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Batcave: May 10, 2025

It all happened so fast.

She looked at the despondent faces around her and felt sorrow penetrate her heart. How could things have gone so wrong so quickly? Just hours ago it had been the best day of her life, her steps into adulthood. But that was gone. Any semblance of happiness or celebration was washed away, completely and utterly decimated. And in its wake was a cold, numb feeling. She didn't know what to do.

For the first time in her life, Lilian Martha Wayne didn't know what to do.

She felt their intense gazed burning into her soul and quickly averted her eyes. Of course they were looking to her. Why wouldn't they be? She had always been the genius, the self-proclaimed leader. Why wouldn't they look to her for answers? She had brought this on herself. They needed her to say something.

So what else could Lily do other than deliver? "M'gann, what's the damage?" she finally demanded.

M'gann M'orzz cleared her throat. "The tower's down," the martian informed her. "Both of them. All communication's been cut off." Her dark green eyes drifted to the floor. "Though, I doubt there's anyone left to get through to."

Lily nearly bared her teeth; damn M'gann! Why would she tack that on? A part of her wanted to berate the older girl for her careless choice of words. "What's the legal situation?" she asked instead. Pointing fingers wouldn't get them anywhere. Besides, M'gann may have been the oldest, but everyone else was hurting too.

She wasn't that cruel.

Next to her, Rex Stewart grimaced from his place in front of the computer. "Not good," he answered grimly. "Unregistered capes have been banned all throughout the country." He frowned deeply, green eyes narrowing in contempt. "Waller's trying to get it through to the United Nations. And if that happens..."

She sighed. "The League is banned completely," she finished. Rage boiled underneath her skin, everything finally catching up to her. The disbelief and numbness from before were gone in an instant. "Fuck!" Without thinking, she slammed her hand into one of the medical tables. It collapsed under her strength, clattering to the floor. The sound echoed throughout the cave.

A hand was laid on her shoulder. "Hey, we'll figure something out," assured a gentle voice. She forced herself to meet the dark, warm eyes of Barry West. "Come on, Miss Leader. You always know what to do." A small smile forced its way onto her face.

"No, she doesn't."

And it was gone.

Lily's eyes narrowed as her attention snapped to the offending voice. "Is there something you'd like to say to me, Kent?" she practically spat. She had enough to deal with without the goddamn Kryptonian working her last nerve. Why couldn't things ever be simple?

Henry Kent glared viciously at her. "You're sixteen," he reminded her snidely. "You're just a kid." He stood to his feet, looking down at her. "The entire Justice League is gone, in case you didn't realize. You can't fix this, Wayne."

She held back the string of Themysciran curses dancing on her tongue. "At least I'm trying!" she hissed, startling everyone in the room. She usually had a tight grip on her anger and patience, but not today. Today was the absolute worse day to argue with her. "What have you been doing? Nothing other than pouting in the goddamn corner! Hera, I can't-!"

Rex quickly got between them. "Enough, you two," he interrupted sternly. He was good at that, at getting people to see the bigger picture. "We've got enough of a problem here without fighting with each other. Lily, what do you think we should do?"

Lily took a deep breath. He was right, of course he was right. She couldn't lose her head, not now. Even if Kent was a pigheaded imbecile. "I'm fairly sure that Waller knows our..." She swallowed thickly, the words stuck in her throat. Her father had met his match in Amanda Waller, she knew. But how deep that went, she was unsure. "Our parents' identities. I don't know if she had the grounds to arrest us since we haven't done anything yet. But it's safe to say that she's probably going to be watching us."

Rex cursed under his breath. "We'll have to be careful," he added. Somehow, he always knew what she was thinking. "She might know who we are, but without proof, I don't think she can do anything."

Barry nodded. "So we have to lay low," he concluded. His usual smile was gone, replaced by a grim thin line. Poor thing.

M'gann bit her lip. "Guys," she spoke tentatively. Despite being the oldest, she was the shiest of them all. "I know that you won't want to hear this. But I think we should hang up the capes for a while. Maybe forever."

Henry looked aghast. "What?" he demanded. "You just want us to give up? The League just gave their lives and you want to hide?"

"Kent!" barked Lily, more than fed-up. Hera, did Uncle Clark have a temper like this? She grew somber, realizing she had to use past-tense now. The thought instantly sobered her. "For Hera's sake, let her finish talking!" She had to be careful, she knew. She may have been strong, but Henry was stronger. He could probably kill her if he really wanted to.

Although, she may have been able to get to her father's safe before he had the chance...

"Go on, M," coaxed Barry soothingly. Because Barry was just a good guy. He knew people, knew how to reach them. She had a high level of respect for the boy, mostly because he was the only one who never treated her like a kid. He had been the first one to listen to her, even when she first started out.

M'gann sighed. "It's not as though I want to," she confessed. "But the Justice League was full of hundreds of heroes. There's only five of us. What chance do we have? But if we lay low for, say, a few years..."

Lily suddenly smirked, catching onto what she was saying. "Then they think they've won," she finished. Hera, M'gann was a genius! "Then we can strike back when they won't see it coming."

Henry crossed his arms. "How many years?" he bit out.

She shrugged. "Well, we'll have to wait until more heroes show up," she pointed out. "William Queen and Kayla Sage are young right now. We'll have to wait until they're a bit older. That is, if they even want to be heroes. Although..." She vaguely wondered if she could get the in-between generation onboard. Dick, Tim, Barbara, Roy Harper, and others may have been getting up in the years, but they were still valuable in their experience and expertise.

Rex frowned. "It'll be risky," he warned.

Lily nodded. "It will be," she agreed. "But we all know that this world needs a Justice League." She sneered slightly. "Obviously, the government can't be counted on. Not yet at least." A sudden smirk spread slowly across her face. "But you know..."

Barry was, immediately, alarmed. "Uh-oh, she's doing that Batman thing again."

Rex glared at her. "Lily..." he scolded.

She shrugged. "What?" she questioned innocently. "I was just gonna say we could wait for Waller to die. You can't tell me you all weren't thinking it."

He shook his head. "For fuck's sake, Lil." But he couldn't stop his lips from curling upward. M'gaan chortled into her hand and even the corners of Henry's mouth twitched.

For the first time since everything had happened, Lily had hope. Maybe they could actually do this.


Wayne Manor: May 11, 2025

As the sun rose the next morning, Lily was busy cleaning up the manor. Streamers, balloons, and other decorations still littered the place and she couldn't think when things had to be put away. Besides, it kept her busy and allowed her to think for a moment. She could ponder her next course of action while she did so. The first thing, she presumed, was for her to get emancipated. She and Barry were underage, the latter still in high school.

She would have to make sure that neither of them ended up in foster care. Besides, someone had to look after her family's ancestral house. Wayne Manor had stood for nearly two hundred years. There was no way in Tartarus that she was letting Gotham get their hands on it.

"Hey," a voice greeted. She turned to see M'gaan with a package in her hands. "I know you didn't get to open gifts yesterday, but I found one. I think it's from your parents."

Emotion clung to the inside of Lily's throat. "T-Thanks," she stuttered as she took the package gently. Hera, her parents. The grief hadn't settled in yet, but the weight was nearly there. Her parents were gone. She was never going to see them again. She would never pester her father while he was working or go flying with her mother or walk through the ground with either of them-

M'gaan squeezed her shoulder. "It's okay to cry," she cooed gently.

And Lily appreciated that, she really did. But the truth was, she didn't have time to cry. There was work to be done and losing herself to grief would get her nowhere. "I-I'm okay," she replied, her voice shaky. Her thumbs lightly ran over the wrapped package. The bow was on the wrong side and one of the ends was taped poorly. Clearly, the work of her mother.

She almost smiled. People who said her mother was perfect didn't know her at all. Combat, diplomacy, and intelligence were the only things she excelled at. Everything else was foreign to her, but that didn't stop her from trying.

Lily shook these thoughts away. "How are you doing?" she asked, giving the older girl a pointed look. M'gann was an exceptional hero, but she tended to be slightly emotionally unstable. There was also the fact that she would have to work on Megan's secret alias. She couldn't risk any suspicion surrounding her, not with Waller out for their heads.

The redhead shrugged. "I've been better, I guess," she admitted. She leaned against the wall, her gaze distant. "I never thought it would happen, you know. Not to them."

Lily felt her heart clench, knowing just what M'gann was talking about. "Me neither," she confessed. If nothing else, she never thought that the original seven would be brought down. The Founders had done the impossible again and again. They had prevailed countless times, no one ever thought that they would ever be defeated.

Alas, nothing lasted forever. They were getting old, she had seen it for herself. Her father had been in his mid-sixties, for Hera's sake. And while her mother had stopped aging at twenty-one, nobody could deny that the process had begun to continue shortly prior to her own birth. She had been in her late thirties (physically, of course).

Perhaps that was how they had been defeated. Time.

M'gann sighed. "Are you gonna open that?" she questioned, gesturing to the package.

Lily looked down at the gift. "I don't know, maybe?" Did she want to open it? She wasn't sure. A part of her wanted to leave it alone, to preserve this little piece of her parents forever. Maybe if she left it alone, this whole nightmare would disappear. "I'll open it later, I think." She set the gift down. "Some graduation party this turned out to be."

Graduation from college, to be exact. Her IQ was 185, five points lower than her father's, so she wasn't lying when she said she was a genius. This had been her graduation party. Or, it was supposed to have been. Before the red alert, the founders had been invited to celebrate with her family. It had been going so well, even Henry had been in a decent mood.

But of course, everything went shit.

M'gann gave her a pitying look. "I'm sorry," she said sincerely. And she knew the martian meant it, she was as genuine as they came.

Lily forced a smile on her face. "Thank you. That means a lot." Or, as much as it could in this situation. As she put away the leftover cake, she came to a startling realization.

Her parents were gone. Lilian Wayne was officially an orphan. And the world? The world was left without its Justice League. Hera, she didn't think she'd ever felt so lost before. She knew that, someday, she would have to be responsible for the entire world. They all would. But she was only sixteen and no one was around to guide her.

How could she take care of the planet when she couldn't even take care of herself?


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