A lone man was inside a classroom doing what all teachers did whenever the students left. Clean. First day of classes was... interesting to say the least with him seeing some very unique people and there very unique personalities.

This man was Chiron Trainer of Heroes and former divine spirit. He was a handsome man even by the standards of Beacon, with his lean build and long hair that was fastened into a ponytail at the end. The man looked the part and essentially was the part. The most interesting thing about him however, was his horsetail that swayed around whenever he walked.

People called people like him with animal parts "faunus" if he remembered correctly. That was the term used to describe someone who looked mostly like any other human but had an animal part like cat ears, a tail, horns or other accessory's. He wasn't like all the other faunus' around where as they were just part animal with usually one part he was a full on centaur which consisted of the top half of a man and the lower body of a horse.

While he did prefer that form and was faster, stronger and overall more comfortable with the environment in that form he knew he had to blend in and having the lower body of a horse would only get in the way.

Speaking of blending in, your probably wondering why such a Heroic Spirit of his caliber was teaching a class full of hormonal, immature and slightly annoying students. Well the answer was simple, Chiron was offered a once in a life-time chance to reclaim his divinity and join his parents Cronus the titan king and a nymph, Philyra if he simply taught a certain group of up and coming heroes.

However, his mother ashamed of his horse body requested to be turned into a tree and he never saw her again after that. While his mother's story was very... sad his father was even worse with him actually rebelling against the gods which were also his own sons. Long story short he ended up being cut into ribbons with his own scythe and sent to the underworld.

However, it wasn't all tragic as growing up he learned many useful skills from various gods like Apollo who taught him medicine and Artemis who taught him how to hunt properly and shoot a bow which later became his most useful skill. Chiron, being the nice guy he was decided to teach many other students the same skills as him and taught half of the Greek Pantheon.

However, here he was alive and well, teaching the next generation of students in the hopes of them becoming heroes so he could gain his immortality back. He didn't know how exactly that was going to work as it gave him at best, vague details on what exactly to do, so he had to assume that once they saved the world or something he would be gain his divinity then... die again?

They didn't explain what would happen when he gained his divinity. He assumed he would simply go back to the throne registered as a divine spirit.

Back to the topic at hand, when he was summoned into the world, he was stranded in the middle of the forest with no civilization in sight leaving him alone and without help. That was no problem for him however, since as a servant he needed no essential items such as food, water or sleep.

Since he didn't need to eat he refused to hunt down food. His motto that he taught all students who planned to hunt in the wild is "If you're going to catch something, you have to eat it.". And as a man of nature he didn't like killing animals for no reason since they were living people themselves. He wasn't exactly a vegetarian but you wouldn't catch him munching on meat anytime soon.

In the mornings it was quite... peaceful with nothing but the birds chirping to occupy him and his endeavors. He liked it like that however as back in Greece he would spend sometimes weeks simply admiring the world and all it had to offer. Artemis taught him how to admire it like she did and he always made sure to take his students out here that it was almost a ritual.

When it became night-time however, things got more.. strange.

For one, the moon was shattered with little fragments of it floating close by the moon leaving Chiron questioning what exactly happened to cause this to happen.

'Lady Artemis would not be happy'

The normally bubbly Goddess would probably throw a temper tantrum as while she was a very caring and gentle Goddess to the surprise of many, when angered she tended to do... rash things and make bad decisions like sending the Calydonian boar out to attack a king who refused to offer a sacrifice.

She of course, apologized right after and acted like it never happened.

Moving on, the other weird thing he noticed was that there were sorts of demons of wraiths of some sorts prowling around the forest. They usually were in packs reminiscent of wolfs and there own pack mentality. They had all black fur with white masks and glowing eyes which added to there intimidating sight.

The first time he encountered one, it was a stray that wondered off and Chiron quickly snapped it's neck before it could even begin to alert it's fellow pack. With that, he could deduce that he could take them on easily and didn't have to worry about them.

Now while usually he would have trouble even staying manifested in the world, even with his Independent Action at A it was upgraded from what it was before where it was only three days if he did not use any prana taxing moves to EX rank where he could stay manifested indefinitely unless he released massive amounts of prana. Unfortunately, using his bow took mana and without a master to provide him with mana right now, he was stuck using wooden tools till he could find a master.

Luckily, Lady Artemis, taught him how to make various tools from the environment around you and he made multiple weapons such as a lance, bow and throwing knives from branches and other materials he found around the environment.

Since he had a bow all he needed was arrows and since he knew from experience that wooden arrows wouldn't work as well he collected multiple stones around the area and with the useful skill of Alteration he adjusted it so it turned into arrows for him to use should he need it. In total he ended up producing over forty arrows just by using man-made material.

With long range weaponry, he could easily transverse across the forest and hunt down the wraiths with practiced ease. Even from several miles away, he could manage it perfectly and never missed his target.

For many days and nights he hunted, hunted and hunted until one day things got... interesting.

A large bird-like beast shrieked as it charged towards him seeking his blood. It was similar to the wolf-like beast where it was almost all black and it had the same white mask and multiple eyes which all honed in on him. He was stopped from his analyzing however, when the bird shot sharp feathers at him forcing him to use his A+ speed to maneuver around them in a blur.

Using his clairvoyance along with his skill Eye of the mind of the true variant he shot four arrows in rapid succession which each accurately hit the beast's eye blind it temporarily causing it to shriek in more of annoyance than actual pain. It apparently, had very good resistance to eye attacks and in seconds it was back to all of its eyes. While he could manifest his arrows it would probably break the bow he made from the force of the attack.

With a new plan in mind, Chiron maneuvered across the trees with ease and when he got to the tallest he boosted off of it and easily climbed onto the bird's back causing it to try and shake him off to no avail.

Now, with this good opportunity, he shot multiple arrows, rapid fire onto the bird's wings steering it off course.

With it's wings now damaged it had no way to fly, giving Chiron the perfect opportunity, to use some mana reinforced arrows to easily pierce its skull. With one last shriek it dissipated without a trace.

That all happened in under a minute.

Anyway, the throne apparently satisfied with what he did, flooded his mind with information which informed him to go to Vale and he would find his answers. It luckily gave him a mental map on where to go and while he ran through the forest at moderate speeds, he finally met a billboard poster saying "Welcome to Vale!"

Smiling at his success, he walked through Vale hoping to find a sign that told him where to go. But he didn't find anything of note besides stores and houses.

One of the things he did find interesting though was the looks people gave him when he passed them. A lot of them gave him very dirty looks as if he committed a crime or something but he knew that something was off with that. He'd been in the forest since he was summoned and hadn't done anything of note to warrant civilians distaste for him. However, after a while he noticed they weren't looking at him specifically they were looking at his horse-tail that swayed whenever he walked.

He wasn't the only one however, as he saw multiple people with animal parts cross paths with him and nodded at him like he should know them. However, out of courtesy he nodded back.

He deduced that people like him who had animal parts were heavily discriminated upon because they had these animal parts. Whenever, he passed a restaurant he saw a "No Faunus Allowed sign" letting him know of the race they called people like him.

He could have sworn he heard the word faunus from somewhere but couldn't put his finger on why. Possibly, he had encountered one named "faunus" but couldn't recall who it was.

Putting that thought out of his mind he noticed one last odd thing about this world that he perplexed him to no end.

It was so technically advanced compared to Greece it was not even funny. He was already filled with information from Earth so he knew about modern things such as Airplanes, guns, trucks, cars and even lights but this...this was something else.

The lamppost, signs, seats and mostly everything else was digital and he could occasionally see a flying vehicle fly over his head which startled him the first time to the point where he almost pulled out his bow. Also, people around here had some type of device that allowed that was digital which he was assumed was the device called a "phone" that he's heard so much about.

Everyone around him, that weren't giving him dirty looks had there nose in there phone and were not paying attention to there surroundings causing Chiron to sigh. If he ever had a student like that he would break there phones right in front of there face to teach them not to ignore there surroundings and pay attention.

Luckily, in Greece no such thing existed and you either fought, cooked or died and that was mainly it. When you wanted to be entertained you either had sex, fought an opponent or slept. Here though was vastly different where there seemed to be multiple ways to entertain yourself without fighting.

After walking through the town for half an hour he still didn't find any clue as to where he could be at and finally decided to cave in and ask for help.

Approaching a woman with black hair with the top of her head covered in a bow he asked her a question.

"Excuse me ma'am I'm looking for a place called "Beacon Academy, would you happen to know where it is?" she looked startled at him and reached behind her back about to draw out her weapon but relaxed when she saw he was not hostile.

"Yes, uh Beacon is right next to the residential district if you head that way" she said pointing to the direction "You should see it you can't miss it"

He nodded in understanding and filed the information away

"Thank you Ma'am for your time"

When he was about to leave however she put a hand on his shoulder causing him to slightly tense up. He was sure if she attacked he could elbow her, then kick her legs under her and flip her over if necessary. She looked light on her feet however, and had an unknown weapon which was barely noticeable with her long black hair.

Surprisingly, she didn't attack and only asked him a question.

"What's your name" she asked him and he briefly considered giving her a fake name but found that if she was a student than it wouldn't improve relations with her if she figured out he was lying. She didn't seem like the type to trust easily too as the entire time he was near her she was tensed up and looked ready for him to attack her.

He's taught and seen many like her who were always on guard and never truly loosened up because of there upbringing. He could tell she has a lot of potential simply by staring into her amber eyes, her weapon and her body (Not that way!).

"Chiron. Chiron Sagittarius" he made up the last name on the spot as tribute to his star in the sky even if it apparently wasn't here in this world.

He briefly wondered if he would even have a Noble Phantasm now that he didn't have a star in the sky to shoot from. He doubted he would need the Noble Phantasm however, since he had his other skills and nobody seemed to give off too big of a presence to him.

"Blake. Blake Belladona" she smiled at him and walked past him without another word. He watched her turn a corner before deciding to head to where she was pointing at and find Beacon.

Now at the Residential District with only a few minutes of walking, he saw Beacon in all it's glory only a few hundred feet away which was nothing to him. Luckily, there was a straight pathway heading there which he took full advantage of and started jogging towards the building not wanting to waste any more time.

However, to him what was casual strolling speeds to others was a literal blur of motion causing people to question who it was that was moving that fast.

One person said something that interested him though

"It was probably that Ruby girl again."

Before he could ponder that he was stopped from moving when a blond lady stepped into his path. She had her blond hair in a neat bun, professional glasses and white long sleeved shirt with a pencil skirt on. She also had what looked to be a riding crop in her hand and it was pointed straight at him.

Wondering what she was doing, she literally stopped him from moving with but a simple wave of her hand. Now of course, he was confident he could break out of it relatively easily, he didn't want to cause any more trouble than he already has and simply held up her hands.

However, the woman looked shocked at him moving quite easily from her control before glaring.

"Now, I'll give you one chance to tell me what you're doing and you better tell me the whole truth" she said trying to intimidate him which didn't work as he kept his calm mask on with zero problems.

Being raised by gods helped keep you calm at times and having fought literal monsters, the only person he was truly scared of was Herakles when enraged.

He was a complete and utter monster and was the source of his demise even if it was by accident. He would be lying if he said he didn't feel the slightest bit of resentment towards the Child of Zeus for his actions.

"TEACHER, I'm SORRY!" Herakles cried out as he plucked the poisonous arrow out of the centaur's foot. It was too late however as the poison had already made it's way throughout his body.

"ARGH" Chiron cried out in agony as his horse foot was now complete swollen forcing him to keel over and try to heal it using some healing magecraft. To no avail though, since it was Hydra poison the most deadly poison even to gods.

It wouldn't kill him but it would ache for the rest of his immortal life.

For just a slight moment he felt like slapping the giant of a man for doing that but held himself back. He was too weak anyway, to do anything meaningful.

For the first time in forever, he hated being immortal.

"O' Apollo, please ascend down from Olympus and help Chiron!" Herakles prayed to the Sun god. In but a minute, the sun shone brighter then ever blinding the two and when they opened there eyes Apollo was there in all his glory.

Saying he was a handsome man was an understatement. He had the finest golden hair that was reminiscent of the sun and the perfect face with no signs of acne or anything even though he looked to be seventeen. He had on the standard Greek Chiton but it was golden and to top it off he had a golden lyre in his hands.

"Hey" he greeted smiling showing off his shiny white teeth before it was quickly wiped off his face when he saw Chiron, keeling over the floor with a bad wound on his leg. He turned serious and ran over to him to examine the wound.

"What. Happened." Apollo questioned Herakles causing him to back up unconsciously. Apollo could be the greatest Olympian at times till you anger him than things started getting nasty.

"I-I was fighting centaurs because they attacked me, and I accidentally shot him in the foot with the Hydra arrow." even though Herakles was a giant of a man even he was afraid of him.

Apollo scowled at him and shoved him aside and held out both of his hands towards the immortal centaur. His hands were now glowing in a bright yellow light which quickly spread on the wound.

Herakles looked relieved that it was seemingly working till the light dissipated, and Apollo had a grave look on his face.

"I can't save him. The poison has already took it's course now. He will live but he will be in constant agony for the rest of his life because of you"

Chiron awoke at the last sentence and was now breathing heavily. This meant he was stuck with this pain forever!

Apollo seeing him awake spoke to him frantically "Chiron calm down we can still-"

"HEY!" he was taken from his thoughts by the woman snapping her fingers in front of his face invading his personal space.

"I'm sorry what did you say ma'am" Chiron said putting back on his stoic mask.

"I said what are you doing. You were running around the Commercial District scaring people."

"I'm sorry, I was trying to get to Beacon as fast as possible but got excited and started running" He explained before doing the standard Japanese bow.

"Well, I am Miss Goodwitch, a teacher there at Beacon. Are you applying at the school?"

"No, I'm applying for the teacher's position." he explained to the woman who looked shocked.

"How did you know we just opened up the teacher's position we didn't even announce it yet" Chiron cursed at his luck. The throne had probably manipulated events so it was open but he had no reason to know it himself.

"A friend told me that you guys were open so I jumped at the chance." he quickly explained. She looked suspicious of him but didn't say anything else.

"Hmph. Well, come with me I'll take you to the headmaster. Do you have your transcripts and information with you?" she asked scanning him for signs of it. She blushed however, when she really analyzed his handsome face causing him to chuckle. He was always popular with the ladies but usually never reciprocated.

He cursed however, when he realized he had no identification or even proof he existed! This would be a problem that he would have to solve himself apparently.

Go to club. Transcripts. Identification.

Hearing the voice of what he assumed was the throne he now knew what to say.

"No ma'am I just remembered I need my transcripts with me, I'll meet you there."

She hummed before agreeing and letting him go with a warning.

He turned around with new directions on where to get his 'identification'

In thirty minutes, he was outside of the club the throne gave him directions for. The building looked quite plain with it being a simple grey that one would never assume it to be a party club. He doubted it himself.

Until he stepped inside and saw how bright and colorful the place was. There were lights shining everywhere and the whole room was illuminated in red giving it a different atmosphere. At the dance floor which was a large platform a bunch of men, women and guy's with black suits, red sunglasses and red swords were there.

Unfortunately, for the centaur, in order to make it to the counter where he could find the boss he had to pass by the crowd, of dancing people and the loud music which hurt his enhanced ears. He almost felt like shooting the lights down and going from there but held himself back as he wanted to make a good impression to all there.

'The things I do for my divinity' he sighed as he made his way to the bar counter.

"Excuse me" "Pardon me Ma'am" "Sorry." he was getting quickly frustrated at the large crowd and not even in his Eye of the Mind helped him work through this large crowd of dancing people. Or... it just felt like not working right now to see him suffer.

Finally, he reached the end of the dance floor and went up to the counter. At the counter there was a woman there that struck him as an immediate danger. She had almost golden eyes that screamed dangerous and somehow lit up even more than the lights around the place. He knew that she was a trainer killer from the second he saw her and instantly filed her away as dangerous when he saw her scan him.

"Hello, my name is Chiron, which one of you is the manager" he asked politely and the woman looked interested in what he wanted but didn't say anything. A big man with a long sleeve shirt and a black professional suit on stepped up.

"I'm the boss. Names Junior." the man said with a rough voice. Chiron assumed he was the one the throne said to contact for some reason. He decided to voice his thoughts.

"I need a fake ID's, transcripts and personal information." Chiron said, and the women looked even more interested in him.

"Oh, you want to join Beacon, big boy" she cooed at him. She patted his cheek affectionately but he didn't budge. She reminded him of Aphrodite and her advances towards the Olympians where everyone wanted a piece of her because she was beautiful. He hardly looked affected by her advances making her frown a little. She was certainly beautiful and he wasn't gay, but she just wasn't his type of person.

"Alright, so if you want it done at the earliest time's that'll be 10,000 lien." Chiron was about to use his magecraft to get a better price but the lady who was flirting with him stepped up.

"Oh, Junior, you'll make it free for him right?" the man looked clearly scared of her and instantly responded

"Come back in 2 days and it'll be ready for you" Chiron nodded stoically and was about to leave the loud club when the lady grabbed his hand. He was getting quite tired of women grabbing his hand whenever he was going to leave but didn't do anything.

"What's your name sexy?" He mentally rolled his eyes.

"Chiron." he said with a polite smile and held out his hand.

"Cinder" She shook his hand and he went in the opposite direction of her wanting to get as far away from her as possible. While he was sure he could take her on he didn't want to expose all of his abilities because he didn't know how the world would react.

When he left however, someone else entered and she was a girl with long blond hair that went down to her back. She had on bracelets of some sort signalling she's a fighter. He didn't spare her another glance however.

With time to spare, he wondered around Vale, to find a bookstore as he greatly enjoyed reading unlike most of his centaur kind. Most of them in fact, hated doing anything that wasn't drinking, having sex or partying. Sometimes all at the same time.

He on the other hand, loved reading as he felt that you could learn a lot about a place by going to the library or a bookstore. When he entered the building it gave off a nice ding to show he entered and a man came a few seconds later. He looked to be in his mid-twenties with black hair and a beard that extended a little past his cheek. It sort of reminded him of a bear.

He was humming a tune when he appeared before seeing him.

"Welcome to Tukson's bookstore we have every book under the sun" Chiron smiled at the man and asked for directions to the history section. The man easily pointed to the section which he made his way too without a trouble. Luckily, there was a chair where someone could sit and read inside the store which he took full advantage of.

Before long, he now had a general idea of the world and how it functioned. The world revolved around something called "dust" which allowed one to manipulate the elements like fire, water, earth, air, lightning and that was how most things were powered. People also used dust in there weapons to make them more effective. The Schnee Dust Company ran most of the dust around the world and distributed the dust across the kingdom apparently.

The beasts he saw were called Grimm, monsters who fed of negative emotions and attacked ruthlessly. Because of the Grimm, humans were forced to split up into kingdoms with walls to keep the Grimm out of the city. The origins of Grimm were unknown but have been around for longer than man can recall and have been a constant danger to society. The hunters duty was to exterminate said "Grimm" and most importantly protect the civilians. The types of Grimm varied from Beowulf, Nevermore, Bourbatusk, King Taijutu, Gryphons and more. They all varied in dangerous capabilities and he saw a picture of them and saw that the bird he fought was called a "Nevermore" and the wolf-like beast were called "Beowulf's" he had encountered the boar with the sharp horns while camping one day they were called "Bourbatusk"

Also lastly, to combat the Grimm, the kingdoms created academies where people would attend to learn how to appropriately fight Grimm and would later become a Hunter to protect the kingdoms. All Huntsman and Huntresses had something called "Aura" which gave one a protective force field that took the damage for them. Until the Aura is down a huntsman is usually safe but once its down your vulnerable.

With all the knowledge he needed, he left the store without purchasing anything simply because he didn't have any money. The man didn't hold it against him and let him go easily.

When he was walking through Vale he noticed a smashed store window and went to investigate. After all, even though his main quest is getting his divinity back he was still an Heroic Spirit and did the right things.

Stepping inside he calmly walked towards them as they had there guns suddenly trained on him. That is.. till they saw he was a faunus like they themselves were. They wore a white mask that covered up there whole face and had a white chest-plate on.

"Why are you robbing a store?" he questioned, and he was genuinely curious as to why they were doing this when they could just get a job. He was new to this world so some insight would help.

"These...these humans! Don't deserve to have all this money. Us Faunus have to mine in the dust while they get to relax!" a bear faunus said scowling.

"Violence is never the answer as it only brings more problems in the end. What you need to do is sit down with humans and compromise" he agreed with them on the fact that they shouldn't have to mine whatever it is they have to mine but the method they were using was another thing. If he knew people as well as he did they would not listen and would still try and fight.

He was right as they all scoffed and readied their guns on him "If you won't join us then we will kill you!" a fox faunus said this time.

Chiron simply sighed realizing that he would have to resort to violence. He got in his typical pankration stance with his arms held out in a sort of boxers stance but with less flashy openings

"FINE THEN. IF YOUR NOT WITH US THEN YOUR AGAINST US!" as he said that the man shot his bullets at his fellow faunus.

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