Chapter XI: The Not-So-Perfect Crime

Harvey timidly made his way to his dorm, feeling crummy about how the Freshman seminar had gone. Why can't I open up like I used to? Ugh, Medusa's experiments turned me into such a pushover…I'm going to have to figure out how to deal with this crud better in the future… Lost in thought, the frail Freshman made his way quickly to his room, hoping that either Kimberly or Mushi was still up to help him out with finishing up his bedroom set up.

As he approached the door, he could hear the loud laughter of Rachel, which stood to reason that she had been let into his dorm by Mushi (whom Harvey didn't even see at the seminar) and were just chilling in there. Knocking lightly on the door, Harvey was surprised to hear furious whispering occurring from within his dorm, before Rachel yelled, "Uh…just a minute! We gotta…um…yeah, just…ok, you can come in now!" Harvey, curiously amused as he was, opened the door as he half-expected his sister to be half-naked, assets bare. But no, she was simply lounging on his couch, which looked as though it couldn't support any more weight without collapsing. The loveseat was better suited for supporting a ton of weight, especially with Rachel's measurements.

"Umm…well, I uh…missed most of my seminar," Harvey said dejectedly, staring at the carpet, not failing to notice a rather familiar wrapper laying on the ground before him.

"Wait, WHAT?!" Rachel exclaimed in shock. "And on top of that, they canceled the *urp* dinner?!" Rachel yelled angrily, attempting to stifle a belch midway through her sentence. Harvey jumped at the sudden increase in volume, staring violently and snapping his attention to his hyper-thicc elder sister. Rachel pushed herself off the couch, which; as Harvey noticed; made an odd crackling sound, not like a normal couch should have. As Rachel stormed over to her little brother's position, he massive mammaries wobbled violently, drawing Harvey's attention to the chocolate smeared upon Rachel's gigantic boobs.

Harvey looked his sister over as he continued. "Well, uh…no, they didn't cancel dinner, sis, I just, um, chose not to go…but then I ran into this girl, and she was super loud, and I…I just don't know where to go for class sign-ups or…or anything!" Harvey said sadly, beginning to sob and feeling the overwhelmingness to crumble onto the floor hit hem like a bullet train going as fast as possible. But before Harvey could even mentally berate himself for acting so silly and childish, Rachel had embraced her little brother in a gigantic hug. Harvey's eyes widened as the breath was knocked out of him due to his sister's furious display of affection. Harvey timidly put his hands around Rachel, straining to reach around the circumference of her back due to the resistance of her oversized titties.

Rachel held her brother in that hug for several seconds before letting go and putting her hands on Harvey's shoulders. "Don't you worry, Harvey!" Rachel said as she led Harvey over to the couch and both of them sat down, although Harvey was feeling a little cramped, pressed against the arm of the couch and his sister's mega-hip. "My friends and I are going to help you with this! We'll show you the ropes, and we'll make sure to take good care of you, bro…" Rachel said as she enveloped Harvey in another hug, completely smothering and burying her brother in her cleavage. "You've been through something intense, that means we gotta stick together, bro…" Rachel said kindly, stroking the back of his head, although, Harvey swore that he smelled the sweet smell of chocolate on his big sister's breath. Taking a closer look, Harvey quirked an eyebrow as he noticed that Rachel's stomach was larger than it normally was, appearing both distended and bloated, and she had unbuttoned her pants. When Rachel saw Harvey looking, she quickly attempted to pull her shirt over the incriminating evidence of her recent binge on comfort food, to little avail, as the shirt quickly sprung back upwards, exposing the sore redness of her taut, overstuffed tummy.

"Uh, sis? Have you seen my gift basket?" Harvey asked boldly, knowing full well that his sister had most likely pilfered and pigged out on his welcome gift to McClintock. And although he would normally be more candid, Harvey wanted to make sure that nobody walked all over him or took advantage of him at his new school.

"H-Hey, c'mon Harvey, what kind of sister would I be if I just took your welcome basket like that, huh?" Rachel said nervously, suddenly finding it very hard to look her younger brother in the eyes as she proclaimed her innocence.

"Y-yeah!" The couch-bound oriental known as Mushi Sanban said as she struggled to rise, letting a small belch into her hands as her pilfered neal churned inside her own distended, bloated, overstuffed belly. "Oof, 'excuse me, that would just be mean and plain rude!" Mushi said, putting her hands on her hips with a nervous, toothy smile on her face. "I mean, I want to have lots of fun here with you and Joey, and what's fun about having your welcome basket stolen by your sister…look, I didn't take anything because I already pigged out on mine…" Mushi explained as she proclaimed her innocence. "I'm completely full, and I'll probably be doing some jogging later…" Mushi said as she sat back down, rubbing her sore, tender, taut stomach to ease the tension inside.

"Aw, who am I kidding, Harvey you got me…" Rachel said, giving up the ghost in morose, admitting defeat and giving up her charade. "There's not much I can do about it now…" Rachel said as she plopped her super-sized derriere down on the couch. "Except, maybe, apologize, right?" She said, a glimmer of hope for forgiveness evident in her voice.

Harvey's head fell and his eyes looked upwards, his lips pursed in a pout of disbelief, and his arms crossed in some sort of defiance that seemed to be more than a little childish and at the same time, it didn't seem childish at all. He let loose a slight stream of air in a tiny huff, further exhibiting his disappointment in his big sister, whom he trusted and loved very dearly.

"Rachel, I'm mad, but there is something you can do to earn my forgiveness…" Harvey said as he puffed his cheeks in a pout.

"And that is?" She asked expectantly, not wanting to damage her relationship with her little brother.

"Fix up my room…" Harvey said as he sat on the couch with Mushi. "While Mushi and I have a movie night…" He said with a playful smirk. "Oh, and never put your steatopygic buns on the couch, just use the loveseat…" Harvey said as Rachel furiously nodded and immediately got to work. Just to annoy her, Harvey popped in his DVD copy of Flubber, Rachel's favorite movie.