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My story is meant to be fun and make you laugh about Tim McGee Senior Field agent bad ass and tech genius being stuck at home during lock down with two Toddlers.

McGee Family Hunkers down

Delilah is stuck with her family locked down and quarantined, Tim must handle things at home with the twins. Here is how Tim attempts to handle the kids on his own.

Chapter 1

Day Ten in the McGee household

Tim was starting to realize he was not cut out for single parenting. I missed Dee's calm presence when the kids got out of hand. He did not know how Tony did it being a single parent to Tali before Ziva joined him and Tali again. He and Dee would laugh at Tony's frustration with Tali when he wanted her to do something. Laughing to himself he took down murders, terrorist and worst of the worst bad guys, he should be able to handle two two-year old toddlers, boy was he wrong. It seemed the past few days he was losing it, the kids were getting on his last nerves. Hearing shouting from the family room he walks in to find Morgan and Johnny fighting again.

"Morgan stop hitting your brother" yelled Tim as his daughter started hitting her brother with the wooden blocks Gibbs had given them. This was going to be one of those days again. This is the hundredth time he had to break up the kids and wishing Dee were home she would know what to do. Thinking maybe he should get her on face-time to help with the kids he shrugs it off, he can do this. Squaring his shoulders, he interested into the fray attempting to separate the combatants.

"But daddy, he broke my house" she cried back tossing another block at Johnny who ducked as he saw it coming at him.

"Johnny apologize to your sister" Tim said to his son. Sighing when his son answers with a resounding: "No, she wouldn't let me play" he said to his father starting to cry, looking angry at his sister who was gearing up with another block.

Counting to ten he looked at his children. "Now Morgan, you need to share with Johnny"

"No, I want to play" taking the block in her little hand and starting to rebuild her house when Johnny knocked it over again.

"Johnny, I told you not to knock down your sisters house and Morgan you can share the blocks with your brother there are enough for both of you to play."

"NO" they said at the same time "I want to play with them"

As he watches them start to hit each other again he shouts at them "enough, if you can't share then nobody is playing with the blocks" reaching to put them away in the toy box."

"But, daddy I want to play"

"Me too daddy"

"Then you need to share"

"Okay daddy" they said together.

He watches for a few minutes as they kid's, continue to play with the blocks he goes to the laundry room to start a load of the kids clothes when the shouting starts again.

"Oh god, help me." he laughs as he leaves the dirty laundry, he goes to break up the kids again.

Chapter 2

Day 13

The next battle Tim had was lunch. He made their favorite peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches. "Morgan, Johnny lunch he called from the kitchen. "What's for lunch?" asked Johnny

"Peanut butter and strawberry jam and for dessert grapes and crackers" Tim replied

"Yay" said Johnny as he climbed up on his chair.

"Morgan, lunch" he called waiting a moment for his daughter to come. "Morgan, lunch come and get it." Sighing "wait her bud, I'm going to get your sister then we can eat."

"Okay daddy."

Walking towards the playroom he sees his daughter on the floor playing with her dolls. "Morgan sweetie lunch come on."

"No, I play" she said turning back to her dolls moving them around the floor.

"Morgan, come on it's time for lunch you can play with your dolls after." Bending down to take the dolls and putting them in the toy box. Morgan shrieks "NO!"

"Morgan, I told you, can play with the dolls again after lunch now come on."

"No" she says again, turning to get her dolls her father put in the toy box back, Tim takes action to get his stubborn daughter to comply, he starts to lift her off the floor. Thinking to himself he had an easier time arresting murder suspects then getting his 2-year-old daughter to come to lunch. Starting to kick at her daddy's stomach as he lifted her up. "I want to play, no lunch, play"

Taking a deep breath "No Morgan, you can play later if you behave, it is time for lunch." Carrying her to the kitchen, he sets her in chair and bring her sandwich. Sighing again battle won. Finally, lunch is finished dishes in the washer and what to do with the kids. "How about a movie?" He asks, the kids "Yay" they cried. "I pick" said Morgan, "No, I pick' said Johnny. As the kids go back and forth. Taking a deep breath, he sighs "Enough" he said breaking the two kids apart as they had started grabbing at each other and hitting each other. "I will pick the movie."

"But" they said

"No buts, daddy will pick the movie. Now go to the living and sit down and I will setup the movie." Grumbling they move the living room when Morgan shoved Johnny again and he fell on the floor hard and started crying. Tim running over to his son and making sure he was okay from the fall, holding the crying little boy rubbing his back. He turns to Morgan. "Morgan why did you shove your brother"

Shrugging she turns to the sofa and starts to climb up.

"Morgan, I am taking to you" speaking to her in the angry daddy voice.

"I don't know" she says and picks up her dolly that was on the sofa.

"Morgan, that is not an answer" he said.

"I want to pick movie and he wouldn't let me"

"Morgan" sighing. "you do not shove or hit your brother you hear me." Putting the little boy on the sofa next to his sister. He picks up Morgan and sets her on the floor. "Now go to your time out place and think about why you don't hit and shove your brother." Looking stunned "No, corner, no time out." She shouts at her daddy. "Morgan it is either time or a spanking and no movie."

"I want movie, no spanking" she says standing in her time out corner.

As he is placing his daughter in the corner his cell rings. "Hey honey"

"How are you doing? Kids

Laughing "you don't want to know."

Chapter 3

Day fifteen

The Paint incident

Tim decided to go to home store with the kids the day before, he had been promising the paint the den since they moved into the new house and now seemed as good as time to do it as any. Looking around the den he and covered all the furniture, moved out all the electronics and was set to go. The kids were occupied watching Cars 2. Opening the paint can he poured some in the tray and started to paint. The cream color was a nice contrast to the dark furniture. Ring, Ring… "Daddy phone" cried Johnny racing to the den to get his father carrying the phone with him as it continues to ring.

"Thank you" he said to his son before answering the phone "McGee"

"Hey honey, how are you doing?" asks Delilah on the other end.

"Doing good sweetie." He answers

"How are the kids" they are good. "Watching Cars 2 while I paint the den"

"So, they are occupied for a bit"


"Listen can you find a file for me on my computer?"

"Sure sweetie" closing the den door so the kids cannot get in he heads upstairs to boot up his wife's computer." Chatting as he walks up the stairs he catches up on things and boots up the computer. "Okay what file do you need?"

"It's called MM Craft"

"Got it, sending it" he said. Hearing giggling, he turns off the computer still talking to his wife. "Oh no" he says walking down the stairs passing the living room where the kids were supposed to be. "Dee, I have to go" entering the den he starts to laugh and laugh and laugh looking at his kids.

"Why, Tim what's happening, what's so funny, what are they doing." She asks hearing the laughter in his voice.

"Let me send you a picture" trying to catch his breath as he was still laughing. He turns the cell he takes a picture of their kids covered from head to toe in vanilla cream-colored paint and the brushes in their hands painting each other. He also sends a short video to his wife he hears laughter on the other side.

"Oh, my Tim" catching her breath after the hearty laugh, "that is just too funny, they are so cute, I can't wait to show mom and dad."

"Yeah, they are cute, and it is a good thing the paint is washable."

"Yes, it is, good luck getting them clean." She laughs as they disconnect.

"Hi daddy" Morgan says turning to see her daddy in the doorway.

"Hi daddy, we help paint" said Johnny

"I see that, thank you" he said to both kids trying not to laugh. "Why don't you put the brushes down and we go get you cleaned up."

"Bubble bath daddy" said Johnny loves bubble baths.

"Yes, bubble bath Johnny" now scoot and take your clothes off, "you too Morgan"

"Okay Daddy" Morgan says as she put the brush in her hand back in the tray next to Johnny's brush and heads for the bath. Watching them head off Tim sends the video to Tony and Ziva and Gibbs. The first response as he heads to bathe the kids was from Tony and Ziva just full of laughter and I'll call you later, as the laughter continued. The next as a call from Gibbs "McGee" he answers "hey boss"

"Looks like you need some new painters" hearing his boss laugh

"Yeah I do" he answers "I need to boss before the kids flood the bathroom again.

"Go" was all Gibbs answered and he hung up.

"laughing he saw his naked kids in the tub with the water running, good thing they didn't put the stopper in this time. "Okay you too, let me fill the tub and add the bubbles." Tim fills the tub thinking I can't wait for things to go back to normal.