Charlie sat in his old room hiding the tears from his eyes as he held onto one of his dragons that he had brought with him. He didn't want to cry because his home was gone now and looking a Merlin. The dragon lord made him want to cry even more. Charlie sighed when he heard someone knock on his door, but he did not answer as he closed his eyes to keep himself from crying. He will not cry. He's the tough one in his family so he must not cry. "Charlie?" it was his mother, but Charlie did not say anything as he hugged the dragon and turned away from the door. "Honey?" his mother asked again before he heard her sigh and walk away from the door. Charlie sighed and looked at the letter that he had shown to his dad. The letter saying that his founding was cut because someone stole his money while he was stolen from him. The only money that he had ever. Charlie sighed and looked down at his dragon. He smiled and took a deep breath before he stood and walked out of his and Bill's old room.

When Merlin woke he heard a voice in his head. "Merlin? Merlin?"

"Kilgharrah?" Merlin questioned as his eyes opened. "Is that you? were are you? I tried calling you but I got sent here instead," Merlin said closing his eyes again and then opening them before he looked to the window to see the great dragon sitting there in the grass. Merlin looked around him when he remembered that after Teddy left Merlin went back into the living room to get some more rest. It was dark now, not that Merlin cared for he thinks that he thrives in the dark. That is one this that Arthur will not know. Well, he might if he finds out about his magic anyway. Merlin sighed and got off the couch starching before he quietly opened the back door not seeing Charlie with tear stands on his face following him with a big grin. Merlin smiled as he walked up to the dragon. "Hello. Can you take me back?" Merlin asked the dragon looking at him in his amber eyes.

"Merlin," the dragon boomed smiling. "I can try young warlock," he said moving his bog head before he laughed a little.

"How did you get here? We are in the future?" Merlin asked crossing his arms not caring that it was going to rain. He could smell it in the air. He was used to the rain. Kilgharrah laughed before he smiled.

"I'm magic young warlock. I traveled in time and if you are wondering how you got here, well, I sent you here. I needed you to see that magic would be free again and now that you have. I can send you back, but I think you have a friend watching us," the dragon said to Merlin's shock and turned around to see Charlie walk up to them.

"Oh my. You are beautiful," Charlie yelled out in glee making Merlin laugh a little. "Wow, I've never seen a talking dragon. I must write this down and tell Bill, Gorge, Ron, Percy, and Gin," Charlie laughed before he ran back into the house. Merlin and Kilgharrah laughed.

"Well, yes but Arthur," Merlin said before he vanished just like he appeared.

Arthur was annoyed. Annoyed that Merlin was no were to be found but, he was worried deep down. Merlin was missing and he knew that he had to find him and use him as a target. Arthur sighed and stopped walking in the woods because he had set out to find him, but he knew that it was useless, and he was just a servant. Was he though? Merlin was his friend right? A friend, Arthur never had a friend but Merlin. Merlin says he's his friend. Arthur sighed again and looked around him. "Merlin!" he called in through the trees. "Merlin!" he called again before he let out a breath and heard someone laughing through the trees. "Merlin?" Arthur whispered before he followed the laugher and gasped when he heard Merlin laughing a little before his voice began cold. Arthur could not hear him but as he walked closer he saw Merlin talking to something, but the young prince could not see what. "Merin!" Arthur called sounding more worried than angry. Merlin turned around face pale. Tears formed in his eyes as he dropped his head not hearing the flapping of the dragon's wings. Arthur watched as the dragon fly away but he did not say anything as Merlin got down to his knees now.

"You can kill me now. I forgive you," Merlin said with defeat in his voice. Arthur raised an eyebrow and got down his knees to meet Merlin's eyes.

"Why would I kill you, Merlin?" Arthur asked Merlin who laughed but there was no humor in his voice.

"Because I have magic!" Merlin yelled for the whole world to hear. Arthur stood up and laughed a little, but he did not say anything as Merlin raised an eyebrow himself. "What… what's so funny?" Merlin asked standing up confused.

"Because you would have killed me and people with magic kill," Arthur said making Merlin smack himself in the face.

"I have magic, and have you seen me try to kill anyone?" Merlin said brushing himself off. Arthur looked around before he smiled a little.

"Well, then there we have it. Now, where the hell have you been!?" Arthur yelled to a shocked Merlin who laughed and told him everything from when he arrived at Camelot. Arthur was amazed by the end of the story, but he was also shocked because of the attack. "We need to get back. Come on!" Arthur yelled to Merlin who started to run through the woods even faster then the young prince has seen.

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