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Holding Back

Once again, he waited. Like always. He waited for her to say, "Don't go!". He wanted to hear her say, "Stay with me!". He waited for so long, so patiently. But it was getting harder, each and every day.

"Hak, just confess already!" Jae-Ha exclaimed in a whiny voice "It physically hurts me to watch you two!".

"Shut up droopy eyes…" Hak muttered under his breath. He was the one in pain. Stupid pervert.

"You do know she likes you back, right?" Jae-Ha asked in a serious tone. "I mean, hello? Are you blind? Be a man dammit! If you don't make your move soon, who knows? Maybe I-" Hak's sudden ominous aura was enough to shut the older man up. "I really hope you know what you're doing." With a heavy sigh Jae-Ha left Hak alone.

Honestly, he didn't even know what he was doing. Sure, there were these little things here and there. Little things that gave him tons of hope. Too much so, he was reluctant believe. It was too damn hard to believe. How could he? Ever since they were children Yona loved Soo-Won. They even started dating in high school. He was content with just watching their happiness. He just dedicated himself to protect them. Until…Soo-Won betrayed both of them. Hak had mend the broken pieces of his precious princess, when his 'best friend' stole her wealth and left her behind.

After hospitalizing that so-called best friend of course, he tried his very best to hold Yona together. Never once did he think about taking advantage of her vulnerable state. So, he couldn't show her his love. No. He held back with all his might. He was not some disgusting looser to do that.

Even after all those years, he still couldn't confess. Even though they are about to finish college, even though Yona…has begun to show interest in him, he still couldn't. He was afraid to lose her. What if she didn't like him like that? He knew she was still thinking about Soo-Won sometimes. What if she can't forget him ever? Or worse, what if she thought he was trying to take advantage of her? Yes, he knew she was not vulnerable now. But he still couldn't shake that fear off. He didn't just want to become her coping mechanism.

So, he waited. Waited for her to come to him. Waited for her to forget her first love. He was good at holding back anyway.

"Um...Hak?" Yona whispered nervously. "Ahem-well I um thought maybe you could…" she trailed off averting her gaze. Hak's heart started thumping, like always. Every time he saw that beautiful eyes, every time he heard that melodic voice, he became a flustered mess inside.

He just waited patiently.

Tell me princess. Tell me to ditch football practice. Tell me to come hang out with you...

Just as she shook her head and looked up at him with that fake laugh, his hopes got crushed once again. "I hope you have fun with football practice!".

Oh, he got it.

"Oh my god! What a pair of utter idiots!" Yun seemed about to pull out his hair as he stomped away. Yona gave a small wave and quickly ran after Yun. Hak couldn't help but agree with the boy genius.

She was holding back too.

"Really?! Ayane asked him out?!" Kija shook his head in horror. The happy hungry bunch was hanging out in their usual spot at the park. "That girl must be crazy to ask this-this rude man out!" He pointed an accusing finger at the bored looking Hak. "Indeed, she is…" Hak shrugged nonchalantly, not insulted in the least. "Now, now Kija don't say that! Our Hak here is very popular with the ladies!" Jae-Ha smiled innocently as he turned to a somewhat zoned out Yona. "Don't you think so too, Yona dear?" he asked sweetly, completely aware that he got Hak's dangerous attention. "Huh? Ah yes. Of course! Hehe…" she laughed awkwardly and soon hid her face.

As Jae-Ha struggled to keep the topic from changing, Zeno piped in "So what are you going to do? Would you agree to go out with her?" Yona suddenly froze and glanced at Hak from the corner of her eyes.

He saw that.

Shin-Ah was about to reply "Ah! Hak alrea-" Hak secretly shook his head at the quiet boy and stopped him. Shin-Ah was with him when is happened, so he knew Hak's already rejected her. But Yona didn't have to know just yet. Call him cruel but he'd be damned if he let this opportunity go. He still needed confirmation. Or better yet, he needed her to stop holding back.

So that he also can stop holding back.

"What do you guys think I should do?" Hak asked in his trained even voice, his eyes never leaving her face. Yun snorted sarcastically, giving him a 'are you kidding me' look. But he seemed to have caught his plot, for he also gave a helping hand. "Well, she is a nice girl. And you have known her since childhood too. So, I don't see why not?" he said dismissively and proceeded to scold Ao for stealing food from his bag.

"What?! Are you joking Yun? We all know Hak like-humpp" Kija struggled to pull Jae-Ha's hand covering his mouth away. "Fufufu, you are right Yun! Yona dear, what do you think, hm?" Jae-Ha asked ever so sweetly, paying no heed to Kija clawing at his hand. "…I-I think…" Yona whispered, head tilted down so her hair covered her face. She took a deep breath, seemingly trembling a little.

Hak felt like an absolute jerk for feeling somewhat excited as his heart rate picked up.

Come on princess, say no. Demand I reject her. Tell me to stay with you. Just say the word sweetheart…

Yona lifted her head with a tight-lipped smile, and Hak felt his heart sink. "Y-yeah she's a good match for y-you…um I'm going to the restroom a bit, ok?" with that she stood up and ran away. Hak grinded his teeth together and clenched his fists tightly.

The hell with it!

Hak wordlessly stood up and ran after her, leaving the bunch of friends wishing them happiness. He quickly caught up to her grabbed her hand. Before she could even gasp, he had her pinned against a tree, his hands caging her head from both sides. Yona stared up at him, surprised and mute. Hak looked down, letting his hair hide his eyes "…Why?" he whispered. "Why, Yona?!" He looked at her face, his own body shaking. "…Why are you still holding back?!"

Yona's widened eyes welled up with tears. "N-no, No!..." she shook her head as tears poured down her cheeks. "I-I'm not! I'm n-not holding back! I'm…not…" her voice trailed off to a whisper and Hak felt his control snap. "…Tch, I'm done…I'm done waiting…" he muttered huskily and grabbed her chin. "I'm done holding back… And I will make you give up as well…" with that Hak crashed his lips onto her soft ones.

He put all his feelings, that were locked away for years, into the kiss. He cupped her face with both hands gently and kissed her with all the passion he could muster. He felt Yona relax into him and wrap her arms around his neck tightly, kissing him back just as desperately. His heart did a flip of joy, and a satisfied groan came from the back of his throat when Yona's slender fingers tangled in his hair and pulled gently.

He deepened the kiss and wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her a little and caging her more firmly between the tree and his chest. Yona moaned softly and wrapped her legs around his hips for support. After the much needed make out session, he pulled way slowly, watching his blushing and panting princess lovingly. Although he knew his face was tinged pink as well, he smirked and put his forehead against hers. "I'm never holding back again princess. Be prepared..." Yona smiled back at him "Me neither."

Suddenly, Jae-Ha popped out from behind a tree and looked at you (yes, you XD). "Woohoo! Ladies and gentlemen, that right there… is a man."

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