Imagine having a wonderful masterpiece laid out in front of you. Then imagine a single drop of black paint falling onto the canvas which in turn ruins the piece. This is what Lyla Night's life has been like for the past few months. Lyla's father, Thomas Night, who was an auror for Macusa had all but decided to uproot her family in order to help her grandparents. Her perfect world that she had built in America came crumbling down. She soon found herself in a strange new land with extremely weird people talking in weird accents. After moving in with her grandparents in London, her parents encouraged her to make friends with the other magical kids on the block. Begrudgingly Lyla agreed to try.

Her grandparents lived in a big mansion in Godric's hollow surrounded by many other magical families including the Potters. This was her first stop on her route of meeting new people. She opened the gate that was guarding the house and walked up the cobblestone steps to a set of big oak doors. Carefully lifting up her petite hand she knocked on the door hoping that no one would answer. To her dismay, the door opened. Standing in front of her was a boy with messy hair that stuck up in every direction and round glasses.

Lyla stuck her hand out " Hi my name is Lyla Night, I just moved in around the corner from you guys" she said whilst shaking his hand

"James Potter. Pleasure to meet you," he said shaking her hand back "Correct me if I am wrong but do you happen to be related to Elizabeth and Oliver Night? " he asked curiously

"Yeah they are my grandparents. ``Lyla said "My family decided to move here from America to help them out."

"James who is at the door?" Yelled a husky voice from inside the house

"Why don't you come out here and see for yourself you lazy oaf." James yelled back

Some grunting followed by a muttering of curses came from the voice. Soon another tall boy with shaggy black hair and grey eyes came into view. He walked over with a grumpy look on his face along with a glare piercing into the back of James' head. Upon seeing Lyla his whole demeanor changed. His once grumpy face was now fitted with a flirtatious smile and a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"Hello there darling, the name is Sirius Black" he said while grabbing her hand to kiss it "What's a pretty bird like you doing here at this fine household?"

Lyla raised her eyebrow at him "Is this how you greet all the girls you meet?" She asked "I have a feeling that this is a pretty normal reaction"

James snickered at her response "She has got you all figured out Padfoot" he said while trying to dodge a swing from Sirius.

Lyla laughed at Sirius as he chased James around the yard in an attempt to catch him. A few moments later James was pinned to the ground and Sirius wore a victorious smile. Sirius then got up and walked back over to Lyla.

"How would you like to go on a wonderful date with me?" Sirius asked with a charming smile

Lyla paused for a moment "Hm… No thanks. You're not my type" Lyla said smiling back at him.

Sirius' smile falter for a second "Are you sure I make a dazzling date" he said smiling
"I will pass but have a nice day" Lyla said as she turned around and began to walk away from the boys "Oh and it was a pleasure to meet you James" She said while swaying her hips as she walked to catch Sirius' attention.

She turned around and flashed Sirius a dazzling smile before she walked out of the gate and down the street. Lyla had a feeling that this wouldn't be the last time she saw those boys. There was something almost strange about Sirius but she didn't know what. Deciding that she would rather not meet other people she started to make her way back home. Knowing her parents would swarm her with questions about who she had met she decided to take the back entrance into the house. Sneaking around to the back of the house was easy, the hard part was going to be sneaking in.

Carefully Lyla lifted the glass on her window as quietly as she could, unfortunately the glass screeched so loud she was sure almost everyone had heard her. She cursed to herself as she climbed in from the outside. Her door creaked open and in came her mother with a bemused smile on her face.

" You know it would have been much easier if you had come in through the front door" Her mother said while shaking her head "Did you at least have some fun today" her mother asked?

" While coming in through the front door would have been easier I was hoping I would have to do less talking this way. I didn't account for the windows screeching bloody murder" lyla said with a grumpy face. "I did however, have a little bit of fun today."

"See I told you that you would" Her mother said while trying to encircle her in a hug " I don't know why you are trying to dodge my hug. You used to love them not too long ago" she said with a sad smile, " One day you aren't going to get them from me"

Lyla sighed and went over to her mother and hugged her. She felt safe and protected like no one was going to harm her. "I guess I just miss how things used to be back in America " lyla said, frowning a little " It's not quite the same here."

Evelyn stroked her daughter's hair " I know sweetheart but things will get better I promise" her mother said before kissing the top of her head.

"Hey mom do you know where my paints got packed by any chance" Lyla asked? " I have been wanting to paint for a little while but I can't seem to find them" she said slightly pouting.

Her mother laughed at her before going directly to the box they were in and pulled them out for her. Excited Lyla hugged her mother before grabbing her paints and dashed out of her room. She had found a wonderful room in the house that gave her the best view of the forest surrounding the house that would make for a wonderful picture. Staring out the window lyla watched as the fog rolled in surrounding the trees.

She began to paint the forest in all of its glory. The tall trees that seemed to stretch on for miles with dark rough bark. The dark green leaves that grew on the branches which seemed to go every which way. The dark blue sky with the ominously grey clouds that seemed to be rolling in. The last part was the thick grey fog that settled in around the trees. It was a beautiful painting but Lyla couldn't help but feel something was missing from the painting. Remembering an old lore from british stories Lyla decided to add a big dark grimm walking into the forest.

Satisfied with how her painting turned out she cast a spell on it causing it to move around. The black dog in the picture almost felt familiar but she couldn't quite place her finger on it. The remaining summer days passed slowly. Eventually an owl arrived at her house one day startling her. Around its leg was attached her school supply list. Knowing her father knew his way around London, Lyla went to find him in order to retrieve the supplies she needed. Her father eagerly took her to Diagon Alley. Upon arriving there were many bright colors, sounds and smells. Magical people were bustling in every which direction

Lyla was surprised at how open Britain was with their magic. There were many teenagers running about casting spells, shop people charming their products to show off to the world, and magical creatures that ran to and fro. It was absolutely amazing. While she was walking with her father to get her books, Lyla happened to notice two familiar faces walk out of the quidditch supply store. Sirius and James walked out bickering back and forth with each other. Two more boys followed behind them. A small pudgy boy that seemed enthralled in their conversation, and a sandy haired boy with a long scar running down his face who seemed very annoyed with them. Deciding to go against her better judgement she decided to walk over to the boys.

"Hey James" Lyla called with a friendly smile "it's good to see you again".

James stopped the bickering and smiled at her "Long time no see Lyla" James walked over to her and gave her a hug.

"Hello there darling" Sirius said flirtily " You finally decided to take up my offer to ask you out" he asked charmingly?

"You wish" Lyla replied while sticking her tongue out at him causing him to mock gasp.

"You wound me Ms Night '' Sirius claimed dramatically while falling into James who let him fall to the ground.

She laughed before turning to face the other two boys ``I don't believe we have met before. What are your names" she asked politely.

The sandy haired boy spoke first " Hello my name is Remus Lupin," he said politely and then pointed to the other boy and said "This is Peter Petigrew. It's a pleasure to meet you." he said before shaking her hand.

Lyla raised an eyebrow at Remus "You seem way too calm to be hanging around these guys " She said " I am guessing you are the voice of reason in the group."

He laughed " You would be correct" he chuckled to himself "You better lookout Sirius she is way smarter than most of the girls you have liked"

Sirius clutched his chest and gasped " No need to be so rude Moony."

Lyla laughed at Sirius' antics until her father pulled her away to collect the rest of her supplies. She waved goodbye to the boys and went on her way. First were the books which Lyla was excited about. Next were the robes seeing as her Ilvermorny robes wouldn't work for Hogwarts.

Lastly Her and her father went to the Magical Menagerie to pick out a magical creature. The toads were extremely boring and not at all useful. The cats were pretty, but they didn't tickle her fancy either. That left her with an owl. Lyla searched through the owls, none of them seemed to speak to her. Just as she was about to give up she stumbled across an Eagle owl chick. Deciding it was a match made in heaven she bought the small fluffy creature and named him Merlin. The remaining summer days passed by all too quickly and soon Lyla found herself on the way to hogwarts.

Her parents took her to the platform and helped her get everything to the train. Teary eyed Lyla's parents hugged her before sending her on her way. Excited Lyla searched the train for an open compartment to sit in. Upon finding one She sat down and got comfortable. Enjoying the quiet she decided to pull out her book. However the quietness of the area was short lived. James and the others soon bust into the compartment bringing laughter and noise. Grumbling to herself she put the book away and glared at James.

"James do you have to be so noisy all the time" Lyla asked irritably? "I was trying to enjoy some quiet reading time! "

James sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck " Sorry Lyla we don't expect anyone to be in our compartment"

"Your compartment" Lyla said " No one can really claim a compartment as their own unless they own the train"

Taken aback from her sudden outburst James threw up his hands in surrender "Alright you win this time Lyla" James said.

"You don't have to just stand around because I got mad at you," Lyla said " You are all welcome to sit down if you are not too disruptive to my reading"

The boys agreed to be quieter and sat down in the compartment. Lyla looked around and noticed that a certain shaggy haired boy was missing from the group. Thinking nothing of it she was just about to go back to reading when Sirius threw open the door. Startled by the loud noise Lyla threw her book at Sirius and glared at him.

"Ow that hurt" Sirius said while rubbing his sore arm "There is no need for violence Lyla berry".

Lyla glared at him "Well Sirius this is no need to be so loud when opening a door yet here we are" she said back snippidly.

Sirius looked as if he was about to retort when a pretty blonde came in right after him. She walked in and snaked one of her arms around his middle. The blonde glared at Lyla. Lyla raised her eyebrow at her and looked at her with a confused expression.

Sirius cleared his throat "Lyla this is Marleen. Marleen this is Lyla Night"

"Pleasure" Marleen said shortly "I do hope we get to know each other better" she said he voice full of disdain

Lyla smiled at her politely "I hope so as well" She said with enthusiasm which irritated Marleen.

Sirius started to get tugged but stopped to say goodbye to Lyla and the boys. Continuing to glare at Lyla, Marleen pulled Sirius out of the compartment. Shaking her head she returned back to her book. The journey soon came to an end when they reached hogwarts. Waving goodbye to the boys she followed the first years to the boats.

The ride to the castle was absolutely breathtaking. The Hogwarts lights gleamed and caused a wonderful flicker in the water. It was one of the most amazing sights Lyla had ever seen. The students docked and walked up the stairs where a stern woman was standing there waiting for them.

"Welcome to Hogwarts. I am Professor Mcgonangal" she spoke loudly " Once we enter into the great hall I will read your names aloud. When your name is called you will have the hat placed on your head to determine your house."

She paused for a minute looking at the students. Her gaze paused on lyla only for a moment before she began speaking again.

"The four houses are Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and Slytherin" She paused a second more before turning around and opening the doors.

The big heavy doors opened and unveiled a massive room with a wondrous ceiling that replicated the sky. Amazed Lyla continued to look around the room and noticed that James, Sirius, and Peter had gone missing however Remus still sat at a table with a redheaded names began to be read off and Lyla soon zoned out and only zoned back in when her name was called.

Lyla walked up and the hat was placed on top of her head. Soon a voice began to speak to her. "Ah Ms. Knight i was wondering when you would show up" confused as to where the voice was coming from she looked around. "Ms. Knight please stop fidgeting. Now lets see where to put you"

"Well where do you think I belong mister hat?" Lyla though back

The hat chuckled "Quick witted and creative you could belong in Ravenclaw" the hat paused for a minute "But that is not where you belong. You are much like your father."

"What is that supposed to mean" Lyla asked confused

However never getting an answer the hat yelled out with a loud booming voice "Better be Gryffindor" Cheers erupted from the Gryffindor table welcoming their newest Gryffindor. The hat was removed from her head. Mcgonagall smiled at her as Lyla made her way over to the Gryffindor table. Finding Remus, Lyla decided to sit down next to him.

"Is everyone always this excited about receiving new people in their house"? Lyla asked remus.

" Unfortunately it is the normal reaction. It usually gives me a headache" Remus said looking tired.

"Ooo that sucks I am sorry Remus" Lyla said sympathetically

Remus nodded his head appreciatively "At least James and Sirius aren't here at the moment. They usually don't help the problem".

"Where did they go"? Lyla asked out of curiosity

Remus looked at her " You don't wanna know. The less you are involved the better"

Lyla was just about to ask what that meant when all of a sudden bright fireworks started to go off everywhere. Some were enchanted to be animals while others were just a bright display of colors. Three animals stuck out in particular, a stag, dog and a rat. Lyla watched in awe as the spectacle continued. At the very end a message was displayed it read " Welcome to Hogwarts school of Mischief and Magic Sincerely the Marauders"

James and Sirius then burst through the doors on brooms. They flew about the room casting spells in every direction. Most of the students ended up with a beard of some kind thanks to the spells. Some of the teachers including Mcgonagall ended up in the crossfire between James and Sirius' spells. James then climbed on top of a table.

"Mersers Prongs and Padfoot at your service to welcome you to Hogwarts." James smiled valiantly.

" May your year here be full of fun and mischief" Yelled Sirius still on his broom in the air

Mcgonagall looked as if she were going to expel the two boys however she surprised Lyla "James and Sirius Detention for a week."

"But of course good Minnie," Sirius said, throwing in a smile. " We would expect nothing else"

Shaking her head she sat back down. James and Sirius High fived each other before heading back to the table. They sat down next to Lyla and Remus still grinning ear to ear. The old man who was Sitting at the head table with the long flowing white bead got up to make a speech.

"Ah magic, what wonderful thing!" He said with his eyes twinkling with childlike wonder "Welcome to all those who are new to Hogwarts and welcome back to all of those who are returning."

He continued speaking but Lyla didn't much care for paying attention. Her mind began to wander back thinking of what the hat had said to her. What was so different about her father? Why was she like him? These thoughts continued until someone poked her in the ribs. Upon being pulled out of her thoughts she noticed there was food and the tables and Sirius was staring at her intently.

"What are you staring at Sirius" Lyla asked him expectantly

"Well Ms. Lyla berry I was just waking you up from your nap so you could have some food" Sirius flashed her a flirtatious smile

Lyla looked at Sirius with an unamused face "Sirius I thought you had a girlfriend. Why are a you flirting with me" she asked pointedly

An interesting flicker moved across his face. However as quickly as it came it left. Sirius smirked and leaned his chair back until it rested against the wall.

" Why Lyla berry are you jealous of me and Marleen"? Sirius asked with a smirk on his face

Lyla rolled her eyes "If I even remotely liked you at all Sirius I would have gone out on a date with you."

The pretty redhead on the other side of Remus chuckled "Well Black seems you have finally met your match" she looked at Lyla "The name is Lilly Evans. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Lyla smiled at her "Well you would think that he would pick on social cues. However I think he has too thick of a skull to accept being rejected".

Lilly laughed again "If you think he is bad just wait for a few minutes. Potter is about as equally dumb as Black" .

Lyla looked at James and Sirius who seemed to be scheming. She shook her head. Carefully watching the boys she noticed as James started staring at Lilly. However as soon as lilly caught James looking at her, he proceeded to continue his conversation with Sirius. However Lyla had noticed that Lilly continued to stare at James.

Lyla looked at Lilly with a raised eyebrow. "He doesn't seem like he is all that bad."

"Hold up give it a few seconds" Lilly said looking at her watch " 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…"

James stood up and decided to climb on top of the table "Lilly Evans, would you please do me the honor of going on a date with me" James asked as he waggled his eyebrows

"Potter, my response is the same as it has been for the past six years, absolutely not" Lilly said, her voice full of disdain.

Lyla couldn't help but laugh at the spectacle in front of her. "James you're an idiot"

"I have been telling him that for years" Sirius said with a smirk

Lyla rolled her eyes "Anyways you're an idiot because Lilly clearly doesn't want a big flashy spectacle for you just to have her go on a date" She said sincerely

"Why would you say that" James asked curiously?

"Well for one she turned bright red and looked like she wanted to murder you as soon as you stepped ontop of the table," She paused "Number two she is not you. She seems to like things kept quite and between her and her close friends"

"She's right James," Lilly said with a smile "Better luck next time"

James' smile faltered a little but quickly came back "So you're saying that all I need to do is pull you aside and ask you" Lilly glared at him "I take that as a no then".

Lyla laughed at the two of them. She then went back to eating her dinner. Curiously she looked around the great hall. From looking around she found a girl further down the table staring at Remus. Lyla had also noticed that several girls were trying to catch Sirius' attention. However she found something particularly interesting, across the hall at what she believed was the Slytherin table sat a boy who looked strikingly similar to Sirius. His grey eyes met hers. There was something unsettling about him but she didn't know what.

Their two gazes were disrupted when Remus tapped her on the shoulder. Mcgonagall had brought them all their schedules. Looking at it she saw nothing out of the ordinary. However when Lyla tried to find the mysterious Sirius look alike she couldn't find him. The students began to leave the hall. Lyla followed the boys up the staircases. Her pace was a little slower then the boys and when Sirius had noticed this he slowed down so he would match hers.

Sirius was about to say something but Lyla cut him off "Sirius if you are going to ask me if I am attracted to you my answer is no"

Sirius looked at her disappointed "First of all ouch no need to be so mean" Lyla scoffed at Sirius "Second of all I was going to tell you if you have anything of value to you that you don't want getting wet to put it away"

Lyla raised her eyebrow at him "And what does that mean Sirius" Lyla asked?

Sirius didn't say anything. He smirked at her and ran back up to his friends. Deciding that it was probably for the best Lyla held tightly onto her wand. A few seconds later a ghost appeared holding colorful balloons. Lyla quickly cast a spell that created a clear umbrella. The ghost threw the balloons at the students sending colorful splashes of water everywhere.

She laughed at the scene playing before her. Both James and Sirius were hit with balloons full of green water that caused their skin to turn green. Once the balloons ran out the ghost disappeared leaving behind the very colorful gryffindors. All of them had some sort of color on them except for Lyla. Sirius looked at her and noticed she wasn't colored at all and frowned slightly. However that frown was soon replaced with a wide smirk.

"Sirius whatever it is you are planning in your head don't you even dare think about doing it" Lyla exclaimed.

Sirius said nothing and charged at her. Lyla attempted to stop him with jinxes but she merely blocked them. To her dismay the sopping wet Sirius managed to pull her into a hug causing the places the water touched to turn green. Lyla's face quickly went from smiling to shock.

"Sirius what the heck was that for" Lyla asked angrily

"Well Lyla berry you were looking a little dull in color" Sirius said teasingly

Lyla glared at him "You have five seconds to run"

The glare she gave him made his demeanor change very quickly. His signature smirk was now replaced with a look of worry. Quickly Sirius began to run away only to have Lyla chase after him. While his stride was longer it didn't stop Lyla from catching up to him. Eventually she managed to corner him.

"Any last words Black" Lyla asked tauntingly

Sirius looked at her impressed "Alright you win. You are welcome to do whatever you want just don't mess with the hair"

Lyla got a wicked grin that made Sirius fear for his hair. A few moments later his hair turned bright pink. Sirius looked at her with pure shock on his face.

"James my poor hair is pink. Pink James its PINK!" sirius exclaimed dramatically

"I warned you Padfoot but you didn't listen" James said pointedly

Sirius looked sadly at Remus who just laughed at him "Don't look at me Padfoot I am not going to help you out of this one. You did this to yourself."

Lyla smirked at Sirius " I was going easy on you this time. Next time you should make a better choice"

"Well Lyla berry I thought about my choices and thought that was my best course of action." Sirius said mockingly

An interesting flicker moved across her face "Tell you what I will make a deal with you"

"And why should I trust you Lyla berry you just turned my hair fluorescent pink" Sirius asked curiously

"Because if you agree to this I might go on a date with you" Lyla said boldly

"Go on" Sirius said

"You have one week to pull a prank on me and not some little tiny one it have to be a little more elaborate. If you manage to do that I will go on a date with you without complaint" Lyla said evenly

"I like where this is going so far" Sirius said smiling

Lyla raised her eyebrow at him "However if you don't then you are not allowed to ask me out for the rest of the school year"

Sirius looked like he was weighing his options "Alright deal" Sirius said holding his hand out for her to shake "Be prepared to lose" he said haughtily

Lyla shook his hand "I don't plan on losing Sirius".

Once they had made their deal they made their separate ways. The crowd that once surrounded the two of them broke up. All of the gryffindors made their way into the common room. They were then separated boys from the girls. Lyla made her way up the stairs following Lilly to their room. Inside the room were six poster beds with crimson sheets. Elegant gold details were scrawled across the wood. It was stunning.

Looking around the room she soon found her stuff at the foot of a bed. Lyla opened her trunk and found her pajamas which happened to be a comfortable pair of basketball shorts and an old tshirt. Holding her clothes she quickly went into the bathroom to change. Upon coming out she felt a pair of eyes on her. Lyla looked around the room and found Marleen glaring at her.

"Here we go" Lyla mumbled under her breath. Mustering up a smile she looked at Marleen, "Hey Marleen. How is it going"?

"Don't you hey Marleen me. I saw you talking to my boyfriend" Marleen snapped at her.

Lyla looked at her with an annoyed look on her face "Well he isn't a very loyal boyfriend then" Lyla snapped back "If he is your boyfriend then why did he agree to a bet with me to go on a date"? Lyla asked pointedly.

"Not that it's any of your business but we are on a break" Said Marleen.

Lyla rolled her eyes she really wasn't one for drama "Well when this week is done you can have him back. I have no interest in dating him. He is not my type." Lyla told Marleen

"Fine. I will back off for just this week." Marleen said skeptically.

Marleen then turned and strutted off to the bathroom. Lyla couldn't help but roll her eyes again. Girls are so much harder to deal with than boys, most of the time. Deciding she was tired Lyla climbed into bed. Just to be safe she cast a spell to protect her throughout the night. Closing her curtains she let the darkness take her.


Hi all. It's me I am back again with a new story. As if you couldn't tell this story will be taking place during the Marauders era. I do hope you enjoy this story as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Let me know what you guys think. ~ Raven