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Episode 23: JAG Wars

Episode 23 – JAG Wars

"The founders of Star Fleet and the United Federation of Planets dreamed of a post scarcity, multi-species culture that would be at once universal and egalitarian. The reality was that such a culture would have to be realized by animals relying heavily on the most advanced technology they could muster. And each of the worlds that participated had only recently emerged from their own petty squabbles and fears over globalization of their own cultures. Many of them were still embroiled in those battles when they took on the much larger challenge of creating from a dozen separate species, a single culture based on moral principles that had not yet gained global acceptance within any of their worlds.

"Despite these best intentions, armed rebellion against the Federation and its most iconic institution, Star Fleet, was inevitable. Even though Star Fleet was always an arm of the United Earth Governments and not of the Federation Council itself, Earth's fleet, by far the most powerful of the various homeworld fleets composing the Federation, has come to be universally perceived as the enforcer of a Federation that was always intended to be a strictly voluntary association.

"Unique among Earth military structures, Star Fleet does not have a military police force. As that function became increasingly necessary, it was inevitably assigned to the Office of Judge Advocate General as the only native law enforcement arm within Star Fleet.

"Eventually, in a desperate attempt to prevent Star Fleet from becoming a police force in and of itself, an increasing number of law enforcement functions, such as suppression of piracy, have been assigned to JAG. As a result, JAG has been assigned resources – at first only two Escort class ships. But the Prowler class was developed exclusively for JAG functions. In response to internal needs, this class of small, fast and versatile ships is now poised to swell into a dedicated, potent military and general police force. Just what the founders of Star Fleet never wanted."


At-Large Appellate Justice Minerva Irons - The Evolution of a Police function within Star Fleet and the Development of the Prowler Class Starship for Law Enforcement; Star Fleet Internal Informational Memorandum #56910.2, Vol. 28, Item 42.




Crew of the U.S.S. Hunter: (Ship's Interactive Holographic Avatar - Hunter)
Captain Kenneth Dolphin
Chief Executive Officer – Lt. Commander Napoleon Boles
Chief Operations Officer - Lt. Commander Gaia Gamor

Medical Director – Lt. Jazz Sam Sinder
. Asst. Medical Director – 2nd Lt. Gabriella Griff
.. Ensign Sif
... Forensic Specialist - Midshipman Kunto Wekesa (nickname Kit)
... Forensic Specialist – Midshipman Raaven
... Emergency Medical Hologram - Dr. Raj
... Tactical Medical Hologram - Dr. Kim

Director of Flight Operations – (Vacant)
.. Asst. Flight Dir. - 2nd Lt. Leonarda Marks
... Navigator Johanna Imex
... Navigator Auqa'rh'lth
.. Ensign Chelna Zusa
... Chief Flight Specialist Thyssi zh'Qaoleq (last name rhymes with Chocolate)
... Flight Specialist Dih Terri
... Flight Specialist Winnifreid Salazaar
... Flight Specialist Jennifer Hopper

Director of Ground Operations - Lt. T'Lon
. Asst. Ground Ops Dir. - 2nd Lt. Tolon Reeves
... Chief Tactical Specialist Rumi Grace
... Tactical Specialist Dasare Eba (rhymes with Cabaret Nina)
... Tactical Specialist Veri Geki
... Tactical Specialist Ranni Neivi
.. Ensign Eykirros Jones (nickname is Ike Jones)
... Investigator Buttans Ngumbo
... Special Agent Anana Lynarr, Trantor Police Intelligence Division (temporary assignment)

Director of Engineering - Lt. Moon Sun Salek
. Asst. Engineering Dir. - 2nd Lt. Sun Ho Hui
... Midshipman Carlos Datsun
... Transporter Engineer Dragomut
.. Ensign Geoffrey Horatio Alstars
... Chief Flight Engineer Yolanda Thomas
... Flight Engineer Thomas Hobbs
... Flight Engineer Tomos
... Flight Engineer Kerry Gibbon