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Naruto pants as he tries to outrun a crowd of angry shinobi and villagers. It was his 6th birthday and he had tried to leave his apartment to celebrate at Ichiraku's. Even though Hiruzen Sarutobi specifically told him not to leave his apartment on this day, Naruto did it anyway since he really was craving ramen.

He was always craving ramen.

Almost the exact second he left his apartment a mob immediately started chasing him, shouting words like "Get over here Demon!" and "Die!" He really didn't know what he did to them. All he wanted was to celebrate his birthday and have a nice bowl of ramen.

Naruto was looking for a good place to duck into, since he had been running for well over 15 minutes and had reached a ghost town in Konoha. He could still hear the murderous mob chasing him about a block away.

Whipping his head around, he found a good looking abandoned building. It looked a bit like a warehouse. Without a second thought, Naruto ran into the door and shoved it open as fast as possible. It reinvigorated the bruises he had gotten on his arm when the mob had caught him before, but it opened the door.

He dashed inside before shoving the heavy door closed, just in time too, since he heard the mob run past, shouting profanities about losing the demon. Naruto decided to wait out the crowd in the warehouse and put a dusty looking chair under the doorknob to keep the door shut if the villagers wanted in.

He decided to explore the house, since he was going to be staying here for the next few hours to wait the mob out.

The warehouse had quite a high ceiling, probably so that it would have enough room for stacked items. It was very dusty since it hadn't been used since what seemed like the founding of Konoha. Spiderwebs littered the corners and empty door frames.

Naruto decided to go to the other rooms, since this main room was pretty boring. He didn't have to duck to avoid the spiderwebs on the door frames since he was so short.

The next room he walked in was quite a bit more interesting. It seemed a lot better kept than the main room, and had walls and walls covered head to toe in large scrolls.

'Was this a scroll manufacturing warehouse?' Naruto pondered.

Naruto decided to stay in this room for a while since the walls were more interesting to look at. After about half an hour of waiting, curiosity got the better of him and he decided to look at one of the scrolls on the wall. He felt almost compelled to grab one of them.

Naruto pulled one of the large scrolls out of its compartment on the wall and examined it.

It was almost completely stark white, not smudged at all as if it hadn't been touched by human hands. About 3 inches on both sides of the scroll was covered in gold foil, which glinted in the light from the window. Intricate red swirls ran across the stark white of the scroll, giving it a beautiful look.

Naruto gazed at the scroll in awe about how beautiful it was before opening it gently.

The scroll opened to have what seemed like sections for writing with instructions at the top section. The entire scroll was almost completely blank other than that. Naruto couldn't read very well due to senseis sabotaging his learning and the fact he was 5- now, 6.

Thankfully, there were pictures along with the instructions. It showed handsigns that were probably needed to activate whatever the scroll did. Naruto's interest peaked. He had joined the ninja academy a few months ago. The class hadn't really started with anything ninja-y yet and was mostly academics and theory. Booring. Naruto got really excited, if I learn a technique, maybe I can graduate early and become hokage! He eagerly started forming the handsigns, making sure to not make any mistakes.

He overheard one of the academy senseis telling a student that if they make any mistakes with handsigns, it would, at best, make the jutsu explode in your face, and at worst, completely destroy anything within a 10 mile radius.

The pictures showed a figure biting their thumb hard enough to draw blood at the end of the hand signs, and to slam your hand on the ground.

Naruto used one of the old cuts given to him by an angry chuunin to get the blood, instead of adding another injury to his already lengthy list. Slamming his hand into the ground, Naruto disappeared in a blast of smoke.


Naruto groaned as strong orange light flooded his closed eyes. He blearily opened them, being temporarily blinded, and looked around. He was quickly confused by what he was seeing. Is this one of those genjutsu's they were talking about at the academy? The grass he was laying on was a very vibrant blue and was covered with bright orange and red leaves that seemed to have come from the giant bare trees above. Up in the sky, there seemed to be 2 bright orange suns. that would explain where the light came from.. Completely random objects floated around everywhere, as if they had a mind of their own. Naruto, still laying down saw a completely solid gold lawnmower coming directly towards his head, as if it wanted to shave it. He narrowly dodged it by quickly rolling to the left to come face to face with…

A giant fox?!

The silver fox seemed to have been watching him the entire time, it was sitting up and looking directly into his eyes intelligently.

The fox was majestic and reached to at least his shoulders, which is obviously quite big for a fox.. It was almost completely silver other than the light brown accents on it's ears, paws, and underneath it's eyes. Did he mention the fox had seven tails? They waved lazily behind it, each tipped with the same brown accent.

The fox broke the awkward and shocked silence by talking.

"Are you a human!? I thought they were only myths! My mom told me all about them and how cool they were! You do seem a bit smaller than I expected though.. Is it true you can make dragons out of water? Do you really have spots specifically to go to the bathroom?" The fox rambled, causing Naruto to become even more shocked and to have a slight deadpan.

After a few seconds of shocked silence while the silver fox waved it's tails excitedly behind his back, Naruto spoke.

"D-did you just talk?" he whispered, quite frightened. He had vaguely heard of talking animals while he listened to the class while in the hallway. (A teacher had kicked him out for no reason) But he didn't know they really existed.

The fox looked quite affronted "well of course I talked how else would we communicate?" it said in an obvious tone. Naruto deadpanned slightly. The solid gold lawnmower started moving towards the fox, almost happily, though he couldn't really tell since it was a lawnmower.

The fox absentmindedly pet the lawnmower and decided to ask some more questions "So, what's your name? Mine's Shibakariki!" the newly named Shibakariki asked happily, seemingly forgetting what they were just talking about.

'That's quite a long name..' Naruto was still surprised, but it had died down a little and he felt a bit excited since this was the second person? Fox? That had talked to him nicely. "A-ah my name's Naruto, it's nice to meet you Shibakariki" Naruto replied softly, smiling slightly. Still petting the lawnmower, Shibakariki gushed, "aww, you're so cute!" Naruto blushed a little, still smiling.

Seemingly remembering something, Shibakariki snapped somehow with his tails while dodging a bottle of sunscreen floating around," Oh yeah, do you know how you got here? I know you couldn't have just wandered here since it's like- a whole other dimension from yours." Shibakariki pondered.

Naruto was surprised again 'so that scroll had a dimensional traveling technique? 'That does seem a bit dangerous just to leave in a warehouse..' deciding to answer, Naruto told him about the room full of scrolls.

"Woahh my mom also told me stories about that! It's supposed to be a room that has like- all the summoning scrolls in existence! They say it's only supposed to let in a person pure of heart or whatever." Shibakariki said, surprised. "Well, I guess that explains how you got here then! Our town elder probably wants to hear about this.."

Naruto dodged a typewriter warily. 'So I'm pure of heart? That sounds so cheesy..' Naruto was also confused about why Shibakariki was petting a lawnmower. Deciding to ask, Naruto questioned,"why are you petting that lawnmower?".

Shibakariki looked up from the lawnmower, moving his head to the side to avoid a cucumber speeding past. "Oh you mean Chad? He's my pet." He said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Naruto deadpanned.

Shibakakiri decided to ask another question. "How many other humans are there? I know you're not the only one!" Naruto flinched slightly. "W-well there are a lot of other humans, but they're mean to me.." Rubbing his bruised arms, Naruto looked away. "There is one I admire though, his name's Sasuke Uchiha." He mumbled slightly.

Shibakakiri's ears flip up at the last name. "My mom said she hates Uchihas, something about our boss summon being controlled by one to destroy a village. He never came back after that.."The silver fox looked down sadly. Naruto frowned, sorry for the fox.

"Anyways, Naruto-chan, we should probably head to town to ask the elder about how to get you out of here, if you want to leave" Shibakariki got up, changing the topic. He stretched in a downward dog, Chad starting to float again. Naruto didn't really want to leave, since Shibakariki was, like, the second person to talk to him like a normal person. The first being Hokage Oji-san.

Oji-san never really got to talk with him other than his monthly visits, but Naruto still appreciated it. "Want a ride kid?" Shibakariki asked while smirking.. Somehow. Naruto nodded eagerly, since riding a fox had to be one of the coolest things ever. Shibakakiri grew in size, almost the size of a horse.

A lightbulb drifted past them as Shibakakiri picked naruto up with one of his many tails. The fur tickled Naruto slightly and he laughed a bit. Setting Naruto down on his back and making sure he hung on tightly, Shibakariki started to run really fast with Chad racing through the air beside him.

Naruto closed his eyes and buried them in Shibakakiri's coat since the wind was hurting his eyes slightly. As they ran through the forest, leaves crunched beneath Shibakakiri's paws satisfyingly. Even more random items whizzed past them, including a paint brush, thermometer, and even a clothes hanger.

After a few minutes of running Shibakakiri reached a gate similar to Konoha's except much smaller, and only about 40 feet tall compared to the 100 feet of Konoha's.

2 foxes, almost the same size as Shibakakiri right now padded over to him. One was as red as an Uzumaki's hair, and the other was Sky blue. Both had 2 tails of the opposite color (blue and red, red and blue) "Hey, Shibakakiri-san, what's that on your back?" The red one with blue tails questioned. "Oh, nothing.. Just a human person I found in the forest" Shibakakiri revealed. The blue fox's jaw dropped while the red one's eyes widened comically.

"WHAT?" They both screamed at the same time, effectively getting the attention of every other fox at the gate. "You heard me! We have to speak with Furui about this and ask a few questions." Shibakakiri explained. The blue fox snapped his jaw shut suddenly and shook his head. "How do you always manage to attract such weird things Shiba.." He muttered sullenly The red fox added in, when Shibakakiri looked like he was going to talk "You have a pet lawnmower don't start." She cut in.

Naruto was relieved that pet lawnmowers weren't a regular thing here.

"Don't gang up on me Shinku-chan, Akua-kun.." Shibakakiri whined. Shinku sighed and decided to finally lead them to the elder, leaving her brother, Akua, guarding the gates.

As they walked into the village, Foxes of all colors of the rainbow stared at them, heck Naruto swore he saw one that was all colors of the rainbow. It was still much better than the villager's glares though. He looked around curiously at the shops as they walked down a wooden trail.

Vulpine Salon, 50% off on Kits cuts

Prey and feathers, All your writing needs!

Fox Socks, Purple socks on Sale!

The foxes varied from as small as a cup of ramen, to one the size of hokage tower Naruto saw walking in the distance. Shinku and Shibakakiri seemed to be heading for a large building, which, funnily enough, looked like the Hokage tower but completely orange.

He loved it.

After a few minutes of admiring the sights from Shibakakiri's back, the fox pair reached the dubbed orange hokage tower. The tower seemed to have the exact same dimensions of the old, boring hokage tower.

They started climbing the stairs to get to the office and Naruto was grateful he was still riding Shibakakiri. After a few minutes of boring climbing, the door to enter the "hokage's" office was in reach. Well it wasn't really a door, but a giant flap, so foxes didn't have to struggle to open the door.


The entrance almost had the same presence of the hokage's which was yet another similarity. Shibakakiri used one of his plentiful tails to knock on the flap.

"Come in." A wise, powerful sounding voice ordered.

Shinku stayed behind, guarding the door as Shibakakiri and Naruto entered.

Naruto was hit in the head slightly by the flap. As he looked around the office, which looked exactly like Oji-san's, Naruto saw a very old looking fox sitting in the hokage chair.

The fox was grey and had pure white accents, he had 8 long, thin tails racing around behind him, grabbing things and multitasking as if they had a mind of their own. He had very long black whiskers and eye whiskers and seemed to ooze with authority. Then, all of a sudden, the effect was ruined by his comically widening eyes.

"Shibakakiri-san, is that what I think it is?" the old fox's voice sounded gravely, but raised with shock.

Shibakakiri smirked and nodded. "I found him in the outskirts of Kaosukitsune no mori" he said with pride. Naruto nodded along. "Ah, and what's his name?" The old fox questioned. "I'm Naruto Uzumaki dattebayo! What's your name?" Naruto grinned and shut his eyes.

The old fox chuckled "I am Furui, child. I do wonder how you got here though.." Furui pondered.

"Shibakakiri-san said something about The Summon Archives, I grabbed a scroll from one of the walls and followed the pictures!" Naruto explained, excitedly. "Ah you can call me Shiba kid, Shibakakiri is too much of a mouthful for me!" Shiba added in, ignoring the shocked silence from Furui.

(I can't write shibakakiri so much-)

"Hmm that's quite surprising.." Furui finally answered after a few seconds of contemplative silence. "Oh yeah! Furui Oji-san, I wanted to ask a question" Naruto remembered. Furui blushed slightly at being called 'grandpa'. "Go ahead Naruto-kun"

"What's with the Uchihas and controlling the boss summon here? I know an Uchiha in my class" Naruto asked. Furui seemed slightly surprised at how forward Naruto was and decided to answer.

"Well, you see Naruto-kun, our boss summon was force summoned quite a while ago, almost 12 years ago.. An Uchiha used some kind of dimensional jutsu to pull it from Kaosukitsune no mori. They then used a more powerful stage of their dojutsu to control Kurama and force him to attack Konohagakure-" Naruto's eyes widened

"Wait! That's my village! Does that mean the Kyuubi-" "Yes, Kurama was forced to attack your village, and we haven't heard of him since" Furui interrupted forlornly. 'That's because the Fourth killed him, right?' Naruto thought sadly. He decided to tell Furui. "The villagers say that our Fourth Hokage killed him.." Naruto bent his head down. "What!? It's impossible to kill Kurama, he's pure chakra! The best anyone can do is to seal him-"

Suddenly, a flash of red chakra came from Naruto's stomach.

Furui and Shiba's eyes widened. "Naruto, I think Kurama's sealed inside of you.." Furui whispered in shock. Naruto's eyes widened as well.

Everything made sense now, the villagers calling him a demon, attacking him, glaring at him.. It was all so stupid It wasn't his, or Kurama's fault that the village was partially destroyed. Kurama was being controlled! But the villagers don't know that! Naruto fell deep into his thoughts.

Shiba nudged him with one of his tails to snap him out of it. Naruto blinked, looking at Shiba appreciatively. "Kurama feels off.." Furui muttered darkly. "I need to summon one of the mind specialist foxes!" he shouted. A seal hung on the wall glowed with a bright orange light, and a small fox with 3 tails appeared. They were about the normal size for a fox and had fur almost the same shade as Naruto's hair. Their eyes were a bright magenta and flicked over to Furui, awaiting orders.

"Reizoko, we need to do a mind walk with Naruto-kun here, Kurama is sealed inside of him and is acting strange" Reizoko's eyes widened and moved to Naruto, who was sitting on a tatami mat. Furui and Reizoko padded over to Naruto and sat down as well. "This is going to feel weird, but it won't hurt if you don't resist." Reizoko said flatly. Naruto nodded, making eye contact with the small fox.

"Lay down and don't move." She ordered. Naruto obliged, using one of Shiba's tails as a pillow. Reizoko placed her paws on his temples and closed her eyes. A few seconds later, Naruto opened his eyes and was met by a sewer. Naruto looked around and saw Shiba, Furoi, and Reizoko next to him. "Where are we?" he asked.

"We are in your mindscape." Reizoko answered immediately. "It seems like you have some bad memories, based on the state of this place" She added.

Naruto nodded sadly. Shiba looked at him in concern. "The villagers hated me for having Kurama sealed inside of me.." Naruto explained. Shiba pat his back with one of his tails.

"If we want to find Kurama, we should follow the red chakra pipes, those are of his chakra" Reizoko motioned towards the red pipes with a white tipped tail. Furoi nodded, taking the lead.

After a few minutes of walking, the 3 foxes and human reached a giant door. Naruto pushed it open to reveal a large open space with a giant cage door at the end. Furoi walked towards it, the rest following.

All of a sudden, large red eyes snapped open, glaring at nothing in particular, before meeting Furoi's. They flashed with recognition, but then dulled and switched back to glaring. Furoi blinked in shock. "I feel a genjutsu over Kurama.." He noted. Shiba's eyes widened "Is it from the sharingan wielder?" he questioned. Kurama glared at them, sending intense killing intent at them, but the foxes weren't reacting to it. Naruto shivered a bit but ignored it, it wasn't as bad as at least 10 jonin's KI focused on him. "I can try to get rid of it with a blast of potent chakra, Kurama might recognize it as well and help in dispelling it." Furoi suggested.

Naruto nodded furiously "yeah, please do it, it would be terrible to be controlled forever.." Furoi nodded and laid down in the inch deep water, focusing. Suddenly, Naruto felt a strong burst of energy come from him and saw Kurama flinch. Kurama closed his eyes and focused as well. He felt a burst of the same type of energy he just felt, but more sinister and evil. Kurama blinked open his eyes and looked around.

He saw Furoi and his ruby red eyes widened. "Furoi!" Kurama shouted gleefully. Naruto flinched at the volume of the fox and blinked. Furoi smiled at Kurama "It's been a long time Kurama-chan"