Harry Potter x Dadnapped

Neville Longbottom raced after Melissa with his teammates Wheeze, Andre, and Sheldon in her backyard.

They were a little more grown up now. College students.

Neville and Melissa have been friends since childhood. But after he learned about his magic, he started going to Hogwarts.

After what happened to his parents, he lived with his grandmother, who lives down the street from Melissa and her family.

Melissa's father may not live there anymore, but he's been coming by to visit.

"Wait. I give." She shouted.

"Alright." Neville said.

"You give up too easy." Andre said.

"Oh be quiet." Melissa said.

"Let's all have a drink." Sheldon said.

"My mom brought out lemonade." She said as they walked to the table.

"Having fun?" Melissa's dad asked.

"Yes. I hope this helps you with finishing your final books." She says.

"I can't believe this will be the end of Trip Zoome." Neville said. "He's what got me through my school." He said.

"Aw. Cute." Melissa said.

"It's gotten us through our lives." Wheeze said.

"Now, explain to me, how you agreed to go to prom with him?" Neville asked.

Melissa laughed. "I honestly didn't think to go. But then he showed up with the tickets so I felt like, Why the heck not." She explained.

"Hey, have you heard? Guess who's opened up a brand new hotel right next to the Trip Zoome soon to be amusement park? Merv Kilbo!" Wheeze said.

"Oh man! I'm taking my kids to that." Neville said.

"Count me OUT." Melissa said.

"But sweetie. You ARE Trip Zoome." Melissa's father said.

"I know that now. But I can't be forever." She said.

"I know. Which is why I'm stopping at these last few books." Her father said.

"What are they going to be about?" Neville asked.

"Let's see. Trip Zoome goes to college. Trip Zoome goes to a zoo-pool."

"Zoo-Pool? Dad." Melissa shakes her head.

"What? It's when you went to that zoo and then the pool in one day." Her father explained. "And this one is Trip Zoome's beach vacation. Which I'm using this as a collection of all the other vacations we took." He said.

Melissa covered her face.

"I was on two of those remember?" Neville said.

"Yes. The trip where we got burned so bad cause we wanted to finish the sandcastle." Melissa laughed.

"And the one where I also made you a shell necklace." Neville added.

"Really? I thought your grandmother did that?"

"I collected the shells. That counts." Neville said.

"You two sound so perfect for each other." Andre and his big mouth.

Sheldon and Wheeze blasted him with their water guns and chased each other around.

"Is there going to be a book about Trip Zoome meeting three goofballs?" Melissa asked.

"I'm working on that. But I have this. A new partner for Trip Zoome." He holds up a picture of a girl who looks like a ninja but also Melissa's mother.

"Really dad?"

"What's she called?"

"I thought about Helen." He told Neville.

"Helen Alice?" Neville questioned.

Melissa smiled sadly. Neville missed his parents a lot.

"Sure son. I can do that. Maybe Helen can be her fake name. Like a ninja with a secret life. Alice is her real name for being a normal girl." Melissa's father explained.

Melissa smiled at her dad. "Now that, I would read." She said.

"Me too." Neville agreed.

"Well, the last book here, the seventh one here, I hope will be Trip Zoome's family epilogue ending. Where I'm hoping, you daughter will make a squeal of Trip Zoome's children saving the day." Her father said.

Melissa groaned. "Dad. No!"

"Maybe I'll do it." Neville said.

"Thank you. But if she won't do it, I think I'll have to leave it to...them." He said looking at Wheeze, Sheldon and Andre.

"That, could work. They at least get close to three or twelve books out." Neville said.

"Would you really make a book?" Melissa asked.

"Sure. And I have an idea." He said. But before he did, "Nevile, you have a letter. From a Luna Lovegood." Shouted his grandmother.

"Excuse me." Nevile raced down to his house.

"He left. Guess he's got a girl already." Wheeze said.

"What? Nevile? He would have told me." Melissa said.

"Sounds like someone's jealous." Andre said grinning.

"I. Am. Not." She said ready to punch him.

"Andre. Keep your mouth shut." Sheldon said.

"You think I'm seriously jealous over Nevile Longbottom having a girlfriend?"

"That's his last name?!" All three began laughing hard.

Melissa couldn't take much more of this. "He's lost his parents and has to live with his grandmother. You think it's funny?" She asked.

They slowly stopped laughing.

"I thought so. Nevile has been there for me since this divorce. Since the book became a thing. Since...oh my, forever." Maybe she was a little jealous.

"I've got to-" Before she went to go see Nevile, he returned looking sad.

"Nevile?" Melissa didn't know what happened, but her guess, the girl didn't return his feelings.

"What happened son?" Her father asked.

"My very first girlfriend broke up with me." He said.

"Wait what?! You DID have a girlfriend?!" Melissa asked.

He nodded.

"I'm sorry. She's dumb for doing that. Your such a great person. She doesn't know what she's done to herself." Melissa said.

"She really likes him." Andre said.

"Will you-"

"It's fine Sheldon. We were a little too different anyways." Wheeze said.

"Really, Melissa?"

"Of course. Your are funny, you smile all the time. Your not afraid of...some things. But your also good with listening and caring for your frog."

"Trevor's a toad." Neville said.

"My point is, you are a great guy. Any girl like this...Luna girl, doesn't see it, then she doesn't need your attention." Melissa said.

Neville smiled. "Thanks Melissa."

Melissa smiled.

"Does anyone want more lemonade?" Melissa's mother called.

"Sure. Do we have ice cream?" Melissa asked.

"Sure. I'll get a few bowls." Her mother said.

They sat around as Neville explained who Luna was. And that it was just an impulse of adrenaline that got him to ask her out in the first place. But after a couple of dates it wasn't working out anyway. They were too far way and too different.

"Here we are. I only had vanilla so I poured a little lemonade in the ice cream."

"That's good! Ninja lemon-vanilla blade." Melissa's father wrote down.

Everyone began laughing.

There was no way this was sticking.

Everyone had a good time. And as for Melissa, she had more time with Neville then she realized. She really was a hero. A hero to him. Just like he is to her.

The End