Shinji and Ventress

By StraightedgeEpyon

Summary: Two unique individuals, used and abandoned by the ones they served, find themselves stranded on a distant planet. Will they survive together?

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Star Wars/Evangelion crossover

Chapter one

Changing Destinies

"You have failed me for the last time. You are no longer my apprentice. And now, you shall die" an aged man hissed angrily as the ship continued to be bombarded with laser fire.

Asajj Ventress, Count Dooku's now-former apprentice and assassin sat there in absolute disbelief.

Her master whom she had been serving faithfully, for these past several years of the Clone Wars, was abandoning her to her fate, because of her long string of failures. Asajj's droid forces, were being overwhelmed by the clone forces of the Republic, led by the Jedi. One by one the C.I.S ships were being destroyed and soon she would be completely alone. Her ship continued to get rocked, by fire from Republic forces, she had no choice but to make a retreat.

"You will pay for this, Dooku!" hissed Ventress

The Dathomirian woman, steered her damaged ship to open space to escape the obviously lost battle, but already Republic and Jedi starfighters, piloted by the Jedi leadership, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker respectively, were already one her tail as more ships and droid ships were being destroyed.

"Gha ugh!" she grunted as her ship took another hit and her shields were failing fast

Quickly Asajji made the jump to lightspeed not even caring slightly about the destination, her priority was surviving, so she would have her revenge on the Count. Flipping the leveler, the ship entered hyperspace and was gone in an instant. Without precise calculations to the intended destination, the pilot could fly right through, a star or bounce too close to a supernova, and that would end the trip real quick.

This fact also applied to Ventress, who's shipped was still damaged to the point, where it began to lose power, its engine was failing, and she was moving dangerously close to the hyperspace tunnel.

"No, blast it Not Now!" she cursed banging on her controls, hearing the emergency alarms beep erratically.

Having no choice the assassin quickly dropped out of light speed. Which proved to be her undoing. Asajji found herself in the front of a black hole, and her damaged craft was already caught in its gravitational pull. She now had no way out.

'This is the ….end.' thought Asajj with fear and sadness, emotions she thought never feel again, under her training/service to Dooku.

"No my child, " a voice rang out that sounded like two people talking at once.

A voice only she recognized from her childhood.

"It can't be, Mother Talzin?!" she gasped

"It is your new beginning." the voice said

Before Ventress could question that, her ship was sucked inside and vanished, in a torrent of white light. The image of a boy began to flash through her eyes. Then Asajji blacked out, with the image of the boy etched into her mind.

"He will be your redemption, my child. "

Her role in the Clone Wars was now over, and The Force was now guiding the former disciple of Count Dooku to a new destiny.

Fifteen hours and 45 minutes. That's how long it's been since he foolishly let Asuka goad him into moving against the 12th angel on his own. Now, as a result, Shinji was swallowed up by the Angel. He quickly switched to emergency life support, knowing that he'd last longer with it than the Eva's internal battery. But in order for the power to last, certain systems had to shut down.

First went the purification system, which made the LCL reek of blood, then the heating system and the temperature dropped rapidly.

As he huddled up for some semblance of warmth, Shinji glanced at the time, and fifteen minutes was all he had left; Shinji closed his eyes and accepted his fate, had he kept them open he would have noticed, a large blue mass of energy penetrate the entry plug.

Slowly the energy began to encompass the plug. The energy began to flow through the boy, causing him to wake up suddenly. Then the entirety of Unit 01 began to be filled with a tunnel of blue light.

"Huh?! What is this I'm feeling?!" gasped Shinji

A series of images began to enter his mind, it was a desert filled, planet, with a large pyramid in the center. A pale-skinned bald woman, wearing a dark purple dress, with two red blades of light.

Then a series of voices where heard; voices he had never heard before. But felt the significance they held, like some key moments in the future.

'I won't leave you, not this time'

'You were my brother Anakin!"

'You don't know the power of the Dark side.'

'Truly wonderful the mind of a child is.'

'I will finish, what you started.'

'Darkness rises, and light rises to meet it'

'You must feel the Force around you.'

'A New hope will emerge,'

'You must learn the ways of the force'

'Rebellions are built on hope'

Then just as quickly as it all happened, the event ended, with a bright flash white light, with another familiar voice.

'My precious boy, I am so sorry.'

' Where am I'? Shinji thought as he blinked, trying to regain his sight. 'And what were those voices?'

Looking around he noticed that his environment was now standing in was rather... bleak.

There were deep, black canyons all around. Jagged rocks, almost no trees or grass or bushes. But there were vines and moss, little else though.

The sky was pitched black, overcast by dark clouds. His Eva was also nowhere in sight, Shinji started walking towards what looked like a group of buildings, that were totally empty. No trace of life in them no trace of life anywhere, he traveled up a hillside to get a better vantage point. Of where he might be to his shock, Shinji saw a large grayish Pyramid in the distance.

"Wait I've seen that Pyramid before," said Shinji


Huh?!" he went looking up at the sky "What the hell is that?!"

Looking up he saw something fall from the sky, that was on fire, obviously coming from the atmosphere of this obviously from this dark planet.


More cautious then curious, Shinji went to the crash site of the object, since it wasn't too far away from where he was. Passing through, a group of dead trees, Shinji gasped at what he was seeing. A real-life alien space ship, right in front of him. It was completely damaged, but still, he could help but gasp in awe.

"Kensuke would be going crazy if he saw this," Shinji said examining the craft.

"Oh." Someone moaned weakly from within the ship

"Huh? Someone's inside, hello, is anyone in there?" he called

Hiss, crackle Spark!

A hatch suddenly opened on the top side, someone weakly crawled out of the ship and dropped onto the ground, with a thud.


Shinji went over to the other side of the ship and gasped again. On the ground was a white-skinned alien bald humanoid woman, wearing a darkish purple and white dress, (Ventress's clone wars attire) With two curved hilts attached to her side.

Apart from Shinji was in awe of how beautiful she was. She looked like she was in rough shape, although he couldn't see any visible injuries, she might have had internal injuries. Carefully the boy pulled the woman ou to a nearby clearing and laid her gently on the ground near a dead tree. Shinji slowly reached out to touch her face, only for a hand, her hand specifically to grab it roughly scaring Shinji.

"Grr. Who are you..?" the woman moaned before she passed out again

Shinji just stared at the unconscious woman before him, at a loss at of what to do next. Little did he know a cloaked figure watched the boy and unconscious woman from a distance.

End Chapter

End Notes: Happy May the 4th everyone, this is my first Star Wars/Evangelion crossovers. I was afraid to do it because I didn't think I'd do Star Wars justice. It is a franchise I grew up on, I didn't want to feel like I was disrespecting the characters. But anyway, this is Shinji/Ventress story, in a sort of Master/Student way that might, the keyword might evolve into something else. Shinji will have force powers. Force Mimicry/Echo, Telekinesis shatter point/Grip force freeze. Ventress will train him while trying to figure out where they are. As for where the pair is, think of it as a planet in between, the Eva-verse and SW universe. This obviously takes place at the battle of Sullust where Dooku betrays Ventress. This is just the beginning, next chapter Shinji finds a lightsaber and Asajj wakes up. and let me know what you think of the title, as always please R&R, provide suggestions, and may the force be with you all.