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Chapter 1: Inner Turmoil

Lunch at Middleton High

Ron Stoppable the goofy/happy go lucky trusty 'sidekick' of his red headed best friend teen superhero Kim Possible. Is currently staring vacantly at another table in which sits his best friend and partner that is currently lost in her own little world with Josh Monke' *Cough* Mankey.

"Hey Rufus buddy how do I tell it to Kim?" He said to his Intelligent Naked Mole Rat pet.

The pink creature munching on the cheese roles looks up questioningly at his human freind, mouth full of cheese. *High-pitch moan* " Talk?" The lifetime freind replied.

The boy thinks for a second but denies the thought just as quickly.

"With how engrossed she on to him he probably won't even give me two cents, and look at how happy she is!?" He said waving his hands to them as to make a point, and then slams his face to the table that only has him seated on it.

For the past three months that the red headed teen has been dating the guy who has a name close to an animal, the blond boy has noticed two things: that he has less time to spend with his best friend and that her only focus is on the guy who has a dyed hair to feel cooler.

Sure the long time friends do still chat occasionally, the bad point is that her main focus is always on her current relationship partner and nothing else, something that disturbs the blond boy immensely as he noticed that the more he looked at those sparkling emerald eyes full of adoration, the more he yearns them to be directed at him.

And thus is conflicted on his own feelings, he noticed a long time a go that his best friend Kim is developing into a woman he couldn't possibly stand next to with.

Terrified at the thought of parting with her, he was happy that he was awakened by his stupor by his main man Rufus tapping his cheeks for attention. Looking up he saw his hairless freind pull out a device unique to Team Possible ringing as the screen indicating that his Techno Genius Freind Wade was trying to contact him.

Grabbing the device and giving a head Pat to the molerat as thanks, he answered the call.

"What's the sitch Wade?" He said to the young Afro-American Genius.

"Hi Ron, your old friends Dr. Drakken and Shego are currently trying to steal a device from one of the laboratories in Upperton, it's an electro-amplifier used to enhance any type of energy, built for the use of greater supply of electricity to the Tri-City state, but stolen just an hour ago, surveillance shows a green glow and an electric discharge from some device that can shrink objects make their way through the security personnel." The boy reported, and then split the screen to show the footage of a Raven hared women engaged in a one sided fight with the security detail of the facility.

The screen showed the woman dive in the lower part of a security guard, unprepared the man was knocked down by the punch aiming at his gut and sent flying, the perpetrator of the unconscious man immediately jumped to avoid the baton coming from behind and grabbed the uniform of the second guard giving a solid kick to the back and with a chop to the nape gave the man an early nap.

The last guard seeing the two co-workers disabled from the fight cursed as he missed another strike and disengaged from the fight opting to wait for reinforcements, though he he didn't reached the door when a bright green blast hit the legs of the shelves right next to the door causing the forward fall of the shelf right to the head of the guard causing an unconscious state.

With the last obstacle taken care of the figure waved to the man behined her and proceeded to the thick steel door, muttering lines between the two the man activated what looks to be similar to a remote, though the ray fired proved that to be incorrect, the beam hit the door encompassing it in a blue glow as it started to grow smaller until the seemingly sturdy door became like that of a smooth waffle iron.

The two figures then proceeded to enter the lab, and exiting a few minutes later. And the screened of the other panel showed a chip of somekind.

"This is the electro-magnifier, my guess is that Drakken plans to use it to enhance the shrinking Ray to threaten the world again." Wade said.

"Okay Wade on it, but why did you contact me first and not Kim?" The blond said while cleaning up his table and picking up the satisfied Rufus.

" I did try to contact Kim but she doesn't pick up because you know, the whole dating thing?"The boy on the screen said and face palming in the middle of it.

"Besides this is why I gave you a second Kimmunicator or Ronunicator in case something like this happened ." The Tech Lord said as he pointed towards the blond.

"Okay Wade I got your point so when is his current lair any clues?"

"Drakkens hideout is pretty far from where you are in the mountain 50 kilometers from the Tri-City State though not out of the country, I've called in a favor from one of the local forest fire prevention unit, that we helped way back, and they agreed to give you a ride above Drakkens lair while they do practice runs, they start in 7 minutes so you gotta hurry to get there." said Wade

Sighing in how his freind was amazingly prepared as always he deactivated the device as he yelled to his partner as he passed by their table, knocking them out of reverie.

"KP! mission time, Im going to suit up we meet up at the from of the school towards the Forest Fire Prevention Station in 5 minutes." he said as he sprinted for his locker intending for the mission clothes.

Grabbing it he headed for the nearest toilet, he changed into his black turtle neck, cargo pants, black gloves, and shoes. Inspecting his clothes and making sure hi equipment wa in the right place, he left the toilet sprinting outside of the school, finding his partner already there in mission clothes.

"Hey KP, nice to see youre still prepared for any missions at least." said Ron as he beckons for her to his scooter.

"We can take my scooter to the station, I'll just get it back after the mission." He said, mounting the old-reliable transport.

"What does that mean Ron?" She said as she Raised her brows and sits behind him, mounting the ride too.

Starting up the scooter and driving down the highway, " Well, I just thought you'd be more lax in how you conduct yourself as you seem to be lost in your own world every time you talk to Josh." He pulls to the Intersection and choosing to go to the left and stopping right at the gate of the station.

"I maybe in a relationship but I'm still Kim Possible, the girl who can do anything, and I do everything with my best." She said, as they dismointed as they headed for the airfield after greeting the guard.

"Thats good, at least you won't get hurt because you were distracted in this missions." He said a little loudly to be heard as they boarded the plane.

"Ron you know I'm always careful when it comes to mission, besides it's not like I'm that hipnotized to only focus on Josh." She said trying to defend herself as they strap in.

"Ms. Possible glad to see you, thank you for clearing the fire a month ago, we didn't have enough man power to spread for two simultaneous fires occuring in a day." The pilot said as he starts to control the plane to ascend to their intended flight course.

After bracing themselves for the take off and recovering from the pressure applied to their bodirs, Kim responds.

"No big, besides we were already there cause of the cheerleaders training camp." She replied.

"Regardless you still did us a favor, the trip there wont last long I'll inform you when we're near". The pilot said ending the conversation after saying his piece to focus on stably steering the plane.

"Please and thank you" she said unbuckling the straps of her seatbelt to check on her equipment.

"Uh-huh, as if thats remotely true." He countered as he grabbed Rufus from his pocket to check of he recovered from the cheese coma.

" What?" She said defensively, hooking the hairdryer looking grapler to the back of her belt.

" KP, If there is anything that I've learned from the past three months about you and relationships, it's that your attention will always be on your boyfreind, and that's not good for anyone, not you not me." Ron said.

"Oh come on Ron it's not like that,we do... talk... about stuff." She hesitates as he arches his brows slowly.

"Ok maybe I did get too into it, but that's just normal for a girl like me." She said defensively.

Sighing at his closest friend he replies, "Look KP I know your finally going out with your crush and all, and that's great I'm supporting you, but I promised both you and your parents that I WILL watch your back, and I intend to keep it, if you constantly distracted all the time and it puts you in danger I don't know how many times I can bail you out of your hole, KP." He said worrying as he gazed at her.

Appreciative of his concernfrom her best freind she joked."Pfft more like the other way around Mr. I-cant-keep-my-pants-on-from-falling-McGuair".

Laughing lightly at her weak attempt to make a funny ice breaker between the two, he countered.

"You know half the time it's lost cause it's baggy and it clips to sharp things right?" He said flapping it to make a point.

" Yeah yeah, just be careful Mr. Watch-our-backs caus-".

"Ms. Possible dropzone approaching in 2 minutes please prepare to disengage from the vehicle." The pilot announced.

"Understood, Ron you ready!?". She said as she takes a her parachute pack and make sure it's secure, glancing at her partner.

Taking a moment to look at his recovering naked mole Rat he replied after putting him at his pocket.

"Yeah gimme a sec". He said getting his parachute and doing the same thing.


The opening of the payload doors echoed as a warning to the duo as sirens and red lights blazed.

"Ms. Possible good luck!" The pilot remarked.

"Thanks for the ride and the blessing, Lets go Ron!". She yells as she take out to free fall.

"Oh I hate this part." He nervously said as he disengaged from the plane to free fall, of course while screaming.

The two dive into the forest in search of the evil "genius" as he like to call himself and his lair...