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Well, been a while hasn't it? I was busy fighting rebels from one side of the empire to the other. Now however I'm home, with an injury to my leg. Don't worry, I'll be fine, I should be able to get back to work in about three weeks of periodically applying bacta to my injury. However right now I'm in the most comfortable position possible on my couch typing this on my portable computer. I knew I'd kick myself if I didn't take advantage of this opportunity to start back on this again. So grab a drink, cause i got quite a few stories to share.

145. Do not be afraid to use trickery, disguises and other manners of deception. The ISB doesn't always have spies on hand and you have to improvise, this is something that (unfortunately) is not always clear to our officers, however once it produces results they'll come in and steal the glory. And for that one moment, I was actually happy to be working under an inquisitor.

146. If you are ever going to go undercover, make sure the person who is doing the talking can fucking act! Something was seriously wrong with that bitch, she was annoying, she was always complaining and her acting was so bad that even the dumbest robot would not have fallen for it. "trained by the best actors in the galaxy" my ass.

147. Incompetent Star Destroyer captains are a dime a dozen, Imperial Star Destroyer captains, probably the most desired position in the empire. Subsequently, most star destroyer captains are incompetent babies who bribed their way to that position (or had the position "commissioned" on their behalf by their parents) hence, most star destroyer captains fall into one of two categories, either they treat their warship like its made of paper, or throw their kilometer long warship at the Rebels like its a battering ram. Most troopers who find themselves aboard such a ship will resign themselves to go down with the ship when in reality it's pretty damn easy to get transferred off a Star Destroyer.

148. Making fun of other trooper's hobbies. My husband actually does folk singing as a hobby, familiar with folk songs from all across the galaxy, few years ago some jackass decided to try and mock him. this Dumbass found out that A. no one likes it when you interrupt the main event of the evening at the bar. B. an Angry/drunk Spouse is someone who doesn't known their own strength (read 130)

149. Blaster trick safety, apparently I have to reiterate 127, gun tricks can result in you shooting yourself with ANY blaster. Seriously, is it that hard to toggle a safety?!

150. Alcohol safety, Drunken troops are at best, an item of humor, and at worst, a detriment to your garrisons combat effectiveness. Remember 13? It's that all over again, except this time it was a troop transport driver who barreled through a rebel barricade and straight into a stone wall, fatally.

151. do your Species research, did you know that their is a sentient species out their with spitting acid and a resistance to blaster bolts? Well its true, and the sorry assholes we came to relieve had found this information out the hard way.

this time I got your 'origin of some of the deaths' trivia right here. You can still write a review (I enjoy feedback of any kind both positive and negative), or share your own "stupid death" stories/ideas seriously I'm more then happy to take any suggestions.

prolog: originally, I had thought that chapter 13 was so under developed that this was supposed to come first, and the disclaimer at the top of the story would contain a reference to Commando. however, when I resumed writing I discovered that there was no need to and that the "special forces" chapter was nearly done. also "portable computer" is the least 'laptop' sounding term I could find in star wars that referenced a laptop (and laptops do exist in Star Wars, the Wookiepedia page on computers has a laptop as the primary image).

151. Is a reference to cannon

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