Snoopy gasped in shock as he grabbed the phone and began to dial a number on it. Gracie observed her brothers' nutty antics as Roger, Olaf and Andy watched in obvious confusion. Herman, a bit fearful, ran into one of the rooms to hide. "What're you doing?" Gracie barked.

"Getting help." Snoopy explained.

Back at Peppermint Patty's house, she, Yasmine, Polly ad Franco had fallen asleep on the couch. The phone began to ring loudly, awaking Polly groggily. The small girl burst into tears, awaking her sister Yasmine. "I got it." Yasmine yawned as she grabbed the phone. On the line, Snoopy was barking frantically.

"One minute," Yasmine said, nudging her stepsister awake, "it's for you."

Peppermint Patty sighed. "Hello?" she asked as Snoopy began to frantically 'explain' everything. "Yeah, Snoop, call Ed and tell him EVERYTHING. I just CAN'T understand you."

Snoopy whimpered as he did so. Luckily, Ed was at Rebecca's house. Ed answered the phone and comprehended everything the beagle was saying. "That sounds serious. We're coming."

"Who was that?" Rebecca asked, looking up from a magazine she, Claudia and Ashley were reading.

"It's Snoopy. Something's wrong." Ed explained.

"With Herman, Gracie or Roger?" Ashley inquired.

"Neither!" Ed exclaimed. "I'm going to check on them. Who's coming?"

Rebecca stood up in determination. "I am!"

Ashley followed suit. "Me too."

"Count me in." Claudia quivered as she toyed with her neckerchief.

"I just need to make one urgent phone call." Ed told the girls.

Ashley sighed and signaled the girls out of the house. "Who's the call for?" Ashley inquired.

"For Peppermint Patty." Ed replied, trying not to get distracted.

"Why?" Claudia called out.

Ed sighed. "None of your business, Claudia. And stop eavesdropping!"

Once Ed was sure the three girls weren't listening, he began to talk with Peppermint Patty on the phone. "Patty, something's wrong with Marcie. We don't know what it is, but we're gonna check it out."

"Okay." Peppermint Patty inhaled as she looked over at Franco.

Ed sighed and hung up the phone. "Come on, girls."

"What's the big news?" Claudia asked.

Ed shuddered. "Nothing good."

"Just tell us. Spit it out." Ashley insisted. Claudia nodded her head.

"Were you telling her about the apple pie Frieda's making?" asked a hopeful Rebecca.

Ed huffed, about to regret his temper. "This has NOTHING to do WITH apples!"

Rebecca blinked in shock as Ashley shrugged and Claudia clasped her hands over her ears. He groaned. "Oh great. Now I have stunned two girls and sent a third into overload."

"What is wrong?" Ashley asked.

"Snoopy called," Ed explained, "and if you three want to know what the fuss is about, follow me."

The three girls followed Ed until they saw Snoopy holding open a door. "What're we doing here?" Ashley asked. "A date at the French Café?"

"It's a bit scary." Snoopy told Ed.

"It's a bit scary." Ed told the girls as they walked inside, very curious. One thing took Rebecca by surprise. On the floor was a shiny red apple that she could see her reflection in. she picked it up and looked at it intensely. Claudia tapped Rebecca on the shoulder.

"Yeah?" Rebecca asked.

"Can I see that?" Claudia asked.

"Okay." Rebecca shrugged, handing her the apple. Claudia gasped in shock.

"That didn't sound good," Ashley shrugged, "what is it, Claudia?"

"Somebody ate the apple-just a few bites." Claudia explained.

"Get a load of that. Sounds like something out of Snow White." Ed laughed at the apple. Snoopy scoffed.

"Over here!" Skip cried out. "We can't taste test much longer."

Ed, Rebecca, Ashley and Claudia headed over to see what the beagles were talking about. Lex whimpered. "She won't wake up!"

"Don't worry, Lex. Marcie probably fainted due to stress." Ashley suggested.

"How do you know?" Ed asked.

"If you were stressed beyond endurance, you'd faint too."

"Fair enough. Becky, are you feeling alright?"

Rebecca, who had turned whiter than snow, shuddered as she looked at the apple. Claudia waved a hand over her face. "Huh?" Rebecca asked.

"You looked like you too were about to faint!" Claudia exclaimed, putting the apple n the kitchen counter and grabbing some ice cubes from the freezer. She put the ice cubes in a cold compress and returned. "Why so pale, Beck?"

"What did I do?" Rebecca murmured.

"You turned pale." Ashley explained as Snoopy grabbed the compress in fear.

"Herman!" Roger barked as Herman ran towards his owner. The wolf was whimpering in worry.

"You look spooked, Rebecca!" Herman gasped.

"I am." Rebecca explained.

"Why?" Ashley and Claudia asked.

The dogs sighed in disbelief as Rebecca remembered what she and Franklin were joking about. "I have a morbid sense of humor!" Rebecca exclaimed.

"Let's get you home." Ashley winced.

"Herman, stay here with the others until Peppermint Patty shows up." Ed explained as Herman saluted. Once the kids left, the animals began to panic.

"WHAT DO WE DO?!" Andy wailed.

"Don't panic, troop, don't panic." Snoopy said.

"Yeah. We just have to wait for Peppermint Patty." Gracie smiled.

Lex snarled at his sister. "Remain calm?! How? We got an unconscious girl on the floor, none of us can speak with Peppermint Patty, we're seven dogs and a wolf in a small house and the phone could ring any second now!"

"Yeah." Skip huffed.

"Some family you have." Snoopy commented as Gracie sighed.

Herman sighed as he watched Roger attempt to snap Marcie out of her dizzy spell. "Dude, you're wasting time."

"I know, but I'm NOT quitting!" Roger barked.

"Roger." Herman joked.