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The evening had proven to not be a good one, and as night had come, it seemed to get more irritating. The road at that time was poorly lit. Even with the few street lights situated along the road, it was barely enough by which to see. It didn't help that fog had also decided to play a cruel game that night. It crawled its way onto the landscape, between the trees, onto the road, and covered the lone car that was traveling on said road.

The man who drove the car tried to keep a slow and steady pace, keeping his eyes fixed on everything in front of him. Be narrowed his eyes in an attempt to see better.

"Of all the nights, the weather just had to be unfavorable," he grumbled.

Meanwhile, a woman in the passenger seat spoke up quickly. "Well let's just hope we can make it."

She then turned around, looking at the back row of seats. Her heart couldn't help but skip a few beats when she turned her eyes on what was there.

Two blond, slightly spiky-headed boys were each enclosed in a car seat as they traveled. They were fast asleep, with not a care in the world about what was happening around them. But that could also be the fact that these boys were barely even a year old. They were so small and so new to the world and what it had to offer.

"They still got their wristbands on?" the man asked without turning his head in the slightest.

"Of course, and they always will," the woman replied.

"Good, good. Just wanted to be sure. Just wanted to make sure… that it really was working."

"She promised us that it would. They would be safe with it, and right now, it seems perfectly fine."

"I know what she promised us, but it's just hard to believe after so many bad things have happened to us," the man replied before turning left at a fork in the road.

The sudden turn took them around a bend for a few minutes until they seemed to escape the many tees that adorned the side of the road. It revealed a clearing that would have revealed a beautiful night sky, if only the fog had not been so dense. However, the further they got from the trees, the more the fog cleared up. They were now driving down a vast shoreline next to the ocean, which was where all the fog had now gathered.

"Thank goodness it cleared up some," the woman spoke with a tinge of relief in her voice.

"Yeah, me too," the man replied shortly.

Silence befell the vehicle as they continued their drive. The beach area was quite large because of the coastal town they were a part of, so it would take a good bit of travel to get away from it. Soon enough, more trees started to line the other side of the road again, which meant the fog would begin to become an issue again.

However, as they approached, the fog not only began to thicken, but it seemed to become more dense than usual. It was so thick that the bright light that had been shown from the moon was snuffed out completely.

"What is this?!" The man complained.

He squinted his eyes and inched closer to the windshield in an attempt to gain some visibility. But it became ever darker inside that cloud of fog, almost like they were in a tunnel of some kind.

"Honey, you might wanna slow down. We can't see anything," the woman warned with a panic rising in her being.

As he tried to step on the brakes, he felt no resistance at all. The brakes weren't working. He repeatedly tried his best, but nothing worked.

"I-I can't stop the car!"


"Here let me try this," he said as he raised his hand, trying to remain somewhat calm.

His wife joined him, knowing what he was trying to do. "I'll help you. We have to keep the boys safe," she spoke as her voice shook.

They joined their hands together and began to chant some words. However, they didn't get to finish what they started. They both yelled quickly, and then a sharp wave of darkness encompassed the entire vehicle.

Sirens blared as the police vehicle raced down the empty road, the fog from earlier having lifted completely by now. The moon shined brightly on the way, making it easier to get to their destination. They continued to speed down the road until they saw the cut off leading down to the shore.

The ocean glistened softly in the pale moonlight, providing quite the scenic view despite the situation. While traveling down the shoreline, from a short glance, the ocean could be seen in all its nighttime beauty. Waves gently washes up and down the shoreline while the moon reflected lightly on the water's surface. Unfortunately this was not the right time for sightseeing.

Eventually, smoke could be seen ahead as the car slowly came to a stop. Just several feet beyond where the car was stopped, the policemen could see the source of what had brought the smoke. There was a lone car situated beside the railing on the side of the road, with severe damage evident from just looking.

There were already firemen and paramedics surrounding the car, doing everything they could to manage the situation. Meanwhile, another couple of policemen were taking in the scene and taking notes over what they saw.

The policeman who had been driving stepped out of the car and started walking towards the scene. One of the other officers saw him and headed over in his direction.

Once he got close, his face showed how grim the situation was. "Lieutenant John Smith. It's terrible," he whispered. "We all got here as soon as the call was made, but… just follow me."

The two walked over to an area where two long black bags were. "Two adults. A man and a woman… married by the looks of it. But found dead by the time the parademcis got here."

"No sightings of how it happened?"

"No, the woman who made the call said she only had heard the crash and saw the smoke. She never came close, already had another man interview her just in case."

"So no witnesses or anyone to give us any further information?"

"Well aside from the crash, it shows they were speeding, we don't have much to go on."

"We'll take the car in for examination later to see if we can find any evidence," the Lieutenant started. "So, anything else so far?"

The man looked down for a moment. "Well, there is this one thing…"

"And what would that be?"

The other policeman cleared the way through as they headed over to the ambulance. The doors to the back were opening and one of the parademcis was holding something small. Upon closer inspection, Lieutenant Smith saw that it was a little baby, fast asleep.

"A child? Theirs I assume?"

"Yeah, but unlike the parents, the child is perfectly unharmed."

The officer scratched his head. "How can that be?"

"Too hard to tell, other than that wristband seems to have some odd presence about it. Could it be...magic?"

"Magic?" the lieutenant scoffed. "Don't tell me you believe in that crap."

"Well you tell me how a baby survives a deadly car crash without a scratch. We found the baby still safely in its carseat, but knocked onto the floor of the car from the impact of the crash. It was crying and scared but not at all injured."

"Well, that is why we will let the experts handle things like that here. They'll find out what happened," the lieutenant said nonchalantly.

Just then, one of the emergency workers that was examining the car further yelled out. "We found something!"

The lieutenant, having heard the shout, jogged back over to the car. "What do you have?"

The man directed the lieutenant towards the bushes next to the road. "There's… another car seat."

"Yeah, we just found it. It's toppled over, but we're not sure if it was ejected or what. The back glass is broken so that could mean something," the responder commented.

"So then where in the hell is the other child? It's possible that it was just in there and nobody was in it. But the other alternative is…" he trailed off, almost not wanting to think about that option.

"What do you want us to do then?"

The lieutenant breathed deeply before speaking. "Get some more background information on parents, and if possible locate next of kin. We'll have to tell them anyways. Also ask to see if a baby was staying with anyone. And…" he gulped but then continued. "Check the surrounding bushes and area just in case the baby was thrown from the seat…"

"We'll find out what it was, sir…" the officer tapered off and hung his head.

"Good, do that and let me know first thing."

The lieutenant knew what must be on the man's mind. It was the same thing that was on his mind. He clicked his tongue slightly and turned away to look out at the shore. The waves had shown a lot of activity that night, especially under the full moon.

He stared out at the ocean before him, letting the situation sink into his mind. It always started like this for nearly every investigation. Something would bring up far too many questions and a lot of digging would be needed after that. Sometimes, he wished that it could just be simple.

The waves had calmed down finally for a moment and had receded from the shore. Something suddenly caught his eye though. A faint ripple in the water appeared, almost like something was there. But, there were not any fish that close inland. Then, a couple of more ripples in the water appeared, like something was slowly moving beneath the water. But that couldn't be right.

He turned around to one of the other officers. "Do you see that?"

"See what, sir?"

"There in the water," he said as he pointed to where he had just seen the movement. "Something is going on there."

By the time that he and the other man had looked back, there was no more activity to be had. And before much longer, the waves came back inland and crashed up against the shore, making any signs of any more activity unnoticeable.

"I'm sorry, but I don't see anything," the man replied.

The lieutenant looked back and forth at the water at different parts, but nothing else could be seen except for the low tides rushing in and out. A sigh escaped him.

"Nevermind. Maybe I'm just overthinking or tired," the lieutenant said with an unhappy tone. "But, maybe we should check down around the beach area as well."

The other officer was slightly shocked. "May I ask why? There can't really have been anything down there."

"I'm well aware. But just follow my orders. We are searching for a possible missing child. We can't rule out anything."


They tried their hardest to look over the area, but in the end they had no further evidence than what they started with. There was no other sign of another kid nor anyone else who could have been in the area. Seeing as they could not conclude or find anything else, they stopped the search for the night and would resume by morning.

The baby was in the care of one of the paramedics when the officers had finished their search. After receiving word that nobody else had been found, they handed the baby over to the lieutenant.

"I'll take him from here. Get him to someplace that can take care of him," the lieutenant said.

The ambulance worker nodded gently at the reply.

The lieutenant walked back to his vehicle, with the baby in his arms. Once there, he placed him down on the back seat. He went back to grab the car seat and proceeded to strap it in on the other side before placing the baby inside of it.

His eyes situated on the wristband again. His mind flitted back to what his underling had spoken about. Could it really have been magic? No, that's not possible.

As he focused on it some more, he saw something under the wristband, as it was slightly loose on the arm. Upon closer inspection, he saw it was an engraving. It was a name and birthday.

"Well I'll be. At least this helps with your ID. Roxas, eh? Such a peculiar name," he spoke to the child now known as Roxas. "Don't worry, we will make sure you end up in a good place."

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