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A little boy played in the waiting room of the local hospital. He approached a doctor, who was a bit preoccupied with his work on a clipboard. "Have you seen my mama?" he asked shyly.

The doctor looked at him. "Kid, I haven't the foggiest idea on where your mother is," he said. The little boy frowned. "She was hurting lots, and Dad wouldn't be there, although he did this to her," he said.

The doctor raised an eyebrow. "What's your mother here for?" he asked.

And the boy replied, "She's gonna have a baby!"


The cries echoed throughout the halls of the maternity ward. The young mother felt agonizing pain shoot up her back and squeeze her stomach, all of it unrelentless and seemingly endless.

She'd hated this child ever since it had been conceived from a drunken night with her cheating husband. He found himself too good to be at the birth of his second child, and although he claimed he was taking another shift at the drug company for work, the mother would bet her bottom dollar that he was fooling around with his mistress.

She gave another push, just wanting this all desperately to be over. When she looked at the foot of the bed, she still wondered if her doctor was really wearing a bunny head or if she'd just had some bad whiskey in her flask.

Finally, though, her pain came to an end.


The little boy had done this multiple times in the past. Open the lighter, be careful of the flame, and let Mama give you a nod of confirmation before you close it. The young mother took a drag of her cigarette, and then looked to the nurse that was holding her child.

"It's a girl," the nurse whispered.

The mother cringed at the loud, shrill cries of her newborn daughter. "Oh, God, she's a crybaby..."

The little boy, who knew that he was now a brother, went over to the blank birth certificate on the counter. And he wrote down one wrote:


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