Wow, it's been a long time... My life got super busy and I took a little writing break. I hope to have another chapter for this fic at some point, this one ends with a bit of a cliffhanger and I definitely want to finish writing it. It's been such a journey working on this whole fic for so many months, I'm so glad people have enjoyed it :)

WARNING: this chapter pretty directly mentions sex, at least the topic of it. Just a heads up!

It was the first night of the A&A tour, just after the closing song that Austin and Ally performed together perfectly despite their rushed rehearsal right before the show. As the lights went out and the crowd roared like they'd never heard it before, the two of them rushed offstage on a high. They had a flight in 2 hours and no time to waste to get back to their hotel and pack up for the airport, but neither of them felt like rushing at all.

They'd barely had any time to hang out with Trish and Dez, let alone have any time to themselves, other than phone calls every day before the first show of the tour. Getting into the tour so fast meant that in their few weeks before flying off to their first US destinations there was practically no time to just relax- the planning was completely overwhelming, particularly the many short notice bookings and the stress of working out everything with Ronnie Ramone and Jimmy Star. Because there was such strong assurance that they'd be spending all their time together for the next several months and on, with no end in sight, neither Austin or Ally were too bothered by their lack of alone time. The knowledge that there would soon be endless time together kept their need to fully enjoy being together again at bay.

"Ally, we killed that! That was so amazing!" Austin shouted as they hugged backstage and he nearly lifted her off her feet.

"I can't believe how good it went… I forgot how much I love performing with you, you looked incredible out there." Ally shouted back giddily.

"Are you kidding? You looked incredible." He returned, and they kissed joyfully before Dez and Trish appeared.

"Guys, this is going to be the best tour ever, you totally killed it!" Trish yelled, and they all met in a group hug as the crowd screamed for an encore, which they didn't have time to give them.

"The transitions turned out sick! I can't believe I'm saying it, but I'm glad you guys convinced me that it'd be a bad idea to have Ally come on stage on an elephant." Dez gloated as they had to break their huddle and start jogging towards their ride to the hotel.

"What is it with you guys and entering on wild animals?" Trish had to wonder aloud. Dez and Austin just shrugged.

"It couldn't have gone better." Ally said, and she and Austin looked at each other proudly as they speedwalked, in disbelief of their situation.

"Ally, you're wearing the moon and sun necklace I got you Senior year." Austin finally noticed.

"Yeah, of course, I love it. And it reminds me that together, we can go fart." She responded, and the four of them laughed as they entered their car, even though Dez definitely still didn't get the joke. It touched Austin to see her wearing the necklace, despite the unfortunate engraving. She stored it away for years, but could never bring herself to get rid of it. As they walked through the parking lot to their hotel, tons of fans were waiting and screaming. How they knew where they were staying was a mystery. Despite their wildness, Ally was completely unbothered. She wanted to reach out and stroke Austin's hair, feel his face, and just be close to him, and she could tell that he wanted the same of her, but they had no time. Once they had reached their hotel rooms, however, all bets were off. They had separate hotel rooms, but once they reached the hall and Dez and Trish had gone inside their rooms Ally pulled him into hers and their lips met passionately. Austin wasn't expecting it but had no complaint. They showed no sign of stopping as Ally felt her back against the wall, even though in the back of their minds they knew they should be rushing to pack.

They all had agreed before they left that they should all have separate hotel rooms at every stop to encourage them to prioritize good nights of sleep and to allow a little bit of space from each other every day. They'd had a glimpse of how easily you can get annoyed with even your best friends if you spend every bit of every day with each other on Austin's Full Moon Tour, and Trish was adamant that they don't let a rift happen between them, and that they all stayed healthy and well rested. Any of them being grumpy and mad all the time would be a recipe for disaster. She also knew that Austin and Ally would be in a major honeymoon phase after having just got back together, so it would prevent anything graphic from happening in a room she and Ally were sharing. She had to think realistically. She also didn't want to have to start having sleepovers with Dez.

However, Trish did happen to be aware that both Austin and Ally were still virgins. Being the middleman between the two of them and Dez, and with Ally being her best friend, she inevitably knew far too much about their love lives in the past several years. But knowing that piece of information made her feel even more sure that it was only a matter of time before the two of them would lose interest in the busy tour life and start wanting to spend every minute of every day together. In the beginning of their serious relationship, during her tour and their last year of high school, despite some close calls, Ally had wanted her and Austin to not go that far until they'd been together for much longer than they had at any point in their senior year. She also personally wanted to be older- now they were both 22. Ally knew for sure now that there was nobody else she could ever be with, and so did Austin, after he failed to have any other girlfriend in the three years they were apart. Also, neither of them could bring themselves to hook up with a random person, even when alcohol became involved. What Trish didn't know was that Austin and Ally didn't know that about each other- they still hadn't even talked about if either of them had been in any other relationships. They avoided it, not wanting the thought of one of them being with someone else to ruin their reunion.

What Trish also didn't know was that in this moment neither of them were packing like they were supposed to, but rather their sporadic makeout session had just moved to the edge of Ally's bed. Ally's heart raced as she relished the feeling of Austin's hands all over her, and she could feel his smile throughout his whole body. It wasn't long before their movements became more aggressive, and as they caught their breath for a moment they saw a familiar spark in each other's eyes. Ally felt the passion between them raging- it made her somewhat nervous, but she was more overwhelmed with excitement. They reconnected, still with no sign of stopping.

"I love you so much." Austin breathed.

"I love you too." She returned shakily.

They did anything but slow down. She didn't know where they were anymore, they'd turned over, hands everywhere.

"Is this… are we going to… we didn't talk… what about protection..." Ran through her head, but the moment was outweighing the doubts. In fact, after a while she nearly forgot them completely as they went on and all of her emotions towards Austin that she'd locked away in college felt like they were flooding out. She barely noticed the bedside alarm clock showing their minimal time ticking away. It wasn't long before they'd reached a point further than they'd ever gone before and they had to stop, neither thinking about time in the slightest.

"Ally, hey, are you sure?" He asked carefully, the first fully coherent words said in a while, and she froze slightly, admiring the care in his face as a million thoughts swirled in her head. Before she even had a chance to come up with her answer, there was loud banging and yelling at Ally's door.

"Ally, hurry up! Are you not ready yet? We need to get the airport right now! I don't know where Austin or Dez are but we have got to get out of here-" Trish yelled. Austin looked like he badly wanted to groan. They had to silently and reluctantly part and get their clothes back in order, unable to ignore the commotion from the hall. Ally nodded for Austin to slip out, annoyed, and even though both of them were extremely reluctant to stop where they'd just left off, it was probably a good thing.

"Hey, let's talk about this when we get to DC?" Austin asked before opening the door.

"Definitely." Ally answered, and they both grinned shyly. Neither of them had any clue when that day began that it would lead to where they just were, mostly because they were used to how those situations used to go for them in highschool. As she collapsed backwards into her pillows, feeling butterflies and already missing Austin's touch, she realized that she'd just had a wake up call. She needed to talk to Austin about their relationship and future sooner rather than later for her to be ok with them becoming that intimate. For now, they'd pretend nothing happened, she decided, until they could talk. She was excited to talk to him on the plane, to laugh with him, to tell him college stories, to love his crazy antics. If something like what just happened came up again soon, she'd be ready to talk to him this time.

She rapidly threw her things into her bags with no organization and headed out the door in record time, heart still racing. When she met the group in the hall, the grinning between her and Austin didn't stop. When they had taken their seats on the plane they all began talking about the next couple weeks.

"I can't believe we have another show already tomorrow, this is going to go so fast." Austin sighed, and the other three weren't sure if he was happy or sad about it as they sat in their seats on their plane to DC. Ally sat next to him with Dez and Trish across the row- the plane had taken flight about 30 minutes before. For a while they'd all been discussing whether or not Trish should try to be a manager for sports teams after she was done dealing with Austin and Ally, which was a pretty entertaining topic as they imagined a bunch of big buff guys having a fearful respect for Trish- and her sometimes not-so-gentle methods of management.

"I know, it's gonna move super fast. I feel bad because with the way everything's scheduled I don't think you two will have as much time to go explore or go on dates and stuff like with Ally's tour. Hers was a little more spread apart. Probably because it wasn't planned crazy last minute like this one." Trish explained apologetically.

"Yeah, it sounds like we basically just had to squeeze in what we could get." Austin agreed.

"Yep, pretty much. Any venue with an opening somewhat in our time frame was what I went with." Trish added.

"So that explains why next week we will have two shows in different states within 16 hours of each other." Ally said, eyes wide, and Trish nodded slowly.

"Yeah, sorry guys."

"Ehh, it's fine, i'm excited no matter what. Plus the shows themselves are gonna be so much fun." Austin answered, and Ally nodded happily.

"I think my mom is gonna be able to come to one next week!" She said.

"Really? That's awesome! I hope she is going to the same one that my mean Aunt Shelley is going to next week, I need to avoid her at all costs. Maybe I can just hang out with your mom and tell my aunt I have a stomach ache." Austin said.

"That would be one long stomach ache- When is she going to become just 'Aunt Shelley'? Are you still scared of her?" Ally giggled.

"Uh… maybe. She has always had it out for me." Austin assured her, and she smirked.

"She should take tips from my Uncle Joe. He's the best." Dez chimed in.

For the rest of the flight the four of them chatted, attempted to play cards on the moving plane and quickly gave up, and then fell asleep. When Ally woke up with her head against Austin's shoulder at their next destination, she immediately smiled, remembering that they were together, they just had their first show, and everything in between. Even though her and Austin needed to address what had happened that night before, nothing was bothering her and she felt ready to spend the day preparing for another show in DC. She couldn't wait to be back onstage feeling the sparks of their singing and dancing again.

Two weeks into their tour, Austin and Ally had a rare evening at their hotel in Atlanta to be alone together while Trish was busy being their manager at their next venue and Dez was editing footage together from the start of the tour in his room. Even though they'd agreed to talk in Washington DC after the first night of their tour, they never really could, because they didn't have time to be alone before heading to their next venue to prepare that morning when their flight landed. They were finding that time alone, even on a tour all about them being a duo, was extremely scarce. It was honestly getting pretty disheartening since the tour was supposed to be all about the two of them being together.

In those first couple of weeks of shows together as partners, the sexual tension between them was very apparent onstage, and in everything else they did in the short amount of time they'd been together again, but an updated conversation about the topic after what happened the night of their first show hadn't occurred between them yet. Nothing else as serious as that had happened since, mostly because they'd hardly had time alone together. That was crucial to Ally. As the two of them laid on their stomachs in front of Austin's laptop, watching a recording of one of his live shows from that year, Ally still felt like there was a lot for them to talk about.

"This show was pretty awful… I had sprained my ankle hiking the night before at a bonfire and Jimmy was not about to let me cancel that show. He basically threatened that I'd have to start staying on the bus instead of going out and having fun at my stops… crazy right?" Austin remarked as they watched.

"I can see your limp… and I'd say yes, but this is the same guy who banned you from performing because you got a girlfriend." Ally answered.

"True, I should just be glad that he didn't know about the keg someone brought." Austin replied, and Ally slapped his arm, her mouth gaped open.

"Don't tell me you did it with a show the next day."

"No… I think?"

"No kegs on our tour, executive order."

"Who said you get to make executive orders."


Austin laughed and skipped to the next video as Ally waited for some confirmation. Noticing her glare, he conceded.

"Fine, at least we have wine."

They smiled and gazed simultaneously at their half finished glasses of sweet Moscato d'Asti by the TV, both too lazy and comfortable to get up for a sip. Ally rolled over closer to Austin as they started the next video, relaxed and happy as he hugged his arm around her.

"Isn't it crazy that we stayed here like 6 years ago? I mean the rooms look exactly the same. I've been having déjà vu. We should go up to the pool tonight." Ally remarked dreamily as she thought about their first trip to Atlanta for back to back shows, not long after they'd officially gotten back together at their school prom.

"Wait Day-jah what now?" Austin asked.

"Déjà vu? Like when you suddenly feel like you're reliving a memory, like you've been there before?"

"Aha- man, being around you makes me a lot smarter. But yeah, let's go back to the pool! That was super romantic... I didn't expect anyone to be there that night, but especially not you."

"Yeah, same here. I thought I was going up there to write in my book by myself."

They continued to chat for a while as they watched Austin's on and offstage tour footage from a couple years after their breakup.

"Wow, I did a better job at avoiding press about you than I realized. I don't remember seeing photos or videos about this show at all." She remarked as she enjoyed all the different camera angles of his dancing. She always just had a sideline view of him performing from backstage so she loved to see what the crowd could see.

"Yeah, that's probably because I was so boring for a while. I just wasn't getting all that excited at my shows and people could tell I was down and uninspired. I wasn't so popular for a while either when people automatically assumed that we broke up because I cheated on you, especially after that Brooke scandal a few years ago. Things were just rough all around."

"I get it… and wow, I forgot about that Brooke thing. I can't believe she just kissed you like that. We were at Shredder's when that happened weren't we? Wow, it's been so long since I've gone there. You were always the one dragging me out to the beach."

"Yeah, and my comeback show was coming up. But yeah, I miss that place. So many memories there. And come on, you liked it. I taught you all about good beach stuff senior year. I can't believe you got on a surfboard once."

They both laughed remembering the sight of that, but Ally couldn't be embarrassed, it was too funny.

"I don't even know if we can count that as getting on it. My feet did touch it though. Sort of."

"I think it counts. I don't know what made me think of this but do you remember when we got locked in the ice cream place at the mall and Dez had that starfish stuck to his face? What led to that?" Austin exclaimed.

"Yes back when Trish worked at Scoop There It Is! Briefly. I honestly don't remember how that happened"

"I just remember that I was worried about the Hot Summer Jam contest. Plus you got gum all over your songbook. Or actually, Dez did."

"Don't remind me… I was so mad at him."

"You know, sometimes I would find a little bit of gum stuck to your songbook even after you gave it to me. I always thought it was kinda gross, but now I remember that it was just Dez' fault way back then."

"What, did you think I just stuck my old gum in there all the time?" Ally asked with a laugh.

"Well, the thought crossed my mind." He responded.

"I hate that you ever had an image of me doing that in your head." Ally said, looking repulsed.

"It didn't even phase me. I just liked having the book. It did not make it easier to be away from you though." He said, turning his head to be closer to hers as they lay snuggled together on their stomachs.

"But you had lots to do right? To keep you occupied? The great thing about college was that I at least had a lot of distractions, even if a lot of that was just studying." She said with a sympathetic frown.

"I did have some fun, which you know some of now, but I just couldn't stand being alone, ever. I didn't want to just hang out on my bus… there was nobody to hang with. Anytime I was on it just missed you like crazy. I'd just play my guitar and think of terrible lyrics that I wished you could fix. Or stay awake all night thinking about flying out to your campus. Like I'd be so close to getting tickets. Or-"

Ally had cut him off as she kissed him, which calmed her heart throb. Hearing him talk about how much he missed her was making it impossible not to gravitate towards his lips. She could see Austin shut his laptop with one hand out of the corner of her eye as they continued. She could feel his smile all throughout his body. Her room was identical to the ones they'd stayed in several years before other than having only one queen bed instead of 2, which was where they had been watching old videos from their last few years on their own in the past hour. They rolled over so that he was propped up below her as the kiss deepened, both entranced. There was a strong unspoken desire to keep going. The pop music that was coming out of their bluetooth speaker in the corner seemed to fade away the more lost they became, but the rhythm set a perfect mood. It wasn't long before their movements became more intense, and Ally knew she had to hinder it.


She hated to say it and he clearly hated to hear it as they hesitantly parted and collapsed onto the pillows.

"I need to get ready for my meeting with the dancers soon."

"That's not for like twenty minutes… What's up? Do you still not want to?" He asked gently.

"No no- I definitely want to. But, I think I keep holding back because I've wanted us to feel more secure, and official. You know I'm super careful about this. And even though I know I could never be with anyone else, we've only been back together for a short time and I like to have 100% confidence." She responded carefully, finding that her breaths had simultaneously become uneven as she realized what she really wanted. Austin seemed to be putting it together himself.

"Of course… official… you don't mean?" He said slowly, becoming nervous with a slight smile as he motioned something to her with his hands. He held an imaginary ring box and lifted the invisible lid. She had trouble sitting still as she nodded yes, feeling shocked at what they were openly insinuating. For a moment they just looked at each other with mouths slowly falling agape, feeling the same joyful disbelief that they shared after their first kiss ever in the Jungle Cafe.

"Can you think of a single reason why not?" She finally asked.

"Honestly, I've been trying to, and I can't think of anything." He said, which just made them smile wider right as there was a knock at their door. Austin hopped up, energized, and opened the door for Dez.

"Hey man I need your opinion on some of the shots I got from the show. I'm thinking there was a little too much down angle and you might wanna tell me what to edit out for the whooole thing. Ally, you can come too. The left cameraman didn't do you any favors to put it nicely." Dez explained.

"You coming Ally?" Austin called out, and just the sound of his voice made her swoon. They could be engaged soon… what?! It was fast to talk about it, but it felt like they'd been in love forever. She didn't expect to say what she did, but she had no regret. There was no reason why they should wait to make things official, it was true. The thought of being engaged was too much to handle. As a former hopeless romantic, the feeling was more than she could have ever dreamed. Focusing on Dez's video editing was hard for both of them. The only question she had now was when and how he would do it… she wanted to dance around as ideas popped into her head. However it went, if it was a promise from Austin that he wanted to be with her forever, it would be perfect.