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Jaune looked up at Coco, who wore a satisfied smirk on her face. "Wow. She's out."

The brunette girl shrugged her shoulders. "What can I say? I have that effect on women."

Women, yes. Jaune looked down to his throbbing boner, and the question from earlier on his mind made it to his lips. "Are you only into women?"

Coco quirked an eyebrow, smirking as she briefly glanced down at Jaune's hardness. "Bi. Why, are you interested in me taking you for a ride too?"

Taking him for a ride? Jaune glanced down at her strap-on dildo, much as she had his cock, and swallowed. "Uh… I was actually thinking, um, the other way around."

She flashed him a predatory grin. "You feeling lucky today, Jaune?"

Both her expression and words sent a shiver down his spine. "Maybe? Why?"

"Tell you what," she said, holding up a single fist. "Rock, paper, scissors. Whoever wins gets to be the top."

He was afraid that was what she'd meant. He paled at the thought of that strap-on being used on him, but at the same time… it might be worth the risk. He was really horny right now, and he needed a release. Moreover, this might be the only chance he'd ever get to fuck a hot upperclassman like Coco Adel.

"So what's it gonna be, Jaune?"

He swallowed. The sight of Coco's beautiful tits and juicy ass was worth the risk. Throwing caution to the wind, he nodded. "Let's do it."

Coco grinned, holding her fist up high. "On three."

Jaune raised his own fist. One pump. Everyone liked rock. That meant he should choose paper.

Two pumps.

But Coco would expect that and would choose scissors. So he should choose rock then, right?

Three pumps.

There was no right answer. There was no strategy. He couldn't read her mind. He was playing himself. It was all random.

Jaune threw up rock. Coco chose paper.

Jaune paled, and his ass instinctively clenched.

Coco grinned. "Knew you thought I'd go scissors."

Scissors. The thought of how that would look between Nora and Coco flashed through his mind, but only for an instant as he had more pressing concerns.

"A deal's a deal, butt-boy." Coco said firmly as she took the strap-on in her hand and waved it tauntingly. "Your ass is mine now, so hands and knees. I fucked Nora, now I'm gonna fuck you."

"I…" Jaune stared at the strap-on, unable to look away. "I don't think my butt can take something that big, Coco! I've never done anything like this before!"

"Should've thought of that before you put your ass on the line." Coco shrugged nonchalantly. But then her smirk somehow turned reassuring. "But you know what Jaune? I like you, and I'm thankful you two included me in this despite the fact that I just barged in unannounced. So, I have an idea."

"W-what kind of idea?" Jaune asked nervously.

Coco leaned in close and spoke softly. "I'll make an anonymous online poll, and you'll post a link to it in the description of this video once it goes up tonight. We'll let your audience decide which of us will take it. Does that sound better?"

"Uh… yes! It sounds much better!" Jaune smiled in relief, confident that his and Nora's viewers would decide in his favor.

"Good." Coco pulled away and then got up close to the camera. "What do you say, viewers? Should Jaune be forgiven and let off the hook despite losing the bet?" She then raised the strap-on into the frame and firmly gripped its base. "Or should he own up like a good boy and let me make him feel pleasure he's never imagined in his life? Vote for it in the poll by clicking the link in the video description. Do it while you can, because the results may very well change how this whole channel operates. Take care all." And then Coco hit the button to end the recording.

"There's no way they'll vote yes to it," Jaune said confidently.

"We'll see Jaune, we'll see," Coco said smugly. "Let me know when you're going to put it up so I can send the link. Oh, do you need any help with Nora?"

Jaune looked to her sleeping form, softly snoring away. She looked so adorable. "No, it's okay, I got her," he pulled a blanket over her, careful not to wake her.

"If you say so," Coco put the strap-on away and got redressed. "Thanks again… And see you soon, lover-boy~."

Jaune was about to respond, but he was too distracted by the sight of Coco swaying her hips as he left, purposely letting part of her thong peek out from her pants. Jaune shook his head with a smile and kissed Nora's forehead.

Coo Coo for Coco's Muff was a surprisingly smash hit on the Beacon Sluts channel. Many liked the sudden inclusion of Coco and her 'secret weapon,' but the big conversation in the comments was Coco's proposal. Some pleaded yes, some pleaded no, and others accused the whole thing of being set up from the start.

For the entirety of the next day, the possibility of Jaune Arc getting pegged by Coco Adel was the not so secret talk of Beacon Academy.

"I hear Jaune's ass might have a date with some rubber dick courtesy of Coco coming up, if the vote goes the way all the girls here at Beacon that I've spoken with want it to," Yang snickered at the thought of what might very well happen in the near future to Jaune for the viewing pleasure of everyone on Remnant with an online connection.

"I know, Yang, I heard. I heard it this morning, I heard it this afternoon, I heard it during class, I heard during breakfast and lunch, I heard it now during dinner before you even sat down, and I heard it at least a dozen times from you alone even without everything I said previously! So yes, I've heard what's happening!" Weiss was practically fuming.

"Yes, it certainly is being talked about a great deal," Pyrrha said, flushing as she tried to concentrate on her book, secretly hoping that the 'yes' votes would end up winning, as it was all but guaranteed to be Jaune's hottest video yet, and something she'd undoubtedly watch multiple times in succession. At the same time though, Pyrrha found herself wishing that it wouldn't happen, if only so that she could be the one to go on camera with a dildo strapped to her crotch and have the privilege of claiming Jaune's anal virginity for the entire internet to see.

"Talked about, P-money?! More like people won't shut up about it! Seriously, there's a ton of girls who want to join in on the pegging action! But onto more important things, did you gals vote?" Yang went on finally asking them the burning question that had been plaguing her.

"No, I have better things to do," Weiss replied haughtily. Pyrrha silently shook her head with a red face.

Yang could instantly tell the redhead was lying.

"P-money, you and I both know that you want to see vomit boy take it right up the forbidden hole, don't lie that you haven't fantasized about it. And c'mon Weiss, I've seen your internet history and everyone in our team knows that the electric buzzing being heard at one in the morning is the result of you having fun with-"

Yang's voice got caught in her throat when Weiss snatched the scroll from her hands, looked at the scroll for a second, and tapped her vote in.

"There," Weiss placed the scroll down on the table with the screen up for her to see. "Happy?"

Pyrrha and Yang leaned over to see how she voted. Pyrrha blushed and Yang's mouth hung open.

"You... you voted yes to that?"

"Well maybe if he goes through with it he'll finally realize how he's dragging Beacon's name through the mud and finally put an end to this asinine nonsense," Weiss huffed.

Yang was at a loss for words. She was just expecting to tease and embarrass her teammate, but this... she had no contingency plan for this. Yang just awkwardly took her scroll back and grabbed her things before heading back to her dorm, leaving Weiss and Pyrrha alone.

The room was silent for several moments before Pyrrha broke the silence. "You know... I also voted yes," she sheepishly admitted while twiddling her thumbs.

"Hmm," Weiss didn't look up from her book.

"I did so because if he does end up liking it, he and I could... well..." Pyrrha ceased her attempt at small talk and went back to her homework.


"Yes, Weiss?"

"...If that does happen, then do you think that once you've taken Jaune for a ride or two, that perhaps… I could have a turn? Maybe we could even... tag team him sometime?"



"...That sounds lovely."

Glynda would be ashamed to admit that she had watched Jaune and Nora's other videos, even before her unexpected participation in one. She was mostly just curious as to what others thought. Their videos did end up causing an increase in applications to the academy, and not just for Beacon. The other academies were also expecting a massive increase in enrollment next year, and most of them did have transcripts from promising people.

She hated to admit it, even if it was just to herself, but porn was helping save the world.

But that brought her back to her current issue on the matter. Was it alright for her to participate in the poll? If so, should she vote 'yes' or 'no?' She thought about it longer and harder than anyone person reasonably should have. But, in the end, Glynda did indeed open the poll, and she voted 'yes.' To her, she believed that people seeing a video on the Beacon Sluts channel with pegging as the main focus could function as a sort of welcome mat to individuals with more 'fringe' sexual tastes. It would serve as proof that Beacon was more than willing to open its doors to people regardless of their personal beliefs, as they each had something to offer.

Plus she also kind of wanted to see Jaune get fucked silly.

He thought she needed to work a stick out of her ass, did he? Well, she looked forward to watching him take one.

"You actually… oh gods!" Nora laughed into her pillow. "I can't believe you actually did that!"

"Okay okay, I get it," Jaune rolled his eyes. "You can stop laughing now." He could tell that Nora was trying but she just couldn't help it. "...I'll film the next video without you."

"You wouldn't dare!" Nora gasped.

"You're right, but it did get you to stop laughing."

"Jerk," Nora rolled over and kissed him to show no harm had been done. "But still, it was a pretty bold move. I'm kind of proud you took such a huge risk."

"Thanks, I guess?" Jaune really didn't know how to take it, but he did feel a little warm at Nora being proud of him. "Did you end up voting in the poll?"

"Nope," she stated.

"Wait, really?" Jaune said in genuine surprise. "I figured you of all people would have."

"I wanted to, but then decided 'meh, let the viewers decide what they want to see.' Besides, you're fine with it either way so it's not like it really matters all that much how the whole thing turns out."

"Honestly Nora I'm… kinda uncomfortable with the idea of pegging." Jaune admitted. "I mean, I've got nothing against it, I just… I'm not… really into it, personally."

"Wait, really?" Nora blinked. "Then why'd you agree to the bet in the first place?"

"Because… I was really horny… and I wanted to have sex with Coco. So much that at the time, it seemed like it was worth the risk." Jaune awkwardly replied. Gods it sounded so stupid when he said it out loud.

"So, what're you gonna do if our viewers decide they wanna see you…" Nora slowly asked.

"What? Nora, you don't actually think they'd vote in favor of that, do you? It's completely different from everything we've done in the past!"

"As of our latest video, that's not entirely true," Nora shrugged. "I mean, did you see Coco when she was railing me? Fuck, just watching the video again this morning got me so wet, and I'll bet she could pull that kind of act off no matter who she's got bent over in front of her."

Jaune was surprised to find that he didn't have an immediate reply to that. After all, Coco had indeed looked incredible thrusting that toy of hers into Nora's pussy.

Eventually, Jaune snapped out of that admittedly captivating memory and just shook his head in denial.

'There's no way they'll vote to see pegging. No way…'

Little did Jaune realize that even if she'd abstained from actually voting, Nora herself had been tantalizingly close to clicking 'yes.'

Coco entered her dorm to find only Velvet there. Her teammate had headphones on and her rabbit ears were pressed against them while watching something on her scroll with red cheeks and an enraptured gaze. Coco sneaked up to see what she was watching. As she'd suspected, it was the video of her debut on Beacon Sluts, specifically the part where she and Jaune were double-teaming Nora. Smirking, Coco leaned in close.

"Enjoying the show?"

Velvet practically jumped several feet in the air and landed on Fox's bed. "Oh my god! Coco!"

"That's my name, don't wear it out like I did Nora," she teased.

"Why…" Velvet whined as she brought a pillow up to hide her face in embarrassment.

"Because you make it too easy, bunbun. So… did you like it?" Velvet whined under the pillow. "Oh right, I interrupted you mid-video." She leaned over to get another good look at the scroll. "Aww, and you were just about to get to the good part too." Velvet whined again. "Oh hush you, it's your fault for watching porn out where someone can catch you. Anyway, I just came to get a few things, then you'll have the room to yourself again." She quickly grabbed a few notebooks and put them in her backpack. "Okay I'm out, see you later."

"Wait," Velvet called out as she sat up. Coco paused at the door. "Um... that poll… you're not rigging it, are you?" She asked with genuine concern. "Because quite a few of the comments are saying that."

"So… you've already seen the whole thing." Coco realized as she turned back around with a renewed smirk, causing Velvet to immediately seek shelter behind the pillow again. "You must've really liked it then. How many times have you watched me fuck Nora unconscious, bun? Better yet, how many times did you cream yourself watching it? Were you thinking about me doing it to you for a Beacon Sluts video once I'm done with Jaune?"

"Just answer the question Coco! Did you rig it or not?!" Velvet nearly cried, wanting an answer and desperate to change the subject. And for once, her team leader took pity on her.

"Absolutely not," Coco stated truthfully. "As much as I want to pound Jaune like a little anal loving bitch-boy – not that he is one," she clarified, "and even though he lost the bet, we agreed to let the audience decide what'll happen. I'm not going to rig it, that's just not cool."

"Okay," Velvet cautiously smiled. "I figured you didn't but I just... wanted to make sure."

"It's fine, bun. Besides, I had Pyrrha make the poll. And that girl's way too honest and pure to try something like that. Take care now." Coco closed the door behind her so Velvet was once again alone in the room, but she didn't leave. The leader of Team CFVY waited for two minutes before abruptly opening the door again. "And stop watching porn out in the open!"

It was mean, but Velvet's scared shriek as she jumped made it worth it.

"Ah damn it, I forgot to ask her how she voted. Oh well, I'll find out soon enough."

A Few Days Later

Jaune ended up waking up earlier than usual, just before sunrise. Figuring he'd start his day then, he tripped and fell on Nora's bed, accidentally waking her up too. Nora wasn't mad and hugged her lover, tight enough to notice his morning wood. They didn't want to wake their teammates up and they noticed that the sun was starting to rise, so they headed to the roof.

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah~" Nora moaned, bent over the edge of the roof as Jaune took her from behind. "Ah ah ah oh eeee oh gods yesssss~" Jaune was quieter as he softly grunted with each thrust into her at a steady, moderate pace.

"You know, this is actually really nice, just the two of us up here like this," Jaune said.

"Yeahhhhhhh~" Nora moaned out in agreement. They had a perfect view of the sunrise's orange and blue sky, there was a gentle breeze that made the temperature just right. So having sex with someone each of them cared for with a perfect atmosphere and breathtaking view… it was a textbook definition of a romantic scene.

"N-Nora, I'm close," Jaune warned as he tightened his grip on her hips.

"Keep going Jaune! I'm close! Don't stop!" Nora begged. Jaune's reply was to hasten his thrusts, which elicited renewed cries of ecstasy from his teammate.

"Would you two hurry up so she can finally shut up!" The pair jumped at the sudden third voice. They turned to the source and saw someone leaning on their elbow just below the roof.

"Cardin?!" Jaune shrieked.

"Yeah it's me, now can you just get on with it already and be done? Some of us are still trying to sleep," he complained angrily. "Also, next time, don't do this DIRECTLY ABOVE OUR FUCKING DORM!"

'Wait, this is where CRDL's dorm is?' Jaune thought, realizing that this is also where he had told Pyrrha the truth about his forged transcripts. 'Oh… well, that explains a few things.'

"Eh, everyone's heard me scream Jaune's name by now, so what's the problem?" Nora shrugged.

"Not the damn point you point bitch!"

"What was that?!" Nora suddenly roared. "Say that again! Come on I dare you!"

"Nora, quit it," Jaune commanded.

And like that, her attitude was back to sexy and playful. "Or what, you gonna spank me?" she said teasingly.

'Only she could be spontaneous enough to flip on a dime like that,' Jaune reflected. Though his musings were cut short just then.

"Save it for the camera you two." At that, they both turned to see Coco walking up to them.

"Coco? What are you doing up here?" Jaune asked.

"I always jog this early, helps me keep this perfect figure," she gestured to her body. "Also I had some news to tell you, and seeing as I could hear you two were already up I decided to come tell you both in person."

"Oh, yeah… sorry," Jaune was suddenly embarrassed at the thought of the whole academy waking up to the sounds of them doing it.

"What is it you had to tell us?" Nora asked.

"Oh, nothing major," the upperclassman cheekily smiled as she pulled her scroll out, "just that the poll results are in."

"Oh? Well what do they say?"

"Hmm..." Coco thought for a moment before looking over the edge where Cardin was still leaning out. "I think it'll be funnier if I show it to Cardin and then he tells you."

"What do you mean by that?" Jaune demanded. He went ignored as she walked over and extended her arm down to show Cardin her scroll.

"Damn," Cardin whistled as his eyes widened slightly. "Didn't realize that many people voted."

"Wait what do you mean? What did they decide?" Jaune was getting a little nervous now.

"Yeah, tell us already!" Nora demanded.

"Hmm…. let me put it like this," Cardin reached out and pulled out his scroll. "A moment of silence for our soon to be deceased comrade, Jaune's ass." A tap later, his scroll was playing the classic trumpet song typically heard at military funerals.

Jaune paled even as he firmly shook his head in denial. "No. No way, y-you're just messing with me."

"I guess seeing is believing, as they say." Coco said casually as she stood back up and turned to show her scroll to Jaune, and there he saw the undeniable reality: the 'yes' votes had indeed won. The online audience of Beacon Sluts had decided to have Coco Adel and her big black strap-on take his anal virginity.

As the truth of the matter hit him Jaune felt his stomach drop, along with his jaw.

'They… they actually…'

Coco looked at him wearing a smile that was more befitting that of a shark. "The people have spoken, Jaune. Today, same time and place from when I fucked Nora; my toy cock and I will be waiting for you. Don't be late." And with that, Coco gave Jaune a pat on the cheek before leaving him and Nora to their own affairs.

"If it's any consolation, I voted no."

"Shut up Cardin!"

Jaune and Nora sat in the empty dorm, just as Coco instructed. Nora was getting the camera set up while Jaune was on his scroll.

"Okay, battery's charged, card's formatted, we're good to go," Nora said.

"You gotta be kidding me!" Jaune suddenly exclaimed.

"Eh, what's up Jaune?" Nora turned to him.

"Oh, sorry Nora. Coco just sent me the details of the poll results." Jaune motioned to his scroll.

"Ah. Are they that bad?"

"Come see for yourself." Jaune motioned for her to come, and Nora sat next to him and looked at his scroll.

The number of people that voted was in the high quintuple-digits. Nora's eyes widened at that. It seemed that a rather significant portion of their audience was a bit more active than the typical casual online wanker. Then she looked down at how the results were divided, and that was where the real surprise hit her. The total number of 'no' votes were less than a thousand.

"I... wow," Nora's mouth hung open. "That's... wow."

"Yeah, I know," Jaune sighed. He still couldn't wrap his head around just how HUGE the gap between 'yes' and 'no' had turned out to be. Before they could ponder any further, the door opened and the woman of the hour entered.

"Good afternoon people," Coco said cheerfully as she tossed a bag by the bed. "How is everyone? Are we ready to start?"

"Doing good, thanks," Jaune said, though his anxiety was perceivable to both girls. "And if it's all the same to you, I'd like to just get this over with."

"It'll be fine, Jaune. You'll see." Nora patted his back reassuringly and went to give the camera a double check. Meanwhile, Coco sat down next to him.

"Jaune, you have a moment?"

"Uh... yeah, sure. What's up?" Jaune asked.

"Okay, real talk," she took off her sunglasses and looked into his eyes, "You want a safeword, or is just saying 'stop' good enough for you?"

Jaune was quiet for a moment. "Uh..." this was not what he was expecting.

Coco looked him in the eye. "Look, I'm not an idiot. I know you're uncomfortable with this. But I want you to know that pretty much everyone is nervous for their first anal experience, girl or guy, I've seen it myself. Some of them ended up loving it, others didn't. Either case is totally normal, and fuck whatever anyone else has to say about that. Those that didn't enjoy it would let me know, and I stopped immediately." She gripped his hand. "So I'm telling you now: I know you're only willing to try this out because your fans wanted it, but don't think for a second that you have any kind of obligation to go all the way. If at any moment you're too freaked out, or in pain, tell me to stop and I will."

Jaune nodded. "I will. Thank you Coco... it's honestly comforting to know that."

"Hey now," Coco held her arms up in mock offense, "I may have a fetish for completely dominating people and making them into such sluts that they willingly become my loyal bitch, but I always make sure to respect said bitch's limits. It's no fun if the slut can't even properly enjoy getting fucked, after all."

Jaune's smile immediately became nervous again. "Er, r-right…" He agreed mainly for the sake of finishing this conversation.

'She's… not wrong, though.'

And that thought brought something to Jaune's mind that he'd desperately tried to avoid thinking about ever since he lost that game of rock, paper, scissors. The truth of the matter was, he wasn't sure which scenario he dreaded more. The one where he attempted to go through with this whole thing only for it to end up a complete disaster... or that he'd see it through and actually end up liking it. A lot.

"Okay, you guys ready?" A naked Nora asked as she faced the camera towards the equally nude pair. Or mostly in Coco's case, as she was still wearing her beret, sunglasses, and of course the strap-on she had just finished putting on.

"Ready as I'll ever be," Jaune mumbled.

"Give me another minute," Coco fiddled with the straps. "Just about..." she wiggled her hips to make sure it was secure, and secretly hoped that Jaune's eyes were on the artificial cock as it swayed. "Alright, I'm good to go."

"Alright, hitting record in three... two..." she hit the button and gave them a thumbs up.

"Hey everyone," Jaune gave a wave to start the intro. "Jaune here with..." Coco interrupted him by poking his cheek with the strap-on's tip. "Coco, do you mind?"

"Come on, Jaune, why don't we skip the intro and just get right to what everyone really came here for, hmm~?" She cooed as she gently ruffled his hair. Jaune looked like he wanted to agree but Nora spoke up.

"Hey now, our vids, our rules. So intro first," Nora asserted.

"Hmm, now where was that attitude in the last video?" Coco teased. "But whatever," she sat down next to Jaune. "Anyway, last time we were here, we gave you all the chance to decide on what would happen concerning our favorite blondie here," she put her arm around his shoulders, "and whether or not he'd get a bit more acquainted with my big black cock." she stroked her strap-on with the other hand. She noticed Jaune flush a little bit. "We left the choice to you wonderful people... and boy did you guys not disappoint! Wanna tell them the results, Jaune?"

Jaune looked away from the camera, cheeks red from being put in the spotlight. "Uh... 51/49 split."

Coco tsk'ed. "Jaune, you're adorable, but don't pretend it was anywhere close to being an even split. Nora, honey, could you post the actual results after you upload this?"

"Sure thing," Nora's thumbs-up was caught in the shot and Jaune whined.

"Okay now, first things first." Coco's hand reached down and gripped Jaune's butt, making him quietly eep. "For the sole reason that I think you're cute, I'm gonna have this big boy properly lubed up before anything else. Hey Nora, your guys' past videos tell me that you're pretty good at handling this sort of thing, so mind coming over here and giving my toy a good slobbering until it's nice and wet?"

Nora pondered that for a moment, then ensured the camera was secure on the tripod before walking over to Coco, making sure to strut her hips when she entered the camera's view. She got onto the bed next to Coco. She leaned down and gave the plastic cock a few licks on its head. She then opened wide and wrapped her lips around the tip.

Nora hummed as she pushed the strap-on deeper into her mouth. She started bobbing her head on the top quarter of the dildo with the same enthusiasm she would've shown if it were Jaune's cock. She made sure to be vocal in her work, humming and making slurping noises as she lubed the plastic cock up good enough for the main event. She then moved deeper to the half-way point and started jacking off the remainder. She didn't care if it was plastic and Coco couldn't feel anything, she wasn't going to half-ass something like this, especially while on camera.

Coco was impressed with the amount of effort Nora was putting into it. She put her hand on the other girl's head and made her bob her head faster. "I gotta say Jaune," she put her other arm around him and pulled him closer to her side, "Nora certainly knows what she's doing. I'm kinda jealous I wasn't able to get my hands on her before you did."

Nora muffled out a 'too bad' and continued slurping.

"Yeah well… I think it's fair to say that Nora's actually the one who got her hands on me." Jaune sheepishly replied.

"You don't say," Coco chuckled and looked back down at Nora. "Hey Jaune, mind if I ask something?"

"What?" Jaune raised an eyebrow.

"What is it like getting a blowjob?"

Jaune blinked as he attempted to quickly come up with an answer. "Um, well… you know when someone goes down on you?"

"Go on…" Coco grinned.

"Well, I guess it's like… it's like when someone focuses all their efforts with their tongue and whatnot on your clit, except with a blowjob your clit's… a lot bigger. Which means the one going down on you also has more options available. At least that's my best guess."

"And a very interesting one if I do say so myself." Coco then dragged Nora's head off just above the strap-on. Nora let out a soft breath, a string of saliva still connecting her tongue to the dildo. "But you know Jaune, I just realized something," Coco lowered her sunglasses to look him in the eyes. "This is all supposed to be something for you, and I don't think it's fair that Nora here has to do all the prep work."

It didn't take Nora long to figure out what Coco was getting at. A smile soon formed on her face. Jaune took a few extra moments to piece things together and his face quickly turned beet red. "You," he pointed a finger at himself, "You want me to..."

"You are the one she's gonna stick it in, Jaune," Nora pointed out, and Jaune could only stare at her in shock that she was apparently agreeing with this. "So it only makes sense that you should familiarize yourself with this thing. Plus, remember how one-sided the poll results were? I think it's fair to assume that our audience is gonna want to see more of this kind of sex. A lot more. So my advice? Now seems like a good time to start training both your holes."

"She's right about that," Coco added as Jaune simply continued to stare them both, "plus as you may recall, the terms of our original bet were that whoever won the rock, paper, scissors match got to be the top. Well Jaune, as the top, I want you to wrap your pretty lips around my black toy cock, and suck it until I say you're done. You got that?"

Jaune was now staring blankly at the strap-on.

"It'll be fine, Jaune," Nora assured him while she reached a handout and wrapped it around his. "I'll even do it with you. It'll be just another fun sex-related thing we've done together. You'll see."

Finally, Jaune opened his mouth. After a few seconds of slightly audible breathing, his eyes met Nora's, then shifted to Coco, and back to Nora again until he whispered "...Okay."

"That's what I like to hear," Coco smiled. "Anyway, time's a-wastin, sluts, so get to it." And she promptly placed a hand on both of their heads.

Jaune didn't resist as Coco slowly moved his head down towards the plastic cock. Nora cupped his cheeks to ensure his eyes were on her before pulling him in for a kiss. He closed his eyes and savored the familiar taste of her lips as they were both pushed down. Nora then pulled away and quickly reconnected their lips. She did it again but this time only their upper lips connected – their bottom lips were separated by something plastic and wet. She did it again and this time his upper lips were also touching the strap-on. Nora then pulled him forward, making him take the head into his mouth, and then she and Coco both pushed him down gently.

Oddly enough, Jaune's first thought wasn't 'Oh gods I'm sucking on a plastic cock' or 'I'm sucking a fake dick' or anything along that line. His first thought was 'Huh, it tastes like Nora's saliva and a water bottle.' And that was not inaccurate, as it was indeed made of plastic and covered in her saliva. It took another full second before the realization of what he was actually doing hit him full force. He was giving a blowjob to a fake cock that was attached to a gorgeous woman right next to his lover... and it was all on camera, which would be going online this evening.

Before he could physically react, he felt Nora's hands gently tighten on his hair. "There you go Jaune, there you go~" she cooed softly as she guided his head up and down the fake cock. "Now make sure you don't forget to breathe." Jaune had, in fact, forgotten to do so and promptly took a few heavy breaths through his nose.

"Use your tongue too, Jaune. This thing maybe a hunk of plastic, but that's no excuse to give a lousy blowjob." Coco ordered.

Jaune felt his cheeks burn even as he obeyed. Rubbing his tongue along the dildo and tasting more of Nora's spit as now a quarter of it went into his mouth. 'How the hells did Nora manage to fit as much into her mouth as she did?' Jaune wondered. 'I've barely gotten half as far as her, and already my mouth feels completely filled up.'

"Alright, enough of this bullshit. Both of you, get down there." Coco said, pointing at the floor.

Jaune tried to raise his head to ask what she meant, but Coco's hand kept him where he was. "Didn't say to stop what you were doing, cocksucker."

"Wait, so what did you mean?" Nora asked. Jaune hummed in agreement.

"Nice as this is, this thing isn't wet enough, and I doubt that'll change with your current positions. That's why I want you two kneeling on the floor while I stand so I'll be at a better angle." Coco explained as she continued using her hand to move Jaune's head. "But Jaune, don't stop sucking even for a second."

Jaune's lips tightened around the plastic as she stood up and moved to the side.

"I said don't stop sucking, not to just keep your mouth where it is." Coco put her hands on her hips and looked down at him expectantly. Jaune made a muffled noise and started bobbing his head. "That's more like it. Don't you dare slow down. Slobber that cock real good." Jaune breathed heavily through his nose as he did as commanded, making sure to get the strap-on nice and wet.

Off to the side, Nora was trying to figure out how she should join in. She wanted to go in and blow the strap-on with Jaune, but at the same time watching him bob his head on Coco's toy was just so fucking hot. Her hands reached down and she started rubbing herself before another idea came to mind. She crawled up behind Jaune and hugged him from behind, planting a kiss on his cheek as her hand reached for his hard cock.

"There you go Jaune~" she cooed into his ear, stroking his cock teasingly slow. "You're doing such a good job."

Jaune unintentionally let out a soft hum as a blush came to his face from the complement. This honestly wasn't terrible. Had he been worrying and fretting so much over something so simple?

Coco started to move her hips forward and backward, starting off slow so Jaune wouldn't notice. Her pace increased every few thrusts so that Jaune wouldn't realize that she was fucking his face until he was in too deep.

"Nora, hold him still," Coco smiled viciously. Nora knew what she was going to do and hugged him tighter. Jaune let a muffled confused sound as Coco gripped his hair. "There we go, now take it, slut." Coco started bucking her hips back and forth, working the strap-on in and out of his throat deeper than he had gone before.

Jaune was emitting groans and slight gagging noises as Coco used his mouth like it was a fleshlight. It was far from a comfortable feeling, but... he wasn't hating it. Was this how Nora felt when he face-fucked her? His eyes opened and he looked up at Coco. The grin she wore and the look in her eyes sent a strange tingle through his body.

"You look so cute sucking a cock, you know that?" Coco said. "I'd be happy to do this all day if I didn't know I had something even better waiting for me."

Nora stopped jacking Jaune off and pulled away to go get the camera. There was great production value here and she wasn't going to miss it! She hand-held the camera at multiple different angles and positions to capture the moment. She knew the fans would certainly appreciate it. Looking down, she saw that Jaune had started jacking himself off in her absence. She decided not to capture that on camera, but it did make her think of getting a nice big strap-on for herself. Maybe it should be pink in color?

After several minutes, Coco thrust so deep that Jaune's nose was pressing against her navel and she held him there, making Jaune gag heavily once she finally pulled it all the way out. As Jaune caught his breath, Coco dragged a finger along the shaft as though she was wiping away dust like some kind of inspector. She held the finger up to her face and tsked in disappointment.

"Something wrong?" Nora asked.

"You could say that," Coco replied. "There's still not enough lubrication for me to fuck Jaune's ass."

"What do you mean there's not enough?" Jaune protested. "We've been slobbering that thing."

"Jaune, honey, I understand that you're eager for me to pound your ass, given how you have indeed done a fine job 'slobbering' my cock, especially since that was your first time." Coco teased as she wiped the finger on his forehead. "But while you may be okay with me going in hard and dry, I for one intend to fuck your ass properly." Jaune turned red from embarrassment at Coco turning his words against him. "Nora, I have a small tube of lube in my handbag, be a babe and get it for me."

"Sure thing," Nora turned around to get it, eeping as Coco took the opportunity the ginger unknowingly provided while bent over and smacked her ass.

"Wait... lube?" Jaune looked at the bag and Nora did indeed pull out a tube of lube. "You had that the whole time?"

"Yep," Coco said, popping the p.

Jaune's eye twitched. "Then why didn't we just use that in the first place?"

Coco lowered her sunglasses so he could see her eyes. "Jaune, do I really need to explain why I wanted you to suck my cock?" she replied with a patronizing smirk. Coco then noticed that Jaune was still kneeling between her legs and swiftly grabbed his head, placing the strap-on back inside of his mouth and resumed the movement of her hips, though softer and slower than before. "Besides, don't pretend you haven't gotten turned on from doing it." Coco pointed out as she briefly balanced herself on one foot and brushed her toes against Jaune's boner. She indulged herself in a few more bobs from the blond before allowing him to pull off. Jaune grumbled something under his breath as he wiped saliva from his lips. "What was that?"

"Nothing," Jaune answered quickly, unable to hide his flash of panic.

"That's what I thought." she smiled and patted the bed meaningfully. "Now, you've got no more excuses to put this off any longer Jaune, it's time. Show me that ass of yours so I can fuck it til you love it." Those words elicited a semi-evil chuckle from Nora, both of which sent a chill up Jaune's spine like none before.

"Jaune," Coco's voice brought his attention back to her. "If you do in fact want me to use lube on you, then get on the bed now, hands and knees. And trust me when I say that making use of this stuff is, in fact, the best option for you right now."

Gulping, Jaune obeyed and crawled onto the bed. He looked behind him to see Coco applying the lube as if she was jerking herself off. She looked at him and cheeky smiled as she increased the pace, making him turn his gaze back forward in embarrassment. He felt the mattress shift as Coco moved to take her position behind him, and he couldn't help it as he started to tremble a bit. This was it, it was really happening.

She then grabbed his asscheeks and spread them, placing her fake cock in between before pressing them together around it. "You feel that Jaune? You feel how big that dick is?" He did, and he shuddered at how it felt a lot bigger than it had in his mouth. To say he was nervous was putting it lightly, which Coco picked up on. "Oh relax, Jaune. I can promise you this won't be as bad as you're thinking."

"She's right," Nora chimed in, smiling at the memory of her own similar experience. "She's amazing with that thing, Jaune."

"Damn right I am," Coco chuckled and gave Jaune's butt a smack. Jaune didn't know why but… he was admittedly starting to get a kind of thrill from being subjected to this. Probably at least semi-masochistic in nature, he mused. And if he was being honest, the feeling of the fake cock hotdogged in his ass wasn't all bad. In fact, he could kind of see how some peo- Coco pulled it away and he suddenly felt the tip press against his hole.

"I'm going to put it in now," Coco informed Jaune as she gently rubbed the tip of the dildo against his hole and gripped his left hip. "So what I need you to do Jaune, is to just relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy it. Understand? You know what to do if you don't." she said the last part in a nearly inaudible whisper. It gave him comfort that Coco was keeping her word on that.

Suddenly Coco slapped his cheek and gripped it. "I expect a verbal response when I ask you something, butt-boy," she spoke with authority. "Now let's try that again, do you understand?"

"Y-yes ma'am," Jaune spat out quickly.

"Good boy," Coco patted his butt as one would when patting an obedient dog's head before gripping both cheeks and spreading them apart again. She rubbed the tip of the dildo against his hole for a few moments, pondering how exactly to do this. She could slowly push it in bit by bit, or thrust into him quickly and hard. It was the anal equivalent of deciding how to submerge oneself into a pool of cold water – either dipping your toes in at first and slowly entering inches at a time, or getting it over with and just jumping in. Coco found that in her personal experience, jumping in was the better method – you got used to it quicker that way, once the initial shock wore off. She hoped Jaune would see it that way as well.

Jaune was about to ask if Coco could take it slow, but the moment he opened his mouth he let out a high moan unlike any he'd made when having sex previously as he felt something long and thick enter his ass. The initial pain was sudden but faded away after a few moments, allowing him to finally take in this feeling. Coco was deep inside him, but it wasn't as uncomfortable or painful as he'd first feared. His ass was certainly sore now, but... if he had to describe it, it was a sort of delicious agony.

"Not bad, slut. You took more than half my cock on the first thrust." Coco's voice chimed.

"Wait... there's more?!"

"Of course there's more Jauney," Nora said from the side. "It's only slightly bigger than your own dick. You didn't think you were that small, did you?" Jaune knew it was a compliment, but it also felt like an insult. He couldn't find it in him to be mad at Nora though.

"Now, let's get the rest of my cock in that sexy little ass of yours. Don't worry, the worst of it is over now." As she spoke, Coco began to shift her hips while pulling Jaune back toward her, and slowly but surely, the rest of her strap-on worked its way inside of him. Jaune groaned as he slowly became fully impaled on Coco's toy. His gut felt like it was being stuffed, only coming to an end when he felt Coco's waist rest against his rear, allowing him some semblance of relief, and time to adjust a bit.

"Good boy Jaune. Now we can start to have some real fun." Coco smiled. "Have I mentioned how nice your ass is?" She gave it a good smack.

"It's incredible," Nora said as she slapped his other cheek, making Jaune squirm and whine a little bit. "Not as good as mine though."

"Yeah, you're right about that," Coco chuckled as she reached over and gave Nora's butt a firm squeeze while doing the same to Jaune for a comparison. "Nowhere near as thick and juicy, but fuck is it tight. It's the kind of ass that knows how much of a closet anal slut you really are Jaune, and how bad it wants this even if you think you don't. And now, I'm going to give it what it wants." And with that said, Coco took hold of Jaune's waist.

Then, Coco started pistoning her hips.

Jaune could only ball his fists, gripping the bed sheets tight while he gritted his teeth as he was fucked. But he didn't do so out of pain or discomfort, rather it was to stop himself from moaning. Coco was fucking his ass with a level of enthusiasm that neither Jaune or Nora had ever seen or experienced before. She rutted into him deep and fast, the repeated impacts of her waist against his ass sending ripples along his flesh with each thrust. The feeling of her dildo opening his rectum over and over sent surprisingly wondrous shocks throughout his whole body. His erect cock swayed and strained from the neverending sensation of Coco entering and leaving him, and he had to resist the urge to grab it.

To the side, Nora's face was heating up as a dumb smile crept up onto her face. She didn't know how to fully describe it, but watching Jaune get fucked was one of the hottest things she had ever seen. She was so very glad that she was able to watch it happen with her own eyes.

Jaune's breathing became labored to the point that he was close to panting, but he was at least able to hold his moans in. 'Okay... okay, this isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I can make it through this, I can definitely mak-' "Eeeee!"

Jaune's back suddenly arched and he let out a high pitched and unmanly eep, making Nora blink repeatedly in surprise from the sudden outburst. As for Jaune, he wasn't entirely sure what had just happened. Coco had thrust into him yet again but angled in a different way. She hit something and it just... felt so good.

"He he he," Coco chuckled sadistically. "There it is." She very slowly pulled out and quickly thrust back in the same place even harder, making Jaune squirm and moan again.

"What did you do?" Nora asked, leaning in closely, very curious as to what had caused the sudden change in Jaune's reactions to being fucked.

"I hit that magical organ guys have called the prostate," Coco explained with a grin. "It's every boy's G-spot, and the reason why guys are the naturally suited sex to taking it in the butt. Hit it just right, and it just! Makes! Them! Feel! So! Damn! Good!" With each word, she pushed the tip of the strap-on directly into Jaune's prostate again, making him continue to moan and squirm under her. "Believe me Jaune, when I say that by the time I'm finished with you, you'll be begging for me to keep fucking your ass. And after I am done, you'll come crawling back to me for more tomorrow."

Nora made a mental note of that, and also to look up ways to massage Jaune's prostate herself. She was actually getting more than a little jealous that Coco was making him feel and react this way instead of herself for his first time receiving anal sex. But she mentally vowed to make up for that lost opportunity by one-upping the upperclasswoman, and make Jaune her anal slut.

"Oh yeah," Coco moaned out as she leaned closer to him, "you like taking my big cock in you, don't you little bitch-boy?" She preened. "In fact, I think you're liking it even better than Nora did!"

"Disputable!" Nora declared. But, looking back and forth between Coco's hips slapping against his butt and Jaune's face, it was more than obvious he was really enjoying it.

They both then noticed Jaune's right hand start to move downward. Nora knew exactly what was about to happen.

"Hey!" Coco spanked him hard, making him let out a cracked moan as his hand recoiled away from its intended destination. "No touching your dick, Jaune," Coco said, her voice suddenly serious. "If you're gonna cum, it's gonna be from me pleasing that sweet little prostate of yours and nothing else, got it? So instead, I suggest you focus on taking my cock like a good bitch."

"O… okay, Coco." Jaune managed to wheeze out as he returned his arm to the role of supporting his frame. Coco was pleased. Jaune was taking this much more easily than she initially thought. It had been a long time since she made a male feel like this as well, so it felt good to know she hadn't lost her touch. She was also impressed with Nora's work on the camera, getting so many different angles and close-ups on the action. Coco knew her favorite shot was going to be close-up of her perfect butt thrusting back and forth, relaxing and tensing with each respective motion while Jaune's cock swayed from the looked back down and saw something that made her grin. At some point, while she'd been busy with her own thoughts, Jaune's arms had collapsed. He'd grabbed and pulled forth a pillow, hugging it tightly and burying his head into it in an attempt to hide his moans and his embarrassing expression. It was the exact same thing Velvet would do whenever she was embarrassed. Coco's response was to grab his hips more tightly, thrusting into him slower but much harder, forcing his whole body to recoil.

"Why are you hiding Jaune? Embarrassed?" She teased and gave his ass another slap. "Is the big boy embarrassed at how much he loves being my little bitch?" Whatever Jaune's reply might have been, it was muffled by the pillow. "Admit it Jaune, you love the feeling of my giant plastic cock in your tight ass, don't you! Tell me I was right when I said you'd beg me to fuck your ass!" Jaune just hugged the pillow tighter. Coco then pulled out, quickly flipped him over, grabbed him by the legs and yanked him back, while Jaune lost his grip on the pillow due to his own surprise. Meanwhile, Coco flawlessly placed the plastic cock back inside his ass balls deep where it belonged in one smooth push and held it there. "Tell me Jaune!"

"You were right! You were right!" Jaune cried out between gasps and moans. "About everything! It's amazing! It feels so good, please don't stop!" His words made Nora almost drop her scroll, like she did her jaw.

In any other context, Coco's chuckle would have sounded evil. "I knew you were a natural butt slut. There's no shame in admitting it. Now since you've been a good boy and told mama the truth, I'll get you to cum in no time." With that, Coco readjusted herself before starting thrusting up into him once more. She started slow, but then she really started pounding her way into his anal passage. Her thrusts were just as long as they had been previously, but even more rapid, and at the perfect angle to assault his poor prostate in a way that made Jaune see stars.

Coco's eye gleamed from behind her sunglasses. She let go of his legs and he instinctively wrapped them around her while his arms gripped the bedsheets as tightly as he could. His fortitude was collapsing, and experience told her that he was oh so close to cuming. That was all the excuse she needed to go all out. No mercy.

"Say my name, Jaune!" She demanded. "Say the name of the person who's making you cum from being fucked in the ass! Say my gods damned name!"

"Ahh! Coco!" Jaune cried out. He wasn't going to last ten seconds at this rate!

"Louder!" She put her arms behind her head and arching her back slightly, giving Nora perhaps the best shot yet as she relied solely on the strength of her legs and hips to fuck Jaune's tight asshole, while the positioning of her arms directed all attention towards her hypnotically bouncing breasts. "Say my name, bitch boy! Say my fucking name!"

"Coco!" He shouted her name over and over until his cock finally spasmed. He moaned and gasped as his whole body seize up, and all the while Coco kept fucking his ass. He finally let it all out, and since Coco didn't cease her fucking, his cum went all over his stomach and groin, and some got on Coco's as well. She slowed down her thrusting but finally stopped when she was balls deep in him. Both panted to catch their breath, one more than the other.

Coco looked down and took a few moments to admire her handiwork. Jaune's cum-covered body just looked so adorable as well as a hell of a turn-on. She then unwrapped his legs from her and very slowly pulled out, causing Jaune to softly moan in protest at the feeling of her exiting his asshole. She then walked up the side of the bed and leaned down over him. Time for the closing piece-de-resistance.

"Hey, Jaune," she said softly.

"...Huh?" Jaune turned to her with nearly-closed eyes. A second later, she pecked his lips with her own for a quick kiss.

"Good boy," she cooed with a pat on his cheek. Jaune's breath shuttered and a goofy smile formed on his face.

Nora felt that was a good note to end on and turned off the camera. "Holy fuck…" she exhaled as soon as the recording ended.

"A lot of people have that reaction," Coco chuckled. "That was fun."

"Yeah... do you uh, need a towel or something?" Nora pointed to Coco's stomach.

"Oh, right," Coco took the strap-on off and put it away. "Seems like a waste of a towel though, honestly. Why don't you just lick it off?"

Nora found nothing wrong with that logic and crawled over to her. She wasted no time dragging her tongue up and down her stomach until all of Jaune's delicious cum was licked up. She also gave Coco's stomach a few kisses for good measure to make sure she got it all... definitely not for any other reason.

Coco chuckled at the tickling sensation and patted Nora's head like she would a puppy. "Thank you." She pointed a thumb at Jaune. "Make sure he's okay and that he gets some water, his throat must be sore from all of that moaning." She got herself redressed as Nora got Jaune a water bottle and had him drink sips from it. "We should do this again sometime."

"If he's up for it, then yeah, totally," Nora replied.

"Of course. Take care now, and don't be a stranger." Coco grabbed her things and let herself out, closing the door behind her.

"Hey, Jaune?" Nora asked after giving him some water. "Are you doing ok?"

"Yeah..." he said weakly and took another sip. "Sorry, throat's a little sore."

"Don't apologize Jaune, mine was too after our first rough round," Nora said. "...so, uh..." she eyed his body.

"Huh? What's up, Nora?" Jaune used his elbows to push himself up.

"...I don't know how else to say this, but you've never cum that hard before." She admitted. Jaune's cheeks turned red fast. "Like, your load shot up this high," she raised her hand above Jaune's head height, "and considering I already took a load from you this morning, you really came a lot."

Jaune let out a whine and plopped back down on the bed.

"You also got a little high pitched at the end there, kinda like you did during initiation."

Jaune brought a pillow to cover his face. "She said she wouldn't tell anyone."

"She accidentally let that slip with me, but no one else knows, you're good," Nora explained. Jaune still hid under the pillow. "But still, did you really like it, or was that just for the camera?" Jaune was quiet for a few moments. "Jaune?"

He raised the pillow from his face enough for his voice to be heard. "...Whatever law that says you don't have to self incriminate is, I plead that," he said softly. Nora instantly knew what that meant, and a grin grew on her face as she thought of doing this more in the future.

Nora then noticed that Jaune still had some of his cum on himself. Being the perfect lover she was, she went down and licked it all off, making sure his chest and crotch were even cleaner than they'd been before he came. And then she decided that while she was down there, she'd also give him a little good-boy blowjob for a reward.

Stuffed Full of Coco proved to be far more popular than Jaune had expected despite the sudden shift in tone from their channel's previous content, even if it had been what the vast majority of their audience had wanted. What Jaune did expect though, was the way his inbox began to fill up with messages from women who were asking to use his ass for a new video the same way Coco had. He'd even been getting numerous catcalls from a lot of his female classmates.

He hadn't responded to any of them yet. He had told himself that what happened with him and Coco was going to be just a one-time thing, despite how much he'd enjoyed it at the time. But Nora demonstrated just how wrong he was on that front when she showed up to their dorm one evening with a big, bright pink strap-on… and a message from Coco.

The senior student was starting her own sister channel dedicated entirely to pegging, called 'Beacon's Boytoy'. And her plan was for Jaune to be the main attraction, which according to her only made sense seeing that he already had ladies from across Vale and even beyond, all eager for an opportunity to see the blond stud bend over and spread his ass for them to personally have their way with.

Coco and Nora were both more than happy to oblige these requests… and secretly, much to his own shame, so was Jaune.

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