Chapter II: The Experiments

When Harvey's body was finally able to wake up the first thing he felt was cold. And when the bucktoothed boy got his bearings, he found why he was so cold. He was completely butt-naked. That revelation made his whole face turn scarlet as he covered his crotch with his hands.

"Wh-what's happening…" He asked himself, embarrassed, and scared to death. "Wh-why am I n-n-n-naked?"

"Aw c'mon!" Said a noticeably female voice (and a ten-year-old's at that), "Another boy? I was hoping for a GIRL!" The voice complained.

As Harvey turned his head he saw two kids; also nude; were with him in a cage. One of them was a girl with black hair and purple eyes. The other one was a boy who had blonde hair and emerald green eyes.

"Oi, ya wanna know why we in our skivvies, bud?" The blonde boy asked with a noticeable Australian accent.

"Y-yeah…?" Harvey timidly asked.

"While we were knocked out, Medusa's followers stripped us nude and took our clothes." The girl explained.

"Said we weren't worthy of 'em. Not until they do to us what they captured us for!" The Aussie explained.

"And why is that?" Harvey asked as he tried to cover up as much as he possibly could after he realized he was naked in front of a girl.

"Why, we're going to turn you into BEAUTIFUL mutants!" Medusa said, making herself known to the trio.

"W-what d-do y-you mean?" Harvey stuttered to the insane woman as she studied the naked captives in the cold cages. Harvey gulped. He felt fear for the very first time in his life, he was feeling dread and utter terror as he looked on at the extremely bottom-heavy, extremely busty mad scientist. He feared for his humanity and for his life's path, a path he spent so long planning out since he discovered what his talent was.

"What I mean is that we mere mortals have been in charge for far too long," Medusa explained. "It's high time the original gods take control..." She went on about how she believed that the endgame of her plan justified the means. "And you three are just the latest of my new batch of mutants." She said with a gleeful smile. "I just cannot wait to rebirth you as mutants!" She giddily exclaimed as she sauntered away, showing off how humongous her thunderous thighs and her big butt were. That keister had to have been, like, 100 or 200 inches big and super plump to have as much jiggle as it did.

"I wanna go home..." Harvey said as tears started spilling from his eyes, he started to cry as he started to grasp the gravity of what was about to happen to him and these two innocent children. "!" He finally bawled his eyes as he said that.

The Japanese girl and the Aussie boy looked to each other and then back at Harvey with sympathetic eyes.

"Hey, uh, if it makes you feel any better, Medusa said she'd release us after the experiment tomorrow..." The girl said to Harvey, putting her hands on his bare shoulders.

"Who even are you two?" Harvey softly asked as his sobs starting to die down.

"I'm Mushi Sanban..." Mushi said. "Storm's my big sister..." She admitted.

"I'm Joseph Beatles, but you can call me Joey..." Joey said. "My big brother is Wallabee Beatles."

"Well, I'm Harvard Kenneth McKenzie..." Harvey said. "I'm Frostbite's little brother..."

"And you've just been kidnapped by a mad scientist, rich boy..." Sarcastically sneered Joey, showing disdain for Harvey purely because of his wealth and social standing. That did not affect Harvey. Nope, he was used to that by this point.

"Joey, look, let's just get as much sleep as our naked butts can get..." Yawned Mushi. "I just want to get home, and if Medusa DOES keep her word and lets us go tomorro, I don't want to be...a...wreck..." Harvey said as he nodded off. Joey and Harvey yawned and followed suit, falling asleep.

The next morning, however, they had a rude awakening. A fourteen-year-old girl with ash-blond hair done up in pigtails had banged her nightstick on the bars of the cage, startling the trio as she grabbed them into her arms and forced them into the same room as Medusa, into a lab. Medusa was ready to experiment on them, and while they resisted, after receiving anesthesia, it was time to begin her indescribable procedure. It took almost an hour to perform, but when she was done, Medusa hooked them up to various machines scanning them for one specific thing: an activated X-Gene. And, sure enough, the results were positive. But there was no way of knowing what their powers would be. Medusa didn't care about that, though. Her job was done.

"Thank you for the assistance, Maka..." Medusa thanked the ash-blonde girl.

"You're welcome, Lady Medusa!" Maka cheerfully chirped.

"Now, as I said I'd do, time to let them go..." Medusa said as she smirked with a snake-like grin on her face becoming apparent. "Let's drop them off in Arizona..."

"Of course, Lady Medusa..." Maka replied, "I'll go and get Soul Eater to take them to the desert." Maka promised.

"Not too far from civilization, this time, Maka..." Warned Medusa. "We don't want them to starve to death!"

"Guess I'm driving them, then..." Maka figured as Medusa gave her the keys to one of the RVs and gave her a look that wordlessly told her that she was to drive them to an Arizona town but to leave them in the desert close to it. "I'll get right on it, my Savior..." Maka said as she bowed to Medusa before scooping the still unconscious kids up, clothed them, and putting them in the RV. They didn't wake up at all during the journey.