of fear and pain to all, making the lot of them drop to their knees.

"This is why this Vampire will not get questioned. I know that this is all but a hint of what he can do. So if you are stupid enough to question his niece, who happens to be my Mate, then I will be all too happy to let the major here take care of you in any way that he deems fit. Is that clear? Now leave this place and don't let me hear of you questioning your Queen again." Caius shouted at them all.

I watched as he walked out, and a few of the more intelligence challenged guards started to question if he was all there and should even be the one leading us.

"You think you'd do better?" I asked the guard.

"Absolutely. That woman is not his real Mate and one that he is taking pity on for the moment. And you? I have met the God of War, and you are not he. You are just a vampire that thinks he can do a few parlour tricks. You're nothing, sucking up to our leaders for a piece of a pie that has no right going to you. Caius has gone mad and thinks that you are the Great God of War, the Major himself, would not tolerate this disrespect." This guard said as he got closer and closer to me, I could hear sniggering coming from behind me, but I didn't bother to look as I knew who it was. And the ass could kiss my shiny, sparkling ass.

"Who is it that you think I am then?" I asked this moron.

"You are nobody; I should report you for your impersonation." the moron said to me.

"Who is it that you think you are exactly?" I asked, now curious about this asshole.

"I am the Major's right hand; I am the Captain." That was when I felt it—the sudden spike in anger. And I heard the charge from behind me. This fool had the nerve to impersonate Peter and right in front of him also. I should have stopped him, but I knew that Peter had every right to take this idiot out.

Seconds later, the idiot was right in front of me in pieces on the floor; I had sent Char out to let the Kings know that they were now down one guard. But, instead, she came back with Caius and Marcus following her.

I had just managed to get Peter to stop before he burned the idiot to ash.

"What is the meaning of this?" I heard Marcus ask. I listened to the tension in his voice.

"The poor excuse of a vampire laying in pieces on the floor had the nerve to question my identity but also claim to be my Captain. Having his own identity come into question and feeling the anger at the idiot trying to claim to be him, I let him deal with the situation. Your lucky that it idiot is not a pile of ash right now." I answered. I was seething at the Gaul of the fucker that got laid out. Peter had every right to tear up this fucker.

"Is this true?" Marcus asked

The Vampire was not about to answer, not even in his state.

"Move your eyes to indicate your response," Caius said. The anger coming off him was causing me to falter; it was genuinely surprising. I could also feel the panic coming from the torn-up Vampire at my feet. There was also anger rolling off him; I could only guess that I was because he had gotten found out after all these years and only. After all, Peter and I were standing right in front of him.

The Vampire glared at both Peter and me before indicating the truth of the matter that he was, in fact, an imposter.

"We do not care to be harbouring imposters here in the Volturi; you will get tried by the Volturi and judged by the very man that you are claiming to be," Caius said before walking out.

"Put him back together and bring him to the throne room where we will have his trial immediately," Marcus said. He was emitting pure disgust at the Vampire.

I called for Renata to come forward and place him back together before calling for a second guard to come and help her bring him to the throne room, ready for his trial by Peter.

An hour later, he was back in one piece and fed so that he could answer our Kings when questioned.

Char had taken Peter and made sure to get him something and calm enough to go through with this trial. If he could not do this independently, I would get forced to help him calm, and I knew that he was not a fan of having his feelings manipulated in that fashion.

The trial did not take nearly as much time as anyone had thought. First, we discovered the identity of the Vampire in front of us. Then, we found out that he was Maria's venom brother. He wanted to try and make my life and, therefore, Peter and Char's lives, by extension, miserable.

"Let me get this straight; you want to make my family lives miserable, so you automatically think that infiltrating the Volturi is a good idea and pretend to be my grandfather? How dumb are you? No, I want to know." I heard Enyo ask. Much to the shock of Caius and Marcus, who had not seen her walk in on this trial.

"I have no qualms with you, child, so how about you let the adults talk." the Vampire said, pissing off both Enyo and Caius.

"Child? Believe me; I am no child, you believe my Uncle to be the God of War, well I am the Goddess of War. My Mate is one of your Kings; I have no qualms about seeing the end of you and bringing about that end myself, even though it should be my grandfather that brings about the end of your miserable life." So Enyo said to this troublesome Vampire.

"I don't think that you would; after all, I know who you are, and I have someone with your dear old dad now." I couldn't help but laugh.

"Is that so? Well, I call bull shit. Contact them this second and have them put my father on the phone. I would love to hear his voice, make sure that he is back in the land of the living after all." Enyo said to him, calling his bluff. We all heard the audible gulp that got made when he realised the mistake he had made.

"First, you claim to be my grandfather, then you threaten me with my dead father; what other lies have you got to lay down before we kill you where you stand?" Enyo asked; there was nothing but stuttering from my Sires brother. I watched as my niece rolled her eyes and walked over and tore the Vampire asunder.

"I am sorry, my love, but he was giving me a headache. Come now, we have much to discuss after all. Marcus, if you would please excuse us." Enyo said as she pulled Caius from his throne and out the door.

"Major, would you mind informing me as to what just took place?" Marcus asked me.

"That was Enyo, she had been around for a while, and Bella had no idea about her until a few hours ago. Both Enyo and Bella are now one, and what can I say? They are feeling complete now, and I am guessing that they want to go and claim their Mate." I answered.

"I wanted to tear that bastard to shreds. but I guess I can't complain as it was my granddaughter that tore the moron to shreds after all." Peter said, moping around.


It seemed like years that Caius and I were holed up in our bed, not wanting to leave after all; once I found out about Enyo and claimed my Mate ultimately, it seemed like there was nothing more that I wanted to do but Fuck him senseless. Nothing that I would instead have done but stayed in this bed for the rest of my existence.

As it stood when we were finally disturbed by some brave soul, it turned out that we had been secluded away for close to a year. As it turned out, the brave soul was my grandfather, and he had no worries about walking right in and sitting down on our bed and beginning a conversation with us about the weather.

He was tired of not seeing me and getting to know his grandson on a more personal level.

Caius was not very happy about us being interrupted. It was then that I had learned that Jasper and Char had warned him against interrupting us, but he did so anyway. Unfortunately, that decision cost him the use of his legs for a whole month; not long after, Peter and Char left to go back to Texas.

Caius and I both made the most of the time, we had to get acquainted with each other, but we made it a point to forget everything we knew and start the process all over again.

We found that it not only drove my family up the wall, but it was something fun for us to do so that we never had a chance to get bored with each other.

It didn't hurt the fact that we were Vampires after all, and we did not need sleep, so we could spend multiple hours and days just fucking, wherever the mood took us.

A decade later, Caius decided that he needed to help the guard out on one of the various southern check-ups they had been doing, they came back, and Caius was not precisely in perfect shape. I was not happy about my Mate coming back to me in several pieces. It took Jasper knocking me out to get me to calm down and make sure that I didn't go and tear the entire Castle down just to find out who neglected to do their job and look after my Mate.

By the time I came back around, Caius was again in one piece and informed me that they had gotten ambushed.

While he left to go and feed, I went to find Demetri, who had been one of the guards to go with Caius on this trip.

"My Queen, how can I be of service?" Demetri asked me.

"I want to know the location of this ambush." I seethed, thankfully he was able to give me the location.

I was able to call ahead and make sure that the jet was ready for immediate departure. As well as make sure that my Mate did not find out about my leaving.

It took a few hours, but I was not surprised to see that my grandfather would greet me at the airport by the time I landed.

"I knew that you would do something stupid if he went on that trip, and what are you doing? something stupid." Peter said to me.

"What are you doing here, Peter?" I asked my grandfather.

"Came to help you. There is no way that I am letting my grandbaby go off half-cocked and get herself killed and then have the King of Chaos hunting my redneck ass down with my Uncle, who knows a little too much about my Texas ass; when it comes down to it." I had to laugh, he was only doing this to save his own ass, but I didn't mind the help.

"I know where to find the group that hurt Caius; I had been watching them myself when they all came and tried to shut them down," Peter told me.

"Show me," I told him. I knew that it sounded like I had demanded it and knew my grandfather well enough that he would not take it the way it sounded.

Peter took off, and I followed closely behind him. An hour later, we came upon a camp, looking over the Vampires, I did not recognize anyone in particular, but my grandfather recognised a few within the ranks from the sound of it.

"Bells, are you sure that you want to do this?" Peter asked me. Before I could answer, I heard his phone ringing. It was the worst timing.

"Hey there, Uncle, oh, not the Major. Yes sir. Yes sir. Yes, she is with me right now. Yes, sir." Peter said before handing me the phone.

"Traitor," I said under my breath.

"I never said I would keep anything a secret. I ain't no traitor." Peter said before walking just a few meters away.

"Isabella, my love, where do you happen to be right now?" Caius asked me.

"I am just visiting my grandparents. How was your feed, my love?" I asked him, trying to play off the fact that I was only a few hundred meters away from the very camp that hurt my Mate.

"The feeding was as it always is. I came back to our room expecting to see you, and low and behold, you had disappeared. So the Major and I decided to come looking for you. Jasper said something along the lines of this, having Peters stink all over it. and what do we discover, but your scent leads us directly to the airport, and one of the Volturi jets happens to be missing." Caius said.

"As I said, I am just visiting my grandparents," I repeated.

"Then why is it that only Peter is with you? Char is still currently at their home and said something about Peter swore your name and damned stupidity before taking off." Caius asked. I did not like where this was going.

"I have no idea," I answered, thinking it was better to play dumb.

"Do not play dumb with me, my love. I know you." Caius said to me. All I could do was sigh.

"I'm sorry, Caius, I have to go," I told him before I hung up. I through the phone but to Peter and took off towards the camp. Once at the entrance, I stood there waiting. It was not long before the leader of said camp greeted me.

"What do we have here? and who may you be?" I got asked by the tall cowboy looking Vampire in front of me; he had puffed out his chest to make himself look more appealing. It did not work.

"I don't remember. Can you help me please, sir?" I asked, making myself come across as a newborn would have; he must have brought it as he welcomed me in the camp and just as we made it to the centre, with this creep's hands getting a little too busy. I sent out my shield and crushed everyone, all buildings and Vampires within.

"You had some visitors, and they tried to shut down this little camp full of Newborns, and you hurt a few of them; I can smell my Mates venom on your clothes. What do you have to say for yourself?" I asked.

"I don't know who you think your Mate is, little girl, but you are going to pay for destroying my army." the cowboy seething, getting into a crouch looking to attack me. I knew that I didn't have much experience fighting, just what Jasper had shown me. But, unfortunately, it did not seem like this idiot had much more than I had.

He landed a few hits just as I had when he suddenly stopped dead. Finally, I had enough of playing with this fool. I encased him within my shield and crushed him, turning him to ash in the process.

Once the fool got disposed of, I collapsed, let it all go; whatever had gotten left standing no longer stayed that way. My shield flattened it all.

I no longer wanted to be here; I wanted to be at home with my Mate. I sensed another Vampire coming up behind me and tensed up, getting ready to get up and attack; I heard my grandfather's voice calm me a little as he let me know that he was walking towards me.

I looked around and saw that baren dessert now in front of me, nothing compared to what it was when I walked up on the compound not even a few hours ago. Peter pulled me into him and held me, letting me get out everything.

"I can tell you all I want that it was a stupid idea to go up against someone like Jackson, especially since he was nearly 800 years old; I could tell you all I want that you were an idiot for doing what you did and that you should have left it and let someone like Jasper and I deal with him. As we have the experience too, do so. But I do want to tell you that I am very proud of what you have done and how you took the old fucker out as you did. Being as young as you are, you should not have been able to do so." Peter said to me. It was then that I felt my Mate coming up fast, behind us, it was then that I felt his panic, but I was not sure why that was.

When the roar of Caius came to our ears, Peter placed me down and got up, moving away. I sat there with my arms around my legs, trying to find a hint of comfort.

I watched from my peripherals as Caius came to a skidding halt, landing in front of me on his knees before starting to check me over.

"Thank the gods that you are safe. I was so worried." Caius said to me, pulling me close to him, where I just broke down, thankful that I still had him; I broke down knowing that I had just killed so many that didn't need to have their lives end in this manner. There was only one that needed to die this day, and I had killed him; the knowledge that I had taken a life like this was not lost on me, considering that I fed the way I did.

"Captain, there was a newborn camp close to this location, has there been any interest in the fact that my Mate is currently here?" Caius asked.

"The camp was where we are all standing. Bella flattered it. She had turned all the Vampires to ash. She played with Jackson a little before she eventually turned him to ash also." I just looked over at Peter; he sounds proud of the horrific acts I had only performed.

I ended up growling at him; I watched as he took a step back and raised his hands.

"Didn't mean to downplay what happened, Bella; was just stating facts," Peter said it was then that I saw that Caius had brought a small army with him.

"What's with the small army?" I asked

"You had left, Jasper came and let me know that Peter had you, and something about a stupid idea you had, I panicked and gathered a few guards to come and help you. I came upon this scene, and it looked to me like you had died. So I panicked even more. I'm glad that you are well, by the way. But please do not do that to me again. I felt scared." Caius said to me, I just nodded. I happily agreed to anything at all, just happy to be in his arms once again.

Caius asked me to show him how I could flatten an entire newborn encampment after I had calmed. Especially at such a young age.

I happily showed him what I could do by using some of the local natural surroundings. He seemed ecstatic about it all. After that, Caius and I spent a few days in America; we spent a few days in Las Vegas, ending up getting married while we were here.

We went back have to Volterra, a newly married couple, and we could not have been happier. There was no fuss and no Pomp; neither of us needed anything else but each other.

Walking into the throne room, we got greeted by Marcus and congratulated over our recent nuptials. After thanking him, we then continued with our duty.

The months turned into years; Marcus, Caius and I sat down and ended up re-writing some of the laws to bring them into the modern era. Then, sending out a few guards to spread the news of the changes, the only thing that had concerned us was the Vampires that came to seek out our help; we helped them and continued. Sometimes, we had to send out a contingent of guards, but not very often.

Our life carried on like this, and Caius and I were happy with that. Life as a Vampire was the life that I was more to lead; this was where I belonged, and I was finally satisfied with that.

The End.

AN: Thanks for reading.