Tarzan is shooting out the juices of jungle fruits while homeboy Taug and Teeka are wrestling each other. The former then embarrasses grumpy mountain gorilla Matt.

At the same time, Matt is indeed pushing his estranged older son Dungy out of his birth group, so that he joins his differing friends, an all-male bunch of moody guys. He then angrily charges at Tarzan, who tumbles back downhill, so as to prevent a serious attack, he'll assert himself as the latter runs out of steam, losing his temper in the process. Guess who hurts his feelings more? Tarzan, Teeka or his headstrong brother? In turn, Jock kicks out Matt, saddening him drastically.

For him, he has had enough of his mess! He has to go out alone and be separated from his mate for now. The fellows are sympathising him for such a heel face turn. End of story.