Chiron was stuck with a conundrum. One of his first-year students, Carolina Kars has recently gained a connection to Chiron and became his master. He could feel it from his dorm to the nurse's that she was his master and that he was a servant.

It made no sense.

The pact between master and servant was nothing strange but there was no grail to fight for and he wasn't even on the same planet. He was on Remnant, the land with the shattered moon, Grimm that flooded the world and magical training schools that taught gifted students how to fight.

With that being established, Chiron went thinking. 'I need to keep calm about this and approach her. Before anyone else I need to confront her and confirm my suspicions.'

The worst part about this was that when she awoke from her unconsciousness, she would no doubt realize that something was amiss. And if she truly was a master like he suspected then she would also see the command spells etched onto her arm. The hardest part wouldn't be approaching her as he could simply make up an excuse like misconduct or bad grades, but the problem would be doing so without her thinking he was insane and running away.

Grabbing a few sheets of paper on his desk he scanned it for a second before finding what he needed. It was a pamphlet that listed down all the students he taught, for how many hours he taught them for and for what class period. Finding her name after a little bit of searching he saw that he taught her for third period at Nine O' clock.

Now that he thought about it he remembered that in her class she ranked number ten in terms of combat ability. In his spare time, he would assess their ability and give them a ranking based on how well they did in combat training. It was divided into four sections.





Her Strength sat at a mid C with her being able to increase her power thanks to her semblance which was acceleration. She couldn't use it on her own body however, what she could do is accelerate her clothes to circumvent this.

Her speed was a B of course because of her semblance.

In terms of intelligence she had a D in it. (HAH! Not intentional) She was just barely passing her classes but was so low that even Jaune who had C's and D's in all of the categories surpassed her in that area. Of course, that was just book theory. Sitting down learning the theory behind fighting is very much different from actually real-life fighting where that type of stuff is often forgotten in the adrenaline of combat.

Lastly, teamwork she had an A in. She got along with her team pretty well with a few arguments here and there but nothing too disastrous.

"I'll have to tell her bit by bit." Chiron decided, standing up. "I will tell her the important parts first then as time goes on I'll introduce her to what it means to be a master."

This was all his mistake. It was also Perseus' too. If they had never been dragged here she wouldn't have to deal with his problems and she would be able to become a proper huntsman. Now though, he wasn't sure.

He just had to hope she wouldn't say anything.


Glynda Goodwitch stepped out of the elevator leading to the top floor of Beacon Academy. The Headmaster's office. The sound of her heels against the marble floor alerted Ozpin of her presence. He quickly put down a pen he was holding and acknowledged her with a faint smile.

"Glynda it is good to see you. Sorry for calling you on short notice but I noticed that the emergency alarm was set off, locking all entrances and exits in the building, care to explain why?"

Glynda nodded and sat down. "That's the thing, I'm not too sure what happened so I can only guess. When I arrived at the scene, I saw signs of battle and the entire second floor was totaled. I don't know who or what fought there but it was certainly dangerous judging by the damages. Also, stabbed into the alarm was a pen."

"That's certainly interesting. Why would someone do that instead of pressing it themselves. Do you think they were perhaps restrained in some way and out of a desperate attempt did it?" Ozpin questioned.

"Yes, I do believe so but that brings up the question on who it is. The cameras were destroyed so there's no evidence on who did it."

"Even the hidden ones?"


The cameras that were seen to the public were just a coverup for the true cameras that hid themselves in the dark shadows of the in-sight cameras. They were implemented there just in case something like this happened. This made Ozpin even more intrigued that they managed to see through it. It meant they weren't rookies at this at all and had some experience sneaking around.

"You don't think it's..." Glynda trailed off.

Getting what she was thinking he shook his head. "No. She wouldn't do this. If she sent agents, they would be as careful as possible to not attract attention. Whoever the culprit is had no care for such things. There's also nothing to gain from attacking one of my students. Ruby Rose I could understand but she wasn't attacked, was she?"

"No, it was someone who had neither a special ability or came from a popular background which makes this all the more vexing." Glynda tightened her fists. "Attacking my students in my homeground is a very dangerous thing to do."

As she spoke her anger rose and her Semblance Telekinesis reacted to it, lifted papers and other objects like the plants into the air.

"Glynda!" He shouted, making her eyes widen as she realized what she was doing. The purple hue surrounding the objects vanished and everything dropped to the ground. Including his mug which shattered upon impact with the ground.

"S-Sir I'm sorry I got carried away!" She quickly picked up all the papers that were sent to the floor.

"It's fine, I understand how you feel about the students and I agree with you. However, we must approach this situation calmly and rationally. Getting angry will do nothing but cloud our judgement and that is when we make mistakes. I know all too well about that." He said, sounding like a wise sage to Glynda.

"Anyway, do we have anyone who we suspect could have caused this?"

Sinking back into stoic professionalism Glynda spoke. "Well, for one, I know that it's for sure someone who works here. A student who had recently joined the school whose name is Aro. He's a first year who we have little information on. Birthday, blood type and recommendations are all filled out, but it's left purposely vague that I would be surprised if it's all fake."

"Oh?" Ozpin's eyebrows rose in interest. "Is that so? Then why accept his transcripts if that was the case?"

"I seem to remember you letting Jaune Arc in despite his… questionable transcripts." Glynda spoke in an amused tone.

"I suppose you're right with that. I know that he has the potential to be great, especially paired together with Pyrrha Nikos. In all seriousness, why accept him? We are a very strict school and don't usually take in people with questionable backgrounds unless it's for a really good reason."

"That's simple, it was because of the person who recommended him that made me choose him."

"And who is that?"

Glynda pulled out her scroll and showed him a picture. "Orion Kynigos, a Professor who applied to Haven academy four months ago. Since then, he's risen up the ranks to the point where some even call him their trump card with how strong he's claimed to be."

"I can't say I've heard of him before."

He would have figured that any strong huntsman would be immediately known by him but this wasn't the case. He had never heard of there being an exceptionally strong huntsman in Haven and especially not from the headmaster.

Just what are you doing Lionheart...

Looking at him, Ozpin could see that he was a large man, if you could even call him that with how large he was as he must have been at least seven foot. Not only was he tall but his muscles were also very defined and the uniform he wore barely hid anything at all.

"I wasn't aware that there was a XXXXL size." Ozpin couldn't help but say.

Glynda tried keeping her composure in front of her boss but couldn't hide a few giggles imagining how they even found a size that big.

Coughing, she continued. "Anyway, on the letter of recommendation, Orion stated that Perseus was a "distant relative" and was very capable of Grimm slaying having done it at a very young age."

"Very...interesting I must say." Ozpin remarked. "I'm going to personally interrogate him to figure out his intentions. Now who's the second person you said could be the cause of this incident?"

"A professor. Specifically, Professor Chiron."

Ozpin gave the headmistress a look. "You believe him to be the cause of this? I would say not. I'm a very good judge of character if I do say so myself and it is very hard to hide their true intentions. If I had known, he was out to cause harm I would have immediately declined his offer and arrested him."

"Even so, not even you can claim to be perfect. There's something about him that rubs me the wrong way. He's a mysterious horse faunus who appeared in the Emerald forest running at speeds that could only be accomplished by a semblance which he claims to not have yet unlocked. You barely even checked his background."

Ozpin had to give that to Glynda. He might have trusted the faunus a little too much but the reason he did so was for reasons other than him being strong. The reason being he was a lot like himself. Chiron, despite looking twenty something, easily gave off a feeling of being much older, perhaps closer to Ozpin's age and he felt that since the moment he opened up his mouth. He didn't accept just anyone to teach at Beacon, as seen by how little Professor's there was. His intuition told him to accept him because he would be missing out if he didn't and Ozpin always went for people with lots of potential and recruited them.

That was how Raven and Qrow got into Beacon despite being children of the bandit lord, Odin.

"I stand by my judgement. I won't arrest or even question him without appropriate information. Besides, you can't lie that he produced results. Everyone's combat ability has gone through the roof since he joined that even Jaune Arc went from nothing to still nothing but with something going for him."

"Ozpin you still defend him?" Glynda said in disbelief. "Fine then, look at this." On her scroll it showed a large list of numbers with it being either red or green. "You see, right here how the number suddenly went from green to red meaning that he has left and is out of the premises only to come back a few minutes later."

"I'll admit that is quite strange. Where did he go?"

Glynda tapped on her screen and lifted it up to show him.

On the video it showed Chiron dashing through the hallways at speeds even Ozpin himself had trouble keeping up with. Then out of nowhere in his hand appeared a large golden bow that was as tall as he was. That's where the footage went black.

'That's...magic! There's no doubt about it and those speeds, it easily surpassed that of a seasoned Huntsman.' Ozpin was shocked as his mind raced through many different ideas on what Chiron truly was and how he accomplished such feats. 'This may not be bad after all. He will certainly be a valuable asset against fighting against Salem. Perhaps he has magic that could even end her once and for all?'

"It seems I may have to speak with him after all…"

"That's not all of it though." Goodwitch started. "Just a few minutes ago, before our conversation started, Professor Peach, our nurse, registered the hurt student into the hospital. The person carrying them was…"

"Chiron." Ozpin guessed. Though he already knew the answer.

"Exactly. Do you see now? He has at least some involvement with this battle if you believe so adamantly that he's not the enemy." Glynda said. "Speaking of the injured student the person in question is Carolina Kars, a second-year student here at Beacon. She's nothing that special and her semblance while unique with room to grow is not anything too special. Certainly not enough to try and murder her."

Ozpin also couldn't think of a reason why she would be targeted. Automatically, he tried reaching for his mug before he realized the state of it on the ground. He would be lying if he said he wasn't a little miffed by that. Especially since he had that mug for over forty years.

"Also, another thing that I felt like I needed to address with you is the state of her aura." Glynda said. "From what Professor Peach said when she was admitted into the hospital, they checked her aura levels expecting it to be low or gone but that wasn't the case. In fact, it's at 80% possibly higher as we speak."

Ozpin got what she was implying. Her aura was never touched and the only reason it's probably low at all is because of the use of her semblance. Which means that somehow the enemy was able to break through Aura's passive defense and harm her anyway.

"If that is the case then this problem has certainly escalated. Aura is a huntsman's greatest ally and it is supposed to protect them from all harm until it is depleted. To think that there is someone strong enough to pierce it is frightening in itself. If this got out there would be chaos."

"Definitely. However, I don't think that it's a person in this case but more so a weapon. She was stabbed through the stomach by something sharp like a sword before she could even react."

"Then our main priority must be securing this weapon." Ozpin decided, pushing up his glasses. "Once we capture this perpetrator and take their weapon, we can interrogate them and ask them all about it. For now, though, we should leave all the heavy stuff behind. The Vytal festival is upon us and we must focus on making sure that all of the students are well-trained in case of any danger."

"I understand."

"Good. Now let's talk about that training course Chiron was talking about."


"Achilles pay attention to what I'm about to say to you." A gentle voice spoke.

Carolina was woken up by the voice speaking. As she opened her eyes, she saw the beautiful blue sky and smelt the pine from the trees.

"Where…. Am I?" She said to nobody in particular. As she stood up, she noticed she was outside. No. Not just outside, she was in a forest clearing. There was a small pond that had clear water flowing out of a stream. The air smelled fresh and clean.

"Of course, teacher!" Achilles responded attentively.

She looked to the sound of the voice to see two people sitting down near the pond, one boy who couldn't have been older than ten with green spiky hair and a white tunic and shorts on. Notably, he had a red cloth wrapped around his shoulder to his chest. It must have been important to him. The older one was tan and wore what looked like a grey tunic and a… battle skirt? It was a very strange attire she noted.

As she looked further down, she noticed that in the replacement of legs there was the lower half of a… horse?

'What in the name of the twin brothers is going on here, he's a horse!' Realization then dawned on Carolina. 'Wait a second. That's Professor Chiron right there. Why is he a horse?'

"Professor! Where are we? And why are you a horse?" She received no response. He kept his eyes focused on the younger child. Deciding to take action she reached over to touch him only for her hand to go through him like a hologram while he remained still non fazed.

Her eyes widened slightly. "This is some freaky stuff. Mark is not going to believe this. Is this even a dream? I can feel the wind breezing through my hair."

Seeing as she could do nothing, she resigned to simply sit down and listen to their conversation in the hopes that it would provide some context on where she was.

"Your father, he left me in your care, and in these nine years, I have taught you of war, of science and of art."

Carolina gawked at how cavalier he sounded. "Who teaches a child war! I get science and art, but war is something entirely different!"

"Yes! Thanks to you I can shoot down the swift birds of the sky and run even faster than my father!" Achilles exclaimed. Not looking the least bit uncomfortable.

"Indeed" Chiron confirmed. "You absorbed my teaching well, so now you are a genius on par with Heracles or Castor."

"All thanks to your tutelage!" Achilles reminded him once again, pressing his arms on his knees.

"Mhm. However, before you return to the human world there is something you must know."


"It's about your heel."

"Heel?" Carolina repeated, confusingly. "What's so special about a foot?"

"You see, your mother, the sea goddess Tethis, tried to grant you the immortality of the gods. She tampered your body with the sacred flames of Olympus. However, your father Peleus, my student, wanted you to still have mortal aspects. Your heel was not touched by the flames."

"W-What? Did I hear Professor right? This little kid over here's mother is a sea goddess?!" She pointed at Achilles in complete shock. "And not only that, your immortal?! How is that even possible?"

She received no response from either of them.

Carolina sighed and sat back down to listen to more of their conversation.

Achilles rubbed his foot as if expecting something to happen.

Chiron smiled. "Remember that. You are a hero immortal as the gods or very close to that. Your heels however are still mortal."

"And here I thought the fairy tales that I was told as a child about the heroes who were children of the gods was just that, a made-up story. Now apparently, this kid is some super-powered juggernaut who can probably shoot down godly beams or something."

Suddenly, the world around her started to shake violently like an earthquake was upon them. The ground underneath them cracked and Carolina could see that everything was being swallowed by it.

Getting up, she tried outrunning the spiderweb cracks but soon found herself engulfed in it.

She saw darkness.


"AHHHHHHHH!" Carolina screamed at the top of her lungs, breathing heavily. She quieted down when she realized that she was safe, back at Beacon and in a bed.

She propped herself up from the bed and saw that it was nighttime. Removing the sheets, she stood up and observed her surroundings. While she knew for sure she was at Beacon this wasn't her room. This was the nurse's office. She knew that because she had been here once or twice because of some training accidents.

"Was that whole thing a dream? It felt so… realistic." As she spoke, she realized how hoarse her voice sounded. Like she was yelling an entire day.

Going to the water fountain in the corner of the room she reached for a small plastic cup with her right hand. As she did so, she realized that there was something scarlet on the back of her hand.

"What is this? It's like a tattoo but I don't have any. And I swear it was just glowing a second ago!" She was seriously getting freaked out by this.

'Maybe I should approach Professor Chiron about this. This appeared after that dream so maybe he has some answers as to what this is! But the question is, who is he? Can I even trust him anymore after watching all of that? I mean it's insane that he's not just a faunus but an actual horse from the waist down. But where did it go? He only has a horse tail not a god damn whole hooves!' She had so many questions and had an answer to none of them.

Before she could come to the conclusion, the door slowly slid open and out of the shadows….

To be continued….

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