A/N: Hello! This is an idea I have had for a while but I've only now gotten time to write it because of the social distancing occurring.

Just a bit of info about the story:

1)It take place three years after the episode "And Then There Were Four"

2) None of the episodes after the aforementioned occurred, and the events are not cannon, hence the team never got broken up and the students are still training.

3) The characters have been aged up:

Adam- 21

Bree- 20

Chase- 19


Violet- 18

Daniel- 16


Chapter 1

"Oh God."

Violet Wilson stumbled off the Hydroloop, bracing her hands on her knees in an effort to calm her stomach. The croissant and orange juice she'd had earlier was threatening to make a reappearance and she had no intentions of being covered in vomit when she met her brother for the first time in three years.

Three years.

One hundred and fifty-six weeks.

One thousand and ninety-five days.

That was how long it had been since she'd last been face-to-face with her little brother -her baby brother- Daniel.

The last time they had been in each other's physical presence had been her first day of college. Despite her telling him there was no need to do so, Daniel insisted he make the trip with them. He had just met his biological family and was considering joining the academy to hone his newfound bionics. She had told him to stay, go early and get to know them better. There was no need for him to accompany his big sister on her move-in day. It was the least she owed him, after all.

But he was adamant on going, and so he pushed back his trip to the island and joined them. Afterwards he enrolled in the academy and she threw herself into studies and in the blink of an eye, years had passed without them seeing each other.

They kept in contact, though. Video chat, texts, phone-calls, emails. She even sent him a birthday gift once a year, as was their tradition. And she did come home, on holidays and summer, but sadly his schooling did not have terms. As a matter of fact, the number of missions they went on seemed to skyrocket between terms - idle hands and whatnot, she guessed. This meant that Daniel only got to visit home at times when she was in Boston. Her parents even visited the academy as often as they could, so the three of them always kept in contact.

As for why she never went to the academy before? Well… Violet's own guilt was the cause of that. That was a long story, one which she was debating whether or not to tell Daniel. She could use this time to tell him, but her trip was only supposed to last a few days. Shouldn't she spend them having fun with him rather than potentially damaging their relationship?

"Ugh." Another gurgle of her stomach had her stooping low to the ground. One hand wrapped around her front, gripping her shirt so hard the French tuck came undone. She closed her eyes against the rising nausea. This was it. She was really about to puke.

Don't throw up!

Violet rolled her eyes. As if this weren't bad enough, Vic had to come in to play. Vic was Violet's inner voice, sort of like a conscience but way too sarcastic and condescending. She popped up from time to time when Violet was in certain situations to offer 'help', but her 'help' was more like taunting or blatantly obvious statements than anything else. Nonetheless, the voice was a presence she had gotten used too.

"No shit," she whispered. They had a love-hate relationship, to say the least.

You need to find Daniel!

"Shut up!" she growled.

"Um…" Violet's eyes opened at the sound of the deeper voice. A pair of large Nike's came into view, clearly belonging to the person who she had just inadvertently snapped at. "I was just gonna ask you if you were okay…"

Yeah thanks, Vic. Vic was silent.

"Yes," she said, deciding she should answer the person lest she look crazier. She made an attempt to get up, only for the nausea to hit her full swing and knock her on her ass. She always did have a weak stomach. "Actually, make that a no."

The person took a seat in front of her, and to her surprise, she knew who it was. Adam Davenport. The magazines had covered him relentlessly over the past three years, so much so that you would have to be living under a rock to not know who he was. He was the eldest bionic – the first, really- the strongest, the one Daniel had prattled on about being his coolest sibling. The handsomest…

Yeah, that was another thing the magazines had mentioned. When the world had first found out that bionic humans existed, it was just Adam, Bree and Chase. For months on end all anyone could seem to talk about were these three kids and the abilities they possessed. From the news to talk shows to social media, they were everywhere.

The only thing that was hyped as much as their powers, however, were the Adonis-like looks of the eldest Davenport… and Violet could not help but agree with them. As attractive as he was on a screen or printed page, she was pleased to find he was even more so in real life. His dark brown hair was wavier up close, eyes more hazel than brown. He had a very interesting face, one like she had never seen before. It was an equal balance of pretty and handsome, his straight cut jaw-line and bushy eyebrows contrasting with the length of his eyelashes and the plumpness of his lips. Lips that were moving, saying words to her.

"Huh?" Violet felt so dumb. Here she was, freshly graduated, first class honours with distinction, reduced to a mono-syllabic moron. Adam did not seem to notice, fixing her with a grin.

"I asked how your stomach was."

"It's," she looked down to where her hand rested over her mid-section, "it's not that bad anymore." It really was not. The nausea was subsiding and her throat no longer felt constricted.

"Yeah, the loop does that to people." He tilted his head up to another boy, similar in stature. He was a angular-faced ginger with bright green eyes and a permanent smirk. Next to him stood a shorter blonde girl, blue-eyed and attractive. They both gave her welcoming smiles. "You two can go on ahead. I'll stay here until she feels better."

The two left, leaving her and Adam alone. He surveyed her for a bit, hazel eyes roaming over her form. She shifted a bit under the intensity of his gaze. Violet was not used to this sort of attention from good looking boys, mostly because her excellence at academics always had her around students years older than her. Up until a few months ago, she was still jailbait.

"You're Violet, Daniel's sister." He leaned forward and offered her a hand. "I'm Adam."

"Good guess," she replied and shook his hand. It completely engulfed hers, both in size and warmth, and the skin of his palm was rough. He shrugged and took his hand back.

"Daniel's been talking non-stop about his sister visiting today so I put two and two together." First the stomach thing and now this. Maybe Adam Davenport was not as brainless as the magazines made him out to be. "And the purple eyes are a dead giveaway." She laughed at that.

"They're not actually purple," she explained automatically, having been asked the question numerous times in her life, "just very, very deep blue. Hence the name."

"Beautiful name for a beautiful girl." Wow. Had he just… had he just hit on her? I believe he did, Violet. Vic sounded just as stunned as she felt. And he said it so matter-of-factly, like there was no way it could not be true. So was it really an attempt at flirting if he thought he was stating a fact? Or maybe that was how he flirted, cool and-

"Violet!" Adam's hand was waving in front of her face, concerned. It was clear he had called her name more than once. When he was satisfied that she was once again paying attention, he held out a hand to her. She took it and the both of them got up. "You zone out a lot don't you?"

"I'm sorry," she said. "It's been a strange day and I'm tired and …" She continued speaking, not even noticing the lip-biting smile Adam was giving her. It was only when a blur flew at her did she cease her rambling.

"Vi!" Daniel attacked her with a hug, his new height and weight knocking her unaccustomed body back into Adam's. Her cheeks heated as her back touched his toned chest.

"Sorry," she mumbled as she righted herself. He just waved off her apology.

"I see you've already met Adam," Daniel said, smiling brightly up at his older brother.

"She has," Adam held out his hand and he and Daniel did some weird handshake routine, "I've gotta go now, though. I'll catch you guys later."

When Adam left, she placed her hands on her brother's shoulders and looked him over. He was exactly her height now and there was muscle beneath her palms where there had never been any before. His entire body had filled out, from his chest to his to his arms to his legs. The brown eyes he'd always had were still the same, except now they were set in a face that was less round and more square. Even his hair was different, shorter at the sides and taller atop like Adam's.

"You're so big now," she whispered, pulling him in for another hug. "I've missed you so much." He even smelled different, a scent of forest green replacing the usual candy scent that came from their shared love of sweets.

"I've missed you too," his grip tightened, tears evident in his voice. "I'm so glad you're here."

"So am I," she blotted her tears before pulling back, putting on a cheery smile. "Now tell me everything, and don't leave anything out. Also, I wanna meet all your friends, especially Bob and Spin. And do you have a girlfriend, yet?l"

Daniel was silent, his reddening cheeks giving him away.

"You do have a girlfriend!" Even Danny has someone, Vi. It's time to get you a man.

"She's not my girlfriend," Daniel mumbled.

"So there is a she!" He playfully shoved her.

"I hate you."

She scoffed. "You do not." He swung an arm around her shoulder.

"I don't." She pinched his cheek. "Come on, lemme introduce you to the rest of the family."


If someone had told Violet a month ago that she would be sitting around on a floating island having pizza with her brother and four other bionics, she would have laughed and asked that person what they were smoking. Now that it was actually happening, she found that she was not as nervous as she thought she would be.

On her way to the quarters she met Donald and Douglas. Both brothers were polar opposites in looks, one spiky-haired and rugged while the other was clean shaven and neat. Personality wise, they were both a little crazy and a lot more similar than either of them seemed to notice. Altogether, she decided she liked them.

Even after her first meeting with his family, she could see the similarities between them and her brother. His dark blonde locks came from Douglas, but his eyes clearly came from whoever his real mother was. This trait was also shared with his other sister, Bree. Adam and Chase had inherited Douglas's hazel irises. If she had to choose the person he looked like the most, it would have to be Chase. The shape of his face and his new build made the two of them look almost like twins. It was only the obvious age and face differences that made it clear they were just brothers.

Something hit her left shoulder-Bree- drawing her out of her inner comparisons. The ecstatic speedster had nudged her to hand her another slice of pizza, which she gratefully took. The girl had greeted her with a hug, much like Daniel did, and immediately declared her her sister. Apparently she had been anticipating Violet's arrival even more than Daniel, glad to finally have another girl around to help balance out the testosterone. All of her brothers had told her to calm down, with Adam having to physically detach her arms from around Violet's neck, but she didn't mind. Bree was much nicer than most of the girls she had encountered in her life and she secretly hoped that the two would become friends.

"So, Violet," Chase spoke up from across her. He was sitting between Adam and Leo on the floor, the former watching her with an unreadable expression. "How come you've never visited before."

"Vi's been away at a college, "Daniel explained for her. She shot him a grateful smile. "She just graduated, actually."

"Graduated?" Bree echoed, shock ringing through her tone. "Aren't you eighteen?" Adam leaned forward slightly, interested, a stark contrast to his previous lazy slouch.

"I skipped a couple grades," Violet explained meekly.

"A couple grades?" Daniel laughed. "She's being modest. Vi's a genius. She's so smart she flew through high school and got a full ride scholarship to MIT at fourteen." Everyone looked at her and Violet shrank back, uncomfortable with the sudden attention. It was the one thing she hated but always seemed to attain throughout her short life. Her mom always told her it came with the territory of being a genius.

"MIT? What field of study?" Chase asked.

"I majored in electrical and electronics engineering with a double minor in nuclear and materials." As soon as she said it, the room quieted. Everyone but Daniel blinked at her. The silence stretched out for a while, becoming more and more uncomfortable. She squirmed uneasily, an action which drew Adam's eye to her and made him speak up.

"So basically you're a female Chase. Except for, you know," he gestured to her cross-legged form, "the obvious." Next to her, Bree groaned.

"The obvious what?" Violet asked, puzzled.

"The obvious fact that you're hot and Chase is not." The answer came from Leo, who received a snap of agreement from Adam.

"Guys, come on!" Daniel exclaimed in distaste, "I asked you not to do this! She's my sister!" Adam and Leo started laughing. He turned to Chase desperately. "Some help? Please?

Chase rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. "Well, you know…"

"Come on, man!" Bree joined into the laughter as Daniel launched in a lecture about how yes, his sister was pretty but no, his brothers were not allowed to mention it. This just made them laugh louder.

The entire time Violet sat there gaping. She could not believe what had just happened. For the second time that day, Adam had just made reference to how pleasant he found her looks to be. And this time it was in front of her brother and the rest of his siblings.

She briefly wondered if he was doing this on purpose. Did he really find her attractive? Or was he just that used to flirting that he could not help himself? The magazines had also mentioned that he was a bit of a player, so maybe it was the latter? Whichever reason it was, it got the focus off of her, so she was glad for that at least.

Maybe that's why he did it? Vic had a point. In their brief meeting Adam had proven himself to be a lot more intuitive than he had been given credit for. But was he that intuitive? They'd just met, were basically still strangers. There was no way he could be that in tune with her feelings already, right?

She looked down. Something had touched her foot. Adam's, she realized. Looking up, she found him still laughing at Daniel, a slice of pizza held carelessly in his big hands. He turned his head to meet her eyes briefly, so much that you would have had to be paying close attention to notice, and he gave her a sly wink. Then he bit into his pizza and tuned back into Daniel like nothing had happened. Violet hid her smile behind a breadstick.

Dumbest bionic, my ass.

So there's the first chapter. I'll leave it up for a bit to see if anyone is interested. There are not a lot of Adam/OC stories are, and most of them are repetitive or unfinished. I have half of this story written already and am working on the next half. Let me know what you thought!