Kala becomes a mother to a boy named Kantra. When he was adopted by her as an infant, Tarzan becomes a twelve year old. He also discovers a sword and how it works. The object fascinates the boy, and he takes it with him. The boy learns how to pee which he's peeing on a tree. One day Kala's mother Koare is eating ants, the apes alert that her old friend Irao betrays her by revealing his newfound villain status. She is badly wounded and as a result, her human nephew cries in nought as he protects his family and friends from the traitor and his herd.

Later on, the fellow teenaged brutes, along with Tarzan and Kaniel, fight a crowd of traitorous villains who ought to pillage the Bwindi wetlands. However, he and his friends in turn sacrifice the former's dying aunt's body into the afterlife.