Author's Note: Hey guys, to in the last few Chapters Cubby and Izzy held a funeral for Captain Jake, and Peter wasn't there, because he was exploring the lands beyond the never seas. And he doesn't know about Jake's passing. But he will soon find out.

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Chapter 4 Peter finds finds out

Cubby's POV

It was the next morning, and Izzy was still sleeping and crying because of Jake's passing. I don't blame her, I miss him too.

"Hey, Izzy, your not alone, I miss him too." I said to her as she cried on my shoulder as I rubbed her back to calm her down.

"Sorry, I just really miss him." Izzy said to me.

"I know you do Izzy, I miss him too." I said to her.

"Who's going to tell Peter about this?" Izzy asked me.

"I guess we should both tell him." Izzy said to me.

" he's going to be, devastated." I said to her.

"I know, come on, let's go yo his hideout and tell him." Izzy said to me as we headed to Peter's Hideout.

Peter Pan's POV

I was in the middle of reading a book, until I heard a knock on the door. So I flew to the door and opened there, standing in front of me was Izzy and Cubby. But where was Jake?

"Ahoy, my pirate Crew, how's everything going? and where is your trusty leader Jake at today?" I asked them as they just gave me sand looks in their eyes.

" Peter, can we come in? There's something we need to tell you, and you're still going to like this news." Cubby said to me as Izzy was holding on to me real tight.

"Hey, what's wrong Izzy?" I asked her she I picked her up in my arms as we all went inside.

After we all went inside, I placed Izzy on my chair where she started to cry, for some reason.

"Izzy, is everything okay?" I asked her placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Peter, Jake's dead." Cubby said to me.

"Wait what?" I asked in shocked.

"Skully, told us a few weeks ago, that Jake wasn't waking up." Cubby told me.

"That's when we knew he was gone." Izzy finished.

"Oh my God, Jake!" I said to myself as I dropped to my knees, and tool of my hat.

"I know you're upset Peter, we are as well." Cubby said to me.

"I just can't believe that he's really gone." I said in a sad tone.

"Do you want to go say your goodbyes to Jake?" We already and the funeral and we buried him. Cubby asked me.

"Not right now, I just want to be left alone please guys?" I asked them.

"of course." Cubby said to me as he and Izzy made their way to the exit.

"wait Izzy, can you stay with me? I know you are upset so I can tell." I asked her as tears came down her beautiful cute face.

"Yes...I...Well." Izzy said to me as she ran towards me and we started sobbing uncontrollably.

"Well, I'm not going to cry... dang it." Cubby said as he fell down to his knees and started to cry as well.

Author's Note: Hey just to let you guys know I am not making fun of Cameron Boyce, I miss him too. I mean it has been like almost one year since his death. So, I just want to point out that I am not being mean to him and his family I care about what their going through, I mean he was a great young intelligent man heck did you guys even knowing that he voiced Jake in the series? cuz I did. so can you please leave a sad review about the story please and don't write anything mean I'm just doing this for the tribute at Cameron Boyce that's it. I know I should have wrote this Fanfiction story on the day of his death, but I couldn't think of anything to write until I started writing this story. I just wanted to see how Izzy and cubby and Peter Pan would react if Jake died in his sleep. and as you can tell about this Chapter, they're heartbroken especially Izzy. so please so some motivation about this it's sad and depressing not only their leader Jake had died but their best friend and Izzy's soon-to-be boyfriend but that didn't happen they were supposed to get married and had kids but that didn't happen either I will continue the story of this sad sad fanfiction like I said I'm only doing this because I miss Cameron Boyce as well. I've always wanted to meet him but I never got the chance to. think about it have you guys ever wanted to meet him? Let me know in a review. Thank you!