Pain, that's what he felt when after he pushed back the Serket that stabbed him in the back with his long piercing singer tail. Merlin's breath was shaky as he called for Kilgharrah. Though it was strong. He knew that he was going to die here but he at least had to try. So here the young warlock laid on the forest floor. His eyes slowly closed as the Serkets closed in on him. 'I'm sorry Arthur.' Merlin thought as he blacked out. What the young warlock did not see was a flash of light, but it was not dragon fire.

It was a bright day at Shell Cottage William "Bill" Arthur Weasley smiled when he heard a knock on the front door. His younger brother Charlie was visiting, and he has not seen him in years. He was also alone in his house at the moment for his wife Fleur and his kids were out at the doctor. Bill smiled to himself as he walked over to the door. Taking a deep breath for some reason. Bill opened the door and smiled when his brother hugged him tightly. "Bill!" Charlie said laughing while he hugged his brother. Bill laughed as well before he pulled out of the hug. "Its been so long," Charlie said before he walked into the house.

"Yes, it has been. Come in I have a lot to…" Bill cut off when a flash of light filled the house. Bill coved his eyes with Charlie doing the same. "What the hell was that?" Bill asked once the light faded. Bill looked down with wide eyes when he saw a boy in silver canes. He was unconscious

"Um, Bill he's hurt," Charlie said after he got down to his knees to look at the boy with black hair. He looked young about the same age as his oldest daughter's boyfriend. "What do we do?" Charlie asked standing up. Bill turned around and ran a hand through his long red hair before he sighed.

"Let's get these canes off of him first. No boy should be tied up or any child for that matter," Bill said turned around to face his brother who nodded and helped Bill take off the chains. It took an hour because there was a powerful spell on them. Bill was intrigued by these chains, but he did not worry about that this moment while he and his younger brother carried the boy over to the coach and set him down gently. "He's hurt. I'll need to get…" Bill cut off when the boy muttered under his breath, but it was so hard to hear.

"Son?" Charlie asked getting down to his knees with Bill doing the same. "Are you all right? What hurts?" Charlie asked kicking into a big brother mode that Bill has not seen since his other little brothers and sister. Bill smiled at this as he stood up and walked over to the fireplace to call a healer. Though he was unsure what the healer would do but he had to try. "Bill?" Charlie calked when the boy opened his eyes and his blue eyes turned amber for a second. Bill turned around and sighed.

"Watch him, Charlie. I'm going to call someone," Charlie nodded and pulled out his wand. Bill smiled at this brother before he threw some Floo powered into the fireplace to call a healer.

Charlie was watching the boy as he looked at him with his bright blue eyes. "What's….What happened?" the boy asked in a quiet voice making Charlie jump a little for he was lost in thought about this boy and how they were going to help him as well as the dragons that he wanted to bring over but he knew that that would make his mother mad when they visit his parents later.

"Calm down. You are hurt, my brother and I are going to help. What is your name? Mines Charlie Weasley," the boy smiled but he did not hold out his hand.

"I'm…..I'm Merlin,"

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