A/N: This is a rewrite (kinda); this was originally called "Human Again" but a new take on it, one I think people may enjoy. The first couple of chapters are the same (save for some minor enhancements to fix my old writing) but the story will be going in a completely different direction than the original tale. I hope you enjoy; please let me know what you think or if you have any ideas :)

Set in an AU of L where Beau survives Joss' attack as Bella had in Twilight.

Disclaimer: The original plot of Life and Death and all its associated characters and canon are the property of Stephanie Meyer; however, this story is of my own mind.

Chapter 1: What If?

Edward always said that he wishes he could become human for Bella, to give her everything he thinks he can't because she's human and he is not. Most of the Cullens would give anything to be human again. I assume this is the same across the Life and Death universe, meaning Edythe wishes she could be human for Beau.

So…what if Edythe did become human again? How would Beau react to a softer, more fragile Edythe? How would she react?

Edythe drove quickly down the slick wet roads of Forks, Washington, heading toward the Chief of Police's house. It was a Saturday morning, one where Charlie Swan was away for the weekend fishing. She was on her way to pick up Beau to go enjoy a movie in Port Angeles before Beau went to a pretend "guys' night" with Archie for the weekend. Archie, along with all the Cullens save for Carine and Earnest, were actually on a weekend hunting trip. Edythe had already gone the week before, staying close enough to get her fill and then returning to Beau, of course. Since returning from Phoenix, Edythe objected to leaving Beau's side for more than was absolutely necessary; though she needed to stay fed, she felt no need to go far to find game.

While she was driving in excessive of a hundred miles an hour, Edythe could see all her surroundings perfectly. So when something white and slick in her periphery caught her eye for a fraction of a second before disappearing before she could focus on it, she could not help but rake her eyes in every direction to pinpoint the source, the vehicle slowing as she entered Forks proper. The flash was quick and unsettling to Edythe; her forehead creased, torn between pulling over and going after the something, or continue to Beau's house to make sure he was okay. She decided on the latter and continued on, arriving on his street moments later. As she went to turn down the familiar road, however, she felt a sharp pain in her head, a migraine centered between her eyes. It got worse with each passing second, to the point that Edythe pulled off to the side of the road, throwing the car in park and pressing her fingertips to her temples. Everything spun for a split second before going full dark.

Beau glanced up at the clock for the ninth time in the past five minutes. It had been nearly half an hour since he had called Edythe that he was ready to go. It only took her roughly eight minutes to get to his house, with her insane driving style. He got worried after twenty minutes, and that panic had grown steadily. He debated between calling her and calling Carine, though he didn't know if Carine was at the hospital or not. He found himself walking to the front window, glancing outside to see if Edythe was waiting for him outside. He couldn't see her car, as he hadn't the past two times he had looked.

Hesitantly, he stepped outside, moving to the sidewalk to look down the street. He knew part of him was being paranoid and impatient, but he ignored it. His eyes wandered to the end of the road, where he spotted the silver Volvo pulled off to the opposite side of the road. His eyebrows pulled together as he made his way towards it, sensing something amiss. As he got closer, he could see Edythe inside, her body slumped against the driver's side door. He picked up the pace, calling her name quietly, knowing she should be able to hear him. There was no response, and Beau could see her eyes were shut, her form slack. He sprinted then, practically running into the door as he reached it. He pulled the handle, releasing the catch slowly as her body leaned into the door.

"Edythe," he murmured, his hand going to her arm to steady her. She didn't respond, her head falling limp, and he shook her lightly, repeating her name with no response. He looked her over; he knew vampires didn't sweat, but her skin was covered in a thick sheen of perspiration. The hand that was wrapped around her arm was not freezing from her normally icy touch. He laid the back of his hand against her forehead out of habit and his eyes widened at the intense heat coming from her; she was so hot she would be running a fever if it were possible. Thoroughly panicked, Beau lifted her from the driver's seat, cradling her small form against his chest and hurrying around to the passenger side, laying her down before getting in the driver's side himself. He turned the car around, heading back toward the Cullen mansion.

He arrived within fifteen minutes, pushing the speed limit the whole way. He saw the Mercedes in the driveway and felt a small pang of relief that Carine was home. No one came out to meet them as they pulled up to the house. Beau exited his side, slamming the door before hurrying to get Edythe, calling out to Carine and Earnest loudly. Though in the back of his mind he knew they could hear him if he had just spoken at a normal voice, he was too worried to care, and his urgency showed in his tone. The Cullen parental figures were there a half second later, watching as Beau pulled Edythe out of the car. She was curled against his chest, her body still and unresponsive. Carine stepped forward, her amber eyes focused on her eldest daughter limp in Beau's arms; she showed no panic, only confusion and some urgency.

"Edythe," Carine called, getting the same lack of response as Beau had. Confused, she reached out, touching Edythe's forearm lightly. Her eyes widened as she felt the warmth and sweat coming off Edythe's skin—a warmth she had felt radiating from five feet away but could not concede to accept without touching Edythe's skin physically. She and quickly ordered Beau to bring her into the house and upstairs. He obeyed, hurrying upstairs to Edythe's room; Carine was already there with her medical bag, Earnest behind Beau as he laid Edythe gently on the bed in the center of the room. Carine immediately began trying to revive her, shaking her, pressing pressure points on her arms and hands, anything she could think, with no success. Beau got more and more nervous by the minute.

"This isn't normal for vampires?" he asked, already knowing the answer. Carine shook her head.

"No. This isn't supposed to be happening. If she were human, I would say she has a high fever, but that's impossible," she said. Beau shook his head; his body was leaning over his mate, unsure on what to do. After a moment, he looked at Carine, his eyes sparking.

"If she were human, what would you do?" he asked. Carine met his gaze, confused and surprised.

"An IV, cold compress, anything to get her temperature down," she replied. Beau lurched toward the adjacent bathroom, returning a minute later with a damp washcloth in his hand. He laid it across Edythe's sweating forehead, his hand running down her arm.

"Try it," he said. Carine nearly gaped at him.

"A needle won't be able to get through—" she started.

"Just try it," he cut her off. His eyes were wild, his body tense, and Carine didn't respond, merely beginning to prepare the IV. Earnest and Beau watched anxiously as Carine laid Edythe's arm out to insert the needle. Gently, she pricked Edythe's skin, expecting the skin to shatter the needle. Instead though, the skin gave, the needle sliding into Edythe's vein easily, a prick of blood visible at the site. Carine froze for a second in surprise before covering the needle and taping it to Edythe's arm. After she was done, her hand ran along Edythe's arm, freezing at her wrist.

"What's wrong?" Earnest asked, leaning over. Carine shook her head, bewildered.

"I can feel a pulse," she murmured, looking up at her mate. All three of them looked down at Edythe, shocked into silence.