shIt had been three years yet I remember grandpa Aang like a picture framed into my eyes. No matter what the pain was fresh, unlike grandma Azula, he missed his grandfather and now they were heading toward the home of the new avatar.

I feared it more then anything because history goes in circles and if his study of past avatars were anything was that the avatars of the water especially those born to eras of great peace were overconfident and fool hearty. "Grandmaster, should we wait until they are sixteen?" I questioned which something I rarely did.

The grandmaster answered. "Yes, but we should know and be able to reveal the avatar to the world once the time comes." I nodded agreeing that it made sense but there was a feeling at the pit of my stomach.

As great uncle, Sokka called it instinct or as I call it intuition of something dangerous we entered the building, and the moment the wall was shot I was disappointed by the fact that I wasn't wrong by my wife I prayed to be wrong and too my honorable ancestors I prayed to be wrong! Yet they ignored me! Maybe it was because I wasn't the heir to the fire nation but they could've made it easy like I don't know have not been able to bend three elements! My daughter was only six and she is more careful with her bending, I had to tell the parents that they have my full support.

I left the white lotus and the grandmaster to visit my grandmother the good one, not the one who made me wear weights so I develop muscle faster. I came to her house to be greeted by my aunt and gran gran. "Well looks like the avatar is here and she is... a prodigy." He wanted to say spoiled brat but he was not going to get glared at by the few people on this planet who don't judge him by his heritage.

Aunt kya raised an eyebrow. "What's the problem and don't give me a confused look you have that sound of worry that's your dad has sometimes, now spit what is it?" I sighed but fate wasn't betraying me yet as uncle Sokka burst through cheering. "Yahoo! The avatar is in the south pole!" His pride was an explosion and I joined in his cheering but after everyone was asleep I stayed awake in the guest room where I stared out of the window, he came to me and sat next to me. "You feel it too?" I nodded "A pit getting heavier and heavier that's sucking your joy out?" He nodded the chief of the south placed a hand on his shoulder a comfort Kuzon, he rarely received this in the white lotus or the fire nation.

Over the weeks Tenzin and great uncle Zuko came. It was a nice for the briefest moments but it was somber for me as I knew the newest avatar would never have a normal childhood, it felt like poison was spreading through me as I heard the alarms. He carried his sword behind both his great uncles seeing four people, one bending lava another causing explosions wherever she looked, I froze the poison was taking over my mind shrouded, and then Sokka spoke. "Zuko you take care of the combustion lady and the none bender, Tonraq, and Tenzin you take care of lava man, me and Kuzon will take stop the water bender." They nodded not questioning it and I followed the chief of the southern water tribe.

Facing a woman who bent water without moving her arms, It was hard to read her movements and the blade she threw at us didn't make it easier but luckily when the group was separated their weaknesses could be exploited. Me and uncle Sokka we blocked and dodged the blades of ice being thrown at us until we were able to commit our final attack as we ran, we ran without fear we ran with only one purpose. That was done I once felt blood pouring down my arm. When I saw uncle Sokka I ran toward him my pain was forgotten as I was more focused on his wound an ice shard piercing his lung.

My tears burned so much I hadn't cried since I watched my grandfather father buried, now he saw- one the greatest minds in the world, I held his head away from the snow, bleeding and his eyes fighting to stay open. "Don't cry Kuzon! men don't cry." He told me but even then the waterfall wouldn't stop. "I want you to tell katara that-" I wanted to yell I wanted to tell him he should tell it himself! But I chocked the pain was too much. "-she's my favorite sister. "I chuckled at that. "She's your only sister gruncle Sokka," I told him as he smiled. "It doesn't make it less true does it ?" He said as I hugged him closer feeling his last breath and I answered. "No, it doesn't," I said I felt his final breath as I saw eye fall shut even.

The next day was the funeral I was commissioned by the White Lotus to make the cells for each of the intruders, I didn't go I already made my piece, I had carried him to his house and told gran gran what he had told me, I wasn't going to carry him to his grave. Uncle Tenzin was furious but I didn't care for what he had to say but even then I came once gruncle Sokka was placed to rest. I walked around the whole of the southern water tribe came many gave their condolences some were talking about conspiracies about the northern water tribe others just gave me looks pity the same some would give a homeless man.

I sat alone watching those who walked to Katara and Tenzin before I felt someone standing next to. "Why aren't you with your parents?" I asked the young avatar.

She shrugged. "I just feel sad and I don't understand why." I nodded and placed her on my lap. "Why are you sad?" She asked me with innocent eyes.

I sighed. "Because I'm not going to see him again and that makes me sad." She nodded looking at the crowd of people she didn't recognize. "He was my great uncle he made the best jokes and he helped so many and I find it unfair that he had to go like that." She nodded and I decided to change the subject. "But now you're here and I bet you will do a lot of great things." She smiled at me and I sighed even though they're gone it doesn't mean they won't be cherished.