Turn about fair game

Chapter One

"Ramos, we need to be sure the alarms have been shut off before we head inside the vault." Donny says age 45 ex marine turned bank robber on the run. He and four others have been planning on the stealing a fortune of diamonds from the Exchange.

It was late around the second week of April. They had turned off the alarms along with the security cameras on the first level of the exchange.

They had an inside man to give them the update of security guards, along with the next shipment to arrive at the shipment which was this evening and having been delivered.

Ramos using his special equipment had shut down the four cameras inside the control room and main hallway leading to the vault. The other two men involved dressed in all blacked in black coverings over their faces. "It's done. It's safe to move now towards the vault room with over thirty million dollars in uncut diamonds." He said with a slight smirk on his face and demeanor.

Donny, Ramos the two others quickly moved before someone caught them on the floor. Opening the door using the special key card given to them by the inside man.

Within minutes the diamonds were removed from the vault. Not realizing that a security guard was arriving on the floor using the elevator. He would eventually wind up dead trying to stop the four robbers with the diamonds. The older guard pulling out his weapon a little too late when three bullets sprayed at his body knocking him up against the wall.

Donny bent down to quickly check for a pulse with the blood up against the wall and floor. "He's dead, Ramos. Let's get the hell out of here now." The four headed into the elevator with the diamonds and past the blank security cameras and out the front door of the exchange.


12TH precinct TIME: 6.30 A.M.

Captain Kate Beckett walked into her office exhausted after getting in late from a flight from Kennedy with her husband Richard Castle finishing up a book tour. She and the kids were asked to join him in Texas for four days taking some much needed vacation time leaving different officers in charge of the department.

Even before she was able to take a sip of her hot coffee when the office phone rang. It was police Commissioner Nevins calling her at this time of the morning. It had to be important for him to talk to her. "Beckett, how can I help you, Police Commissioner Nevins?" She sounded slightly annoyed for the moment.

"A security guard at the Diamond Exchange had been shot to dead along with thirty million dollars worth of diamonds had been taken from the main vault. I suggest you get your team to the Diamond Exchange and find out who did this Kate. I am sorry to had called you like this after your short vacation." He exclaimed over the phone.

"I will get right on sir. My team should be arriving any moment to brief them. I will call you when we have something to report." She responded with hanging up the phone and placing it back into the slot.

She found both detectives in the breakroom having coffee and breakfast before starting their shift. Looking up from his crawler and the evidence on his lips. Kevin Ryan made a notion for Esposito to look up with Captain Beckett at a full steam looking no doubt for them.

"Gentlemen, we have a murder of a security guard and 30 million dollars worth of uncut diamonds having been stolen from the main vault at the Diamond Exchange." Beckett exclaimed with standing straight rod with her posture.

"When did this happen Captain?" Ryan asked with Esposito slowly getting himself self together with the information given.

"Sometime last night and the police commissioner needs answers along with the CEO of the Diamond Exchange. His name is Gordon Ridder and he's waiting to talk with the both of you at his office on the 8th floor of the Exchange."

"Is it possible Beckett that the CEO might know or is behind the robbery?" Esposito asked in a serious tone to have Ryan nervous with the question.

"Excuse me gentlemen, it's your job to find out the truth. Now I suggest you get moving before I do something drastic." She stated with anger turning around to head out of the breakroom.


Driving on over to the diamond exchange in traffic...

"I just can't believe it, this is the second time within the year that the diamond exchange has been hit?" Ryan replied while driving with Espo sitting next to him thinking hard.

"I would doubt it's the same people from before since all of them are in prison. Let's just hope that Mr. Ridder might have some answers for us, Ryan."

He pulled into the underground parking lot of the exchange trying to find a parking space close to the main elevator. Even though they needed to check in with the security guard like before. Reaching the first floor with the elevator door opening to drop them off.

A security guard was standing at the main desk needing to check their badges. "Mr. Ridder is waiting for the both of you in his office on level eight. His entire staff will be there as well to give you all of the details on the robbery." He says to the two detectives placing their badges away to follow the guard to the elevator once again.

Reaching the floor and the door opening. The security officer escorted them to the CEO's office stopping by his secretary working on the computer terminal.

Walking past her to head on down the hallway to his main office. "Mr. Ridder the detectives from the 12th precinct are here sir." The guard made the announcement to everyone.

Gordon Ridder age 62 married with two children both boys are in the military serving in the marines. He walked over to them to shake their hands along with a file about the robbery and possible suspects.

"What's this Mr. Ridder?" Esposito asked in a serious tone and his demeanor.

"There is someone that works or did work as of two months ago for stealing sensitive documents for when it comes to certain diamond shipments from Fort Knox and other areas of the government. His name is Franklin Scotts and I have no idea just where he might be other than the fact he has my diamonds." Ridder exhaled with his anger building inside his gut.

"We will see what can done sir. I will need to speak with Captain Beckett to see on whether we can get additional detectives or undercover officers to work on the case." Ryan says with writing notes into his small pad like always.