Shinji and Ventress

By StraightedgeEpyon

Summary: Two unique individuals, used and abandoned by the ones they served, find themselves stranded on a distant planet. Will they survive?

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Star Wars/Evangelion Crossover

Chapter two

Intertwining Paths

On the ground lied Asajj Ventress who was moaning in her unconscious state, hearing various voices of events that have not yet occurred, through the Force.

'The force is strong with you, a powerful sith you will become.'

'Execute Order 66'

'Then you will die'

Asajj woke up in a cold sweat breathing erratically. She groaned a little, still injured from her lost battle over Sullust. Gaining her bearings the Dathomirian saw she was lying next to a small campfire, she still had her lightsabers, much to her surprise, and her now wrecked ship was nearby. She vaguely remembered, being pulled out of her ship, by someone, a young boy. There was something about him, when she grabbed him, she felt...

"The force, the force is very strong with him," Asajj mused getting up still injured "Where could he be? And who is he?"

Asajj looked up to see, the dark cloudy skies that blocked whatever sunlight this planet had, if it had any. There were empty desolate small huts nearby, in the ground was no foliage of any kind, it was if all life here was dead. She readied herself, just in case, placing her hand on the hilt of her saber, prepared for anything.

"Hoot Hoot!"

Looking up Asajji saw a small light green and white owl-like bird circling around the skies in the far distance, the odd thing was, it seemed to be circling around a specific area. Ignoring this, the now-former disciple of Dooku continue to wander about searching any signs of life, or any clues as to where she might be.

" I know I'm far, far away from home and the war. But the voice of mother Talzin said HE would be my redemption." Asajj said, "What did she mean?"

"Hoot, Hoot!" the owl squawked loudly circling around the skies

"Hmm.," uttered Asajj looking up at the bird but kept moving paying it no mind

Finding a large hilltop, she climbed up to get a better vantage point of the planet she was on. Reaching the top, the Dathomirian let out a small gasp.

What she was seeing was a massive battlefield, filled stone statues, skeletal remains, what seemed to be destroyed battleships, starships, fighters and tanks, rusted and decaying metal debris lying on the ground, and in the far distance was a massive dark pyramid.

"That Pyramid; I sense power coming from it."

Clank Clank!

"Hmm.." She hummed hearing something nearby,

Noticing some movement inside the second hut on the right, Asajj readied her lightsaber, her mind on ever alert just in case of an ambush.

Approaching with caution, the assassin made silent steps towards the hut near the entrance. Moving swiftly inside Asajj saw nothing but a small strange, four-winged creature(Think Ha'raka from MOS)

"Rwa, Rwar." it squawked hoping out of the hut and flew into the sky.


"Um..Hello " a voice said from behind

Snap Hiss!

Asajj ignited her red lightsaber and swung it vertically causing, the person to reactively jump back. Looking at the person who scurried back like a frightened animal. Instinctively she swung her saber, wildly at said person who startled her.

"Wait, wait stop!" the boy cried falling on the ground cried out outstretching his hand feeling something pulsate from it.


Ventress, felt herself being frozen in mid-swing, her body shaking still gripping her lightsaber. In her frozen state, she finally got a good look at the boy, who looked a little shocked himself. He was young, he had brown hair, he wore a strange blue and white bodysuit, he was very thin, almost malnourished. But his blue eyes, locked on to hers told the story through the force, Asajj had felt it. His eyes held the story of countless tragedies, hardships, and pain. In some way,

This boy was like her, hurt, used, and abandoned. And Shinji vice versa, he was feeling connected to this beautiful alien woman, almost instantaneously.

"Huh? What?" gasped the boy in surprise

"H-How are y-you d-d-doing this? How are you capable of using the force like?" Asajj hissed in confusion, anger, and a little embarrassment for her present predicament.

"I...I..I don't know," he answered absolutely startled

The strange boy stood right back up, still a little afraid of the pale-skinned bald woman with the red glowing blade still frozen. Shinji cautiously moved a few feet away from her.

"Weird," he said

'I feel it, no Jedi, like Skywalker or Kenobi has a power this strong.' the Dathomirian thought though still unable to move

The boy consciously waved his hand releasing the hold on the woman, who exhaled a breath, her sabers still active.

"Please, put your weapon away, I ... I...I mean you no harm." the boy said, much to his surprise and relief she deactivated her weapon.

"Who are you, boy? " the alien woman questioned,

"My name is Shinji Ikari, pilot of Unit 01," Shinji answered bowing respectively much to the Dathomirian's surprise.

No one had ever shown her respect before, not even from the separatist(Although they were cowardly) leaders or her former masters Sidious and Dooku.

Although one could say that her former associate General Grievous, held some respect for Asajj as a skilled lightsaber duelist, the same with Obi-wan Kenobi. In fact, he was probably the only Jedi in the order, that was ever respectful to her during the times they met on the battlefield.

"I am Asajj Ventress," she introduced "Were you the one that pulled me out of my ship?"

He nodded in confirmation

Shinji relaxed a bit, seeing the woman reclip her weapon back to her to side.

"How did you get here without a ship..boy?"

"I... I don't know. I was... absorbed by a... shadow creature... woke up... here."

"Hmm... a shadow creature? Curious."

"Excuse me...Ms. Ventress-" Shinji started to say

"Ms. Ventress?" she inquired "What does Ms. mean?"

The pilot blinked at the odd the question but answered nonetheless

"Its a term of formal respect where I come from," Shinji answered

"And what planet did you come from?"

"A Planet Called Earth that is currently under attack," he explained

Asajj studied the boy closely using the force to detect any trace amounts of deception within the boy. And strangely found none.

She also couldn't ignore the fact the force was strong with him. But above all else, she sensed his thoughts his, pain, and above all his sadness. As if all his emotions were all crying out to her he couldn't hide them or simply did not know how to. The Dathomirian felt like she can relate, but she did not want to relate. She separated herself from such emotions, yet still.

'Is this what Mother Talzin meant by this boy being my redemption? Could I have fought on the wrong side all this time?"

"Earth? Never heard of it," she said finally


An awkward silence fell over the pair until Shinji broke it.

"Ms. Ventress, what exactly is this "force" you speak of ?" asked Shinji getting raised eyebrow look from the woman

"You... don't know the force?" asked Asajj getting a negative shake from Shinji

Before she could answer, although Asajj didn't know why she felt the need to answer. A loud screeching noise from the sky caught their attention. A flock of blue razor beak-like birds(Think Leafwings from Kong Skull Island) flew overhead in the area

"Squawk! Squak! Squawk." the bird squawk looking down on the pair

"What are they?" asked Shinji getting a bad feeling about the birds, that were suddenly flying in their direction

"A flock that's hungry TAKE COVER!" Asajj yelled

Shinji didn't need to be told twice; being that he was presently unarmed he ran into one of the nearby huts. While Ventress ignited her lightsabers, and began cutting through the birds cutting by the groups.






The Dathomirian quickly used the force, to separate the flock away from her, but they still kept coming.



"Ah!" Asajj yelled out feeling a cut on her sides.

Then many birds began attacking her from all directions; but she ignored the pain and kept on pressing using her anger, to press on the attack, slicing through many razor birds as she can. More razor birds came from the east, while Ventress used the force to hurl nearby objects at the flying creatures

"Raag!" she yelled taping into the power of the dark side tossing more rocks



"Wow! She's amazing!" Shinji remarked from his hiding place

Creak, rumble Crackle!


The hut that served as Shinji's temporary refuge began to give out; apparently, it was so old and brittle, withered by time add to that the power she was exuding was making the grounds more unstable.

Shinji saw that Asajj was beginning to tire out, as the swarms kept coming on. Shinji had to do something; but what exactly?

The ground quaked more due Ventress using the force, causing Shinji to leave his refuge spot as it collapsed, and head for the hills, quite literally.

Asajj also backed up to the higher ground to put some distance between her and the razor birds, as they followed the pair hoping to make them into their next meals. Shinji slid down the hill to find cover, to stumble along the long deserted landscape battlefield. The boy had run in between twisted metal debris and humanoid statues, taking cover behind debris and large animal skeletal remains.

(Insert force sound effect from Rebels)

"Huh?!" whispered Shinji looking around getting a strange feeling all of a sudden

The boy looked around the dead landscape for the source of this feeling. It was as if something was calling to him for some reason.

"I..I..I feel something ...calling to me."

Shinji walked around trying to identify the source, of the sound he was hearing in his head. The more steps he took among the desolate grounds the louder and stronger it got.

As he was walking, Ventress had managed to get some more distance from the razor bird after tearing through more than half of them.

She sensed that a great battle took place, eons ago much like the story of the ancient war fought between the Jedi and Sith that Dooku told her, while in his service. The force was very strong here on this planet; up ahead Asajj saw the boy walking towards something amongst this place.

"Hmm..maybe there's more to him than I thought." Asajj mused cautiously walking through the field among the statues and debris.

The sound kept calling to Shinji and the closer he got. Vivid images of large battle flashed across Shinji's eyes, many blades of light clashed and laser fire reigned across the field from every direction.

The wind kicked up, Shinji did his best to shield himself despite still wearing his very thin plug suit. Shinji was nearing the source, step by step, until finally, Shinji happened upon a glowing sleek black cylinder with what appeared to be vents on both sides, though it seemed to be crudely made. Shinji reached out shakily feeling its call, grasping it tightly.

"Brazzz!" (Insert Kylo Ren Lightsaber sound)

"Huh?!" Shinji gasped his entire world falling away turning black.

Shinji found himself in the midst of explosions, and fire on the field. He ran on instinct, trying to survive. Various images began to pass in his mind's eye.

Armored warriors of white and red falling down dead on the ground. Figures cloaked in grey overseeing the battle, some even taking part in the battle wielding blades of white, black, and red. The scene changed to a dark temple, and someone walking inside the temple, plunging deep into the darkness. The environment changed as he heard multiple voices.

'I won't leave you, not this time!'

'You must feel the Force around you.'

'The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be ..unnatural.

'Trust the force.'

' Shinji'

The scene change to a lone cloaked survivor dropping a cylinder on the ground in front of a large assortment of helmets on stick serving as markers. (To anyone who has seen the final season of Clone Wars you know what this is)

The final scene, Shinji had found himself, the winds kicked up all around him obscuring his vision, from behind a darker grey cloaked hooded figure with tails hanging out the hood of the figure approached the boy cautiously. Shinji turned and stumbled tripping backward, only seeing an orange-skinned outstretched hand reaching out to him.

'These are your first steps,' the cloaked figure spoke in a soft tone of voice that sounded feminine

The images faded and Shinji found himself in back in the desert gasping for air. Looking around regaining his bearings, he steadily got off the ground holding the black cylinder in his hand, breathing heavily.

"Boy!" a voice called

"Ah!" jumped Shinji only seeing the woman known as Asajj

"I sensed a tremor in the force, you saw something didn't you?" she asked glancing down at the object in his hand

"I...I.. don't...was any of that ...real? What was that?!"

"It appears that lightsaber you're holding was calling... to you."

"Lightsaber?" Shinji repeated looking at the hilt

"Its the weapon of the Jedi and Sith, not as clumsy or random as a blaster," answered Asajj

Shinji looked at the weapon in his hand, his thumb unconsciously, slowly pushing the switch upwards.


A thick blade of red light shot out of the hilt and out the vents the energy of the blade was unstable as the energy crackled wildly, but Shinji felt its power course through him, as well as the memories of its last wielder.

' Can a weapon itself be evil or the hand that wields it?' a voice spoke in his mind.

"Hmm..." Asajj hummed looked at the boy

Shinji twirled it around to get a feel for it, before switching it off. Before either one could converse further, on the subject, more razor birds came from another direction, Asajj ignited her lightsabers again ready to defend herself, she glanced at the boy who had yet to activate his new find, which also meant he didn't know how to use it.

' As strong as I am, I won't be able to hold those things off on my own, but the boy...he may be of some use.' thought the Assassin



"Turn on your lightsaber. And watch carefully," she instructed, "Do as I do, if you want to survive."

Shinji was a bit confused but did as told, and activated the weapon a series of images entered his mind. Various unknown sword techniques, apparently from its last wielder.

Then as if on instinct Shinji held his blade in a two-handed grip, angling the blade upwards slightly, this got a raised eyebrow from the woman.

'Form six, curious no Jedi I ever heard or encountered, has ever used that form in battle before,'


The birds swarmed the pair as they began cutting through the birds, the pair came back to back. Shinji was swinging vertically and horizontally left and right in perfect precision as if as he'd been trained. (There's gonna be an explanation I promise, ) all of his life, trying to compensate for having one lightsaber, while his counterpart had two.

Ventress was slashing, mostly in the vertical strikes, while using the force to push the birds apart. Shinji was still swinging, in almost blind defense, while getting hit from side to side, since his plug suit offered no protection.

"Gah!" Shinji grunted getting cuts on his upper body and back "Gah!"

Asajj combined her sabers into one and started twirling them around in a spinning blade motion, the birds flew in headfirst getting decapitated and cut into pieces by the dozens.

While her partner was shockingly holding his own, despite having no formal training but yet the boy was fighting as if he was trained. But he was beginning to tire out, his injuries increasing, by the minute, if the large gashes were any indication.

"Boy if you wish to survive, use the force." urged Ventress still slashing

"The force?" Shinji whispered almost tiredly

Shinji unconsciously closed his eyes, feeling a powerful surge of energy flow through him, filling him allowing him to ignore the pain, ignore any distractions around him

'You must feel the Force around you.' he heard an aged voice say

Shinji opened his eyes, feeling reinvigorated, he continued with the attack. Slashing upwards and downwards in fluid motion cutting more razor birds down a handful at a time. Shinji then flexed his left hand in a claw-like motion, gathering energy, focusing it for a few moments. Then Shinji with a grunt, he extended his hand out

"Yahh!" he shouted and a strong invisible energy wave burst out of his hand destroying the remainder of the birds

And just like that, it was all over. Shinji fell to his knees, feeling the pain of his cuts take hold.

"W—what did I just do?" Shinji breathed out exhausted.

Asajj stepped towards him, deactivating her lightsaber. If he were an enemy she wouldn't have wasted a second to end him while he was down. She vaguely imagined Skywalker, Kenobi, or Skywalker's padawan on her knees at Asajj's mercy. But he was no Jedi, no sith, he had no knowledge of the dark side of the force or the light side, he was just a boy. Just a boy full of untapped potential.

"You are...strong in the force, boy," Asajj said in amazement " Untrained, but almost stronger than any Jedi padawan your age, I have encountered."

To his surprise, Asajj Ventress, the Dathomirian assassin and former disciple of Dooku, offered her hand to Shinji. Hesitantly he took it, hand and was pulled up to his feet. Before Shinji could say anything, she started to walk back to the direction of the deserted village.

"Follow closely boy, I may have few medical supplies on my destroyed ship that might still be intact," said Asajj

Shinji didn't ask, he nodded just followed along hoping to bandage his cuts soon, so they wouldn't get infected. While the pair departed, in the very far distance, they were being watched from behind an invisible glass from two figures. One a woman in red, another young woman wearing grey with orange skin with tails hanging out her hood with a green owl sitting on the figure's shoulder.

"This is the start, soon she will redeem not just herself but set the right course of all of our Night sisters." said the woman in red

"Indeed, I'm surprised that the boy Shinji, managed to hold his own, despite being untrained." said the figure in grey

"They will train each other, as Master and apprentice, eventually evolving into something more. He has already started to eradicate the darkness that has clouded my dear child for all her days, since the death of her first Jedi master." stated the woman in red

"Reaching the pyramid is the first step. They will work to shed their pasts, to be remade anew. Much better than the Jedi and Sith."

"Indeed, They will meet challenges along the way, each more treacherous than the last. Eventually, they will face a darkness, more dangerous than either of them could ever imagine.

The owl-like bird flew off the shoulder of the grey cloaked figure. On its way to oversee both Shinji and Asajj.

"Morai will keep watch over them, and guide them on their journey, what will you do Mother Talzin?" asked the figure in grey

"The end of the Clone Wars is fast approaching, I must take the necessary precautions for the one, who is to survive, so Dathomir can live on through her," explained Mother

"I..I..understand. It is already a fixed point in time, I cannot interfere in any way." the grey cloaked figure said sadly

"I understand, you've helped me see enough to prepare for the coming calamity, I cannot thank you enough. But there is still much for you to see and prepare for yourself, before you leave the dark temple and find your friend...young Togruta."

The figure revealed pushed back her hood, revealing a young female Togruta in her late twenties. Mother Talzin vanished back to the back to the planes of her physical world. The Togruta turned around walked backed to the doorway that lead her back to the temple. She spared one more glance at the glass, and uttered

"May the Force be with you both, Asajj Ventress and Shinji Ikari," she said before departed

End Chapter

End Notes: Here is chapter two, Shinji has Kylo Ren's lightsaber, but more based on the old republic type lightsabers. And the form he unconsciously used was lightsaber form six; mainly because he's not an aggressive person. But as the story goes on Shinji will learn, at least two more forms of lightsaber combat, but let it be known now that Shinji will not be a Gary Stu, he will not be like Rey from the Disney trilogy. Now if this is going to be a pairing or not Epyon has yet to decide, if that's what you all want. Now there will be more dangers up ahead, dangers are taken from of lore other things, not just Star Wars, and the events of the Clone Wars all still happen, Ventress was just taken out of play entirely, everything else still happens. And the pair will see some of those events. Next chapter Asajj officially takes Shinji as her new apprentice and pair will find that they're not as alone on that unknown planet as they think. Stay safe everyone, read and review tell me what you all want to see, stay prime and may the force be with you, always