Evil Koala

Before you read: I like to imagine this as a deleted scene from the movie, I don't think it would be too dark for a Disney children's movie. I wrote this vore story in a way so that it still corresponds with the events of the movie and even foreshadows the later scenes in it.

It was the middle of the night when Nani was walking through her house as she flipped through pages in a book of dog breeds. She was on the phone with David as she talked about Stitch, the new pet that she and Lilo had adopted today. Though Lilo and talked her into keeping him Nani did not like Stitch, and she was very uncertain that he was actually a dog.

She walked from the living room to the kitchen while flipping through pages as she said, "I think it might be a koala. An evil koala."

She turned the page as she held the phone against her ear with her shoulder as she explained, "I can't even pet it. It keeps staring at me. Like he's gonna eat me."

While she was talking she walked into a light from the refrigerator and a large shadow with four arms, big ears, and antennas was cast over her. When she noticed it she let out a cry of shock and fear as she dropped everything and stared at the source of the shadow. Standing in front of the refrigerator was Stitch, who was reaching into it for something, he glared back at her and squinted his eyes threateningly.

Nani stared at him with her mouth agape while over the phone David said, "Hello?"

Stitch took a soda can and held it in his mouth while David said, "Nani?"

He started to walk away on all fours and closed the refrigerator with his left foot as David repeated, "Hello?"

Stitch climbed up a few of the stairs before briefly glancing back at Nani, then he continued back upstairs.

Nani was frightened as she stared at the staircase while David said, "You there?"

After a minute Nani picked up the phone and book and started walking while she said, "Sorry David. Whatever that thing is there's no way it's a dog!"

She put the book away and made her way back to her bedroom while David said, "Are you sure? Then what is it?"

Nani stepped through her doorway and nervously glanced back at Lilo's door and said, "I don't know but I don't trust him. I just hope he doesn't hurt Lilo."

She closed her bedroom door and said, "Look, I'm going to bed. I'll talk to you tomorrow, okay."

David agreed as he said, "Okay. Night Nani."

He hung up and Nani put the phone down and went to bed, thinking about what she had just seen. She changed clothes and sat in bed and pulled her blanket over herself as she rested her head against the pillow and closed her eyes. Before long she drifted into sleep and soon began to toss and turn in her bed.

Later Nani suddenly sat up, afraid as she was awoken by the sound of Lilo screaming, "Nani! NANI! Help! HELP!"

Nani quickly got out of bed and fell onto the floor as she took off running toward her bedroom door.

She opened it and ran down the hall and quickly burst through Lilo's door as she said, "Lilo!"

She looked around the room but didn't see her sister anywhere as she said, "Lilo?"

She turned around and saw Stitch lying in Lilo's bed, looking happy and relaxed as he finished off another soda.

Nani leaned over him with her hands on her hips as she threateningly demanded, "Where is she?! Where is my sister?!"

Stitch merely smiled evilly at her as he licked his chops, though Nani did not understand as she stared at him with a confused expression.

She then angrily yelled, "Where's Lilo?!"

Stitch showed a sinister smile when suddenly he burped and Lilo's red dress fell out of his mouth and onto the floor. Nani stared at the dress with her mouth agape, horrified by what she knew this meant.

Nani was speechless as she said, "You ATE my sister?!"

Stitch only smiled as he patted his stomach, and Nani was seething with rage as she tried to grab him and said, "That's it! You're gonna pay!"

She reached for him but he stood up and pushed her back as she fell to the ground, and she glared furiously at him.

She furiously sat up and said, "How could you eat her?!"

Stitch smiled evilly as he said, "Meeguh hungry. Lilo tasty."

Nani cried in shock and fear as she exclaimed, "You really CAN talk?!"

Stitch nodded as he replied, "Ih."

Suddenly Stitch sprouted antennas, extra arms, and three spines on his back, and Nani panted in horror as she recognized him from earlier.

She was terrified as she yelled, "WHAT ARE YOU?!"

Stitch smiled sinisterly as he said, "Still hungry."

He licked his chops again and Nani watched him in sheer terror as he jumped toward her, growling viciously. She rolled aside and dodged him as he hit the ground, but then he snarled as he turned and glared at her. She got up and ran toward the door as he chased her, and she quickly slammed the door on hip before letting out a heavy sigh of relief. Suddenly Stitch smashed through the door as if it was made of cardboard snarled viciously at her, prompting her to scream in fear. She quickly ran down the stairs while he ran on all six of his limbs and she hurried into the kitchen and grabbed the broom.

She swung it at him and angrily said, "You're gonna pay for eating my sister!"

She hit him in the face twice, but when she swung it a third time he took it from her and broke it to pieces. Stitch smiled maliciously as he lifted the refrigerator over his head, prompting Nani to scream in fear as she fell to the ground, terrified. Stitch dropped the refrigerator and she rolled to the side, avoiding being crushed by it, and she took off running. Stitch chased her all around the house for a couple minutes, then Nani tripped him and made him fall in the laundry machine.

She closed him in before making a run for the front door while she exclaimed, "I gotta get help!"

She grabbed the knob, but it was stuck as she frantically exclaimed, "What?! Come on! Come on! Open up!"

She pulled on it as hard as she could, desperately trying to open it, but no matter how hard she pulled it wouldn't budge. She heard a noise and jumped as she turned around and pressed her back against the door. Her heart was racing as she stared at the doorway to the hall, waiting for Stitch to come in and claim his meal. She was terrified as she stared at the doorway, but instead of Stitch she saw a harmless little mouse scurry into the room and then hide. Nani let out a heavy sigh of relief and then walked forward, planning to find another way out of the house. She took three more steps when suddenly a drop of some kind of liquid fell to the floor in front of her. She stared down at the little glob on the floor and noticed that it appeared to be saliva, Nani quickly became frightened again. Her heart was pounding again as she slowly turned her head and looked up at the ceiling to see where the saliva fell from. Standing on the ceiling directly above her was Stitch, who smiled sinisterly as spit was dripping from his mouth.

Stitch sadistically said, "Aloha!"

He dropped from the ceiling and fell toward Nani with his arms out and his mouth wide open as she watched and screamed in terror. Stitch fell on top of her and bit down over her head, like he did to the "woman" at the luau earlier, and Nani screamed in pain and terror. She screamed even louder as Stitch opened his mouth even wider and quickly swallowed her down and ate her in one bite, his stomach distending ever so slightly. Stitch sat down and patted his belly with a smile, looking triumphant and full. He started picking his teeth with his claw to pass time when he suddenly let out a big loud belch. Suddenly Nani awoke in her bed as she shot up and screamed in terror; she panted as she looked around and noticed she was fine in bed.

She let out a heavy sigh of relief and said to herself, "It was just a dream."

She panted a bit more as she turned to see her door was open just a crack and she thought about Lilo and Stitch.

Nani was still nervous as she thought about the strange creature in their home and said, "I just hope it doesn't come true."

She laid back down in bed as she tried to get some sleep, but she was still afraid and shook up by the nightmare she just had.

Author's note: So yes Nani had a nightmare where Stitch ate her and Lilo. I figured it wouldn't be too dark because it turned out to only be a nightmare. Also because Stitch ate Lilo off screen and he ate Nani in a way that could only happen in a dream. Even though Nani is much bigger than Stitch he ate her in only one bite and he didn't get any bigger really. I got that idea from Nibbler in "Futurama". The events in this story are also meant to foreshadow Nani's fear when she hits Stitch with a branch later in the movie.

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