None. Zilch. Zero. Absolutely no rescues had been reported by John from Thunderbird 5 and none were even expected. It truly was a rare occasion for International Rescue who were usually overflown by elite rescues and missions day upon day.

To top it off, it was raining. This was quite a rare thing on Tracy Island which usually had a beautifully exotic climate. However, rain meant Gordon Tracy couldn't go swimming as smother hen Scott claimed it was 'dangerous' and 'unsafe', much to the swimmer's chagrin. Despite this, Gordon, in all his wisdom, had chosen to ignore his brother's excuses.

Seriously, he had been on highly elite rescues before with insane amounts of danger, and Scott wouldn't let him go in the pool when it was raining?

It was unfair.

Gordon couldn't stand it, he HAD to go on the pool. It was simply in his nature. They rarely had days off and he couldn't even do his favourite activity, and Gordon knew he might never get this opportunity again in a while.

Grabbing his towel and goggles, International Rescue's resident aquanaut snuck out of the villa. He knew that Scott was in his room which was the furthest away from the pool so there was no chance he would catch him. As for the others, Virgil was with Brains upgrading Thunderbird 2, Alan and Kayo were training in the gym, and Grandma had gone off on a supply run to the mainland. If any of his family found it, they would likely tell Scott. Meaning Gordon would have to prepare for a tongue-lashing from him later. He shuddered at the thought. No, there was no chance he was going to get caught, he would be fine.

Casting his towel and goggles aside under some shelter, Gordon soon realised how slippery the ground was. That should have been obvious really, but it had somehow slipped his mind. It proved to be too much for him when he stepped on a much wetter patch of ground and fell headfirst into the water.

Luckily, being the graceful swimmer that he was, Gordon managed to transform that fall into a very out of form dive. Of course, he screaming like a little girl in the process. "No matter." he thought. No one was around, no one could have possibly seen that little embarrassing moment.

He was so wrong.

Gordon was having the time of his life. He had actually never swum whilst it was raining before. The sensation of the raindrops tapping his skin as he ploughed through the water felt weird yet wonderful. It created such an odd sound in the pool, it was almost magical. Gordon decided he should do this more often but like Hell Scott would ever let him.

As Gordon enjoyed himself, a figure from the villa watched within the shadows. Kayo had just finished training with Alan a little earlier than usual since Alan was her best student at Wing Chun. She had gone up to the kitchen to get a snack when she saw Gordon outside heading towards the pool. So, she decided to watch her brother swim in the rain. He seemed to be enjoying himself anyway, there was no big deal. She herself couldn't understand Scott's fuss to its full extent.

Kayo had seen his little embarrassing moment. She had panicked at first but when she realised he had turned it into an awful dive, she laughed, hard. She knew this was just what Scott was worried about and yet Gordon had so skilfully managed to avoid it. The best part was that he didn't even know someone had witnessed it. The rain covered the villa's large windows with blurry droplets of water, making it practically impossible to see in or out. But Kayo managed to catch Gordon out just before the rain started to get heavier.

She decided to go and congratulate her local aquanaut on his latest achievement. She loved it when the boys got embarrassed like this, it made her laugh.

"Gordon." She exclaimed as she stepped out of the wildlife surrounding the pool.

Pure terror ran through Gordon and he spun around, goggles on his forehead.

"AH!" there was the second girly scream for that day. "Oh, hey Kayo. How long have you been there?" He asked nervously.

"Only a few minutes, Alan and I finished our training..." Kayo replied, deliberately pausing herself midway her sentence.

Gordon sighed in relief; he had been in the pool much longer than that. She couldn't have seen it. Little did he know he had spoken too soon.

"…but I was in the villa before that, and I saw you do a little trick."

His heart rate increased again. Had she seen...

"It wasn't your best dive, Gordy."

…yep, she'd seen it.

Typical Kayo, always lurking in the shadows. Seeing embarrassing things she wasn't supposed to. Like the time Alan had started singing while he was cooking the dinner or when Virgil rigged the barbecue and tragically lost his eyebrows.

"I don't think Scott would approve of you being out here." She said, the sass oozing in her voice.

"Scott doesn't need to know." replied Gordon.

"He'll find out if you keep splashing and falling all over the place." She giggled.

"He's in his room, he'll never hear me." Gordon protested to his sister.

"Maybe. But I could always go and tell him." Kayo proclaimed with the same level of sass from earlier, it came naturally to her.

"You wouldn't dare."

"Wouldn't I?"

This wasn't good. Gordon knew that Kayo would tell because she loved it when Scott was such a smother hen, except when she was on the receiving end. This was bad.

So, Gordon hatched a cunning plan.

"What if I did another dive?" Gordon began with Kayo listening to him carefully. "If I can do a skilled dive in the rain, it would prove it's safe to be out here, right?" He smiled deviously; his eyes were comically sized.

"Hmm, I suppose." She said with that typical Kayo tone, it meant she was being skeptical.

"If I do it, you can't tell Scott I'm out here." Gordon laid down the terms of their agreement.

"And if you don't?"

"You can do whatever you want." Except what you want to do, Gordon silently thought to himself.


Gordon got out of the water. He was dripping wet and making the ground more slippery than it already was. The rain was still pouring heavily, he was surprised Kayo had even come out here. Little did she know how big of a mistake she'd made.

Gordon took a moment to prepare himself for what he was about to do. He stretched a little; secretly killing time to figure out the best way to do it. Once he'd finished, he told Kayo to stand near the edge of the pool so she could better judge his dive. Kayo did so, oblivious.

Gordon would be buzzing if he actually pulled this off.

"I'll do a small run-up." Gordon stated, turning around deliberately to hide his laughter.

"Get on with it, squid!" Kayo shouted, sealing her final words.

Encouraged by his sister's polite words, Gordon started to run. He was taking large steps so he wouldn't slip as easily. As he got closer to the pool, he held his arms in the correct position, ready to dive, only to then activate his plan.

He swerved round to where his sister was, finding amusement at her face that screamed the unspoken words of 'oh, Godamnit.'. He smiled wickedly.

Putting his arm around her waist, Gordon jumped into the pool like an idiot, Kayo along with him. The loud splash that followed sent water flying up to the villa's windows. Yet, the loudest thing was yet to come.

"GORDON!" Kayo yelled as she reached the surface of the water whilst watching her brother laugh wildly. After all, he actually pulled it off, on Kayo of all people! He could barely speak his next words.

"I can't believe you fell for that!" He exclaimed between his laughter. Kayo couldn't do anything but join him. His laugh was without a doubt infectious.

"Can't lie, that was good." She admitted, realising her defeat.

"Why thank you, dear sister." He said kiddingly. "I don't think you'll be telling Scott now."

She hit Gordon's arm jokingly. "I think I'd need to dry off first, though that might be hard in the rain."

"It's more fun in the rain!" Gordon stated proudly.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree. We should do this more often."

That was just what Gordon wanted to hear. "Hell yeah we should!" he responded ecstatically.

"You win anyway, I won't tell Scott." confirmed Kayo, wiping the water from her eyes.

"Thanks, sis." He smiled at her.

"That doesn't mean I won't get my revenge on you for dragging me in." She said as her hair fell out of her ponytail, she didn't even bother looking for the elastic.

"Yeah, good luck with that." He laughed once more.

The two spent a few hours in the pool, just messing about and having fun. Kayo didn't even bother to change into her swimsuit, she was too busy enjoying herself. This kind of fun was rare for two busy members of International Rescue so they knew they had to make the most of it.

Gordon thought ahead of the rainy days he would now spend at the pool in the future. If they were anything like today's, he didn't mind if it rained every day.