Rudolf and I hovered there for a little bit as Tony messed around and did funny tricks with Petunia. I watched him and smiled, happy that all this mess is finally over.

Suddenly, a bright light blinds us and I can feel myself immediately being dragged away from it. My eyes adjusted and I looked around at what the hell was happening. I looked down and there was Rookery, speeding toward us in his dune buggy.

"Shit.." Rudolf gripped my hand and we flew off in the same direction we could see Petunia and Tony flying. Once we were close to them, Rudolf transferred me to the back of Petunia, in front of my brother as we all looked back at Rookery.

"What does it take to get rid of him?" Tony groaned.

"Apparently copious amounts of trauma to the head doesn't stop a deranged lunatic.." I commented as we sped off.

We dodged mausoleums and head stones, diving behind them and sharply turning to hide from the lights.

Suddenly, Petunia lurches and groans as the light hits her in the back end.

She groans out in anger as she does a flip in the air quickly and ends up behind Rookery, flying quickly above him and kicking at his vehicle, knocking off a mirror. My heart races as I clutch onto Petunia even more than I already was as we start to fly faster, passing him to catch up with Rudolf.

It was like time went in slow motion as we caught out parents and a T intersection. They stared at the sight of their two children gripping for dear life onto a flying cow that they are riding on to escape a mad man. Once we made it past, I looked behind me at Tony's face, who turns back from looking at our parents as well.

"Dude, we are so grounded for life." He nods and smirks at me as I turn back around, gripping Petunia's neck again. We flew higher as Rookery started shooting at us with spikes. I almost started relaxing at this point, when Maney came out of no where with his weird mini helicopter contraption. I groaned out and death gripped Petunia again which she protested with a groan.

We dodge away from him as he appears to be trying to hit us with it. At one point almost taking off Tony and I's heads when he got way to close for comfort.

Rudolf appeared next to us and gave Tony a look to which he nodded at.

I'm glad they were both ready for what they were about to do, because I sure wasn't. We were suddenly spinning in circles around Maney as he attempted to keep us in his sights. Disorienting him. Petunia flew higher in the air, I was facing the wrong way and gripping onto Petunia so I'm not sure what happened, but from the smell and the sound I was glad I was turned around.

Petunia turned the right way, and I caught the tail end of Maney's air craft disappearing into the woods.

"Tony!" I jerk my head to the right at the sound of a females voice and see Anna making her way to us. "You look like a knight on his noble steed." I look at Tony who has the goofiest look on his face as he started at Anna.

"Are you sure about that?" I laugh at the same time Rudolf says.

"Well technically it's a cow." We both look at each other and shake our heads at how weird both our siblings are. She either did hear us or ignored us and she hoped on the back of Petunia and exclaimed.

"Quick! We must save the clan!" Petunia jerked forward and I let out a cry before grabbing hold of Petunias neck for dear life. I could feel a heart attack coming on at this point.

We flew around for a few minutes as Tony explained to Anna everything that has happened. I just focused on breathing and not plummeting to my doom.

"To the vampires who can fly, why don't we discuss this on the ground where the mortals are safer yeah?" I said panicky. I could hear Tony and Anna share a laugh at my expense. "I just want to let you know, you both suck. Now please get me to solid ground so I can stay there and never have to leave it again for any reason." Petunia slowly made her way to the ground where we could see both our parents and Rudolf having and argument with Rookery.

I started getting secondhand embarrassment at the way my dad looked trying to be tough. I his goofy self never changes.

"We should land on him girl. That would probably get him to finally stay down." I whispered in Petunia's ear. She moo'd loudly, almost like a laugh and headed straight for him. Knocking him to the ground. I looked down at the man who appeared to be out cold.

"Sorry dad, I know you could have kicked his butt." Tony said sarcastically.

"After this we should really look into getting you karate lessons or something." I said with a weak smile. Dad just gave me an eye roll and a small smirk.

We all stood around and conversed a while until I heard Anna.

"Its Gregory with the others!" My heart skipped as I searched the sky. My eyes widened at the number of Vampires I could see coming from around the cliff.

Suddenly everyone started making their way into the air much to my terror.

When we were stable and in one spot in the air, I decided to un-wrap my arms from around Petunia's neck. That was a mistake.

Tony suddenly stood up, surprising Petunia who jerk around. Anna grabbed ahold of Tony before he could tumble off, but I wasn't as lucky. Anna went to grab ahold of my hand to but missed and I tumbled off, letting out a small scream, before I felt myself fall into someone's grasp. I had screwed my eyes shut, and as soon as I felt someone holding me securely around the waist, I latched my arms around there neck and buried my head in their chest. A low chuckle came from whoever was holding me.

I looked up and into the red eyes of the eldest Sackville-bagg sibling.

"Oh, uh…Gregory right?" I asked, still holding on tight.

"Yes, and you're Amelia." I felt my heart start racing at the sound of my name coming from his mouth. What the hell is wrong with me. He gave me a chuckle and a shit eating grin.

'Oh my god could he feel that?' I thought as I could feel heat crawling up my neck and to my face. I just buried my head into his chest again because, there was really no running away from this situation at 200 feet in the air.


I had drove back in the car with mom and dad as Tony, Rudolf, and the rest of the vampire family went to scare the hell out of the house keepers at the castle. I wasn't apposed to that idea by any means, but I was DONE with heights and flying.

Once we made it to the castle, the old couple were frantic standing outside. Mom, dad, and I hoped out of the car and approached them, me just giving them a glance and a glare before heading inside. Dad had decided if we wanted to keep this clan safe, we were going to have to take matters into our hands.

My dad may be a goof, but he is a businessman. Owning a successful landscaping business, he deals with stuff like this all the time.

And with the number of vampires now settled into the castle, I doubt the man and woman would care to sell for too much. And hey, mom and dad were always talking about getting a summer home somewhere.

I made my way inside the castle and was met with the cheerful chatter of clan members walking into different rooms, inspecting their new home.

I smiled at the various vampires that looked my way, still a little nervous to be around so many, but they all didn't seem to mind my presents. Probably due to the past few days events, ya know, helping save here clan and all. I suppose that would come with a level of respect.

"Amy!" I looked up and saw Tony, Anna, and Rudolf making their way toward me from the foyer.

"Hey. Did you remove all the garlic from the walls?" Tony nodded.

"There are plenty of rooms I haven't been able to check yet, but the vampires can tell which ones have and don't have any for right now and they steer clear of them. For now, I just took down the cloves that were here in the foyer the dining room and in the main halls." I smiled at him.

"Good work little brother." I reached up and messed with his hair.


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