First pov kuzon.

I opened my eyes, at least there was the sensation of my eye lids moving. It has been a month, of traveling to one healer after another each one giving me nothing but a damn bill! I slam the table next to me, I was there for a new treatment and it hadn't worked, nothing had worked.

I heard snoring and knew it was dad. The man was insane, irresponsible and I loved him for it. He never made me choose even if he was almost never there when I grew up. Every time he was there the best Memories of childhood.


I came back from my training at the yuyan archers. I stepped out of the fort, I was eight and then was the first time.

I saw the man, messy beard and the smile I was shocked. Nobody in the castle smiled they stayed stoic so were the yuyan archers, yet this mans smile, it awakened a fire in me. "You are so big now!" He told me and messes my hair.

I stared, I never met this man yet he was speaking to me in such a manner. "Who are you?" I asked still shocked.

He looked to me and spoke. "Most people call me bumi. You can call me dad." He said laughing and I joined in. "How about you tell me what you were doing while I was at sea ok? We're still a few days away from republic city." So I did and it was the most happy I had been in my young life.

All tricks and technique the archers told, I absorbed like a sponge learning all of it because, something he didn't know.

End flash back.

that was the first time I felt anything but apathy. I was angry but the fact that he showed up and wasn't told to do so made, me happier... Yet now I would never see that smile and the other people in my life and Ursa.

She visited and made me feel like the best father in the world... When I placed my fingers to wipe her tears away, she reminded so me much of her mother.


I walked through the earth nation, now fifteen I had it with my family they all treated me like a dragon preparing to hatch.

I left the fire nation to LIVE!

I walked through a forest and then I heard the branches breaking and then I saw a girl my age or a year older. "The escaped fire nation prince!" She bent fire at me. I dodged it of course, pulled my bow and arrows out and fired at a rapid pace shocking the fire bender and I ran closer to her blocking her chi path way. "Damn it!"

"That's why my bounty is 250,000 yuan, pretty." I told her then I noticed some the fire around us grow and the drought season, meant the forest was dry as a dessert.

I looked shocked as the fire had spread and I carried her over my shoulders. I ran for our darn life and when we reached a meadow I fell to the ground exhausted.

Once I woke up I was tied up and the bounty hunter from before looked at me. "Why did you save me?" She asked like he had done something alien.

"I wasn't going to let someone die because I got cocky." I looked at her. "Listen I don't want to go back, yet you need to return me to the fire nation." She looked at me suspicious. "How about this, we become partners you saw my skill and when you think I'm not useful anymore you bring me back to the fire nation." She nodded and untied me.

End of flashback.

That led to 4 years of a great partnership and one child, we were idiots back then, even if most of the bounties was from the white lotus. We didn't care, since it was perfect for us bounty hunters.

The time after she passed was the hardest and now I couldn't see the pictures, yet i still remembered her smile.

Korra had regained her bending, it was simple, too simple and I didn't like it but what was I going to tell the universe it was being unfair. Great uncle sokka always said the universe will end up punching you to the floor and every time it does you just need to stand up.

A nock came and i turned my head to the door. "Come in." The person said and the smell of makeup powder was the first thing I noticed. "You must be Asami or someone else who uses a lot of make up." She must have been stunned or thought the lasted treatment worked. "It's the powder, the smell is easily to tell."

"Um shouldn't we wake commander bumi?" I look at my farther and smile.

"That man won't wake up til someone brings food or sprays water into his face. Tell how much do you need?" She must have been surprised. "Please, you're not the first company owner to come and ask for a little money. My check books in my coat left pocket." She moved quickly and gave the book to me.

I signed his Name and look at the industrialist. "I want 40% of your Company." She was about to argue yet I gave her a blank check. "Write the needed number, I just want an insurance that I'm placing my trust in the right hands." I said and asami didn't say anything for a second and I was pretty sure it wasn't because she was stunned. "You know I'm still blind right? If you answered with a nod it doesn't help me."

She was embarresed that easy to hear. "Sorry and thank you for your help." I nodded and heard the Nurse come in with a tray. "Breakfast!" My dad jumped like a mortar was being fired and I laughed.

Later that day I left the Hospital and dad gave me my cane which had a hidden blade but no one notices. Since amons punishment I have stayed at the air temple and just meditated into the Spirit world where my sight still worked, though now all Color was gone now it was still better then compelete blindess.

Yet now I spent most of my time digging through the libary of wan shi tong to find a way to return my sight in the physical world even if I had give the damn owl a lot of the things I knew most of them being battle ship scematics and maps of republic City, it seemed all the knowledge was pre hundred year war.

Even here I didn't find anything.

It had been four months since I was blinded and I still didn't find a way to cure it. My dreams were clear as the sun rising yet the real world was blank and empty til I heard voices of Family and that blank world disapeared.

Though I could live without the air acolytes treat me like a helpless turtle duckling, even if they stoped me from stepping on nagas tail multiple times.

Month five of blindness and I went to my grandmother- not the insane one. She tried aswell and it didn't work like the other attemps.

I stayed with Gran gran and aunt kya who welcomed my company greatly.

Tonraq and senne visited me, a Cup of tea and stories of korra made everything more Relaxing. "Now, how does that joke go?" Tonrag asked I tried to remember.

"Hmm Oh! Ok a customer goes to a tea place and the owner gives him a bush. The next day the same customer goes to the tea shop and gets a bag of leaves, the next day the owner gives him a bush and after that a bag of leaves and this keeps going for a year and the customer yells. "Leaf me alone, I'm bushed!" The entire tea house burst out laughing!"

The Group laughed, katara "zuko tried to tell that joke! He only knew the Punch line." I nodded taking sip from my tea.

The south pole was a calm place, no cars, no politics threatening the beings of bender, no triads, it's just a Nation at Peace.

Ofcourse I would grab a penguin and go sledging! It was too much fun not to!

The winter festivial came and we awaited the Avatar and the rest of the Family came. "Don't beat up tenzing." Kya laughed to be my Little joke, from what dad told me.

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