"Harvey, come down. Your breakfast is getting cold." Called a woman's voice from below a spiral staircase.

"Coming, Mom!" Harvey responded putting on a shirt. As soon as he got his backpack, he headed downstairs and into the kitchen.

"Good morning, Harvey." Greeted a man in his thirties, taking his eyes off the newspaper and looking towards Harvey.

"Morning, Harvey." Greeted Harvey's mother.

"Morning, Dad. Morning, Mom." Harvey responded, sitting down, and practically wolfed down his breakfast.

"Slow down, Harvey! You'll make yourself sick! You still have time to make it to school." Harvey's dad scolded his bucktoothed son sternly.

"S-Sorry, D-dad. It's just that I'm excited because today my class is going on a field trip to Thompson-Salinas Publishing House!"

"Ah, I see. That's where all the books you like to read come from?"

Harvey nods. "Yes, sir." He said just as he finished his breakfast and got up, and was ready to leave. "Alright, I'm heading out."

"How about I take you, boy?" asked Harvey's father.

"R-really, dad?"

"Yeah, no problem!" Harvey's father said as he got up, got his keys, and headed to his car.

"O-o-ok…well, I'll see you later, Mom." Harvey said as he goes to his mother, kisses her on the cheek, and follows his father.

"Have fun Harvey and be safe." Harvey's mom said as she smiled and waved.

"Gotcha!" Harvey said as he closed the door and goes in the car.

As Harvey and his father headed into town. Harvey's dad decided to turn on the radio.

"And in other news, a mysterious, unnamed group has been suspecting in the kidnappings of various children ranging from six to thirteen, the group is rumored to be experimenting on these children turning them into mutants, as of now, no one has any information on this group, and they remain at large, if you have any information, please notify the proper authorities." A little jingle was on before music started playing.

"Still can't believe the stuff people do these days." Said Harvey's father.

"Yeah. Kidnappings, illegal experiments, that just sounds wrong as wrong can be, getting turned into one of those muties." Harvey commented.

"Well, Harvey, I don't think I need to tell you to stay away from these people, now do I?"

"No, sir…"

"That's a good boy, Harvey, that's a good boy…"

Harvey stayed silent and looks out the window in deep thought about what he had heard on the radio.

"We're here, Harvey." Harvey shook his head getting out of his thought bubble and looking at his school. The school bus for the field trip was already waiting. His classmates were also waiting out for their teacher.

"Thanks for the ride, dad," Harvey said as he rushed out of the car to join his classmates.

"Don't get in trouble!" Harvey's father said as he drove away.

As Harvey waited for his teacher to join his students, he was writing down some stories, and soon after, the teacher arrived and instructed the class to get on the bus.

As soon as everyone was seated and done with roll calls, the bus headed towards Thompson Publishing House. As the bus rolls up to Thompson Publishing House, Harvey felt that he couldn't contain his excitement. As the bus stopped, they got up and out of the bus.

"Alright everybody, I want you guys to be on your best behavior." The teacher announced as they were heading towards the building. Near the entrance, a woman in a business dress, with an electronic notepad, and a handful of badges was waiting for them.

"Hello Muerte Academy for the Gifted. I will be your tour guide, Ms. Wendy Quade." She handed out badges to every student. "Please wear these badges unless you want to get kicked out, and whatever you do; do not touch anything. Now that we have that out of the way, let's begin, shall we?"

The field trip was long and Harvey was having a blast, being a writer himself; not that his dad appreciated or liked that his son had what he had dubbed "the wrong gift"; but when it was time to head out, the trip was almost over and Harvey was dragged out of his thoughts when he saw something from the corner of his eye in an alley. A woman in a lab coat looking very sinister.

"Who?" Harvey looked back to his class. Nobody else had noticed. He gulped. He should probably just ignore her and move on…

…But he couldn't let this go, and out of sheer curiosity and against his better judgment Harvey tiptoed into the alleyway, making sure to crouch and press his back against the wall so that he could stay hidden and have a quick escape route after all, but he'd had to stop himself from letting out an 'eep!' when the woman had started coming his way, mal intent being written all over her face.

"Well, well, well, he's finally here…" the woman said creepily.

Harvey peeked his head out a bit and saw the woman. She was wearing a white lab coat over top a skintight spandex bodysuit that showed she had extremely wide hips and she had a very big booty and big DD-cup boobies and another thing Harvey noticed was that this very curvy and sexy lady was wearing no shoes and her toenails and her fingernails were painted black with white arrows on them, and that same pattern was likely on her bodysuit as well.

"Wait…I think I recognize boob-Zilla from somewhere..." Harvey thought as he wracked his brain for an answer, but he was interrupted when the figure spoke again.

"Harvey McKenzie, I've been waiting." She said creepily, this time in a more feminine and seductive tone that could only belong to a woman. "The younger brother of Rachel "Frostbite" McKenzie, oh, you're even more beautiful in person me, yes, you'll one beauty of a mutant!" She said as she quickly put a chloroform soaked rag to Harvey's face and before Harvey knew it, he was losing consciousness fast. That was when It finally hit him.

"D-Dr. Medusa Gorgon!" One of the most brilliant mutant researchers on Earth, but she was obsessed with mutants and worshipped them like deities and made a name for herself years ago when she and a cult she created found a way to safely convert humans into mutants! "S-She hadn't been seen in years! What's she doing here!?" Harvey wondered as he blacked out.

Medusa then tied up Harvey's unconscious form and stashed to the boy in her RV and drove off to her laboratory and all the while she was just giddy. She had gotten her hands on the younger brother of Frostbite! Who knows how powerful a mutant he'd become after the procedure was done on him, "And let's not forget about the other two!" She said. With that, she floored it and took her latest guinea pig to her secret lab, and it was there where she would change those three children's lives forever.

As she was driving, Harvey was unable to physically wake but was still awake, and he was wondering why, why him? And how did she know who his sister was? "What's going to happen to me?" Harvey asked himself, as he was being kidnapped by a mad scientist. A woman who had discovered a way to turn Harvey into what he hated. A mutant. "I wonder if Rachel and her friends are this scared when they go against people like this on their missions?" Harvey would shake his head if he were able to do so… there was nothing he could do…he was Medusa's captive…

Her guinea pig…

"What does she even want me for?" There was no reason to kidnap him in the first place…so, Harvey wondered again why is he being kidnapped? Why is the son of Aaron McKenzie Medusa's quarry? These were questions that had answers that would change Harvey's life forever, whether the bucktoothed teen wanted to accept it or not.