Jennette McCurdy as Sam Puckett

Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine

Cameron Ocasio as Dice Corleone

Drew Roy as Griffin (iCarly)

Danielle Morrow as Nora Dershlit (iCarly)

Nathan Kress as Freddie Benson (iCarly)

Matt Bennett as Robbie Shapiro (Victorious)

Liz Gillies as Jade West (Victorious)

Jim Pirri as Officer Vega (Victorious)

Chapter 1

(Griffin is in jail working out. His cellmate is Nora Dershlit)

"Sooner or later I'm going to get out of here and when I do, I'm coming to get my revenge Sam." Griffin said.

"You hate them too?" Nora said.

"Yes. As soon as I get out of here, I'm going to get my revenge on them." Griffin said.

"Maybe you and I can team up." Nora said.

"Really?" Griffin said.

"Yes. I hated the iCarlies for 10 years." Nora said.

"I hated them for 11 years. Especially Sam. She destroyed my Pee Wee babies." Griffin said.

"You collect Pee Wee babies?" Nora said.

"Yes." Griffin said.

"It's alright. My best friend is a chicken." Nora said.

"I know where Sam lives." Griffin said.

"So do I. Gibby gave me her address." Nora said.

"What about Carly?" Griffin said.

"Unfortunately, she's in Italy." Nora said.

"So we're just going to get our revenge on Sam and her roommate?" Griffin said.

"Yes. And if any of their friends are there." Nora said.

"How do we break out?" Griffin said.

"Like this." Nora said.

(Nora punches a hole in the wall)

"Come on Griffin. Let's get out of here." Nora said.

"With pleasure." Griffin said.

"Watch out Sam." Nora said.

"We're coming for ya." Griffin said.

Chapter 2

(Sam, Cat, Dice, Freddie, and Robbie are watching the Zoey 101 episode: Paige at PCA)

"This show is funny." Dice said.

"Not as funny as Drake & Josh." Robbie said.

"Why does Paige look like Carly?" Freddie said.

"She does look like Carly." Sam said.

"Weird." Cat said.

"Just because she looks like Carly doesn't mean it is her. Everyone has a look alike." Dice said.

"He's got a point." Freddie said.

(Griffin and Nora approach the apartment)

"There they are." Griffin said.

"Oh wonderful. Freddie is here too. But who's that other nerd?" Nora said.

"Robbie. He's Cat's boyfriend." Griffin said.

"So this is the plan. We break in and tie them up." Nora said.

"Fun. Kidnapping someone in their own house." Griffin said.

"Let's go in." Nora said.

(Nora and Griffin kicks the door open)

"NORA?!" Everyone said.

"Yep I'm back." Nora said.

"So am I." Griffin said.

"Griffin?!" Sam said.

"What the fuck are you guys doing here?" Freddie said.

"Revenge." Nora said.

(Griffin shots bobby pins at Sam, Cat, Freddie, Dice, and Robbie)

"There. They're unconscious. Tie them up." Griffin said.

"With pleasure." Nora said.

Chapter 3

(Sam, Cat, Dice, Freddie, and Robbie wake up)

"What happened?" Cat said.

"Oh look who's waking up." Nora said.

"Untie us right now." Sam said.

"Hmm, let me think. No." Nora said.

"I'm mad at you for destroying me Pee Wee Babies." Griffin said.

"Stop obsessing with them. You're too old for Pee Wee Babies." Freddie said.

"You're the one who framed Cat." Robbie said.

"Yeah." Cat said.

"Shut it nerd." Nora said.

"I will not shut it." Robbie said.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Dice said.

"Because you're friends with all of them hair boy." Griffin said.

"You're out of your mind." Sam said.

"Well you shouldn't have ruined my 16th birthday party." Nora said.

"That was your own fault." Sam said.

"Yeah if you would have let Carly, Sam, and I leave afterwards, this wouldn't have happened." Freddie said.

"Besides you're not even a teenager anymore. You're 26." Sam said.

"So what!" Nora said.

"We're going to keep you 5 hostage for awhile." Griffin said.

"Yeah." Nora said.

"You can't keep us hostage forever." Robbie said.

"You want to bet 4 eyes?" Griffin said.

"You two are insane." Cat said.

"Thanks." Nora said.

Chapter 4

"I'm so bored." Dice said.

"It's not fun being hostage in your own house." Cat said.

"Why would it be fun?" Freddie said.

"If I can untie myself, I'd kick their asses." Sam said.

"How does Nora keep breaking out of jail?" Freddie said.

"And when will she give up?" Dice said.

"I'll never give up." Nora said.

"I bet they don't know we have a secret room behind the wallsafe in our room and that the combo is 74739." Cat said.

"You did not just say that." Sam said.

"Take them to the bedroom." Nora said.

(They go to the bedroom)

"There it is." Griffin said.

"Put in the combo." Nora said.

"Okay." Griffin said.

(He puts in the combo)

"Have fun in there." Nora said.

(Griffin throws them in the room and locks the safe)

"I'm sorry guys. I don't know why I said that. I tried to whisper." Cat said.

"It's okay Cat." Freddie said.

"You didn't mean it." Robbie said.

"Can't believe we're trapped here again." Sam said.

"Again?" Freddie said.

"Dice locked us in here one time." Cat said.

"Why would you do that?" Robbie said.

(Dice explains the events of #SecretSafe)

"You danced for little kids?" Freddie said.

"Yes. i felt embarrassed to tell them at the time." Dice said.

"We gave him the money but we were still mad so we locked him in here for payback." Sam said.

"And I totally deserved it." Dice said.

Chapter 5

"Hey I have my phone in my pocket." Sam said.

"Really?" Freddie said.

"Yes. I can call Jade and tell her to save us." Sam said.

"Well call Jade." Dice said.

"Okay." Sam said.

(The camera cuts to Jade's house. Cheer applause)

"Hey Sam, what's up?" Jade said.

"Jade we need your help." Sam said.

"What's wrong." Jade asked.

"Nora and Griffin broke out of prison and took us prisoner." Sam said.

"She locked us in the secret room we have behind our wallsafe." Cat said.

"Is Griffin that guy who had those Pee Wee Babies?" Jade said.

"Yes." Sam said.

"She has me, Sam, Freddie, Robbie, and Dice trapped in here." Cat said.

"Can you come help us?" Sam said.

"Yes. I'll be over there right away." Jade said.

"Great see you soon. Bye." Sam said.

"Bye." Jade said.

"She's on here way." Sam said.

"Good." Robbie said.

"This room is pretty cool. You can turn this into a little hangout." Freddie said.

"Freddie's right. You can turn this into a hangout room." Robbie said.

"We should do that sometime." Cat said.

"Yeah." Dice said.

"We can do it later. Jade better get here soon. I am not peeing in a can again." Sam said.

"Me either." Cat said.

Chapter 6

(Jade barges in)

"Who are you?" Griffin said.

"JADE! I know you have my friends trapped here!" Jade said.

"No we don't." Nora said.

"Don't fucking lie to me. I saw the news break and Sam told me." Jade said.

"That dirty little..." Nora said.

"Let them out right now!" Jade said.

"No." Nora said.

"Did you just say NO?" Jade said.

"What are you going to do girly?" Griffin said.

(Jade grabs Griffin's arm and bends it backwards)

"Yeah you like that?!" Jade said.

"Ow ow ow!" Griffin said.

(Jade breaks his arm)

"You broke his arm." Nora said.

"Yeah and I was just getting started." Jade said.

(Jade pinches Griffin's elbows which causes him to faint)

"You made him faint?" Nora said.

"I know. And I'm going to do the same to you." Jade said.

"I like to see you try." Nora said.

(Nora punches Nora out cold)

"Now to let Sam and the others go." Jade said.

(Jade goes to the safe and punches in the combo)

"Jade finally." Sam said.

"Don't worry. I took care of them. They're out cold and I called Tori's dad." Jade said.

"Good." Sam said.

"Thanks for saving us." Cat said.

"Ehh." Jade said.

Chapter 7

"You two are going away for a long time." Officer Vega said.

"Don't think you've seen the last of us." Nora said.

"We'l be back for revenge." Griffin said.

"Just you wait." Nora said.

"Are you guys okay?" Jade said.

"Yeah." Cat said.

"Yes." Sam said.

"Uh huh." Dice said.

"Si." Freddie said.

"Yes." Robbie said.

"You guys have a cool secret room. You should make it a hangout." Jade said.

"We will." Sam said.

"Those people are lunatics." Robbie said.

"Yeah. Sam told me about them when we first met." Jade said.

"Did she tell you Nora tried to seduce me?" Freddie said.

"Yeah. Plus I watched iCarly with Beck a lot." Jade said.

"Don't you two have a date?" Cat said.

"I told him I was coming here to save you guys." Jade said.

"I really hope Nora doesn't escape again." Dice said.

"Don't worry. I told Tori's dad to keep them locked up for good. And I told them to add an electric force field." Jade said.

"Good." Robbie said.

"Tori's the one with the perfect cheekbones right?" Freddie said.

"Uh huh. Well I'm going to meet up with Beck. See you later I guess." Jade said.

"Bye Jade." Sam said.

"See ya Sam." Jade said.

"Let's hope we don't have to worry about those skunk bags ever again." Sam said.

"Agreed." Everyone else said.

Chapter 8


"Damn it I can't believe I got arrested yet again." Nora said.

"Yeah and this time you can't escape. I put an electric force field in there. Have fun." Officer Vega said.

"Now we can't break out." Griffin said.

"Thanks a lot Jade." Nora said.

"You're welcome." Jade said.

"Why are you here?" Griffin said.

"To watch you suffer." Jade said.

"You're a sick person." Nora said.

"Oh I'm sorry but I'm not the one who kidnapped my friends." Jade said.

"If we ever get out of here, we're going to kill you." Griffin said.

"Yeah." Nora said.

"I like to see you hoes try." Jade said.

"Alright Jade it's time for you to go." Officer Vega said.

"Hope you die in there you hobnockers." Jade said.