"The darkness crawled over the forest, not another soul to be seen. A growing feeling of fear gnawing at their souls, a terrible intuition that vampires…" I sighed loudly along with my parents as I kept my eyes trained out the window.

"Tony." my dad said in a somewhat scolding voice.

"I'm just reading." Tony said innocently. I glanced over seeing his wide-eyed look he was giving dad.

"Tony, I couldn't ask for a better son." Dad said in a lovingly tone, to which Tony matched saying,

"I couldn't ask for a better dad." I chuckled.

"But right now, you so need to zip it." Dad said taking on a more serious tone and motioning with his has over his mouth like he was zipping his lips shut.

"So no more v-word in this car."

"Please, before my head explodes or my ears start bleeding." I said lulling my head to the side where I had it rest on the cool window.

I could see Tony from my peripheral looking over my way and giving me a small glare.

I glanced over at him giving him a smirk.

"Amelia, don't be over dramatic.." My mother said turning around as she was interrupted by the GPS telling dad to turn in 5 kilometers.

I stuck my tongue out at Tony who mirrored me. I just chuckled at him before leaning my head back and closing my eyes.

The car became quiet after this exchange, much to Tony's dismay and everyone else's relief.

I really don't mind Tony talking about vampires honestly. In fact, I find them along with mythical creatures in general fascinating.

But when you listen to it for an hour and a half because your iPod died and you have nothing else to drown it out, it becomes a little much even for me.

I had rested my head back in the door and closed my eyes. I could feel myself started to nod off finally.

"Vampires.." I heard whispered right next to my head.

I jumped a bit and my eyes shot open as Tony was leaning away from my side of the window and towards our mother.

"What the hell Tony.." I was ignored and Tony loudly exclaimed,

"Mom dad Vampires!" He said while leaning forward and pointing out the front window.

Our dad was startled enough in made him swerve, causing me to smack my head against the window.

"Wh- Dad!" I yelled rubbing my forehead.

"I've had it!" Our dad said angerly toward my brother.

"Look up there! See for yourself!" Tony exclaimed gesturing to the front window.

I leaned forward and looked seeing..

"Oh my god.." I looked over at Tony who had a little excitement on his face as he looked around.

"Where." I pointed.

"See that!" I exclaimed.

"See what?" He said squinting some.

"Exactly..." I leaned back.

Tony glared at me and mumbled something that I'm sure was an insult.

"Idiot.." I mumbled.

"Amelia, don't call your brother an idiot." My dad said very sternly, giving me the famous dad glare that strikes fear in all kids. I sunk my seat.

"And Tony, you know this vampire stuff is make-believe, right?" Dad asked, his face turning a tad more concerned when he looked at Tony.

"Myths and stories. That's all." Dad looked back at the road.

"Sure, if you say so.." Tony rolled his eyes but I could see a small look of hurt in his eyes, making me feel kind of bad for being an asshole.

"We both say so.." out mom said as her and my dad both looked back at him simultaneously, apparently not seeing the signs ahead showing a sharp curve.

"DAD!" Both Tony and I yelled, Tony pointing Infront of us. My first instinct was to grab Tony and pull him back from his leaning position. I wrapped my arms around him and watched as the car hit a few of the signs and started recklessly going down the hill.

Tony and I both clutched each other and screamed as we were bounced around in the back seat.

Trees flew by us at a rapid pace, as we started to speed faster and faster down the hill.

I screwed my eyes shut as the car hit a small bump and was airborne for a few seconds, and I didn't open them until I felt the car jerk to a stop and sit there for a few seconds.

"Please follow the road straight ahead." The stupid GPS said as I looked up over the front seat.

"Maybe don't.." I said my voice shaky as my eyes lay on the cliff that was just right Infront of us. If we had even went a foot further, I'm sure we would have been dead.

Mom and dad slowly got out of the car, as did Tony and I once I let my death grip on him go.

"Wow.." Tony breathed out looked over the scene Infront of us in wonder. A raven flew past cawing just setting the creepy scene in front of us.

A loud explosion could be heard from the car, causing all of us to jump and look back at it.

"Oh great.." Dad said as he looked at the other side of the car. I slowly walked that way and looked seeing that we had blown a tire.

"Well..it could be worse?" I said, it coming out more as a question.

A few minuets later we were pulled away from the side of the cliff and closer to the graveyard. I leaned against the car as I watched Tony and mom slowly started walking away from Dad and I.

"Well this vacation is starting off real great." I nonchalantly said to dad as I pulled the sleeves of my hooded cardigan down over my hands and folding my arms across my chest.

What ever dad was doing, I could hear him stop and sigh. I didn't look at him. I was still peeved at him and mom for not letting me stay at my best friend's house for the summer.

"Sweetheart.." he stood from his spot and leaned next to me against the hood of the car. "I know you and your friend wanted to spend the summer together.. but you're 16, and your mother and I are not comfortable leaving you in a completely different country than us for an extended period of time.."

I turned my head away from him so he couldn't see how upset I was.

"Its not like you don't know her parents..its not like I would have been staying strangers." I argued.

"That's not.." Dad wasn't able to finish his sentence when Tony interrupted.

"Look." We all turned our heads to where he was pointing and saw two figures coming out of the fog.

Dad immediately made his way over to my brother and mom, and I slowly followed behind him.

Once I had gotten up to the rest of my family and peeked around my dad, I saw and elderly couple making their way to us.

I got the jist of what the two were saying during our exchange, but their accent made it a little difficult to process what they were saying for a second.

Lucky for us it turned out to be the people whose home we were staying in, fixing our being stranded problem.

Once dad had put the spare tire on, everyone crammed into the car, causing Tony and I have to squeeze together with mom and dad in the front seat.

I didn't listen to anything that was being said during the car ride. I was trying to breath through the thick odor of garlic that hung in the car.

However, once the two house keepers in the back pointed out the large castle, id have to say that I was pretty impressed and a tad excited to be able to explore it.

Though I wouldn't let my parents know that.

I always find the first chapter to be the hardest thing to get through when writing a story :/

Anyone else feel me?

I'm going to be honest, this is the first real story I've published, so criticism and pointers are so welcome!