This fan fiction is an account of what I like to believe really happened throughout parts of Austin & Ally's relationship in seasons 2-4 of the show. I tried to make this as accurate to the show as possible so that it is feasible to have happened with the actual events of the episodes, and it includes some dialogue and scenes from the actual show, as well as my extended parts. I loved the development of their relationship in the show, but felt that it could be taken to a deeper and more emotionally mature level, so I changed up the story of Austin & Ally to what I felt their relationship could have been, realistically. I hope you all enjoy this and understand what my vision was in deepening the episodes of Austin and Ally, as well as giving a glimpse of what they all might have been up to outside of what we see in a 20 minute, cheesy episode. I don't cover every episode, just the ones that I wanted to add to. Hopefully my stories make enough sense that you could follow along with them as you watch each episode that I mention. I have thought about some of these scenarios since I was first into the show around 2012. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

(Near the end of Couples & Careers, S2)

"I really wanted us to work"

"Me too. More than anything. I just think that being together is getting in the way of us being us."

"Things were great the way they were. Maybe we're not ready to be a couple just yet… friends?"

"...and partners. Always."

They stood to hug and Ally suppressed the pang in her heart momentarily. She still had him. Friends and partners always, like he said. Maybe it could be that way for a while. They shared a pitiful laugh as they tried to figure out the least awkward way to hug when covered in slime, but after a few seconds they just fell into each other anyway. She knew there was nowhere she'd rather be in that moment and could sense that he felt the same. It didn't make it any less hard to accept the situation, however. She just wanted to hold onto this hug forever. Maybe just a bit less slime would be nice though.

"This is just as friends, right?" she remarked, hoping the words would stop herself from feeling like it was not just as friends.

"Yeah, just as friends." The words didn't feel natural to Austin but he said them anyway. Why couldn't this just work out? How could he be around Ally and stop himself from loving her?. Several moments passed and neither of them wanted to let go.

"Ok but don't let go just yet." she said.

"I wasn't going to."

There they stood holding each other tighter than before. 10 seconds passed, and Austin was so dissatisfied with how the night ended that he felt a burning in his chest… he couldn't let it end like this. Shocking Ally, he broke apart from her quickly.

"Here's the thing Ally, I don't think I can just let these feelings go. I know this isn't necessarily a now or never thing, but, I guess I just want it to be now." He said rather fast, looking exasperated. He had walked away briefly in frustration to say this, but turned back towards her.

"… I know Austin. I just don't want us to be so uncomfortable, we couldn't even properly write a song. And I have so many fears. I don't want the media to know about us, they'd harass us. And it's been so weird how Trish and Dez act about us now." Ally replied, stepping towards him again.

"I know, I know. I don't want you to feel that way. It's just that I feel like a little awkwardness is a phase with every relationship, right? But you're right, the public attention doesn't make this easy. I mean really, other people knowing about us and our connection to Trish and Dez is what's creating this pressure in the first place." Austin said in a more comforting tone. Ally just looked at him apologetically, deeply admiring how hard he was fighting, but still feeling unsure.

"I just wish that we could subtract all of that from the equation. Maybe that would let us be ourselves." He finished, sounding desperate once more and grasping her hand where it hung by her side. She wasn't sure if she should recoil after they had just agreed that the best decision was to stay friends, despite their feelings. But she didn't recoil. Instead, an idea popped up into her head. It scared her, but the satisfaction of the plan possibly working overcame her fear in this moment. His eyes were searching for it, he could see in her face that she'd just thought of something.

"Austin… maybe that's it. We could subtract the problem. It's possible." She said, and she saw a spark of hope flash across his face. He squeezed the hand he held a little tighter as he awaited her words. She surprised him by glancing back at the wide open door of the practice room, leading him to it, and pressing it shut with her free hand.

"Does the press really need to know? Do our parents need to know? Do Trish and Dez need to know?" She said quietly, seeming a bit surprised at what was coming out of her mouth. "That's our pressure."

He looked into her eyes, amazed. After a couple of seconds to process, a smile crept on to his face.

"No." he said. He placed his left arm on her back as he moved in and kissed her. Ally's heart began beating faster than ever as she savored the feeling of his lips on hers. She was hyper aware of his hand on her back and his right hand joining it as she let go of his hand to put her arms around his neck. This kiss wasn't like their first kiss. There was a hotness in her chest and a desire to keep going. It was more than magical. This was something she had truly never felt before. What was only their second kiss had a new angle of secretive love, and Austin was having trouble imagining that he would ever stop kissing her. It was Ally that broke it off when she felt her back being pushed against the door.

"I… wow." She stammered, still very close to his lips. They both took a second to catch their breath.

"Yeah." was all he could say, cracking a smile. They were both still in shock from what had just happened, how quickly the tables turned. Ally rubbed the part of his head that she held as she finally spoke, still pressed against the door and not wanting to be any further away from his lips.

"This will be hard." She said, but they both broke into a small smile that became bigger by the second.

"We can do this. We can do anything." Austin said, pecking her lips again and becoming giddy. She was just as giddy and pecked him back.

"Of course."

After this conversation, Ally reluctantly told Austin that he should probably leave and they retreated back to the seats that they had started in. They discussed the first steps they should take to announce to those they were closest to that they had decided to just stay friends, which was all part of the grand scheme of keeping their relationship away from the press and other exploitation. They wouldn't keep it from their friends forever of course. Just until they felt completely confident that they could handle other people knowing about them. Austin rushed out of the door as they heard the sounds of Trish climbing the stairs to find Ally, leaving her feeling both euphoric and anxious about what just happened. How could she talk to Trish right now? She just wanted to dance around the room- but also chew her hair at the same time.

"Hey Ally! Wh- what was that Austin?" Trish yelled down at Austin as he flew past her out the door. "Sheesh, sometimes he's so weird. So Ally, tell me more about the Butch and Bitey pitch! Well, before the, you know, slime bomb."

"Oh umm… It was good. So good really. I liked it." Ally stammered with a goofy smile that she couldn't hide, and Trish was visibly confused.

"Uhh Ally, somethings up. Why do you look all dazed? Hellooo?" Trish said, and Ally came to her senses.

"Oh, sorry. I was just thinking about something… it was definitely NOT good. Our song was terrible because Austin and I have not been able to work together well since we started dating. In fact, I'm feeling like us dating wasn't such a good idea in the first place now." Ally said, finding it hard to lie to her best friend already. Not that what she was saying wasn't true, yet. But she wasn't doubting that the choice they made was wrong. Right now she felt like as long as she could remember that kiss she'd never doubt it.

"Aw man, I'm sorry Ally. Just know that I'm here for you no matter what ends up happening." Trish replied with genuine concern.

"Thanks Trish, I'll let you know if a decision is made. Love is just… hard, I guess." Ally couldn't decide the right word to use for a second because million adjectives popped into her head, but "hard" wasn't wrong. She just hoped that this stint of keeping their relationship secret would be more good than hard.

(very end of couples & careers) The next day Austin and Ally went back to the magic cafe, prepared with what to say when Trish and Dez showed up. There was no more awkwardness this time; in fact they both felt more confident in their relationship than ever as they laughed at the menu of puns. After dreamily reliving her kiss with Austin all night, the doubt and anxiousness she had before was severely suppressed. Being around Austin again made her doubts about their new secretive relationship dissipate. Noticing that Trish and Dez had just walked into the restaurant as planned, Austin started with the first line.

"This place is way more fun when your not on a date." He said loudly.

"And totally not awkward." Ally replied as she went in for a high five and Austin's chair began to levitate. That's what you get for meeting at a magic cafe. Moments later Trish asked the question they'd been waiting for.

"Oh… are you guys on a date?" she said, looking sorry for intruding.

"No, we decided we're not going to do that for now." Austin replied almost too confidently, Ally noticed.

"We're back to just us being us." she said, looking over to Austin with a smile. "And we're really happy." Austin gave Ally a suspiciously affirming look as she said the last part, but neither Trish or Dez seemed to notice. Ally planned to bug Austin later about his not-so-great cover up, but couldn't help but blush. Trish and Dez were having the expected reactions- Trish was understanding and Dez was disappointed- so she figured they weren't suspicious.

The rest of the night went great. Especially getting a quick kiss goodbye from Austin before he left for his house at the end of the night, behind the backs of their best friends. Maybe that should have felt bad, but it definitely felt good. It was at Sonic Boom and not in public. She couldn't get too mad at him.

I'll be continuing with new chapters soon, I have chapter 2 written and I'm excited to share it! I'd suggest watching the episode that I mention as you read the story, it might make it more engaging :) Please let me know what you think of this in the comments!