Author's Note: Hey guys I know all of you were sad of last year of July 6, 2019 where Cameron Boyce had passed away, so I thought it would be sad to see how Jake and his crew would feel if he had died in his sleep Anyway enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Jake and the Neverland Pirates, they belonged to Disney Junior but it got cancelled back in 2016

Izzy's POV

It was a great morning for us, Cubby, and I were having breakfast until Skully flew in.

"Matey's it's Jake he's... he's.. not... wake up." Skully said to us as we all ran to him.

" Jake, Jake, wake up please wake up." Cubby said to him when shaking him.

As Cubby moved back, he was scared.

"Izzy, you try to wake him up." Cubby said to me as I was shaking Jake awake, but it didn't work.

"I better call Peter and 911." I said to him as I called Peter then 911.

After a few minutes later, Peter, and an ambulance came to take Jake to the hospital.

As we all arrived at the hospital, Cubby, Skully and I were waiting in the waiting room while Peter was getting us some water.

"Is Jake going to be okay Izzy?" Cubby asked me.

"I hope so Cubby." I said to him while I held him tightly.

But as Peter came back with the doctor, this wasn't good news at all for us.

"Peter why are you crying?" Cubby asked him.

"Well, Jake, is dead." Peter said to us.

"WHAT?" We all said at the same time.

"The doctor said that Jake died in his sleep last night." Peter said to us.

" May we see him?" I asked the doctor as tears came down my cheeks.

"Of course." The Doctor said to us as immediately ran off so I can see Jake.

"As I walked up to Jake's hospital room, he was not moving not breathing. He had his mighty Captain sword in his hand as I just stroke his hair.

"Jake, you can't dye not like this, not now, we had our entire future together we were supposed to get married, have kids of our own, and grew old together but that's not going to happen because your dead.

"Say hello to Cameron!" I said to him as I kissed his forehead and left his room.

Author's Note: Look I know I have other stories to finish, bit i thought this would be a good and sad one for you all.

Just to let you all know this take place in the future of Neverland. Jake is 20 years old, Izzy's 20, years old, and Cubby's 19 years old. I don't care how old is Skulluy is I just don't want to mention his age in the story sorry.