Author notes: This is the final chapter for this story. Thanks for reading.

Turn about fair play

Chapter 20th

Captain Beckett had the F.B.I.'s report on her desk two days later after they had interrogated her and the others involved in the robberies.

She was sitting in her office with Castle in front of her. He was still tired from the entire affair. He was just glad that Sergeant Esposito and F.B.I. agent Seth Hutchinson were going to be alright. They had been released from the hospital with orders to rest for a few days before going back to work.

"I just can't believe this Castle. Shelby gave up all of the names involved along with others on the take in the Mayor's and Governor's offices. The press is having a field day currently with the report released.

"She did Kate, I have a feeling she had no choice in doing so. However being placed in protected custody will certainly help her cause. And it makes one hell of a story for a book." Castle smirked.

"Maybe...However I have to deal with my boss in regard to taking the merchandise from lock up. I will just have to take my punishment and that's it Rick. He's going to be here soon to discuss the matter in my office. So I suggest you go on home to be with the kids since they have missed you a great deal." She state seeing the elevator open up onto the floor to be her boss along with Internal Affairs.


As it turned out with her boss and Internal Affairs. Captain Beckett was cleared of the charges against her for taking the Cocaine from lockup. The mayor, Governor and other key officials spoke in her behalf with the recent operation completed and all of the diamonds retrieve from the Exchange and two other places.

Gordon Ridder and Ramos were charged with three counts of murder along with a number of other charges to place them into prison for life. Though the court case was coming up in a few weeks and the press continued with the story for months afterwards.

Sergeant Esposito was happy to get back to work after talking with a therapist to help with his shooting and other issues as with the F.B.I. agent Seth Hutchinson. His wife Suzanne was glad that his arm wasn't all that bad to keep him out of work for a few days. However he decided to take a week's vacation taking his wife and daughter to the Catskills.

As for Captain Beckett and her husband Richard Castle. Castle took his wife out to dinner and movies to help make up for being away during the undercover operation.

However Castle had typed up a short summary to be sent to Gina for a possible new story in regard to the undercover operation.



Gina arrived into her office of Black Pawn Publishing after talking with Castle on the phone. She had promised him that she would read it once she gets the summary.

She went to check her mail when she sees the envelope from Richard Castle. She smiled...As she removes the summary to begin reading...

The end