The Rebirth of Skywalker

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Summary: When CC offered Lelouch the power of Geass, he gained something else: memories. Memories of being a Slave, a Jedi, and a Sith; of being born Anakin Skywalker and dying as Darth Vader. And with that in mind, he refuses CC's offer. For the Power of the King pales in comparison to the Power of the Force. Very Vader-ish, but Grey Lelouch.

'You don't want it to end here, do you?'

'What?' Lelouch whispered in shock as he heard her voice, but only barely. He suddenly felt...dislodged from the world, as if out of his own body.

'You appear to have a reason for living.'

'The girl...that's impossible,' He thought in disbelief, having seen her take a bullet to the head just seconds ago. Though, admittedly, he had just seen her hand grab his wrist suddenly even more recently.

'If I grant you power, could you go on?'

As she asked this, a myriad of images flashed before his eyes; hundreds of priests with a strange symbol upon their heads, two worlds with a connection forming between them and more that he couldn't process.

'I propose a deal. In exchange for this power, you must make my one wish...come true...'

Lelouch narrowed his eyes and focused his ears as her voice began to fade into the background. He could still hear her, warning him of the price of some power, but only just barely. As if she was getting farther away, or her voice was being smothered...

*Kuuuuuuh Kerrr...Kuuuuuuh Kerrr...Kuuuuuuh Kerrr*

Lelouch's world went cold at that sound. That slow, ominous, artificial breathing that made him want to grab his chest in phantom agony. He turned, slowly, in the white void he didn't even fully realize he was in, as his eyes laid upon Him; that giant being of human and machine, towering over all but the tallest of mortals. He was clad in black, from head to toe, down to the cape donning his shoulders. On his chest was a control module and on his belt was a metal cylinder of unknown purpose, but it was the mask that would catch anyone's attention. That black, skull-like mask with soulless dark lenses that had an almost unnoticeable crimson tint to them. Save for the breathing, there was no indication that this being wasn't a machine, or even alive for that matter.

*Kuuuuuuh Kerrr...Kuuuuuuh Kerrr...Kuuuuuuh Kerrr*

He stood with a haunting air of confidence and power, and even the pure whiteness of this vision seemed to dull in his presence. He stared into the eyes of Lelouch vi Britannia, as if he was waiting for him to do something, as if he were standing in judgement of the exiled prince. And all the while, the breathing continued, clawing at the very soul...

*Kuuuuuuh Kerrr...Kuuuuuuh Kerrr...Kuuuuuuh Kerrr*

Lelouch's eyes went wide as he tried to move back, the man now standing directly in front of him. The dark-clad being took a moment to study the boy a bit more before slowly raising up his hand and holding it out in a grasping motion towards Lelouch's face. He was frozen yet the hand never touched him, nor did the monolith come any closer. But the breathing was louder, as if it were right in his ear.

*Kuuuuuuh Kerrr! Kuuuuuuh Kerrr! Kuuuuuuh Kerrr!*

As if it was his own breathing.

Lelouch shuddered, gasping as he nearly doubled over. He could feel it passing into him. The pain, the loss, the suffering, the hate, the power, the determination, and most of all: the memories. The memories of a Lord of a mystic and dark sect that wielded a power called the Dark Side of the Force. Of commanding a military of an empire a thousand fold worse than Britannia could ever be, that spanned almost an entire galaxy. Of being someone that had lost his self in too many ways, leaving him more machine than man.

Lelouch panted as he opened his eyes to see the black armor crumble away like dust. No, like ash, fading away to reveal a young man with curly brown hair and sinister yellow eyes with a scar over his right. But, in seconds, the eyes became a kinder blue and, slowly, the scar faded away.

Oh yes, he remembered that as well. Of being one of the greatest warriors of a group that thought to keep the peace of the galaxy and protect a galactic wide republic. He remember the rush of freedom his powers granted him, ever conflicting with his desperate need to prove to the others he called comrades that he deserved to be one of them. He remembered the joys of a forbidden love that he would do anything, sacrifice anything to protect. And he remembered the despair of being so powerful yet so powerless to save those he loved.

The man before him continued to shrink and regress in age, his hairstyle changed to a shorter cut and a pony tail. More and more his age reversed, his hair fading to blonde, until Lelouch was looking down at a nine year old child.

Yes, he remembered. He remembered being a Sith Lord, a Jedi Killer, the Supreme Imperial Commander, and even briefly a father- if only in the loosest sense of the word. He remembered being a Jedi Knight, a Husband, a Republic General, a Jedi Teacher, and a brash Jedi Padawan that got his arm cut off. And, yes, he remembered all the way back to being that desert dwelling slave child.

Lelouch smiled sadly at the little boy, who returned the gesture before fading into sand, fading away into the nothingness...

*Kuuuuuuh Kerrr...Kuuuuuuh Kerrr...Kuuuuuuh Kerrr*

'...A different life. The Power of the King will condemn you to a life of solitude. Are you prepared for this?'

The girl's voice came flooding back to him, clear and echoing. Lelouch did not respond with words. He responded with the Force, dispelling her connection from his mind. As he did, he could feel her surprise, her confusion, her curiosity, and her...disappointment? But most of all, he felt the tired apathy rolling off her in droves.

For the briefest of mental moments, the teenager was left alone, processing the sheer magnitude of his former life. If only because he remembered his earliest memories last, he found it terribly amusing that he had been a slave child in his last life, but born a prince in this world. Was that the Force's way of trying to give him a generous first start? If so, he had failed spectacularly this time around as well then.

Shaking his head of that thought, he found himself back in that warehouse, kneeling by the body of the green haired woman with the bullet wound still oozing blood. Yet, he could still feel the life in her refusing to leave without even a hint of struggle, 'Peculiar, I'll have to keep an eye on you,' he thought in interest as he slowly rose to look at the royal guards about to gun him down, 'I can feel the Force as strongly as I ever could, but this body isn't trained to handle much physical strain,' He mused before smirking at them all, looking more menacing than he already meant to be, 'Still, I should be able to pull this off at least...'

"Smirking into death, School boy?" The captain asked with a somewhat praising smirk of his own.

"No, I just find it interesting," Lelouch said simply, toying with his victims.

"Oh? Care to share your last thoughts then?" the captain offered in a mocking show of kindness.

"How readily you will gun down your own soldiers and civilians," Lelouch answered.

"I wouldn't expect someone as young as you to understand," He retorted evenly.

"Ohh, you misunderstood me, Captain," Lelouch responded cryptically, "I'm not judging you for it. It's just very nostalgic, in a way."

"Nostalgic? What are you-KR!" The captain started, until his neck was snapped, by one of his own men.

"Sir, the traitor is neutralized," One of the royal guards said with a salute.

"Good work, soldier," Lelouch said with a smirk as he looked at the royal guards with dark amusement, their weak minds turned to obey him rather easily. He started to strip the now-deceased captain of his uniform to don it as his own, "A bit too big for me, but it shouldn't draw too much attention," He decided as he looked it over for any obvious giveaways that he was an impostor, 'I can't keep hold of their minds long term though.'

He looked upward as a Knightmare broke through one of the walls of the warehouse with ease, ripping through the metal. The factosphere opened up as the pilot scanned the area before settling on Lelouch and the royal guards, Lelouch glaring up at her menacingly while stretching out his powers to give her just a nudge more of fear, "What exactly are you doing, pilot?! Had you barged through there seconds earlier, you could have been facing several charges of the murder, and possibly treason, for the deaths of the Royal Guards of Prince Clovis!" He chastised, a bit genuine in his remarks.

"I-Apologies, Captain! I was hunting for Elevens, one of them has an outdated Knightmare!" She tried to explain.

"I think, if a Knightmare came in here, there would have been no need to make your own entrance," Lelouch countered coldly, feeling the woman's anxiety, "However, this is your lucky day," He assured, feeling her relax as he and two of the royal guards headed over to CC's limp form, the bullet wound now gone, "This person is a high value individual that Prince Clovis ordered us to covertly extract," He explained with a scowl, "I'm going to need your Knightmare to take her to the G1-Base."

"My Knightmare?" Villeta Nu asked, a bit alarmed and surprised by the order.

"Do not question me, Pilot. I am not at liberty to explain this woman to you, but Prince Clovis ordered that once she was found, we were not to let her out of our sight. And unless I am mistaken, a Knightmare cockpit is barely enough for two people, let alone three," Lelouch reasoned evenly, but loudly for her to hear.

"O-of course, Milord!" Villeta acknowledged as she emerged from her Knightmare and came down the cable.

Lelouch took that moment to study this woman a bit better. Not physically, albeit his teenage body did that on its own, but mentally. She reminded him of many of the Moffs and Admirals from the Empire, all striving for their own power and gains through whatever means they had to take. She, like them, was desperate to earn and obtain a higher position through the military, the title of nobility in her case. Though, that seemed to be the end of her ambition and she was, for now, loyal to her empire.

As Villeta approached him, she handed him her Knightmare's key, "The code is XG21G2D4," She explained dutifully as he took the item from her. She was a bit surprised at how young the captain looked, but didn't think much of it, "Sir, no disrespect, but what should I do now?"

Lelouch didn't answer at first as he leaned down to pick up the immortal's body, holding her bridal style, "Our job is done here, so you can accompany my men back to the base and pick up your Knightmare. If the battle still carries on, you may rejoin the fighting," He explained as he headed over to the Knightmare cable-lift.

"Yes, Sir," Villeta said with a salute before turning to walk towards the exit of the warehouse, expecting the guards to do the same...only for one of them to hit her over the head with his rifle, knocking her out cold.

Lelouch nodded to the soldiers as he reached the cockpit of the Knightmare and placed the witch inside it. He took an instant to consider his options. Getting out of the Ghetto wouldn't be too hard. With a Britannian Sutherland, he would blend right in and that would allow him to slip to the edge of the blockade and sneak out. Near impossible for a school boy, but little more than an exercise course for himself. Even with all his new memories, he hadn't forgotten his precious sister. That was another new feeling in this life, family besides a mother.

His eyes narrowed at the reminder of his old life. As Lelouch, he had sworn and schemed to destroy The Holy Empire of Britannia for what it had done to his family in this life. Ironic given Darth Vader's role in securing the rise and power of the Galactic Empire, but that made it all more fitting for him to be the one best mentally equipped to tear such a regime down. Still, there was a strange, twisted irony to the reincarnation of Darth Vader becoming a leader of a rebellion against a tyrannical empire. But than again, he was Anakin Skywalker reincarnation as well.

Besides, there was a reason the Force spat him back into this world, and he could feel the Force trying to pull him to the battle.

The Battle for Naboo, the Clone War, the Galactic Civil War. War was the one thing every stage of his life had in common. It was what he was good at. Why should his next life be any different?

A flash of light caught his attention, seeing the flaming remains of a gunship falling from the sky.

There was also some interesting potential in this world.


Kallen gritted her teeth, refusing to shed tears as she continued the desperate and ever one sided battle against the Britannians. She was down an arm, her energy supplies gave her a mere thirty minutes before her Glasgow gave out, and she was being chased by two Sutherlands. If there was a way out of this, she didn't see it.


She inhaled sharply. That voice, was it from the radio? It almost sounded like it was in her mind. She didn't have time to question it as another Sutherland emerged in front of her, barreling towards her.

'Dodge, now!'

Kallen obeyed as every instinct in her body told her to do the same, leaping to the side at the last possible instant, the Britannian Knightmare charging past her.

And continuing onward.

Kallen watched in shock as the rogue Sutherland slammed its tonfa into one Knightmare, hard enough to take its factosphere off. Its other arm aimed its gun at the second Sutherland, shooting into the cockpit at close range before bringing the tonfa down to disable the leg of the first. Both Knightmares fell over, one pilot dead and the other ejecting safely.

"You have good reflexes," a voice over her radio complimented as the Sutherland turned to face her.

"How did you get this frequency? Or that Sutherland?" Kallen asked in suspicious disbelief, her body tense in a literal fight or flight moment.

"That is not important," the voice answered authoritatively as it jumped onto a nearby bridge of railways. "If you desire victory, you should follow me," he warned before speeding off.

"Victory?" Kallen repeated in disbelief, watching the space where he had been. She didn't want to blindly trust some stranger with a Sutherland, but- well, that was the whole point. This person somehow got a Sutherland. He had also saved her life, so her pride wouldn't let her deny the simple fact that she owed him. "Screw it!" she said to herself as she leapt her Knightmare up to follow him.

"Congratulations, you have chosen wisely," Lelouch promised as he sensed the rebel pilot gaining on him.

"Yeah, now what exactly did you have in mind?" Kallen asked begrudgingly. "And what do I ev-"

"One moment," he interrupted as he leapt on another set of tracks, one with a train now heading straight for him.

"The hell?" Kallen said with a furrowed brow as the Sutherland reached out to grab the train, bringing it to a screeching halt.

"Kallen! We're coming up on your six! There a reason you're not attaching that Knightmare?" Ohgi's voice came over the channel.

"Ohgi!" Kallen exclaimed, turning to see the remainder of her friends and comrades syncing up here. "It's alright, he's with us, I think," she stated, turning back to see the rogue Sutherland.

"Good. You came," Lelouch greeted to the new arrivals.

"Yeah, and why the hell should we trust-!?" Tomoki began to rant off, only for the words to die in his throat as the train's door came open to reveal an entire squad of Sutherlands. "-you?"

"All of you take a machine and get ready. Glasgow, you're obviously best in the one you have. Recharge your battery," Lelouch instructed.

"Just who the hell are you?" Ohgi asked in disbelief and awe.

"Britannia's enemy," Lelouch answered simply. Some part of him thought to use either of his old names, Vader or Skywalker, as an alias. But besides wanting to not be too absorbed into who he used to be, there was also the risk of the greater galaxy finding this planet and recognizing the names. Assuming this was the same galaxy, of course. "You can follow my plan or waste the Knightmares along with your lives."

"Come on, why should we believe you magically know how to turn this situation around?" Tomoki demanded loudly. In response, Lelouch merely had his Knightmare look back to the literal trainload of top of the line Sutherland. The loud mouth sputtered, not having a proper comeback for that.

"Ohgi, I say follow him," Kallen voiced abruptly. "He saved my life from two other Sutherlands. If he wanted to blend in and sneak out, he could have just killed me."

Ohgi scowled to himself as he looked over his shoulder at the resistance cell that looked to him for leadership. They were tired, and despite these gifts, not quite out of the threshold barring despair from becoming hope again.

"Alright. We'll follow you," Ohgi relented. "What's the plan?"


"Prince Clovis! I have great news!"

Clovis turned his gaze from the map displayed on the window of the G1 Base to the bald and rotund general. "Bartley, what is it?" he asked dispassionately, almost bored with the reports on the operation.

"We have word from your Royal Guards! They have the specimen and are making their way to here as we speak," Bartley informed, visibly relieved after a long day of bad news.

"Excellent! Now we just need to finish cleaning up these Elevens," Clovis mused with a sigh of relief.

"Yes, Milord. And despite the terrorist-" Bartley continued before a ping was heard through the room, drawing both men back to the board.

"Sir, we just lost Verlier squad!" one of the advisers informed.

"An ambush?" Bartley wondered in surprise, unsure how four Knightmares were taken out by mere terrorists, and so quickly.

He gasped as the pinging multiplied, more and more blue dots replaced by yellow "LOST" markers.

"Bartley, what the hell is going on?!" Clovis demanded with a glare, trying to use his indignation to hold off a renewed sense of worry.

"We've lost Lazlo, Erlange, and Glaube squads! Verkraft and Vello are also under fire, reporting attacks by..." the man held off, as if hesitant to believe what he was about to say.

"By what man, spit it out!" Bartley demanded urgently.

"By Sutherlands, sir."


"Aurek team, link up with Trill team to finish the enemies off. Grek, retreat back ten meters, then give the signal to Xesh to shoot through the walls. Cresh, standby in case Dorn needs aid," Lelouch directed as his eyes scanned for any more issues to address on the tactical screen.

"Onith, they're here!" Kallen informed from next to him. They were both standing atop a building, her watching over the edge into an alley below as four Knightmares made their way through it.

"Roger, Qek," Lelouch answered as he maneuvered his Knightmare towards her. Nearly forty years of piloting various crafts had made up for his amateur experience in handing a giant humanoid robot.

It was almost surprising the Galactic Empire had never made this kind of weapon before, given its indoctrinated policy of Human Supremacy.

Leaping into the gap, he used the land-spinners against the walls to control his descent, unleashing rounds of over-sized bullets upon the enemy. One had fallen before the others had even a chance to look up, giving him time to finish off another, and for Kallen to use her slash harkens as a security line, swinging down alongside the building to deliver a high-speed punch to a third Knightmare and knock the other off balance with a kick, leaving it easy prey for Lelouch.

"Most impressive, Qek," Lelouch complimented as he joined her on the ground.

"Thanks," Kallen accepted stiffly, still a bit uncertain about the mystery man that came literally out of nowhere.

Lelouch welcomed the uncomfortable silence; He was going to need a long rest after this to sort his head out. And he was quickly wishing these Knightmares had any kind of real blade-weapon he could use instead of these slab-blasters.

The start of the plan was easy enough. Multi-front surprise attacks using knowledge of all enemy placements via the Id signals. This would keep Clovis's forces thinned out as they tried to counter on multiple fronts, while Lelouch and his new allies used the terrain against them for ambushes and sneak attacks, outmaneuvering them. The second step was falling back steadily, letting the enemies think they were winning.

It was an interesting predicament. He had leveled the field in technology, more or less, by supplying these rebel with Knightmares. Even with that, however, the Britannians still had better trained troops and numbers, but had very poor commanders. The rebels weren't that well trained or refined for war yet, nor were they that experienced with Knightmares, but they had a superior commander in himself.

That and this entire battle was entirely win or die now, for the rebels and everyone in this ghetto.

"Yo, Oni! We got a lot of them over here if you haven't noticed!" Tomoki called indignantly.

"Hold them for twenty more seconds before falling back, Usk. Teams Mern and Nern, rally to his fall back point and whittle them down. We want them to feel like we're desperate for every inch," Lelouch ordered.

"What even are those code names?" Kallen asked absently, not realizing her radio was still on.

"An alphabet you've probably never hear of, Qek," Lelouch answered, feeling her stiffen through the force. "Forn, how's your assignment going?"

"We did what you asked, crazy as it was," Ohgi confirmed over the line.

"Good, Now I need you and your team to head east about fifty to seventy meters. There should be a group of soldiers there," Lelouch informed.

"Just soldiers?" Ohgi questioned in confusion, wondering if he shoulder expect rpgs or grenade launchers.

"It's the Royal Guard of Prince Clovis, given a special, secret target to secure. Need I say more?" Lelouch asked rhetorically.

"Got it," Ohgi answered grimly, knowing full well that those were some of the worst of Britannians on Japan.

"What about us?" Kallen asked curiously.

"You will head over and give aid to Besh, I'm going to Usk. It appears the Britannian's are eager to try and break through what they have misread as a weakspot," Lelouch answered with a hint of something approaching sadism.

He may not be a Dark Lord of the Sith anymore, but Lelouch vi Britannia was far from Jedi material.

: A Short While Later

Ohgi felt some instinctual pity for the royal guard upon mowing them down. Had they done this and worse to his countrymen? Yes, definitely, but it was unsettling to be on this side of a one-sided Knightmare slaughter. "That the last of them? Yanata, Kasiki?" He asked cautious to his teammates.

"Yeah, unless they're playing dead. Should we move out?" Kasiki responded.

"In a moment. Our benefactor said they had something special, something the prince wanted. I'd like to try and figure out what," Ohgi answered as he left his Knightmare.

"Make it fast, any Knightmare shows up and you're a sitting duck," Yanata warned warily.

Ohgi didn't say anything, descending from the Knightmare before he quickly headed over to the bodies with his gun at the ready. "I know I saw one of them carrying something big and white?" he muttered as he scanned them. It took a moment, but he eventually found something covered in a white cloth now stained with blood. "Just what the hell is so valuable a guy like Clovis sends his personal guards out to fetch?" he wondered as he leaned down to uncover it.

Needless to say, he was surprised to find a woman underneath. Dark skin, long silvery hair, and..."a straight jacket? A prisoner?" he said in surprise, realizing she was bound and gagged. He looked over the outfit and found no bullet holes in her, prompting him to notice the soft rise and fall of her chest.

She could be important. No, strike that, she had to be important. More importantly, if she was a prisoner of Clovis, that raised it to be a very good chance that she wasn't an enemy to his cause.

"What the hell are you doing, Ohgi?" Kasiki asked in surprise as he saw Ohgi carrying the object, no, person back to his Knightmare.

"It's a woman, some captive I guess? Clovis sent his guards after her, and Onith sent us. It doesn't seem like a good idea to leave her behind," Ohgi reasoned as he climbed back into the Knightmare. "Just...give me a minute to get situated. Not a lot of spare room in here."

End of Chapter

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