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Chapter 3- High Strung

Glad shards, wood, concrete, dust, and bent pritces of steel are one of the few materials flying around the duo, seemingly in slow motion as the explosion behind them raged on.

Before the explosion could reach the end of the hallway, the teen heroine grabbed her partner and best friend, trusting his reliable instinct and made a run to the door, forcing it open with a kick.

A quick scan was all it take to figure out that this was used for a break room for the henchmen Drakkens hires. Not a second later the duo run towards the medium sized glass window.

Realizing the plans of his best friend, Ron grabbed a star shaped object, flinging it as hard as he could towards the double pannel window breaking the glass, well concealed from the outside using camouflage and tinted windows colored on one side and see through from the other. Now with more leeway for safety as there will be nothing to slow them down, they quickly jumped thought the window, just a dozen seconds before the explosion took over the room sending debris launched through the air.

Turning to the duo they freefall towards the bottom of the mountain as they jumped to a steep cliff. Both teens scrambled for their graples firing it to the rock face, coincidentally getting them attached right next to each other and using the wires to disrupt the gravitational momentum of their falls. (A/N: is that a term?).

Smiling as they went past each other, they quickly reached the end of their arcs.


Another explosion, much more subdued but more impactful erupted overhead just as they started descending back, looking up they saw large debris of what once was the room they jumped from falling towards them. (A/N: if your gonna be confused on the timing of the next few events, and maybe in future events, know that we are using 'cartoon' logic here specifically KP universe logic, and also cause they fell pretty far down a cliffside.)

Thinking quickly the red headed searched for an escape plan, noticing a ledge off to the side away from the main blast zone she adjusted herself to meet up with her partner. The partner in question having noticed her made up her mind looked at her target instantly understanding her intentions through years of working together, also adjusted his stance to match her's making him more prone to be attached to her as they connect at the base of the arch.

Swinging down, they grab each other's outstretched arms gripping tightly, caching themselves from swinging more outwards and getting their lines more tangled due to the them grabbing each other making them spin, they continued to sway towards Ron's intended path as with the help of his greater weight compared to Kim's.

Losing the momentum put them right next to the cliff wall. Quickly activating her rocket skates, the teen heroine skated by the side of the cliff wall towards the ledge, dodging the debris arriving first as they were exploded downwards.

Noticing a large bumb by the wall told her sidekick the sitch.

"RON! THERES A BUMP TAKE OVER AFTER WE FLIP!" the girl screamed through the explosions.

"YOU GOT IT KP!" Quickly activating his own rocket rollerscates the boy prepared for his part.

Reaching the bump the cheerleader pushed with all her might flipping them over the bump just enough to get over it but not enough to do a 360° degree rotation, thus landing on the feet of the blonde boy.

The blonde noticing the various portrusions on the wall started to come up with an intended path way.

"KIM! WERE PLAYING TAG TEAM!" Tapping her back the boy tensed his legs to flip over the bush.

Flipping over the bush, rocks and the occasional debrees flying towards them the duo quickly went past the obstacles, reaching the maximum speed provided by their swing and the propulsion of the rockets and pushing of the cliff side.

"NOW RON!" As if as one they retrieved their hooks and swung towards the ledge like a loose kite.

Steering their bodies so he would take the brunt of the landing the boy braced himslef not noticing the small blue glow of that coated his shoulder and back.


Rolling at a moderate spin from their landing they come to a stop next to a tree stump that stopped their momentum.

Both of the teens relaxing their bodies knowing they are partially safe now, slowly the adrenaline in their bloods started to fade, giving rise to the pain of their injuries.

"Ahhhh! That's the second time I heard my skull go thud today, luckily I didnt bite my tongue." The blonde said with a growl at the pain in his body.

Pushing herself gently but hurriedly off of the boy as to not hurt him more, the girl scanned around both of them for any potential danger.

Lowering her guard at the relatively quiet, though with small explosion in the background peace that they found, she plopped down next to her best friend and started to rest.

"You okay KP?" The boy said groaning as he sat up.

Opening her eyes she glanced worriedly at her best freind. "Ron stay down, you took the brunt of the impact earlier when we landed, you may have dislocated your shoulder or broken your bones!" The red head said frantically as she pushed the boy down by the tree stump, appreciative as always at his concern for her.

"Nah I'm fine, I can handle it, besides it just looked and sounded serious, it's not that big of a deal for me see?" Moving around his shoulder and arm to prove his point.

"Still we have to get that checked up, take off your top let me see if there's a bruise or injury." She said while grumbling at his carelessness at the intensity of the situation if he gets injured.

"No no no I'm fine, that was just a landing, not like we didn't have one like that before, and even if some rocks and sticks went through our mission clothes I doubt it would be a lot." The blonde said with his trademark goofy smile, though the cheerleader noticed his 'caring' smile mixed within and with it being directed at her.

"RON, take it off now!" She sternly said , as she tries to calm her frantic feelings down while glaring at the boy.

"No..." The boy responded weakly turning to the side.

Glaring harder at the stubborn boy, the girl stopped as she thought of a much more effective way without causing her to resort to force.

Tilting her head to the side, letting the side of her face be the forefront, hair flipped back to be like a curtain to the show giving emphasis on the maint focus, enlarging her eyes to stare directly at the boy, pushing her lips outwards while making it twitch once in a while to show weakness, the ultimate weapon of the Possible women has been unleashed.

Feeling a faint fluffy atmosphere his instinct detected, the boy is curious on what is behind him causing the feeling. Stopping he asks to confirm something, fearing that his answer maybe right and that if he turned around it can very well be his undoing.

"Your doing the Puppy Dog Pout aren't you?" The boy said as the aura grew stronger.

"Noooo! ... What made you say that" the girl defensively replied trying her hardest to sound normal.

Taking a deep breath he turns around slowly, to confirm his suspicion knowing full well he'll lose.

Flinching at the sight of the deadly technique, the boy slowly took of his top, exposing his toned and lean muscles brought about by the hundreds of missions, before quickly covering him front tentatively with his top.


"Ron how did you get this ripped?" The girl said blankly staring at his packed muscles all over his body, even a tiny bun sized six pack noticably forming underneath.

Putting his top over his front more and turning away, the shy blonde chuckled nervously.

" Whatcha' talking about KP? This is only natural, you have it too right? If your going to be traveling around the world, through jungles and forests, cliffs and valleys, and even mountains and volcanoes, especially when you carry the necessary equipment, Ive had this for a while now... Not that you'd notice." Scratching the back of his neck as he said so, the last sentence devolving to a whisper under his breath.

The cheerleader now as she contemplated realized that the reason for why he's always tired and exhausted after every mission was precisely because of what he just said, and also the reason for why he never grows fat eating those nacos.

Staring at how her freind has changed so much over the time she wasn't paying attention, she puzzled over what kept her from noticing.

Shifting herself so that she is behind him, she starts to examine the right shoulder.

Narrowing her eyes she saw something that disturbs her, shockingly putting a hand on the skin of his forearm, she asked with a shaking voice.

"This scars... Where did they come from?" Her voice trembling as she glides her hand over the small scars on his back.

"Scars? Oh those scars no big, they disappear in a bit, and for your question I get them from our mission sometimes, sometimes from the punishment from the bullies, sometimes some of my accidents, a lot of things, they never last long though." The boy said carefree like.

"I never knew you'd take this much injuries after our missions. Why didn't you tell me?" She said caressing a diagonal cut around his hip.

Grabbing her hand and squeezing it he replied. "Because it was never a concern, scars, injuries, danger their all the same, something I factored from the very start when we first started to go on dangerous missions together."

"But why did you never tell me about these!?" Clasping his hand in both of her's she asked.

"Simple, I always thought they were worth it, after all I promised to watch your back to your parents, and I intend to keep that." He replied while gazing at her with a caring expression.

Stunned and overwhelmed by his declaration of what was basically a lifetime promise, she didn't notice him reaching for the Kimmunicator.

"Come on the bruises will only show later on, we can figure it out later right now we need to get out of here." He said activating the device.

The device lit up and showed their genius tech guru freind Wade.

"Hey Wade-Man! We just finished up here at Drakkens lair, they got away but we got the chip thingy, mind hooking us up with a ride home?" The blonde asked jubilantly while wearing his goofy smile.

"Sure Ron! I'm redirecting a ride for you, It'll take a while considering it's so far out but I'll keep you informed." The boy cheerfully replied at his close friend.

"Nice! Thanks Wade you the man!"

Deactivating the device, the blonde started to try and find himself a more comfortable place to pass the time as they waited for a ride home, though admittedly from the time it took to travel here to sneaking in, to making an escape, they're probably will not make it for suppertime.

"KP were just gonna have to lay here for a while, Wade's getting us a ride but it won't be until later." The blonde said to catch the attention of the still stunned red headed teen.

Noticing at the lack of a reply from his best friend he turned around and noticed her still staring at the spot he sat at not too long ago gazing blankly.

Getting an idea to get her out of her reverie, he snuck up behind her, not producing a single sound even with his shoes on. Kneeling down he carefully places his face to the left side of her head, he gently blew at her ear aiming for the bottom part with the softest and gentlest breath.


Next came the squeel of a centuries, sort of like the squeel of a surprised panda.

Spinning around to face the man who caused that embarrassing sound while protecting her ear from anymore 'attacks', she gazed at his brown laughing eyes, realizing that he was holding himself back from laughing made it more embarrassing.

"Ron! What was that for!?" She asked mock angrily.

Holding himself from laughing hysterically, he signals for more time and starts to breathe in to collect his cool.

Taking a calming breath he explains, " Haha...ha, ohh boy I haven't done that in years, I remembered that posture from when we were in first grade, it means your either too stunned or thinking too deeply, so I did what always worked back then, tickling you by the ear! It always works! Hahaha."

Gazing at her friend that was laughing cheerfully while reminiscing about the past, she gazes at his countenance, his goofy smile, his brown eyes... 'How I wanna get lost in them...'

Quickly shaking her head she banished all complicated thoughts quickly letting the embaressment get to her, she grew eager for some payback and lunged at her best friend, starting an all out tickle fest between the two. From an outsiders perspective it can be seen as a struggle between two good wrestlers, to the two of them it's their own bonding session dating to even way back when they were kids. As time passed and the effects of the effects of the high strain activities took a toll on them and the two heroes, albiet one well known and the other one less well known, decided to rest by the cliff wall laying their backs to it as they waited for their ride home.